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About my wife Karen. She is an administrative secretary for a fairly large local company. She has to make many business trips with her manager, Ken. I’ve known Ken for a few years now but we only usually meet at things like the company Christmas party of when he gives Karen a ride home from work. He is a tall, muscular, young black man that played professional football for a few seasons with Atlanta. Karen is 5’6, weighs about 148 lbs (depending on her current diet) and measures 38C, 29, 40. She has 2 kids and she is still breast-feeding the latest addition. We want to have another baby but not just now. She does not want to go on the pill because she wants to get pregnant in 5 or 6 months, if possible.

Here is my fantasy:

Karen told me that her manager at work wants her to go on a business trip with him to New York. I know her boss, Ken, and I know he wouldn’t try anything with my wife.
Karen uses the breast pump for several days to store up enough breast milk for me to feed the infant while she is away. She always produces extra milk that the baby can’t drink and sometimes her tits get so full that she says they hurt and they leak continuously. I help her with the breast pump to relieve the pressure in her breasts and she thinks I just dump out the collected mothers milk. I drink it myself sometimes or pour it my dick and balls when I’m jacking off in the bathroom (one of my fetishes).

While my wife is getting ready to leave for the airport with her boss, I look at her open suitcase lying on the bed and I began to get curious. I peek into the open bag and I just see her business clothes skirts and blouses. Karen is in the bathroom putting on her makeup so I open the flap of her suitcase where she packed her underclothes. I saw her regular bras and panties and her pajamas on top. I lifted the pajamas to look underneath and was totally freaked out. There on the bottom of the suitcase, hidden under everything else, was her sexy nightgown and see-through bra and panties that she wears when she wants to get me excited, sexually!!!! Karen was coming back in the room so I quickly put the pajamas back over her sexy nightwear and pretended I was watching the news on TV.

Ken comes to pick up my wife to take her to the airport and they are both dressed in business attire. Karen kisses me good-bye as she walks out the door with her small suitcase. I wave to Ken out in our driveway and watch as they drive off. I can’t get the picture out of mind that my wife and mother of our children might be having sex with her huge, athletic, black boss!!!!

Karen calls me from the hotel that night where she and her boss are staying. She tells me that she had forgotten her breast pump and there was nothing open where she could get one. Then she got rather quiet and started to sob a little. She said her breasts really were sore and she couldn’t express the milk enough to relieve the pain. Then she got serious and told me that she told her boss about her problem and that he would help her if she wanted him to. I asked her how he could help and she told me that he could suckle her like the baby does. She said that he didn’t suggest it but she would if it was all right with me. My little dick was hard as a rock when she told me her plan and I just told her that I knew Ken and that he would be a perfect gentleman about the whole thing. She stopped her sobbing and gave me a kiss over the phone and said she would call me the next night.

When Karen hung up the phone, she got dressed for Ken. She put on her sexy see-through panties and bra and her sheer nightgown. Her boss knocked on the door and Karen let him into her room. Ken wasn’t expecting her to be dressed like she was but he doesn’t mind at all! Karen tells him that her breasts really need to be milked and that they are really sore. She looks at Ken’s huge bulge in his pants and tells him he can take his pants off if that will make it more comfortable for him, so he does., The head of his huge, black cock is now showing out of the leg of his boxer shorts and it is dripping seminal fluid onto the carpet.

My wife opens her nightgown and pull her right breast out to show her boss how stiff and swollen the nipple is. He looks at my wife’s fat tit and watches it dripping the cream-heavy hot milk. She holds her tit out to him and says, “Will you suck it for me Ken? It’s hurting so bad.” He stares fixed on my wife’s tit and takes his boxer shorts off, letting his enormous hard on pop free and swing in front of him. Karen gasps and says, “Oh my gawd, Ken!! Your cock is fucking huge!!! He stands in front of her and she takes the massive, throbbing meat in her little left hand (the one with her wedding ring on it) and runs her fingers up and down the length. She feels his heavy balls and proclaims “Oh my god!!! Your balls are so big and heavy, Ken. I can’t imagine what happen when you ejaculate. You must shoot quarts of cum from these!”

Ken bends over and puts his mouth over my wife’s leaking right tit and starts sucking her milk while he gently squeezes the big tit in his hand.. Karen takes her left tit out and Ken moves his lips to the swollen nipple and begins drinking. Karen has become so sexually aroused that she asks her boss, “Do you want to fuck me, Ken?” He just groans with her tit in his mouth and she says, “I want you to, but do you have any condoms? I think I am ovulating now and I don’t want to get pregnant.” He takes his mouth off Karen’s tit and says he has a condom in the pocket of his trousers. He tells my wife to get into bed and he goes to get his pants. Karen watches him reach into his pocket and then he turns out the light.

Ken get into bed with my wife and she asks him if he has the condom on. He takes both her hands in his right hand and holds her arms up over her head and says, “Yes, Karen, don’t worry now.” He kisses her passionately and milk begins running from her stiff nipples again. Karen moans “Oh! Fuck me now, Ken! Please fuck me!” My wife opens her legs and her boss get between them. He is still holding her arms over her head when he takes his other hand and puts the head of his huge, throbbing cock into her dripping cunt. Suddenly Karen shrieks, “You don’t have the condom on!!! Pull out!!” Ken just laughs and says, “I lied Karen, I don’t use condoms. They always break anyway.” Then he slides almost all of his powerful cock up into my wife’s tight vagina. Karen moans loudly and just says, “Don’t cum in me, Ken. I’ll get pregnant for sure!” He starts fucking her with long deep strokes, his balls hitting her hairy pussy with each inward thrust. Karen starts to squeal with an orgasm and pleads, “Fuck me!!! Yes!! Fuck me had and dirty, Ken!!!!” He boss straightens his back and pins my wife’s arms to the bed. He grunts and says, “Yeah!!! I love fucking this tight, white married cunt!!! I’m going to cum in you slut!!! Karen screams out “No! Don’t do it!!! Please!!! Pull out!!! Ken grunts again and puts the entire length if his cock up into my wife’s cervix. He begins pumping strong jets of thick hot sperm into Karen. She knows she will get pregnant but it’s too late she just lays there motionless while he finishes emptying his large balls in her and the thick, white sperm begins to run down the crack of her ass, onto the sheets.

When they get back home, Karen confesses to me that she let her boss fuck her every night that they were gone. She tells me that he had cum in her unprotected pussy at least a dozen times over the last four days. Two weeks later her pregnancy test is positive and she prepares to have another baby, Ken’s black baby”. As the months go by her tits get even bigger and her belly is huge. She stays at home now and is always walking around the house naked, holding my baby to one of her huge milk jugs while the other one drips continuously. She produces so much that she will lean over my breakfast cereal bowl in the morning and let me milk her into my bowl. The warm, fat-filled cream squirts from her big, cracked nipples like it was coming from a cow!

So the bottom line is that my sweet little wife went from a demure, faithful housewife, to a slut that loves getting fucked by her big, black boss. She is pregnant with his baby and will soon have a white baby and a black one sucking her enormous brown and chapped nipples. Of course I will be doing it too!

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