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Gil Manchester met Abby and was smitten instantly.  All he could think of was marrying the tall, busty, wide-hipped and big-busted stunner.  With her high cheekbones, dark eyes, and jet black hair, cut in bangs and worn at shoulder-plus length, she was a study in exotic beauty.  He was in her thrall — and she knew it.  Abby went out with him a few times, gently extracting from him a picture of his life and finances.  The former was very dull and the latter quite exciting, as he had family money in investments, set up for him by his Uncle Randall, that had made him wealthy and would keep him that way for life.  Once she knew all that, the greedy and controlling woman got her claws into him and kept them there.

First, she controlled their love life.  Gil was insecure to begin with, being short and slender, with sandy blond hair and a baby face.  Worse, he was cursed with a tiny dick.  When hard it was a mere three inches, skinny, and had a head even slimmer than the shaft.  The few girls he had attracted — with his money and not his appearance — had all rejected him in the bedroom once he lowered his pants.  Their laughter and derision made it almost impossible for him to attempt any new relationships.  That was another reason that, after Abby accepted him, he was desperate not to lose her.

So when she saw his minuscule endowment for the first time she hid her amusement.  Abby had him get completely naked while she only removed her panties.  She laid back on her bed, having taken him to her place where he would feel less at home, and spread her legs.

In a kindly tone she told him, “Get between my thighs dear.  No, not like that.  Put your cute face down there.  That’s a good little boy.  Now, we both know that what you have between your legs could never satisfy me.  Right?”  After he weakly mumbled his agreement she went on, “So you’re going to use your mouth on me.  I’m guessing that you know about that but aren’t entirely sure how to do it.  Correct?”

When he again agreed, she began issuing instructions, careful to bring him along slowly and not insult his inexperience.  She wanted him firmly in her grip before she advanced from merely mentioning his inadequacy to using it to completely tear down his already shaky ego.  Gil’s soft mouth felt good on her pubes.  He was clean shaven, but also the kind of guy who could go for a week without growing more than a bit of pale down where real men would produce rough whiskers.  She soon had him eating her just the way she liked, slowly and with lots of attention to her clit, and kept him at it until he gave her a quaking orgasm.  He was so nervous through it all, and repulsed by having to put his mouth on her moist, fishy-smelling slit, that he hadn’t even gotten an erection.  Poor Gil had gotten no pleasure whatsoever.  Yes, Abby told herself, this was going to be fun AND profitable.

She congratulated him effusively on the good job he had done.  Then it was time for his reward.  She said she had noticed how he stared at her legs.  Gil couldn’t deny his attraction to her long, shapely, lower limbs.  Abby declared that because he had made such a good effort to please her that she would let him massage her thighs and calves.  He was dumbstruck.  She wasn’t going to reciprocate his oral favors.  He was disappointed but too unsure of himself to dispute her decision.  At the same time he wasn’t adverse to feeling her legs.  Just the thought of a long session of rubbing her warm skin, feeling her firm muscles under his hands, got him hard.  His unimpressive penis stood up, announcing his unfitness to satisfy a woman.  She smiled instructively, not revealing if she was mocking or forgiving him.

“Start just above my ankles and work your way up,” she told him.  “Slowly.  I know this will be a big treat for you.”

With mixed feelings he got busy kneading the base of one calf.  Abby sighed and snuggled the back of her head into the pillow.  She would keep him down there for a looong time, letting Gil get used to the idea of being denied while allowed to touch her and getting increasingly frustrated.  He was halfway up that first calf when he let out a whimper of need.  The sound made Abby’s clitoris tingle.

In a raspy voice she told him, “I hope you’re not going to get whiney on me, junior.  I let you use your mouth on me and now I’m letting you have your selfish fun with my legs.  Please don’t get greedy.”

He was confused but the general idea got through.  He had better shut up and not show that he wanted more than he was getting.  Gil meekly kissed her calf and resumed massaging.  She was pleased and let him continue.  He was grateful and made no more signs of dissatisfaction.

It went on like that for the next two weeks.  She learned more about his Uncle Randall, how the older man had invested Gil’s inheritance for him and intimidated him into accepting only a small allowance from it, even signing papers to that effect.  Abby said that Randall must be a wonderful person, and that she’d sure like to meet him.  Gil demurred but she persisted until, while she was sexually teasing him and he was particularly vulnerable, he agreed to introduce her to him.  As a reward she used her hand on his little dick.  Even got him to the verge of finishing.  Then she stopped and left him more unfulfilled than ever.  To her it was hilariously funny to see him in discomfort, so upset, and not able to do a single thing about it.  All she had to do was wave her big tits in his face and he surrendered all over again.

The meeting with Randall came three days later.  Abby dressed very sexily, but stopped short of looking like a tramp.  She drove them to Randall’s large, impressive home.  Not letting Gil drive deepened his sense of dependence on her.  The poor schnook still hadn’t gotten to cum.  She had made him promise not to play with himself, even made him say out loud and in detail all the acts he wouldn’t perform in private, having him go into great detail about stroking techniques, lubes, and teasing his own nipples.  Worse for him, she got him to admit that he had been doing all those things before he met her.  But the best part was when she manipulated him into admitting that he was a virgin.  Abby had visions of marrying the pathetic wimp and making his virginal state permanent.

At Randall’s front door she tugged down her short skirt and adjusted the low cut top that showed off her deep cleavage.  When Randall opened the door he was greeted by the sight of a living sex doll with sultry eyes and pouty lips.

“Hello, dear,” he said with a toothy grin.  “Please come in.”  He glanced at Gil and added, almost disappointedly, “You too.”

Gil’s Uncle was tall and broad shouldered, with large hands.  His dark hair was expertly cut and the shirt, jacket and slacks he wore were all expensive without being showy.  Abby couldn’t stop looking at him, and didn’t care that Gil could see her reaction to the desirable stud.  Randall took her hand and led her into his home, telling her she was even lovlier than his nephew had said.  Abby chuckled throatily and gave his hand a squeeze.

The rest of the visit fit that pattern, with Randall mixing drinks for himself and Abby, then telling Gil to go and get himself whatever he wanted.  They sat on the couch and left Gil alone on a hard wooden chair.  Abby mentioned that she was concerned about Gil’s investments and Randall offered to give her a more detailed picture of them.  But he needed a bit of time to check the files on his computer first.  How about if she came back the next night?  Abby accepted at once.  The pair chatted happily for another hour before Abby said a reluctant goodbye and, with Gil trailing her, left.

On the ride back to her place, Gil let his jealousy show.  She scolded him and called him silly.  Then he reminded her that he had plans to go to the mall and buy himself some new clothes tomorrow night, and now they would be at Randall’s again.  She told him that she would drop him at the mall, go to Randall’s to discuss those money matters, and then pick him up later.  Gil was upset but didn’t want a second scolding.  He got one anyway, for being sulky.

Not wanting to push him too far just yet, Abby added, “I don’t want you getting emotional over every little thing, sweets.  Imagine how annoying that could be after we’ve been together for a few years.”

“A… a few… years?”

“Well, really, Gilly, can’t you see how much I like you?  If you just stop being such a fuss and do what I think is best, well, we might turn into a permanent couple — very soon.”

Those words canceled out all of his previous concerns.  He was walking on clouds.  Abby brought him back to reality by reeling off a shopping list of exactly what he should buy the next evening when he was alone at the mall.  She made him repeat everything back to her.  When they got back to her place she made him use his mouth on her legs and pussy, teased him until he was ready to scream with need, and then left him unfinished.  She said she was tired and wanted to rest alone.

“I’m too tired to drive you home, baby,” she said with a yawn.  “I know you won’t mind walking.”

He let himself out.  His apartment was across town.  It was a very long walk.  But he couldn’t afford a cab.  Uncle Randall had somehow confused the orders to the bank and now Gil hadn’t been able to draw any cash out for almost a week.  He had meant to mention it when they were there but had forgotten when he got concerned over all the attention Abby was paying to the older man.  His balls began to hurt as he covered block after block on foot.  He even felt it in his kidneys.  If only he could go home and wank himself, but Abby had made him swear that he wouldn’t and he would feel like he was betraying her if he did it.  Soon, he told himself, they would be having sex all the time.  She was talking about a permanent relationship.  Marriage?  Gil was ecstatic again.  But his balls still ached.

Gil got all the items Abby directed him to at the mall.  The entire time he couldn’t stop sneaking peeks at the pretty females around him.  He wasn’t sure why his girlfriend had him buying jockey short two sizes too small, or fuzzy bunny slippers, or those items at the novelty shop, but he kept consoling himself that she had dropped more hints about staying together on the ride over.  Now he was standing outside the mall, which had closed a half hour ago, wondering where Abby was.  She had taken his cell phone away, saying she didn’t want him getting distracting calls when he was supposed to be paying attention to her.  It was all right for her to get them all the time, however.  And she hadn’t given it back because she said he fussed too much and should learn to settle down.  He didn’t understand her thinking, and hated being treated like a misbehaving little boy, but she had taught him not to fight back.  Finally, after he spent almost an hour outside the mall exit, she drove up.

“Are you okay?” he asked as he got into her car.  “Why were you late?”  When she gave him a withering stare he ceased speaking.  Then he said, “I’m sorry.  I guess I’m being annoying again.”

“What you’re being is a big baby.  I was having fun with your uncle and we lost track of the time.  Is that all right with you?”

They were driving through a well lit area and he noticed that her clothes and hair were slightly mussed.  Had his uncle tried to kiss her… or something?  He didn’t want to irritate her again so he just said, “That’s fine.”  Again feeling guilty, he apologized.  “I don’t mean to…  I mean I’m not trying to…”  He sighed.  “I’m sorry, Abby.  I’ll try to behave better.”

She patted his thigh.  “It’s alright.  You can make it up to me when we get back to my place.”

And make it up he did.  She had him feeling so at fault and so concerned with not being a complainer, that when she switched him from eating her pussy to kissing her asshole, he didn’t say anything.  That might have been partly because he was trying to figure out why her slit had tasted funny and been so… creamy?  Had she gotten aroused from being around his uncle?  That must be it, he told himself as he slid his tongue out of her ass and resumed slurping her slot.  Of course that was the explanation.  It couldn’t be the other thing he was imagining.

A week after that they were engaged.  Abby had already told Randall so he could have his high-powered lawyer draw up a pre-nup.  When Gil tried to read it she began to get irked, questioning whether he trusted her or not, so he signed everything without reading any of it.  Abby smiled as she put away the papers into a briefcase which Gil had never seen before — and locked it.  She gave him a big kiss on the forehead.  Because he had his mouth between her legs so often she had made a rule that he couldn’t kiss her on the lips — at least, not the upper ones.  Abby made a joke about it, saying that everything would change once they were wed.  Gil didn’t know how true that was.

The marriage came soon after that.  In between, of course, Abby kept Gil running and fetching, as well as his usual sexual duties, which he performed without getting what he wanted in return from his fiance.  She had him just about cross eyed with frustration by the time they got married.  First there was the paperwork at city hall, and then a private ceremony was scheduled at Randall’s home, which he had generously volunteered.  Abby had to spend several nights there to help get it ready, sometimes even staying over, and always returning with that ‘used’ look about her.  Gil became irrationally jealous, even as he told himself, each time, that it was just his imagination making him think something was going on between his super-sexy bride and his stud of an uncle.

At last the happy day arrived.  Abby had managed the guest list and somehow missed all of Gil’s friends, the few that there were.  He had a handful of relatives there, including his Aunt Meg, who had always despised him as a spoiled brat.  She was about Randall’s age, with overblown curves, wearing a snug skirt and jacket combination, along with a blouse that had a high lace collar, all topped off with a pert hat that featured a full-face net that fell over her heavily made-up features.  Gil also noticed the flashy pumps she wore, with four and a half inch heels.  As she chatted with Randall she held one end of her mink stole in a gloved hand and gestured with it to emphasize whatever points she was making to him.  Gil’s uncle smiled and nodded at her words.

The ceremony was conducted by a mannish woman from some obscure group Gil had never heard of.  Many of Abby’s friends were similarly odd, including femmish men, leather-favoring females, and a few males who appeared to have had their spirits crushed, the way they kept their eyes downcast and deferred to the women they accompanied.  Gil was strangely disturbed by those powerless men.  When the ‘minister’ told him he could kiss the bride, Gil had to get up on his toes and Abby to lean down a bit.  At the last moment she turned her head enough that he wound up merely kissing her cheek.

The reception, also at Randall’s house, was pleasant enough, except that Abby danced with every male there.  She shared the floor THREE times with Randall.  Gil got to dance with those women who favored leather and he found the experience strangely exciting.  He even got one of his little stiffys and — just his luck — Abby saw it.  He blushed furiously as she pierced him with her gaze.  She also insisted that he eat several huge pieces of wedding cake, which left him feeling stuffed and queasy.

Then the guests departed and it was time to consummate their marriage.  Abby said she had plenty of champagne and shouldn’t drive.  Gil’s uncle offered them a room there for the night.  As uneasy as that made the new husband, he couldn’t think of any valid objection when Abby accepted.  Soon they were in a spacious guest room and she told him seductively to get undressed.  Gil rushed to get out of his suit, even falling down with one leg in his trousers and the other out.  At last he was naked.  But Abby was still dressed.  She came toward him, towering on her five inch heels.  When she pressed herself against him he realized just how ill he felt from all that cake she had made him eat.

“M… maybe we sh… should wait,” he suggested weakly.

“It’s our wedding night,” she reminded him as she fingered his nipples, triggering an immediate erection.  Abby let the front of her wedding dress touch his short hard member.  “You wouldn’t let me down, would you?  None of the guys I dated ever let me down.  I’d be very unhappy if you couldn’t make me happy.”

All at once he was stricken with performance anxiety.  His penis wilted to half-solid.  Why had she brought up her ex-lovers at such a crucial moment?  His stomach felt worse.  She gave his nipples teasing tugs, making his limpish dick rise again.

“I mean,” she went on, “if you messed up on our special night, I wouldn’t feel any obligation to be there for you in the bedroom again — ever.”

“E… ev… ever?” he mumbled, his stutter getting worse.  “B… bu… but we’re m… married now.  Y… you’re m… my w…w…w… wife.”

“In name only until you’ve done the deed.”  Her soft hand went to his standing organ.  “Otherwise, you’ll be a husband without privledges.  No sex for little Gilly.”  She stroked his dick.  The strokes were very short.  “How would you like that, loverboy?”

He was so confused that he didn’t pay attention to how his body was reacting.  After how much she had been denying him, Gil’s needs were overwhelming.  Abby felt his immature dick pulse and she stepped to the side without releasing it.  Two more strokes and he knew he was about to cum.  Before he could say anything she gave him a hard squeeze and then released him.  His bobbing dick spurted once and then, because she was no longer touching it, followed up with only a feeble dribble.  She had made him shoot.  It hadn’t even been satisfying.  And now Abby was glaring down at Gil with burning anger.

“I… I’m…”  He bit his lower lip.  “Abby, honey.  I d… didn’t mean to…”  He felt ridiculous standing there naked while she was still dressed.  But when he reached for his pants on the bed she stopped him.

“You worthless excuse for a man,” she spat.  “That’s it.  I’ve put up with your shortcomings — “  She stared meaningfully at his tiny shriveled penis.  ” — and I’ve tried to help you.  But this is too much.  You have insulted me beyond anything I could have imagined.  NO, don’t say one word.  I’m furious, you useless shrimp.  And I know exactly what I’m going to do about it.”

She snatched her cellphone from the dresser and opened it, then hit a pre-set number.  Gil stood there dumbly, his hands at his sides, trembling.

“Hello,” Abby said, her voice suddenly vulnerable.  “Randall?  I need you in our room.  Please.  Right now.  Your stupid nephew has just ruined my wedding night.  I can’t believe how thoughtless and selfish her really is.  If only I had known…”

She sobbed theatrically and closed the phone.  Gil was still trying to compose himself, to find the words to turn this disaster around, when there were footsteps in the hall and a sharp knock on the door.

“Come in,” Abby said.

Before Gil could react, the door opened and in strode his uncle, now wearing a dressing robe over silk pajamas.  Gil was humiliated to be seen undressed by his uncle but the longstanding fear he had of the older, taller, stronger man seized him and prevented him from moving.  Abby gave an emotional account of what had happened, insulting her new spouse over and over during the telling.  At last she was done and Randall took her into his strong arms.

“There, there,” he said. “You’ve received a terrible shock, darling.  Let me make you feel better.  That is what you want, Abby, isn’t it?”  He tilted up her chin and looked into her eyes.  “Isn’t it?”

“Yes, dear.  Thank you.  I need a man.  That pathetic specimen is hopeless and it’s my wedding night and…”

He silenced her with a long deep kiss.  She swooned in his arms.  Then she recovered enough to put her arms around him and return the kiss, her hands running up and down his back.  All at once he was caressing the side of one of her large breasts through her wedding dress, his other hand on her ass.

Gil at last found his voice and said breathlessly, “Please, Uncle Randall.  That’s m… my w…w…w…”

“Shut up, you twit,” he told his nephew firmly.  “Are you too insensitive to see how much you’ve hurt this wonderful girl?”  As he spoke he unzipped her dress in the back.  “I’m going to give her what she wants and needs.  Which is more than you can do.  I’d be surrpised if she ever wanted you touching her again.”

Abby said, “I already told him that if he screwed up tonight he wasn’t going to get any sex… permanently.”

“B… but… that’s s…s…so un-f… fair,” he sobbed.

Randall marveled, “And he’s a crybaby, too.  I’m sorry I didn’t see this before, Abby.  I should have.  He’s always been a wimp loser.  Let me do what I can to make you feel better.”

Her hand went to his crotch and her tone brightened as she said happily, “It feels like you can do a LOT to make me feel great.”

He slipped her dress down off her shoulders and pressed his lips to the bared flesh.  Abby sighed the way Gil had hoped he could make her.  Instead, he was watching his superior uncle perform the deed.  When Gil tried again to speak, Randall silenced him with a threatening glower and told him to get down on his knees.  Frightened, the short groom did as he was told.

The couple slowly and sensuously undressed each other.  Abby was so beautiful that Gil gasped in spite of himself as she stood there in only her wedding veil, garter belt, white stockings, and heels.  Randall’s muscular body was on display, his cock a solid, thick nine inches.

Abby smirked at her groom.  “Can you believe it, wimpy?  He has THREE times as much between his legs as you do.  More, if you count how wonderfully big around it is.  Mmmmmm.  And his balls absolutely put yours to shame.”  She cupped Randall’s testicles in her warm hand.  “Looks like I’m going to have a good evening after all.  No, make that a PERFECT evening.”  She laughed happily.

Still on his knees, Gil saw the two of them lay down on the bed, where he should be.  His uncle was running his stong hands up and down her body as if he owned it which, at that moment, he did.  Gil’s husbandly rights had vanished along with his brief uncontrolled erection.  Now he was soft and his wife was about to be on the receiving end of that billy club of meat.  Gil sniffled as Abby spread her thighs and Randall knelt between them, his shaft in position for penetration.  Abby purred with anticipation.

Gil moaned, “Nooooo.   P… p… pleeeease don’t…”

But before he could say it they were doing it.  Randall shoved himself into her and began pumping at once.  Abby responded enthusiastically, thrusting back at him, writhing under his invading cock, and urging him to give her more.

She told him, “Don’t stop.  I’ll never get anything like this from that dud of a husband I’m stuck with.  You can have me any time and anyplace you want, lover.  And my loser spouse will NEVER feel the inside of my pussy with his pathetic little dick.  All he’ll EVER have in there will be his tongue, which I’m going to keep very VERY busy from now on.”

“Whatever you want, baby,” Randall answered.  “I’m going to put it to you all the time.  And I think your imbecile husband should ALWAYS have to watch us.  I want to remind him over and over what he’s missing out on.”  He laughed deeply as he continued to plow her.  “We’ll never let him forget that he’s been turned into a complete cuckold.”

All Gil could do was to stare helplessly as they enjoyed over a half hour of spirited lovemaking.  His bride had two loud climaxes before Randall shot his heavy load.  Both of them laid back, spent and happy.  Abby told Gil to put himself into the closet, get down on the floor, and stay there until one of them let him out.  He obeyed without complaint, so broken was his spirit.  In the dark closet he found himself between two pair of his wife’s sexy boots.  As he curled up in the cramped space he hugged one of the boots to his narrow chest and cried himself to rest.

In the morning, Randall finally let him out of the closet.  Abby was on the bed, legs spread.  Randall clamped his hand like a vise on the back of his nephew’s skinny neck and steered him to where his wife waited.

Abby said, “All right, husband dearest, time to perform for me.”  She giggled nastily.  “Tell him, Randall.”

“Of course, dear.  What you’re going to do, little Gilly, is get your face between her gorgeous legs and use your mouth on her pussy which, by the way, she hasn’t washed since we had all that fantastic sex last night.  In other words, wimp, you’re going to clean up that mess I left, all that sticky cum, inside and and out.  It’s what a cuckold gets for breakfast.  You’d better learn to love it because you’re going to be getting lots more, morning after morning after morning.  Now get busy.”

Sore from his night in the closet, afraid of his physically superior uncle, Gil got into position and brought his lips close to her labia.  He could smell Randall’s salty ejaculate.  Feeling queasy but too much of a coward to fight back, Gil began to lick and suck, falling into the rhythm of giving pleasure that Abby had spent so many pleasant hours teaching him.  Soon she had a delicious mini-orgasm and then let him finish laving her privates, even making him check for cum overflow between her cushiony ass cheeks, where he found and tongued up some dried messiness.

After that Gil’s life became an endless round of teasing and denial, cuckold games, petty torments, and constant humiliations.  The latter mistreatment included those items she had made him buy at the mall when, he now realized, she had been getting laid by his uncle.  He had to wear the too-small jockey shorts and sleeveless undershirts, which made him look as young as his youthful face and undersized penis suggested he was.  The addition of the bunny slippers only made it worse.  Finally, there were the items from the novelty store, which included a big pacifier on a ribbon, which he had to wear around his neck, and an adult-sized bib.

His Aunt Meg often came over to ‘babysit’ him when the happy couple went out on the town to spend Gil’s money.  Meg gleefully made Gil do housework, even having him clean out the toilets with a toothbrush.  When he didn’t perform up to her impossibly high standards, which was every time, she would put him over her plump thighs with his tight shorts pulled down and use her leather-gloved hand to spank his pale bottom until it was bright red.  Sometimes she used a hairbrush or sorority paddle.  Those sessions were always followed with Gil having to lap her pussy while she heaped verbal abuse on him.  After Randall and Abby returned he had give them a full account of everything that had transpired, and hearing about his suffering inevitably got his wife hot.  That led to her having more terrific sex with Randall while Gil had to watch, knowing that he would be served another warm ‘cuckold breakfast’ the next morning.

One last item.  That pre-nup Abby had rushed him into signing without reading, the one drafted by Randall’s slick lawyer, assured that if Gil divorced his wife he would be left penniless.  It was a nice added entrapment.  She controlled his money and never let him carry more than a few dollars, as well as allowing him to have but forbidding him the use of ‘their’ charge cards.  But if they seperated he would be left without any of it.  Gil lost either way.  Spending his money and telling him about everything she purchased gave her a thrill.

One of her favorite purchases she made on line.  It was a male chastity tube, a custom made one to hold Gil’s tiny dick.  She and Randall celebrated with champagne the night they locked it onto him.

Abby said, “If you had any hope of ever losing your virginity, this should convince you that will never happen.  You can’t even jerk off.”  She laughed and Randall joined her.  Gil’s new plight aroused her and she kissed his uncle passionatly.  To Gil, she went on, “I’m going to have a friend who’s a nurse come in once a month and milk your prostate.  We’ll watch and I’ll make sure it’s as demeaning as possible.  Meg is especially eager to be present when Nursey sticks her rubber-gloved finger up your butt and makes you dribble out your cum without getting any fun from having your little balls emptied.  Won’t that be a treat, Gilly?”

He looked at his oh-so-desirable wife and tried not to sob as he said, “Yes, dearest.  Whatever makes you happy.”

Which was the only answer he was allowed to give.  For anything.


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