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I bet you thought that emailing me would only lead to a few curious emails back and forth about a fantasy that you always had.  A fantasy where you got to watch your wife have sex with another man and you got to show her the full extent of your submissive side.  The more we talked, and the more we realized that your fantasies ran very deep, the more you knew that your life needed a change and that your last act of courage would be to tell you wife what you wanted her to do.

The conversation went worse then you expected.  She didn’t understand why you wanted her to fuck another man.  You expected her to jump at the idea of fucking another men.  But women don’t react like that to fantasies of infidelity do they? Your wife felt like she was doing something wrong, that her sexual skills were not good enough for you, that you needed something else.  Eventually you did convince her that you really were serious and that the problem was not that she was a bad sexual partner, but that she was so hot you felt like she should have someone better then you.  Perhaps the final straw was when you pointed out that she has never really been with enough men to know what good sex was.

Setting up a date was the next step, and perhaps all those other stories told you that I would pick her up at the door and she would come home late at night with cum dripping from her pussy.  Well real life just does not work that way, your wife is a lady who wants to be fucked like a slut, not treated like a slut.  Your fantasy first-date may have been dashed to the ground, but you were at least on your way to being a cuckold.

We picked a nice place near downtown Pittsburgh where we could eat a quite meal.  Nothing was funnier then watching you sit at the bar while your wife and I made small talk at a corner table.  I bet you imagined all sorts of dirty talk happening, when the reality of it was that we talked about the weather, how her life was going, and what she thought of the whole situation.  Like most women who have gone that far, she was ok with the idea, but a little nervous about how it would change the relationship.

I assured her that the relationship would continue to grow.  Like a plant in a new pot it would take some time for the roots to mature, but when they did, the plant itself would be stronger and healthier then ever.  After some more talk like that it was time to pay for the meal (thank you) and for our date to continue.

We headed to Donzi’s, a popular adult dance club – where you wife and I had a few drinks, a few dances, and wonderful time.  I’m not sure where you were the whole time really, but you did a good job of disappearing so that we could have a good time.  Your wife told me that the night had the energy of an illicit sexual meeting, but with you hanging around in the background somewhere it was even more exciting.

I suppose I could have came over your house that night – but as I said your wife (my lady) does not act like a slut.  She needed time to process everything and to work out how things might go the next time we met, if we met at all.  But before I could let her walk away I gave her a deep and sensuous kiss right there at the main bar where everyone could see.

I knew there would be a next time.  After all, I knew what kind of husband you were…  you would do what it takes to get her out on another date with me.  If fact that is exactly what you did do.  I don’t think your constant whining made much difference, but it made her feel like it really was ok to take the next big step.

When my phone rang a few days later and I heard your wife on the other end, I knew she was ready, willing, and able.

She invited me over for drinks, and like a good fan of cuckold stories you met me at the door and invited me in.  After getting me a drink you went to check on your wife to see if she needed any help getting ready for me.  I can almost imagine the conversation now…  you timid but filled with confidence, her nervous but steadfast.  The two of you taking that long last look into each other’s eyes…

When your wife appeared in the hallway dressed to the nines, I knew this was not going to be a casual evening of conversation.  When she asked you to leave the room so we could talk privately I knew you would get your wish, and that I would get mine.  I would finally get to fuck your amazing wife.

She and I laid out the groundwork of our tryst.  She and I would give your orders.  You would follow them.  If she or I became uncomfortable with the situation at any point the deal was off.  Your feelings about the affair no longer mattered.  She would not love me and I would not fall in love with her.  This was to be pure sex, with a side of husband humiliation.

With all of that said, we sealed the deal with a kiss.  Keeping the momentum going, I let my hands wander all over her luscious body, feeling her ass, her hips, and her breasts.  She actually surprised me when she started to unbutton my shirt.  I kept pace by slowly working her dress up her legs until my hands were touching the flesh of her bare ass cheeks.  Did you tell her that I love garters? If so then thank you because nothing makes me more aroused then knowing she put a little extra time into turning me on.

I’m not really sure how all of our clothing came off…  I remember lifting the dress over her head and sucking her nipples, and I remember her unbuttoning my pants and sucking on the head of my cock, but for the most part it’s all a blur.  I don’t know what happened first, and to this day I have no idea where my underwear are.  I wonder if you keep them tucked away somewhere private.

I did keep my head about me for one thing – after all this was your fantasy too – I called you into the room to do a favor for us.  With me sitting on the couch, and your wife standing over me, I ordered you to stick my cock into her pussy while she lowered herself on it.  I thought your heart would leap out of your chest when you saw us naked, but when we told your our plan for involving you I never saw someone move that fast.

You dropped to your knees and instantly latched onto my cock.  I saw you eyeball it…  you wanted to suck it didn’t you? My thick shaft of dark pink meat, several inches longer then yours, was aimed straight up at your mostly naked wife.  I suppose I should have told you to get it ready for your wife, but I think that the first time with any woman should be special and that night, I was all hers.

As your wife lowered herself – she stared straight into my eyes…  as she saw me smirk at you, and she smirked too.  I can’t even imagine how absurd it was for her to see her husband holding the cock she was about to ride for the evening.  I thought it was a nice touch when you used your free hand to help spread her hips.

After what seemed like an hour I felt the head of my cock touch her freshly shaved pussy.  I could actually feel her heat and moisture before I was in her.  As she started to slide herself down my pole, you hand left my cock but your face stayed where it was.  I hope the view was good…  watching a big cock fill your wife is something that most men never get to see.  I was busy watching her face go through entire ranges of emotion from lust to fulfillment.  He lips actually quivered as she fit the last inch inside of her.

Your wife sure knew how to fuck too, let me tell you.  She rode my cock slowly, taking time to grind in small circles every now and then and pinching my nipples.  With my right hand I massaged her clit, and with my left I felt her nice round ass.

At this point, let me be honest, I totally forgot about you even being  in the room.

Within the first 5 minutes you wife let out a low growl that eventually turned into a load moan.  Her pussy, which was already dripping went, became extremely slick, and extraordinarily tight.  I pulled her face down to mine and started to french kiss her with fury and passion but I never stopped bucking into her, letting her know that I needed to be inside of her as much as she needed me fucking her.

Before her first orgasm had even subsided I picked her up and placed her on the floor on her back with her knees up in the air.  Fitting myself back inside her pussy, I resumed fucking your wife at a more gentle pace.  The garters she had left on felt great against the front my legs and my balls felt even better as the slapped her wet ass.  Have you ever met your wife that wet? So wet that she was literally dripping on the carpet? If not then you have no idea what you are missing because your wife is one hot piece of ass.

I am not sure what got into your wife (besides me) but she sure has a dirty mouth on her when she’s getting fucked well.  Every time she caught her breath she was telling me to fuck her pussy or rub her tits.  I listened to every word she said of course, and if you were smart you were too, because this lady had no problem expressing her desires.

Well there was that one point right before her second orgasm where she couldn’t even complete a whole word – but that’s understandable I think.  Watching the look on her face as she road each and every wave of pleasure pushed me over the edge too and I emptied my balls deep into your wife’s pussy.  My cock was buried so deep into her it felt like we were actually one body.  Her pussy gripped my cock even harder then it did last time and I almost felt trapped.

After the fireworks were over you nearly ruined it for me.  Seeing you stand there with your cock in your hands was the funniest thing in the world.  Your wife was not as amused as I was, and she had different plans for you.  She commanded you to lay down on the ground, face up, and prepare to clean her pussy.

One thing is certainly true about you cuckolds…  you crave cum.  Maybe it disgusted you deep down, but it was like some sort of `proof’ that your wife really did fuck another man.  I don’t really know, but you eagerly ate every drop of my cum as it dripped from her on to your lips.

The night should have ended there, but your poor wife wanted more.  Looks like it’s your job to get me ready for round two…

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