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A Blonde in Titshurt

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Tara’s braless breasts jiggled playfully under her tight T-shirt, knocking against each other until she finally had to cup them with her palms to steady them as the car bounced up the bumpy road which led to the small Rocky Mountain town of Titshurt.

Her husband Preston, who was carefully maneuvering their Aston Martin Vanquish over boulders and potholes, had recently been hired to design software for a firm which was located in this small town. And yet here he was, ignoring the Vanquish’s GPS, and instead following the penciled directions on the back of a crumpled envelope.

The busty blonde kept a firm grip her tits to keep them from wobbling.

“Preston, I can’t believe we’re not lost. We left the highway thirty minutes ago, and this road has deteriorated into something like a pioneer trail. How could there be a town up here? Does a mail truck really drive up and down this gravel road every day??

There was only one reason a young woman as beautiful and sophisticated as Tara Brinks would be moving to such a small, secluded town: Preston, who had been earning $200,000 a year in Los Angeles as a software developer for a major Internet portal, was hand-picked by a firm which had just landed a multi-billion dollar account with the federal government – and had offered to double Preston’s salary if he moved to their home office in Colorado.

The firm had to approve every aspect of Preston’s life in advance, including his physical appearance, his personality, his taste in clothing, his wife and his lack of children. At the time the job was offered, Preston and Tara were engaged to be married, and neither planned on having kids. So it was an easy decision for Tara, since the salary was so high, to agree to quickly marry Preston and move to this hidden part of the country.

“Did you see the gray brick building at the bottom of the road, next to the highway?” Preston asked in response to Tara’s question about the mail service. “The US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, everything is delivered to and locked in that building, and the town has its own pick-up and delivery system from there.?

The couple passed a sign which read: Almost There! Just 3 More Miles to Titshurt, Colorado!

“Oh, Tits-hurt!” Tara realized aloud. “I thought you said the name of the town was Tithurst! No wonder it wasn’t on the GPS.” She entered the new information into the car’s Global Positioning System, waited, then said: “It still isn’t on the GPS!?

“It’s a very secluded place,” Preston agreed, “I suppose because of all the top-secret government projects they work on up here. Like I said, no kids in the entire town, and even though there are plenty of single men, there’s not a single unmarried woman in Titshurt. There are no airports, helicopter landings are outlawed, and in fact, the airspace is restricted. The only way in or out is this little gravel road.?

When they finally arrived, the first thing Tara noticed about Titshurt was that it resembled an old west town, except for all the automobiles, and the modern clothing worn by its residents.

For one thing, Main Street was not only unpaved, it wasn’t even graveled. It was a wide, flat dirt road, like something right out of Bonanza or Silverado. Also, the businesses which lined either side of Main Street were all built with unpainted wood, and had obviously been built at the same time, as they comprised two long multi-unit buildings. And then there were the sidewalks: raised two feet off the road with steps leading up to each establishment, the sidewalks were made of unfinished wooden planks. The only thing missing was a hitching post and a trough!

Preston parked the car in front of the town’s only hotel. “This is it,” he told Tara. “This is our new home for the next few days. The real estate agent I spoke with on the phone said there are at least a dozen brand new houses available in our price range, so we should be out of here and into our new place as soon as we decide on one we like.?

Tara looked around at the residents of Titshurt, all going about their daily business. She was beginning to feel better about their decision to move to this isolated place, as she noticed that every man she saw was well-dressed, good looking and had a healthy physique. She also noticed the women in this town were very beautiful, and every one of them had firm, healthy tits at least the size of Tara’s.

“So what’s the deal… the only women allowed in this town are attractive ones, with big boobs?” Tara whispered sarcastically to Preston, giggling.

Once inside, Preston had a bellhop take their luggage up to their hotel room, and then a waitress showed them to a table in the hotel’s restaurant. The waitress was a beautiful blonde in her late twenties with a very large set of boobs.

“Hi, my name is Danielle,” she said sweetly, even though she appeared to be in a good amount of physical discomfort, “and I’ll be your waitress.” Danielle handed menus to the couple. “Would you like something to drink while you’re deciding??

Tara couldn’t help noticing the way Danielle kept stealing glances at Tara’s breasts as she and Preston ordered drinks. Tara’s nipples suddenly became self-consciously hard, poking though her thin T-shirt and causing little tingles for Tara.

“You’re not from around here, are you?” Danielle asked Tara, overtly motioning with her order pad toward Tara’s happy nipples.

“Um… no,” Tara replied, a little nervous. She hid her breasts behind her menu. “My name is Tara Brinks, and this is my husband Preston, who was recently hired by a Titshurt company. We’ll be house hunting this afternoon.?

Tara thought it was odd that Preston didn’t take exception to the waitress’s brash observation of Tara’s braless tits. In fact, he seemed to be a little bit amused by the situation!

“Well then, welcome to Titshurt! I’m pretty sure at least one of you is going to enjoy living here.” Danielle winked at Tara, nodding toward the nervous young woman’s beautiful rack.

But even though Danielle seemed to be putting up a good front, Tara could tell Danielle was in pain. She kept arching her back and twisting, as if her bra was too tight.

“The town’s only real estate office is right across the street there, to the right of the sheriff’s office,” Danielle continued. The hotel restaurant had a clear view of Main Street, and Tara and Preston could see both the real estate company and the sheriff’s office.

“A sheriff’s office?” Tara asked.

“Yes,” Danielle replied, “this is a small county, and Titshurt is its only town, so we don’t have a city police force – just a sheriff and two deputies.” Tara thought Danielle suddenly appeared to be even more uncomfortable, now that they were discussing the sheriff.

“Thanks,” Preston said. “We’ll head over to the real estate office right after lunch.?

“And be sure to make the Titshurt Town Meeting this Saturday night!” Danielle added. “It’s mandatory for the wives, and the men wouldn’t miss it for the world! Let’s see, this is Monday morning… so you still have quite a wait.?

Danielle was addressing Tara now, grimacing and smirking at the same time: “But the suspense will make the town meeting that much more fun. You’ll see, Miss Brinks. It only took me a couple of weeks to really start to love the town of Titshurt.”

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