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My name is Cathy. I’m 48 years old and have been married to my husband, Terry for 24 years. Throughout our marriage my husband has enjoyed watching me tease, flirt, suck and fuck other men. I must confess that it also gives me pleasure. My marriage is good, we just love a little extra stimulation now and then on the side. I’m in great shape for a woman my age. I get lots of “looks” from many men of all ages. I think my 34 D’s are the main attraction but I must say I have a nice ass also! Last Saturday night, we had just left a nice dinner house where I had a few too many Cosmopolitans. Terry and I were feeling a little frisky and decided to checkout a small neighborhood bar on the way home. I was dressed in my usual Saturday night attire, mini skirt, see-thru top and 6 inch high heels.

My husband suggested that we play one of our favorite games…We go in separately and I flirt with the boys and see what happens! I went inside the crowded bar first and found a seat on a stool at the bar. I sat next to a well-built black man wearing a baseball cap and a muscle shirt that showed off his extraordinary biceps. He had a handsome face with a mustache. I said, “High!” as I sat down and gave him a little wink. I noticed his eyes light up as he looked me up and down…spending extra time on my bra less tits poking thru my seethru top!

“You come here, often?” he asked leeringly. “Actually it’s my first time”, I said. “But if I knew all the men here were as good-looking as you, I would have been here long ago!” He smiled at that just as the Bartender showed up and asked me “Whatta ya have, honey?”

“I think I’ll have a Cosmopolitan,” I replied. “Put it on my tab, Bob!” my new friend chirped up. “Thanks, Sweetie” I said reaching over to his thigh and giving him a little squeeze. “My names Derek,” offered the Black hunk. I extended my hand and replied, “I’m Cathy, but people call me Cat.” “Nice to meet you, Cat,” he responded shaking my hand with a firm grasp. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my husband walk in and take a seat on the other side of Derek.

The mini-skirt I was wearing just barely covered my shaved pussy when I’m standing, so when I sit down my cuntlips are just barely visible when I part my legs to anyone who might be watching. Knowing this, I turned in my stool to face my new friend and I saw him look down staring hard a my hairless cunt.

“Like what you see?” I asked wickedly. He looked up a little embarrassed, “I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to stare. You just caught me by surprise!” I could see my husband smiling at my comment as I said, “It’s ok, sweetie.” I put my arm around his neck and whispered in his ear,”I enjoy showing off for a handsome man like yourself. If we get a booth, I may let you touch it!”

His eyes twinkled as he started looking around the room. “I don’t see a open booth but how about going out to my van?”

I thought for a moment, sipped my Cosmopolitan and said smiling, “That sounds good! Lets finish our drinks and head outside.” “You got it, Baby” Derek replied. As he sipped his drink he stared again at my breasts and said, “Baby, I love your tits! They look perfect!” “I’m glad you like them, honey.” I answered back looking at my hubby listening to our conversation. Derek leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I’m gonna run to the bathroom for a sec. When I get back, I’m gonna fuck the living shit out of you!”

His nasty talk made me excited and I kissed him on the lips as he arose and left for the john. When he left my husband leaned over and said,”Cat, I’m sorry but I’ve got to go back to the restaurant. I left my wallet there! I’ll be back in a few minutes!” “It’s OK, honey.” I said. “My new friend and I are going outside to his van to have some fun!” “OK, Baby” he said. “I’ll be right back. Be careful” “Don’t worry, Sweetie!” I replied smiling. “He seems like a really nice guy and you know how I love Black cock! With that,my hubby kissed me and got up and walked outside.

Derek returned just after my husband left and paid the bar bill and took my arm and led me outside into the cool, night air making my nipples harden immediately. Once outside standing in front of the bar on the sidewalk, he took me into his arms and gave me a long, deep kiss. Our mouths opened and our tongues explored each others mouth. His hands roamed my ass and I felt him lift the back of my mini and grab my asscheeks in his hands, squeezing them hard!

Parked right in front of the bar was a purple van with another black man sitting in the passenger side with the window down listening to music and drinking something in a bottle. He was also staring at us with great interest.

“I think we better head for your car before we get arrested.” I said to Derek as he mauled my ass and sucked on my neck. “Don’t worry about it,Baby.” he said. “A little slut like you enjoys showing everybody all your shit!” With that he turned me around and walked behind me over in front of the van and yelled to the Black man! “Uncle Dee! Look what I got here!”

The Black man in the van stuck his head out the window and I saw that he looked to be in his late 60′s with grey hair and a goatee. He was wearing a dirty, torn wife beater shirt and had a bottle of cheap wine in his hand. As he smiled I could see that his front teeth were missing! He answered back with a toothless grin, “Where da fuck did yo get that fine piece off ass, Derek?”

“The fuckin cunt just picked me up in the bar!” Derek exclaimed. I suddenly felt humiliated yet a little excited at the same time.

“Check this shit out, Uncle Dee.” he said as he reached around and lifted the front of my miniskirt exposing my naked pussy for the Old man and anyone passing by to see!”

“Hey!” I shouted not expecting what he did. “Shut the fuck up, you little whore! Just do as I say!” he demanded as he squeezed my arm hard with his strong hand. “Whooooo Weeeeee”, whistled the old man as he saw my naked pussy! “That fuckin Ho ain’t got no panties on!” “Yeah, I know, Dee. She showed me her pussy in the bar!” Derek yelled back. The Old man laughed, “No shit! get that bitch in the van so I can get a better look!”

I was starting to have second thoughts and started to pull away but Derek forced me along to the van, opening the side door and pushing me inside onto a dirty, greasy, smelly mattress and entered behind me and slammed the door shut! For a moment I was a little unsure of what I was getting myself into, but decided to go with the flow.

To tell the truth, I was getting excited by the forcefulness of Derek. My pussy was already damp from the excitement and I really wanted to feel Derek’s Big Black dick inside me! Once inside, Derek yelled to his Uncle, “Dee! start up the van and lets find a place more private so we can have some fun!”

I saw the old man move over to the driver’s side and start up the van.

“Wait a minute!” I said in a panic. “Someone’s meeting me here. They’ll be worried if I’m not here!” “Don’t worry, baby.” Derek said as he grabbed my tits and massaged them thru the sheer top. “I’ll bring you back as soon as we’re done! Besides,” he said as he unzipped his fly pulling out a big, semi erect cock of about 10 inches. “You wouldn’t wanna miss out on this! Would you?” The sight of the big snake excited me even more and even though I knew it wasn’t a wise decision, I nodded my head in agreement and said, “No, I wouldn’t!” as I grabbed the big black monster with my hand and slowly worked it up and down.

I leaned over and engulfed the head of the big cock into my mouth, slowly sucking on the head and licking the tip of it’s purple head with my tongue. Derek, who was on his knees while I sucked him, pulled off his muscle shirt up and over his head exposing a hard six pack and a muscular chest. “Dee.” he shouted. “Go over and park behind TK’s place in the alley.” “You got it, my man!” Dee responded. ” The old man put the van in gear and headed out of the parking lot.

I started sucking furiously on Derek’s black cock, taking as much of it down my throat as possible. Bobbing my head up and down in his lap as he stroked the back of my head with his hand. My pussy was getting wet with excitement as I sucked this black stud who’s cock was now almost a foot long. I massaged his black balls as I sucked with a wanton lust. My husband didn’t know what he was missing, I thought to myself! “Suck that cock, you fuckin ho!” Derek shouted as I worked my head up and down! “Your one fuckin sweet cocksucker, Baby!” he said.

All this nasty talk even made me hotter and I lifted up from his man meat and looked into his dark eyes and said, “I need you to fuck me, baby! I’m sooooo horny!” With that he ripped open my top, exposing my big titties and threw me back onto the nasty mattress. As he pulled his pants the rest of the way off with his big cock sticking straight up in the air he hissed, “Take off that fuckin skirt!” I lifted my ass up and reached back and unhooked the skirt, pulling down the zipper working the skirt down my legs and finally kicking it into a corner of the van with my foot.

Derek, kneeling between my legs grabbed my ankles and spread my legs as far apart as they would go, exposing my wet cunt to him. He slowly moved in putting the head of his huge cock at the entrance of my cunt, running the head up and down on the soaking entrance to my steamy twat! “Fuck me!” I begged. “Please fuck me, Derek with your big, black cock! I need it bad!” Derek just smiled knowingly at me as he worked his big cock slowly into my hot, wet snatch. The feeling of his big cock in my tight pussy was driving me crazy! “Oh Shit!” I said in ectascy! “God damn your cock feels good!” “Like that, you little whore!” he spoke. “You like my nigger dick in your white cunt?” “Yes!” I hissed in passion! “Fuck me, baby! Give me more!” With that, Derek slammed his meat into me, bottoming out and hitting the back of my cervix as he grabbed onto my big titties and started fucking me hard and fast! As he pumped me, my legs lifted higher and higher in the air so I could get as much of his dark meat inside me as possible!

Just as I was about to cum, I felt the van come to a stop and heard the old man open his door and get out. A few seconds later the side door slid open and a bright light shown on us from outside. By this time I was in the throws of an intense orgasm. “Ooooohhhhhhh shit!: I screamed. I’mmmmmmm cummmmmmming! Ohhhh God, fuck me you fucker!” As my orgasm subsided I looked over and saw the old man and 3 other black men standing at the entrance of a garage watching open-mouthed as Derek fucked me! “Here I come, you slut!” Derek shouted as he thrust deep and hard in my satisfied cunt. “Ohhhhhhh fuck!” he said. “Ahhhhhhhhh Jesus baby yeaaaaahhhhh!” with that I felt him exploding deep inside my pussy. As he kept thrusting into me I watched the black men gather closer around the door of the van, getting a closer look. I was beginning to feel really self concious. Derek finally pulled his long spent cock from my dripping cunt and moved up to my mouth and said, “Here, baby lick it clean!” I opened my mouth and accepted his wet, gleaming dick into my mouth and sucked our juices off his cock. As I licked him, I felt fingers exploring my pussy.

“Wait a minute!” I exclaimed pulling my mouth off Derek’s cock. “What’s going on here?”

Derek looked back and said. “Relax, baby. It’s just Uncle Dee. He wants his turn!”

“No fucking way!” I shouted. “I’m not letting that dirty fucking old man fuck me!” Derek, who was still sitting on my chest with his cock dripping cum on my face, grabbed my face hard between his hands and said sternly, “Look! You fuckin cunt! If you want to get home tonight, you better be a liitle more friendly or you’ll wish you were never born!”

The look in Derek’s told me that he meant what he said and I suddenly felt very afraid for my safety and decided to be more cooperative for my own good no matter how disgusting it may be.

“Come on Unc.” Derek said. “It’s your turn to fuck this whore!” The other men in the garage started laughing and high-fiving each other. “Go get her, Dee!” One of the black men shouted. The old man pulled off his trousers outside the van then crawled forward between my spread legs. His cock, while not as long as Derek’s was almost twice as big around! It looked wider than a beer can, I thought!

Derek moved out of the van and joined the other men as Dee moved up to my face and Smiled a toothless grin,his bad breath was almost over-powering. “Don’t wanna fuck this old man, you fuckin Ho!” he hissed in my face. “By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be begging me to fuck you! “Please.” I begged. “I just want to go home!” The old man just smiled and grabbed my breasts with his grimy hands and squeezed them hard.

With that he moved forward to kiss me and tried to put his tongue into my mouth. I kept my lips pursed as tight as possible and tried turning my head away. Dee, finally tiring of my stubbornness, took my chin in his hand and firmly slapped my face with his other hand. “You little, Slut!” he glared at me. “You go out in public showing off your titties and pussy and expect not to get fucked?” What are you? A little prick teaser? Well, you little whore, your gonna get what you deserve!”

Again he slapped my face twice and tears formed in my eyes as he kissed me, sticking his gross tongue inside my mouth! I winced as he explored my mouth and ground his lips on mine, squeezing my naked breasts all the while. Finally he moved down, kissing my neck and working his way to my nipples which to my amazement were as hard as rocks, betraying me in a way. The Old black man sucked on my nipples as his hand moved down to my dripping pussy and inserted 4 fingers inside me!

After a few minutes I felt my hips starting to move up to meet his fingers. I have to confess that my clit was starting to throb and I could feel myself getting horny and wetter! I was on the edge of cumming again when the old man moved up and placed his fat cock between my breasts, squeezing them together and titty fucking me! He grabbed the back of my head and pulled it forward so his cockhead was close to my mouth and I stuck my tongue out and licked at the huge head of his black beer can cock!

After a little of this he moved up and straddled my chest and tried to feed me his cock but it was too big! I had my mouth as open as possible but I could barely get it in! “Oh, fuck!” he said impatiently. “Let’s try something else!” With that he again moved forward, squatting onto my face! “Lick my asshole, you Bitch!” he demanded. “Stick your white tongue up my ass!” The smell of his ass was overwhelming but I had no choice so I exploringly stuck out my tongue and licked at his stinky, puckered asshole! “Look at that whore eat Dee’s ass!” I heard someone say with a chuckle. Dee ground his balls and ass into my face so I could hardly breathe. “Stick it up there, you fuckin cunt!” he shouted. “Eat my nigger ass! I held on to the old man’s hips as I stuck my tongue deep into his spread asshole as his big black balls bounced on my nose. As I did this, he jerked on his fat cock!

Finally he lifted up off my tongue and moved down to my pussy and shoved his big cock in my wet cunt. Luckily, I was well-lubricated because his cock stretched me wider than anything I had experienced before! I felt like my pussy was going to rip open but at the same time a feeling started in my belly to my pussy and I knew I was going to cum soon! “Ohhhhh Baby Fuck me! It feeeeels sooooo good!” I exclaimed in utter lust! “I’ve never felt sooooo fulll!” I have to hand it to the old guy, he fucked the shit out of me, slamming his thick sausage in my swollen cunt! “You want me to stop now, you little slut?” he asked teasingly. I thrust my hips up to him as I shouted, “Fuck Noooooooo! Just fuck meeeeeeeee harder!” All the guys standing around roared with laughter at my begging. I felt humilated but I needed his cock in me now! “Fuck this white slut! Please! I begged. Dee smiled with a knowing smile as he rammed his thick cock in my cunt as hard as he could.

My pussy started quivering and my orgasm started! “OOOOOOH myyyyyyy fucking God! I’mmmmmmm Cummmmming!” I shouted. Just as my body started quivering with a massive orgasm, the old man pulled his fat cock out of my stretched pussy with a “plop” and moved up to my face and shot a huge load all over my hair and face. I had his cum all over my eyes and face so I could hardly see! He put his spent cock in my mouth and I licked it clean.

I was totally spent but I felt another body moving between my legs. It was one of the other black men in the garage! This guy must have weighed at least 350 lbs! I felt him try to enter my pussy but his cock was too small after I’d been stretched out by Dee.

“Dee, You Mother fucker!” The guy shouted disgustingly. “You stretched this whore out so much I can’t feel her!” Everybody outside started laughing and I even smiled at what he’d said. “Stick it in her ass, Motherfucker!” I heard Derek yell. With that the obese black man lifted my legs high and stuck his dick at my asshole entrance and pushed it in slow but steady! Luckily all the juices had slid down to my asshole for lubrication so it wasn’t too bad. The fat man pounded my asshole steadily as another black man entered and stuck his cock into my mouth.

To tell the truth I don’t know how long or how many times I got fucked. I know I swallowed many loads of black cum. My ass and pussy were used many times. At one point, I remember laying down with all of them surrounding me and they took turns letting go all over my hair, face mouth and body. As they did this, they called me names like slut, whore, bitch etc. until I finally passed out!

Upon awakening, I heard the door of the van open. It was still dark outside! Derek reached in and took my hand and pulled me outside. I was barely coherent as Derek said to me as I stood on shaking legs. “Thanks for the good time,baby!”

With that he stepped back into the van and it roared off into the night! It was all like a dream. Suddenly I realized that I was standing in the parking lot of the bar where we met. Only I was totally naked except my 6 inch heels with cum running down my legs from my pussy and asshole! My hair and face smelled like dried stuff and cum! My sore nipples were again hard from the chilly night air. Fortunately, the parking lot was empty so I guess it was after 2am sometime. Suddenly, car lights shown on me and I felt a sigh of relief as my hubby’s car pulled up in front of me. He got out and ran to me, “Are you allright, Baby? Where have you been?” “I, I’m not sure, honey.” I said softly. “I’m a little dizzy and my belly feels like it’s burning!” My husband pulled back and looked at my stomach and shouted, “No FUCKIN WAY! What did you do?”

I looked down and lifted my breasts out of the way and saw it in the headlights of the car. Just above my pussy, somebody had tattooed the words “Black Cock Whore” across my white belly! I started to cry as my husband held me but I knew deep down that it was true!

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