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Donna, Cuckold Bachelor Party Wife


        It all started when I volunteered to be the dancer at my massage therapist’s brother’s bachelor party. After my husband had told Mark about my previous experiences, Mark couldn’t wait to ask me. He and some buddies were going to spend $1000.00 to have some stripper perform at the party and do sexual favors. I told ...

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Eric and My Wife

I peered out of my window into the bright autumn afternoon. As usual on Wednesday, Lisa, Eric’s secretary entered my office with an arm full of folders. “Here is your work for the afternoon,” said Lisa in a condescending tone. “This is normal for on his afternoon off,” I said. “Some of these folders are Harrington’s. Do I have to ...

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About my wife Karen. She is an administrative secretary for a fairly large local company. She has to make many business trips with her manager, Ken. I’ve known Ken for a few years now but we only usually meet at things like the company Christmas party of when he gives Karen a ride home from work. He is a tall, ...

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My name is Derrick and I got my first introduction to “upper middle  class white pussy” while in college. I went to a SEC school on  football scholarship. I came from poor rural area and college was an  adjustment at first. I felt inferior for the most part around other  students who I perceived had “money”. I finally adjusted in ...

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Gil Manchester met Abby and was smitten instantly.  All he could think of was marrying the tall, busty, wide-hipped and big-busted stunner.  With her high cheekbones, dark eyes, and jet black hair, cut in bangs and worn at shoulder-plus length, she was a study in exotic beauty.  He was in her thrall — and she knew it.  Abby went out ...

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I am the One

A  year ago I was sitting on top of the world. I had a $350,000 house, a voluptuous wife named Amber, a successful business that we owned, a boat, a Harley and a generous bank account. And then like most men that have it all, I screwed it up royally by having an affair with my best friend Paul’s wife. ...

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Mother & Daughther

The story sounded like it came from a braggart who would tell you whatever he believed you would believe just as long as it made him look like a stud, except that I knew the man telling the story and I believed him. I was having lunch with an old friend from my army days. Jeff was in from Boston ...

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Gang Banger Slut

Now I love a big black prick as much as the next white woman, but when the six men, or should I say nearly men, holding guns, and knives somewhere on their person that were attached to those pricks, and directing their anger at my presence in their territory, well it can be somewhat disconcerting. Of course, it was my ...

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Blowjob Babe

Her name is Sun Yi, a 23 year old married Asian woman with 2 children.  Let just say she is too smoking hot to be a mom.  She’s about 5  feet, 6 inches tall and has straight black hair that hangs down a few inches below her  shoulders.  She’s got a knack for wearing sexy outfits, in fact, other  Asian women who  ...

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