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A Blonde in Titshurt

[cvg-video videoId='2' width='400' height='400' mode='playlist' /] Tara’s braless breasts jiggled playfully under her tight T-shirt, knocking against each other until she finally had to cup them with her palms to steady them as the car bounced up the bumpy road which led to the small Rocky Mountain town of Titshurt. Her husband Preston, who was carefully maneuvering their Aston Martin ...

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She is a Slut Now!!

My wife Karen is a schoolteacher at an all-girl Catholic school in Costa Mesa. During the school terms she is the epitome of a lady. Her skirts come to just below the knee and she never shows any cleavage. Karen loves being a teacher and wouldn’t give it up for the world. Karen dark brunette hair, top and bottom, and has a ...

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Mother & Daughther

The story sounded like it came from a braggart who would tell you whatever he believed you would believe just as long as it made him look like a stud, except that I knew the man telling the story and I believed him. I was having lunch with an old friend from my army days. Jeff was in from Boston ...

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A Borrowed Wife

“Are you sure you know what you’re saying, Chris?  I mean, this is your wife we’re talking about here!” My friend looked me straight in the eye.  He meant every word. “Of course I know what I’m saying, Adam.  She’s yours.  Borrow her tonight if you like!” Chris and I had known each other for many years.  Grown up together.  ...

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MOTHER-IN-LAW’S INTERRACIAL VIDEO TAPE FOUND My mother in law and myself had not gotten along from day one; at best we had an uneasy truce.  One day that all changed when as a favor to keep peace in the family I volunteered to covert a stack of her old video tapes onto disk.  That is if I did not bungle ...

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