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Keri’s First Time

This is based on true experiences and if ya like i can tell of all our times that we had when we were married. Keri and myself had been married for about a year when we started talking of us sharing her with other men. We tried it out and had several fun times but i wanted to see more me getting to watch her with other men was great but i wanted to see her with black men well hung black men. she had refused several times and the usual swing club we went to had closed down because the owner had died so we switched clubs this club allowed blackmen where the one before did not.we had went with another male friend of ours that she had been with before and decided to try this club out. First off let me tell you about Keri’s looks she is about 5’7 130lbs 36c, (nice c’s almost d’s) , brown eyes and short  blonde hair and she keeps her pussy shaved clean. when we got to the club we made the usual rounds took a tour of the club and settled in to get to know the place and the people a litle better. Keri had gotten used to her surroundings and decided to change her outfit. she went to change and soon was being oggled by several people she had come back dressed in white thigh high boots and little white spandex short shorts which you could see through and a little white bikini top which you could see her nipples through. ( she was always tan except for a tan line where she wore her g-string in the tanning bed)she had a few drinks and was dancing a little bit and as the night wore on she loosend up a little bit and was soon ready for some fun with our we were sitting at the bar this black gentlemen walked by and she kinda looked at him a little longer than just a glance and our freund asked her if she liked what she saw. she actually blushed i had never seen her do that before. about 10 minutes had went by and he told her he would be back. he returned with this black gentlemen whos name was brian he sat down and was introduced to my wife and me. as the time flew and they talked he asked if she had been with blackmen she said no he couldn’t believe it and it went from there me and my buddy watched this blackman charm my wife and after about an hour he asked how many men she had been with at once and she said just 2 he looked at me and said may i please take your wife for a walk thru the club and i told him it was strictly up to her. he took her hand and she said just a walk around and he told her he promised and away they walked. me and my buddy talked for a few minutes and noticed that Keri had not beeback yet so we thought we would go upstairs in the club to see what was happening. we went around to the various rooms and there were people here and there nothing really out of the ordinary a lady giving head here another in a swing getting ate out while she sucked another guy off. as we made our way back down stairs to the theatre part of the club. there was a crowd gathered and somebody said that girl is gonna be sore tomorrow as they walked by my buddy asked what was going on and she told him there was a girl doing 2 black guys and that they were tearing her pussy up. when we finally made our way to the front there was Keri With this gigantic black cock in her mouth and another in her pussy ball deep and a pained look on her face and it was almost like she loved it. me and my buddy watched as her bald pussy was taking in at least 10 inches of black cock and another was being forced down her throat and told to take it all as she did (she was not good at deepthroating until after this encounter by the way) by this time the man that she was riding had lifted her up and the other guy had taken his place in her pussy his dick was thicker and he showed her no mercy as he laid her on the floor and placed the tip of his cock at her wet stretched cunt and pushed in with everything he had i heard her gasp and seen her bite his shoulder as he started plunging into her pussy with strokes that seemed to move her on the floor as he seemed to try and put his whole body in her white pussy. he eased back and the Guy that had took her on the walk smiled and winked at me as he lifterd her head up to look at me she kinda smiled as the other guy was still stroking her pussy to depths that we had never known he whispered something to her and she smiled as she took his black cock in her hand and kissed its head and  then opened her mouth and swallowed as much as she could. they continued this for a good 10 minutes and then they moved and went to the couch that was in the theater brian the man that had taken my wife for the walk that started all this winked at me again and said she is a good little cunt and that she would be busy for awhile he looked at her and waved his cock at her she was on her knees in front worshipping this massive peice of meat again with ner lips he lifted his legs and told her to lick his asshole which she lovingly did and then he told her to stroke her pussy for the people watching which she did she rolled over on  her back and went to work on her own pussy in front of at least 20 people…. brian grabbed her by the hair and his buddy was sitting beside him and he looked around the room and he found this old man and he told her to suck this man off as he had been kind enough to watch the show she had put on my wife went to this man who we found out was 65 yearl old and unzipped his pants pulled his old cock out and placed it right in her mouthshe worked the old mans cock smacked it around on her face and even deepthroated it i watched him graba handful of her hair and start fucking her face Brian asked the old man was it worth it and he just smiled Brian asked the old man would you like to cum on her face or would you like the little slut to swallow the man said let the lady decide Brian asked Keri well what will it be she looked me in the eye  and said i want to taste this mans cum and with that she worked his cock with some of the best lip service i had ever seen soon we watched his hips buck and seen her slow down and he let go of a load that looked like he had saved it up for years my wife swallowed 3 times trying to get this mans cum down and she loved every drop. the people around cheered for her as she got up Brian told her to sit on his dick she just moved over him and started to slowly move up and down on his cock i was watching hi black shaft get shiny with her juices being on his cock he stopped her and motioned for his friend to come in behind her she askd what are you doing and this man spit on her ass and then on his cock and put the head right at the ass she moved forward and Brian held her still she said no i don’t do that and he told her you do now and this man moved into my wifes ass she screamed as he went into her virgin opening and he sat there for a few minutes to let her get used to it and before he could move she was already starting to buck against hima dn here she was on a couch with about 20 people watching her in white thigh boots and stratling her first black dick and having her second shoved straight up her ass in what appeared to be a great double penetration she must have cum six times the guy in her ass pulled out and having not even cum yet. Brian rolled my wife over on to her knees on the floor and stuck his cock all the way up her well used and lubed cunt she was in heaven and soon he said i am going to cum my wife turned around and stuck his cock in her mouth and began drinking her second load of jism of the evening and when that was done the second man grabbed her by the hair and let her have one of the meesist facials i have ever seen he came in her hair her nose her lips and all over her tits…as we all sat and took in what happened Brian shook my hand and said thank you and told Keri that she would never be the same again.and he wasn’t joking she had a very different look at everything after thi
s night.

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