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How I became a Slut

Women just like me below:

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My Story

Hi, just a little background for you before I start my true story. I am a 22 year old white female named Callie, about 5’7 160lb’s, auburn hair, green eyes, a perfect Irish Beauty. I am a full time pre-med student but still love to have fun and go out and party. The partying is what got me into fucking black men.

I had went out with a couple of girlfriends to a house party somewhere in an older, more “ghetto” part of town. I kept joking we were going to get mugged or date raped and we would all laugh. Some time during this crazy house party we got split up and I was standing against the wall sipping on a beer when a 30 or so year old black man came up to me and said to follow him. At first I was like whats going on?  But I followed him anyways. He led me up the stairs and into a room with a closed door.

He promptly shut the door behind him and locked it. “Get on your knees white bitch,” he demanded. I noticed that there were 3 other guys in the room all watching me. I froze completely.

The man grabbed my breast and squeezed it hard, “I said get on your knees bitch, before I make you.” I calmly obeyed but was shaking in fear. “Please don’t hurt me,” I studdered, “I’ll do anything you want.”

They all laughed, “Yes you will you filthy little white slut!” one guy said. Another came closer, “Take your shirt off bitch I want to see your little white tits.”

I hesitated before reaching to take my shirt off and the man who led me to the room promptly reached foreward and ripped my semi-slutty tank-top off. Automatically I wrapped my arms around my exposed 38c breast, “Please, please,” I begged.

The leader (the one who brought me in to the room) started unbuttoning his pants, “Dont worry slut we aren’t going to do anything you wont be begging us to do again later!” they all laughed as they watched him slap me across the face with his hard black cock, “Take it in your mouth bitch, and dont even think about biting or I will hurt you.”

I opened my mouth and let him place his hard cock in my mouth. I could barely fit it in width wise, and choked about 5 inches down. He reached down and slapped me, “Stop your gagging bitch and suck.”

I concentrated on sucking his massive cock while two of the other guys started undressing me from the waste down. Before I knew it I had four large black cocks in front of my face and I was naked. My pussy had grown wet on its own and they could see moisture dripping on my thighs. One guy started tweeking my nipples another smacking my ass. I moaned on the leaders cock and he laughed as he grabbed my long hair and made me look at his face.

“Your liking this you dirty little bitch arent you? Your going to be a BBC slut before you know it, now take your slutty lips off my cock bitch.” I moved my mouth slowly off his cock and sat back on my knees.

“Donte, you take her wet little pussy first it doesnt look like she’s had a real niggers cock in her pussy before,” the leader said again as he stuck his hand between my legs and dipped a big black finger in me. I nearly moaned when he did. I kept thinking ‘oh my god what is wrong with me? they are raping me and here i am moaning and getting wet and enjoying it.”

Donte pulled me up by one arm and led me to the dirty full size bed in the room. He pushed me back and spit on his hand that he promptly rubbed on his cock, “Spread your legs bitch.” I immediatly obeyed not knowing what else to do, “Good bitch!” they all laughed.

I was so turned on I wanted this black stranger to fuck me! What was wrong with me, I had never done anything like this before but I wanted it so bad.

Before I knew Donte had his cock tip in my pussy, he grabbed my hips and slid in as far as he could go, “Uhhh, what a tight little slut,” he pumped in and out a few times slowly, “You liking this you little bitch? You liking your first black cock fucking your tight little pussy? You better your pussy wont be tight when we’re done you’ll be a regular BBC slut when my boys and I finish!” I moaned as he picked up the pace and started banging me harder.

Donte pulled out rather suddenly and crawled up to strattled my face, “You want this bitch? You want to lick your cum off my cock?” I stared at his thick black cock in awe for a second not knowing what to say. “Make up your mind bitch or I’m gonna dump it in your tight little pussy.”

“No!” I shook my head, “Not in my pussy I’m not on birth controll!” I whimpered.

I felt hands grab my wrists and a pair on my thighs spreading them and holding them down as Donte got back between my legs. “First rule of being a BBC slut is a black man can come in any hole any time he wants, he even has the right to fill your unprotected cunt with his cum bitch and you will take it.”

He shoved his cock in me roughly and banged my pussy raw until I could feel his cum spurting in my pussy. I cried out as I came too, all of the guys laughing at me. I was given no break in between cocks. Next a sexy black guy with an even bigger cock perhaps 9 inches who was even thicker climbed between my legs, lifting my legs up with arms as Donte slapped me with his cum covered cock, “Clean it up bitch while my nigga Trevon fucks you, dont worry he’s quick, but he likes it rough.”

Before I knew it Trevon had rammed his cock in my slippery wet cum-filled pussy and was forcing his cock in and out as hard and as fast as he could, “Fucking white cunt is my favorite thing to do. The more you cry out the better it is for me bitch, I’m just breaking this pussy in for my fellow niggas to fuck.” He pumped harder, until I did cry out even with Dontes almost clean cock in my mouth.

“Second rule of being a BBC slut is you will fuck any black man anywhere and any time he demands bitch. And you will submit to his every wish.” He slammed harder and harder untill I screamed out, an orgasm in full blast from this rough fuck. Donte pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped me hard, “what a good bitch!” he laighed.

“Tell me where you want me to cum bitch!” Trevon growled at me. “My mouth please, please cum in my mouth!” i cried.

He pulled out laughing as his cock quivered and he spurted his cum into my mouth. It was more then a mouth full and when a drip or two dripped down my cheeck Trevon smacked me so hard I thought my head would fall off, “Rule number three you fucking bitch, a black man’s cum is never to be wasted, not even a tiny drop. You either swallow it all or take it in another hole. Dont be wasting that shit!”

I swallowed what was in my mouth and whiped the drop from my chin and licked it off. “Do you think we should give this slut a break?” the leader asked before answering himself, “Nah I think Dameon and I should DP this slut!”

“No please I’ll fuck you both but please give my pussy a break, please?” I begged almost in tears. “Tears wont work bitch, climb on my cock and ride it.” The leader demanded coldly. I was shaking but I did what I was told. I had no idea what would happen next or what DP ment but I was so horny and scared I didnt know what to do so I just did what I was told. The leader, who’s name I later learned was named Toni, had the biggest cock i’d ever seen about 10 1/2 or 11 inches and at least 3 across in width. I guided the tip to my pussy and before I knew it Toni grabbed my hips and forced me down on it. I screamed out but Toni moved my hips for me and soon I had taken over and was riding him like a cowgirl in a rodeo. I had no idea what had come over me, I was scared and ashamed but I was so turned on I was doing whatever these black guys wanted from me.

“Lean foreward bitch,” Toni instructed roughly as I continued riding his cock. I leaned foreward touching my tits to his chest and I could feel another pain of hands on my hips. My ass was sticking out and spread wide for everyone to see. “Your going to be DP and like it bitch, I’m gonna stick my cock in your tiny little ass and fuck you at the same time Toni is.” the four guy laughed as he guided his cock to my virgin ass hole.

“Please no,” I begged, “Please please no!” But it was too late, the four and final cock rammed its way into my ass tearing its way in. I screamed as Toni and Devon DP’d me for the first time. I cried but no one cared they just continued watching and fucking. Soon I was coming to the biggest orgasm I had ever had (including when I used toys on myself!) and before I knew it I was screaming for them to fuck me harder and fill my dirty white bitch pussy.

I came so hard I passed out and woke to Toni slapping me, “Wake up bitch, were bout to fill two of your hole with our black seed!” I moaned barely aware of what was going on until I felt my pussy spasm in another orgasm as Toni and Devon spurted their gooey black seed in me.

Devon pulled his cock out of my ass and Toni pushed me off of him so I landed roughly on the floor on my ass, “Suck us clean bitch!” Toni demanded. I got on my knees and obeyed taking turns licking and sucking each of their cocks like a trained slut.

Soon everyone but Toni left. I was sitting on the floor hugging my knees when Toni approached me and sat on the bed, “Your a good little bitch. Welcome to your life as a BBC slut.”

“What is a BBC slut?” I whispered. And thats when Toni laid it all out for me. He told me all of the rules and about how white women were made for black me to fuck and how they were superior to us. I learned that night that black men could and should have their way with dirty white sluts like myself any time and any place that they wanted, regardless if I had a white boyfriend or not. Toni explained that I could go about my regular life, but I was to know be prepared to fuck any black man that laid eyes on me from the age of 16 to 99. My pussy was to be clean and shaven at all times, and I was to be clean and ready to please at any minute. He told me he was going to give my phone number out and that I should now answer my phone “Callie, white slut, how can i please your black cock today?” and how I should drop everything to please a black man. Toni said he would be like my “pimp” and would get me into the BBC slut business. I was also not to start birth control as it was my duty as a white woman to let any black man fill me with his cum and if I should get pregnant it would be a great honor and how i would fuck until the day I delivered and keep having black babies until I couldn’t any longer.

It was alot to take in. When I left the party that night, in an old dirty t-shirt Toni pulled out from god knows where, tied up so it showed my mid-rift, I got my ass grabbed and one black man even shoved his fingers in my cum filled pussy as I walked by. I felt confused and yet very excited. I knew from that night on that I would do as Toni told me and fuck any black man who wanted me and I was turned on by it.

As the first week went by I fucked probably 10 more black men that Toni had given my number to, and gave a few blowjobs in the parking lot at my college to random black guys that hit on me. Before I knew it I was fucking 2-3 guys a day and even started dressing and acting like a real BBC slut. I never wear underwear any more or a bra. I wear sluttier clothes and even managed to get an A in satistics by fucking my 55 year old teacher in his office once a week.

I have given birth to one black bred baby and am pregnant with my second. I have no idea who the daddies are but it doesn’t matter because black men are happier to fuck me when I tell them I’ve been black bred and I’m pregnant and they even give me money and buy me and the baby stuff. I’m a total BBC slut and I love it. This story is no lie this is how I truely became a BBC slut. I live this every day and I’m totally happy with my life. I actively try to get my white girlfriends on the band-wagon and have managed to bring my one married friend whose husband is now a cuckhold over and another one of my friends is pregnant with her first black bred baby. I couldnt be happier with my life!

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