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She was a 3-hole party girl

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My wife and I have always been fairly open-minded when it comes to sex. We like to  party at dance clubs. We often go our separate ways once we get to the club.  This  affords both of us the opportunity to meet new people.  One of my favorite things to do  when we go dancing is to watch Pam dance and flirt with other men.  Occasionally  things go a bit further than just flirting, (especially for Pam, who seems to get plenty of  attention from other men).  She has done some wild things over the years, but nothing  like what happened to us one Friday night a couple of months ago!

We were at a club that had a dance floor upstairs and a game room in the basement.   Pam looked great, as always.  She’s 5′ 10″ tall and measures 38-27-38.  Few people  believe that she’s 40 years old.  She especially seems to attract a lot of younger men.   On this particular night she was wearing a low-cut black top that showed ample  cleavage  (and she has ample cleavage to show), and a pair of tight fitting jeans.

When we arrived I went strait to the bar and got us both a drink.  I handed Pam her  drink and headed downstairs to the pool tables.  Pam was already engaged in a lively  conversation with a couple of tall black men.  I couldn’t help but notice both men staring  at Pam’s tits as they talked.  I’m sure Pam noticed as well.

I played pool and did Tequila shooters for about two hours.  I was feeling pretty good  when I headed upstairs for the dance floor to find my wife.  Anticipating what she might  be up to, I entered the room as inconspicuously as possible.  Sure enough, she was on  the dance floor with one of the men I had seen her with earlier.  They were booth really  moving with the beat of the music.  I could see Pam’s long, blonde hair sticking to the  back of her sweaty neck as she danced.  When the music stopped Pam threw her arms  around the guy and planted a big, deep kiss on him.  They headed back to a table  where the other man was sitting and sat down.  I walked over to the table and sat down.   Pam introduced me to Pat, (her dance partner) and Jason.  It turns out they were in  town on a ski trip.  We chatted for a while, had another drink and then Pam told Pat that  she wanted to go downstairs and play air hockey.  I excused myself to go to the  restroom, giving Pam some space and to see what would happen.

When I went down to the game room, I used the back stairs.  What I found in the  staircase surprised me.  Pam, making out with Jason.  Jason, not Pat.  She was  obviously having a good time tonight.  I stood quietly at the top of the stairs looking  down at the two of them.  Jason had Pam backed up against the wall and was kissing  her.  Pam was holding the back of his head with her left hand, pulling his mouth to hers.   I could see her right hand massaging his dick through his pants.

They eventually broke their embrace and headed into the game room.  I followed them  down and brought another round of drinks over to the air hockey table.  Pam always  wins at air hockey, perhaps because the men she plays against can’t keep their eyes off  her big tits which are easy to see in her low-cut top as she leans over the table.  Each  time she would win a game, she would treat the lucky “looser” to a big, wet kiss while  the other men around the table cheer her on.  I just sort of blended in with the crowd.

When it was time for the bar to close we realized we had missed the last train out of  town.  I was about to ask the bartender to call a cab when Jason invited us to spend the  night at their hotel.  My mind began to race at the possibilities.  Pam was reluctant at  first but was not looking forward to dealing with the trip home so she agreed.

When we got to the hotel room, we all felt somewhat awkward.  Pat said “you take my  bed, I’ll sleeep on the couch”.  I decided it was time to take a bold step.  As Pam walked  towards the bed I jumped in front of her and planted a  long, deep kiss on her.  Between  the booze and all the “playing” she had been doing she seemed pretty aroused and  responded to me passionately.  After we kissed I wispered “I’ll be right back” and  headed into the bathroom.  Jason, who had walked up behind us while we were kissing  grabbed Pam by the waist and turned her around as I walked by him.

When I came out of the bathroom, Pam was lying on her back on the bed.  Jason was  laying beside her.  They were still kissing.  I lay down on the other bed to see what was  going to happen.  As soon as Pat saw I was not going to protest, he joined the others on  the bed.  Pam flinched when Pat started massaging her tits.  I could see and hear her  giggle as the two men worked her over.  Pat worked his way down her body and  unzipped her jeans.  Pam arched her hips and helped him remove her pants.  As soon  as he had her pants off, Pat dove right in and began eating her pussy.  Jason stood up  allowing Pam to pay more attention to Pat working her pussy.  She guided his head with  her hands, arching her back and pushing her pelvis against his face.  Jason watched  the two of them while he undressed.  When he was naked, he dangled his big, black  cock in front of Pam’s face.  Pam turned her head towards him, grabbed his cock and  started sucking.  Jason supported the weight of her head in his hands while she blew  him.

After observing the excellent blow job Jason was receiving, I turned my attention back  to Pat.  He had taken off his clothes and was standing at the foot of the bed watching  and stroking his cock.  He walked around the opposite side of the bed from Jason and  kneeled along side of Pam’s head, blocking my view.  I saw Pam’s hands grabbing  Pat’s ass checks and could see her head bobbing up and down his shaft.  I could hear  her struggling to get as much of it into her mouth as possible.  I say Jason opening a  package of condoms and rolling one over his rock-hard shaft will he watched.  Pam sat  up on the bed and removed her shirt.  She was now naked except for her black bra.  Pat  sat at the head of the bed and guided Pam’s face back into his lap.  She was now on all  fours and began deep-throating Pat again, her big white ass pointing up at Jason.   Jason moved in behind her and pressed the head of his dick against her cunt-lips.  She  threw her head back in ecstasy and let out a gasp as he pushed forward and entered  her.  It took Jason only a few strokes to completely impale her on his big, black dick.  He  started fucking her at a slow and steady pace.

As Pam got used to his rhythm she was able to return to sucking on Pat’s cock.   As  Jason slammed into her I could see her white ass-flesh jiggling.  Pat reached behind her  and unfastened her black bra, allowing her big jugs to bounce free.  He grabbed two  handfuls and started to kneed them while she sucked his cock.  As he pinched and  twisted her nipples she spit out his cock gasped, “Oh Fuck” and had her first orgasm.

As her climax subsided, she lay her head on the mattress along side of Pat facing me.   Her eyes were closed and Jason kept pounding her pussy, driving her shoulders into  the matress.  Pat sat beside her and rolled a rubber over the length of his well-sucked  cock.  Jason was holding her hips and pulling her up and down the lenth of his cock.   His hips were slapping hard against her ass with every stroke.  She began to moan and  Jason’s relentless pounding made her voice bouncy.  I couldn’t belive how hard he was  fucking into her when he let out a growl, slammed into her hard and started coming.  He  collapsed on top of her breathing heavily, his body covered with sweat.

Pat then motioned for Jason to move away.  Jason climbed off the bed, went to the mini  bar grabbed two beers, opened them and brought one to me.  I could se his semi-hard  cock, still encased in a condom dangling in front of me.  The condom was glistening,  covered with my wife’s pussy juice.  He took the used rubber off tossed it into the trash  and sat in the chair at the foot of the bed to drink his beer and watch.  Pat lay down  along side of Pam and whispered something in her ear.  She crawled on top of him and  kissed him again passionately.  She then straddled his big, black cock and guided it into  her just-fucked pussy.  As she eased herself down onto his swollen manhood, I saw my  beautiful wife’s face grimace.  Pat was somewhat bigger than Jason and she had a bit  of trouble taking him at first.  Finally he was completely inside of her.  She had her  hands wrapped around his neck and they continued to kiss passionately.  Pam began to  rock on his cock while they kissed.  She then raised up on her hands and knees and  started bouncing up and down on his cock, her big white tits flopping around like crazy.   She raised herself a little higher and let her boobs dangle in Pats face.  He grabbed her  tits and started pinching and sucking on her nipples.  I know from experience that this  drives her crazy.  She started bouncing harder and moaning as Pat continued to suck  and maul her tits.  He started thrusting his hips upward meeting her down strokes.  Pam  went nuts.  “Oh God. Your sooo deep.  Come on, Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh yea,  that’s it, don’t ever stop fucking me.  Come on give it to me baby.  The headboard of the  bed was pounding against the wall.  The picture above the nightstand fell to the floor  with a crash, but the two of them didn’t even notice.  Pam was coming now.  I don’t ever  remember her coming so hard or long.  As her orgasm subsided and she started to  relax on top of him, Pat wrapped his arms around her waist and stated pounding up into  her.  He let out a groan as he came.

It was my turn now.  I was so turned on I was ready to burst.  I had removed my clothes  so I walked over to the bed where Pam was lying on her back.  I poked my cock at her  mouth.  Her lips opened and she took me in.  She sucked on my cock but she was  completely spent.  It was more a matter of me fucking her mouth, which was great by  me.  However, after a couple of minutes, she turned her head away, allowing my cock  to pop out of her mouth.  I immediately got between her legs and stuck my cock into her  pussy.  The feeling was incredible.  Her pussy had just been fucked by two studs, both  who were bigger than me.  I could feel the walls of her pussy against my cock but there  was almost no friction.

After enjoying her well-fucked cunt for a few minutes, I straddled her chest and slid my  dick in between her big tits.  Her nipples were bright red and swollen.  I could see Pat’s  handprints on them.  There was even a bright purple love bite just below one of her  nipples.  Without saying a word, Pam squoze her tits together around my cock while I  tit-fucked her.  I love to fuck her big 36C’s.  It only took a minute and I was coming.  I  squirted come on her neck and chin.  I wanted to hose her tits but having my dick  sandwiched between her boobs just felt too good.  My load ended up all over her neck  and in her hair.

I lay on the bed beside her but there really wasn’t room.  I got up only to find Jason  passed out on the other bed.  I grabbed a blanket out of the closet, wrapped up and fell  asleep in the chair.

It was still dark outside when I was awakened.  The noise that woke me was coming  from the bed my wife was in.  I looked over and say Pat and Jason were double- teaming her again.  Jason was lying on his back with Pam straddling him, ridding his  cock.  Pat was standing on the bed in front of her, holding two fistfuls of her long blonde  hair and fucking her mouth.  The bed was again banging against the wall and  squeaking.  Jason was sucking her big white tits while she fucked him.  Pat was  whispering “Yeah, suck that cock baby.  Oh god, that feels good.”  All of a sudden Pam  arched her back and moaned.  She was coming.  Pat held her hair tightly.  Jason had  let her tits go when she arched her back upwards.  He just lay there looking up at her  big melons.  Smack! He reached up and slapped one of her tits hard with his open  palm.  Pam jumped and mumbled something I couldn’t understand as her mouth was  stuffed with Pats cock.  Smack, he slapped her tit again.  It bounced from side to side.   Four times in all, he slapped her tit leaving a bright red handprint on it.  He then reached  around and grabbed two big handfuls of her big white ass and started rocking it back  and forth.  At the same time he was thrusting his hips upward, fucking in and out of her  pussy.  I could see her juices coating the condom that encased his big black rod.

Jason was ramming her so herd her head was hitting Pat in the stomach.  Pat let go of  her hair and withdrew his cock.  I could hear her gasping for air while Jason continued  to fuck her brains out.  She fell forward mashing her tits against his chest as he started  to come.  He held her ass tightly, poked his dick in and out of her pussy three or four  more times and let his arms fall to his sides.

Pat took Pam’s arm, holding her at the wrist and led her over to the other bed.  They lay  down together and began to kiss and make out.  Pat crawled in between her legs and  guided his cock into her pussy.  Once again there was significant resistance despite all  the fucking she had already taken.  He slowly pushed inch after inch of his big black  cock into her pussy right in front of my eyes.  Pretty soon his cock was completely  buried in my wife’s pussy.  They just lay there in the missionary position, motionless for  a couple of minutes.  Once Pam had adjusted to his size, Pat started sawing in and out  of her pussy.  Pam had her arms and legs wrapped around his body as they screwed.   Pat was pinching and teasing Pam’s nipples, sucking on her neck, kissing her all over,  generally making love to my wife.

I was feeling left out so I walked over to the side of the bed.  As I got closer, I could hear  Pam’s short heavy breathing.  I crawled on the bed and pointed my erect penis at her  face.  Out of breath, she looked at me and said “Get the fuck out of here” I jumped back  in shock, unable to believe what she had said.  I couldn’t help but feel jealous knowing  how my beautiful wife was putting out for this other man, knowing all to well what a  great lay she was.

Pat started to pick up his pace until he was again pounding her well-fucked pussy.  I  saw Pam’s legs tighten around his waist gripping him like a vise.  Another orgasm!  “Oh  god yes, yes.  Fuck me, fuck me, don’t ever stop fucking me” Pam cried as her body  convulsed below her lover.  Pat continued to pound away at her pussy as she came  down.  Her arms fell at her side and her legs slid if of his sweaty back.  She just kinda  flopped around beneath him as he fucked her ass into the mattress.  Pat Sat up a bit,  lifted her legs onto his shoulders enabling him to penetrate her more deeply and  resumed his assault on her cunt.  He leaned farther forward, pressing Pam’s knees into  her breasts, grabbed both of her wrists and pinned them to the mattress over her head.   The sound of his body slapping against hers was amazing.  He drove his cock into her  harder and harder.  I was sure the bed was going to break.

All of a sudden he released her arms, lunged forward burying his cock inside of her and  unloaded his seed in her unprotected pussy.  His ass quivered as blast after blast of his  come squirted into my wife.  I could hear Pam moaning as he came inside of her.  When  his orgasm subsided he allowed her legs to fall to the bed.  He just lay there on top of  my wife, his sperm leaking out of her cunt and onto the bed.  They again fell asleep in  each other’s arms.

I was the first one to wake up in the morning so I went into the bathroom to shower.   Pam was just sliding her jeans up over her ass when I came out of the bathroom.  She  put her finger so her lips to quiet me.  She wanted to leave before the two men woke.  I  had dressed in the bathroom so I grabbed my shoes and socks while Pam put on her  jacket, picked up her bra, shirt, shoes and socks. We put our shoes on in the lobby and  headed for home.  On the way home Pam asked “Are you mad at me?”  I was pissed off  because she had told me to get the fuck away when she was fucking Pat but, to tell you  the truth, It was a big turn on for me.

Pam has just told me today that she’s pregnant and I had a vasectomy 12 years ago.  I  watched Pat screw her without a condom and said nothing (not that it would have done  any good for me to say anything).

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