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Pregnant and Horny

I was looking forward to getting back home. I had driven to my mother’s house to visit my family. My mom lived about 500 miles away and the drive home was going to be a long one. I am about 5 months pregnant and my husband felt a little uneasy about me making the trip alone. Here I am at 22 about to be a mom in a couple of months traveling alone. I’m about 5’ 3” in height and gained around 20 pounds in the last 5 months of my normal weight at 105. People have described me as pretty with clear blue eyes and very light blonde hair. I married my husband just after high school and this is our first child. Before I left we brought the car in for a tune up and everything was fine. With the local garage’s o.k. and my trusty cell phone in hand, my 23 year husband decided that I would be safe for the trip. Everything was going great until the drive home. I ran into some harsh weather and the main highway was shut down.

Unfamiliar with alternate routes and pregnant, I didn’t know what to do. I tried calling my husband but the cell phone wasn’t working. I was able to drive to a local hotel and decided to use the phone to call my husband and get a room for the night.

When I got to the pay phone I was terrified by the fact that I had forgot my purse at my mother’s house. How could I have been so stupid. Here I was stranded in a hotel in the middle of nowhere with no money, no identification and pregnant. To make matters worse, there was no vacancy even if I did have money.

I walked over to the couch in the lobby and sat down and cried. I was at my wits end and didn’t know what to do. Just as I began to totally lose it, somebody patted me on the shoulder and asked what was wrong. I looked up and saw a middle age black woman around 50 or so with a concerned look on her face.

I explained my problem to her and she gave me money to phone my husband. As I was telling him about my predicament, she came over to me and said that I could stay in her room that night. She was so kind and understanding and I felt totally comfortable knowing that in this crazy world there are still good people around.

Tamara and her 55 year old husband were vacationing and just enjoying a relaxing drink when they noticed me and my troubles. They bought me a meal and told me that they had taken the last room available and it was a two-bedroom suite. While Tamara was talking, I noticed that the husband, Leon, was looking at me in funny way and I sort of taken it as a compliment. To tell you the truth, before I got preggie, all men of different ages used to look at me the way Leon did and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and to be honest I sort of enjoyed it. I thanked them and told them that I would definitely pay them back. They didn’t seem too concerned about that, they just wanted to help out a stranded and desperate pregnant woman. I grabbed my overnight bag and went up to their room. It was a beautiful suite with two separate bedrooms.

We all were tired and decided to call it a night. I used the bathroom and put on my maternity nightgown. It was a thin nighty with small shoulder straps, it was more comfortable than anything else I’d bought. As I looked into the mirror I noticed my full breasts were blossoming under the white gown. I put my blonde hair into a bun as my fair white skin glistened. I still looked good and thought about my husband’s recent comment about how I displayed that “glow” that pregnant women had. I walked out of the bathroom and settled into my room.

I noticed Tamara was wearing a skimpy little nighty as she hurried into bed. Her husband was wearing a grey sweatpants and nothing else. He has a little paunch in the middle, balding with gray hairs all around his head and totally very dark black skin. I was looking at Leon and I felt butterflies and a warm feelings coming between my legs and I sort put that aside. In my hometown, there are not too many black people around and I’ve heard in my teens that black men are oversexed and they love to fuck white women and they also have big dicks. I nervously got into bed as this was the first time I had ever met any black people, much less stayed in a room with them. I wasn’t able to relax but remembering their kindness relaxed my nerves and I shut my eyes to get some sleep.

As I slowly drifted in and out of sleep, I heard some strange noises coming from the other room. I could hear some slight moans coming from the room. I sat up to hear a little better. I could hear moans that coincided with slaps of skin on skin. I naively made my way to the door, tiptoeing as quietly as possible.

When I looked out into the other room I saw Tamara kneeling on the bed, facing me with her head buried in the mattress. Her husband Leon, was mounted behind her and he was fucking doggy style. I am not a voyeur, but this sight fascinated me. Her shapely black ass was high in the air as her husband thrust in and out of her. My eyes glued at the sight, as I watched intently, Leon continuously rammed her from behind. My husband and I never experimented much and I was totally caught off guard by what I was witnessing. They tried to be quiet but Tamara was really starting to squeal. She was acting as if his cock was splitting her in half.

He softly told her to keep it down as he tensed up and drove himself deep into her. I could tell by his actions and expression that he was filling her up. From my angle I could not see his erection but by his long thrusts I figured it to be pretty big. He gasped in relief as he emptied himself into his quivering wife.

I watched intently as he pulled it out of her and laid it on her back. I was shocked by how massive his black cock was. I could only guess but it appeared to be almost a foot long and as wide as a baseball bat. His enormous black love muscle had me entranced as I had never seen anything so powerful in my life.

It was jet-black and spewing drops of cum as Tamara breathed deeply and tried to recover from what obviously was a tremendous sexual experience. He backed away from her and his now limp black cock almost hung to the floor. He was hung like a horse and uncut, I could see the skin closing over this huge cockhead and it relaxed. I shuttered to think what would happen if something like that tried to penetrate me. I quietly went back to my bed and tried to fall asleep. I was so excited by then, and tried as I might this young, blond and pregnant girl is now horny as hell. I long for my husband to be with me and make love to me as Leon had done to Tamara. I started to feel my young swollen breasts and managed to bring my fingers into my moist blonde hair pussy.

Being five months pregnant, I couldn’t get comfortable but after the long day I found myself drifting off to sleep. It must have been around three in the morning when something woke me out of a sound sleep. I had a strange feeling that I wasn’t alone in the room so I fumbled around for the light next to the bed.

As I turned the small light on I noticed that Tamara’s husband was standing at the foot of my bed. I was groggy and startled. I asked him if something was wrong. He told me to be quiet as he didn’t want to wake his wife. He said that he’d noticed me in the doorway watching as he made love to his wife. Embarrassed, I apologized. I told him that I thought I’d heard something and I was there for only a second. He said that it looked like I had enjoyed the whole show.

I apologized again and said that I was just taken off guard by it. He asked me if I liked what I saw. I lied and said I really didn’t remember since I was there for only a quick second.

He then said, “Let me refresh your memory,” as he pulled the drawstring from his sweats. His pants fell loosely to the floor as his enormous black cock shot out to attention.

I asked, “What’re you doing?” He said, “I never met a white women who didn’t want a big black dick when all was said and done.”

Startled, I quickly said, “I am a married woman, five months pregnant, I don’t want anything from you or anyone else”, I lied.

Leon looked at me and said, “I can see it in your big beautiful blue eyes, that you want it.” I quickly said,

I have only been with my husband and I intend it to keep it that way.” Slightly pissed I continued, “what about your wife?”

“She is just outside this room.” He countered. “After having this massive cock, she’s too spent to know what is going on.”

I told him to leave room, meekly. He said, “you are a pregnant, young white girl and is very horny”.

Leon said, “ I can proof it” and made his my way to where I was lying down. He gently grabbed me my left arm and whispered, “look, I’m not going to hurt you, honey.” “ I’m going to satisfy your craving being that your husband is not here”. He proceed to pet my blond hair and told me to relax with his deep baritone voice. Here is a black man who is older much older than my dad me and knows that I’m horny. His touches are beginning to warm me up to his deep voice and I can feel something warming up from my forehead all the way down my pussy. As he was talking and touching me brings moisture down between my legs.

He told me that just to relax and he said the baby is already belong to my husband and won’t be his and what’s the harm If he lets me make love to me. He said he will be gentle as not to harm the baby I’m carrying. I trembled in fear and excitement as my heart slowly gives in. My husband and I were so excited to become parents that I would do anything to save my baby. He asked me if I understood and I tearfully shook my head yes. He let go of my arms and felt his big black hands on my pregnant stomach.

Nervousness raced through my veins as Leon said, “I never fucked a young and pregnant blonde woman before.” He slowly pulled my nightgown up me an admired my young and pregnant white body. My tits were mountainous as they were primed for motherhood. Although I was pregnant, I remained in great shape.

He bent down and pulled my panties down. My thick blonde bush was moist as he licked his thick black lips. Leon stood up and grabbed my swollen breasts. As he groped me he said, “I always wanted a blonde white girl.”

I felt weak at the knees as I lay there on the bed, pregnant and on display to this older black man. He leaned in and took a nipple into his mouth. His warm tongue tweaked at my swollen nipple. He played with my swollen tits and aggressively started to suck my nipples. I shut my eyes.

With my pregnancy, I experienced a stronger sex drive and my body started to betray me as his constant sucking set my chest on fire. Guilt raptured my body. His warm mouth felt so good on my sensitive full breasts. I started to tear up and whimper as he continued to squeeze my breasts and lick my pink nipples.

My swollen nipples started to harden he eagerly sucked my them. The thought of breast-feeding this big old black man started making me wet against my will. He squeezed and sucked one breast, than the other, slowly milking me. I cried with excitement although I was determined to fight off my body’s natural instincts. At that moment I was thinking about my husband. Leon never slowed down as he constantly sucked on my tits. I was breathing hard and my pulse was racing. He caressed my pregnant stomach as he sucked on me. I was losing my fight with my carnal instincts, then he stood and took of his sweat pants. I have never seen such organ like Leon has, it has a huge head and encased in charcoal black skins with veins running on both sides of his monstrous organ. It was sticking straight from his black body looking at me with a mean eye. I was scared and trembled a bit as that monster swayed back and forth coming to the bed. It must be a least 11 inches and I was so shock to see a human being can carry such weapon of mass destruction. I can also see grey hairs all around his belly and around that huge black balls. My tits were sore and spent as he laid me down on my back. I stayed on the begged as he spread my legs wide and exposed my hot wet blonde pussy. His head disappeared behind my pregnant stomach and then I felt a warm sensation slash through my moist loins. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and went to work. I started to moan as he buried his face into my yearning blonde treasures. I gripped my swollen tits and quietly cried, “yessssssss!” as he hungrily started to eat me out.

It felt so good but I didn’t want to happen as I was thinking about my husband. He was licking my very wet swollen pussy lips and shoving his tongue deep into my core as constant hot flashes shot through my body. I begged him to slow down a bit but he continued to run his warm tongue through my warm wet cunt. He reached up and held my hands as his hot tongue found my melting clit.

I squeezed his hands tight as my whole body tensed up as he sucked on my clit. I dug my heels into his back and squeezed my legs together. I let out a primal moan as a thunderous orgasm after orgasm started to brew deep inside of me. He relentlessly ran his warm tongue through my slippery snatch as my stimulated clit started to throb.

I thrust my pelvis up to meet his tongue as I cried out, “yesssssss!” He held my hands down as I let loose with an intense orgasm. My wet cunt was contracting as he licked up my love-juice. My body went into spasms as the wild orgasm had me flopping around like a fish out of water. I could barely breath as he tasted my sweet tunnel of love. My heart was racing as he continued to eat out my quivering cunt.

Drained, I stopped squirming and tried to pull myself together. He was still licking my juicy pussy as I regained my senses. I grabbed his head and tried to pull it away but he was much to powerful. I pleaded with him to slow down but he wouldn’t. His hot tongue was lapping up all I had to offer as my drenched pussy started to regain its form. He pushed his thumbs into my gash and peeled my pussy lips apart.

I started to cry as he licked deep into my once proud young blonde pussy and rebooted my carnal passion that was deep within me. His warm tongue was penetrating me deeply and I couldn’t believe my body would take me this way. My mind said I’m married but my body was begging yes satisfy it. I trembled as another hot flash rushed through me as my blood filled my erogenous zones.

I didn’t want him to know how much my body was reacting to his oral assault so I begged him to stop as I thrust my pussy up to take his tongue in deeper. This big old black man was sending this pregnant young white girl into a naughty fit of desire at all costl. I started to tremble as my body was getting close and just like that, he quit. He stood up and I really “sobered up” as I stared at his black monstrous black cock, pointed straight at my opening.

My mind was at it’s crossroads. I loved my husband dearly and never cheated on him. He was my pride and joy and I never needed anything more, but… This huge black cock with all the veins crisscrossing was unbelievable. It was pitch black and so long and thick, I really wanted to get on my knees and suck it dry. I didn’t know what to do as my marital instincts were battling my erotic desires.

It was like an angel, my husband, was on one shoulder begging me to stop, and the devil, Mr. chocolate thunder, was on the other shoulder whispering in my ear, yearning to fuck my brains out. My marital instinct drew first blood as I spoke out, “please we can’t this.” He gripped his huge black snake with one hand and started to rub it through my wet snatch. The gigantic cock head was twice the size of my opening.

Without saying a word, he definitely scored one for his side. He leaned over me as my young pregnant white stomach touched his paunchy black stomach. He put his face right in front of mine and said, “just relax and I guarantee you that my old big black cock will make you hotter than my tongue did.”

I reached up and took a hold of the monstrous black cock as he position himself into my small blond opening. I can feel the bulbous head as Leon adjust for his great length. He continued to poke me with his tremendous black cockhead. It was knocking at my young cunt opening. I cried out, “Noooooooo!” as he thrust forward with all his might, allowing my slippery cunt lips to stretch and allow passage to his gigantic black meat.

My eyes rolled back as I gasped at the unbelievable feeling of my blonde hair-clad cunt opening for his tremendous black cock. He rocked slightly back and forth, allowing a little more of his big black snake to slide into my burning blonde pussy. I bit my lip and moaned as my hot cunt was starting to adjust to his monstrous black heat seeking missile.

As he held my arms down he told me to raise my legs so that he could enter me without putting his weight onto my pregnant stomach. As I raised my legs my cunt spread a little more as his massive black cock passed my husband’s territory and penetrated deeper.

I started to squeal as his big black shaft was reshaping me. I started to pant, it felt so good. I wrapped my legs around his black butts and squeezed as he penetrated deeper than I thought was possible. He started to thrust slow and deep and my stretched cunt was taking him in with more ease. He looked up and moaned as my tight cunt squeezed his big black cock. He whispered, “You have a tight sweet pussy,” as he drove his rod deeper. As Leon slowly fucked me my blood started to boil. His massive big black cock was just what I needed.

My inhibitions were lowering as I started to really enjoy his monstrous size. I wasn’t ready to let him know I was loving this so I just shut my eyes and moaned quietly. He started to fuck me faster and harder. I was moaning louder and louder as he really was giving me the wood. I gasped as he thrust hard and held it. I realized that this was the first time I had felt his tremendous black balls slap into my ass. He wasn’t totally inside of me yet!

Then he started to thrust again as the adrenaline inside of me was going crazy. He held me down and fucked. With every other thrust I felt the warmth of his huge sack slap my ass. The size of his gigantic black cock was driving me to a continuous orgasm. As he fucked me he penetrated me deeper and deeper. I was ready for the whole thing. This interracial slam fest was all I could take and without thought I blurted out, “Fuck me! fuck me harder. Deeper!”

With that he opened his eyes and stared directly into mine. I was sweating bullets as he stopped. He leaned in and pushed his thick lips against mine. I met his kiss and parted my lips for him. With that we allowed our tongues to meet and we kissed deeply and as passionately as I ever have. He pulled himself up and hammered his black cock home. I screamed, “YES!” as he fucked me fast and hard. I bucked against him as he slammed his huge black cock through my drenched cunt. With tremendous effort, he buried all he had into me as my cunt tightly contracted around his amazing black cock.

He let go of my arms and pulled back, withdrawing his huge black manhood from my obliterated young white blonde snatch. His rock hard black cock was at its best as it shined with my cunt juice and throbbed. The veins were sticking out as it was at it’s maximum length. It was the most powerful love muscle I had ever seen. I eagerly dropped to my knees and started to suck on his big black cock. I double fisted him and still had plenty of cock to take down my throat. I knew I couldn’t deep throat him but I was going to swallow as much as I could. His huge cockhead filled my entire mouth as I sucked his sensitive tip.

I pushed down hard as I allowed his black cock to pass my tonsils and rest deep down my throat. I bobbed back and forth continuously, only taking time out to lick up and down his long shaft. I licked and sucked his tremendous black fuck stick for all its worth. He was breathing heavy as I continued my attack. I had precum on my face and leaving a sticky trail from the tip of his massive cock to my teeth.

I deep-throated him repeatedly and jacked him off at the same time. He started to thrust back and forth so I let go off his cock and allowed for him to mouth fuck me. He held the back of my head and thrust fast and hard. I was taking him down my throat deeper than ever. The massive width of his black manhood didn’t allow for my gag reflexes to kick in as I was taking him down my throat like a pro.

I grabbed his ass with one hand and caressed his mammoth balls in the other as he buried his cock into my mouth. He started to moan and mumble as I felt his testicles tremble. With a hard thrust he scored the majority of his king-sized dick down my throat and tensed. His cock seemed to widen in my throat as I felt a warm sensation deep down my throat. Only when he withdrew did I taste his thick cum and realized what happened.

I had never swallowed before but I quickly decided I liked the taste of this black cock. I swallowed all I could and licked up what I couldn’t. He pulled my hair out of the way and admired the sight of a pregnant white woman on her knees and swallowing the cum off of a big black cock. I continued to suck his dick, not for his pleasure but so I could get him to fuck me once again. His big black dick was delightful and I wanted it bad.

As I continued to lick the remnants of my ultimate blowjob, I felt his black monster grow. I buried his black cock deep into my mouth and bobbed fiercely. As I sucked his dick the lights suddenly went on in the room. It was Tamara! She finally awaken to find her man’s big black cock down a pregnant white girls throat. She was outraged.

The look in her eyes was scary. Her husband’s cock was still in my mouth as she attacked like a wild animal. She got to about 3 feet from me when he grabbed her and wrestled her to the ground, violently pulling his cock from my mouth.

He lamely tried to explain himself as she struggled to get to me. She was calling me every name in the book as I kneeled there with her man’s cum in my hair and dripping from my face.

She cried and asked, “Why, after all I did for you, you fucking hoe!” I didn’t know what to say as she continued her verbal assault. Tamara’s husband’s cock was still as hard as a rock as he carried her to a chair. She was kicking and screaming as he found some cords by the phone and tied her to the chair. He looked at me and said he had to feel my hot white pussy on his big black cock one more time. Like a dog in heat, I shook my head yes as Tamara was going crazy.

He walked over to me and took my hand and walked me to the bed. He asked me how I wanted it and I told him to lie down on his back. Tamara was telling me she was going to kill me if I touched her man again. I ignored her as I looked at the incredible big black cock that looked like the space shuttle ready to launch. I crawled over him and stood up to position my slippery warm snatch over his volcanic black cock.

As Tamara cried I lowered my hairy pussy to meet his huge manhood. His big black cockhead found my hole and I moaned as I slid down his pole. His massive thickness was mesmerizing as I lifted slightly and lowered down for more. My hot pussy was over matched as it worked overtime to make room for this tremendous freak of nature. As I slid down his black pole, I moaned loudly, he moaned loudly, and Tamara screamed “NOOOO!”

I was being split in half as I slowly took more and more in. I lifted and lowered, deeper and deeper and deeper. He reached up and caressed my pregnant stomach and full breasts as I rode his huge cane. Tamara was really getting loud as I started to orgasm. I wasn’t all the way down yet and I already exploded with a strong orgasm.

I was moaning nonstop now as I slid on his pole and took more in. I ground my pussy down hard as he moaned in approval. Pleasure was peaking through my body as I had a wild desire to fuck this old black stallion like never before.

I rode him hard, slamming my hot cunt down and taking more of his tremendous meat into my sweat filled body. You could hear a splash every time I slid down his huge cock. I was going wild when he grabbed my hips and pulled me down. I screamed in passion filled delight as I now landed his entire massive black cock.

Tamara was beside herself as I really ground my hot cunt down on him. She was screaming so loud that the desk clerk was pounding at the door. I wasn’t holding anything back as my hot cunt was stretched to handle his tremendous black power stick.

I fucked him hard as we all were moaning and screaming. Tamara cried for the desk clerk to open the door as I rode her husband like my life depended on it. I was screaming, “YES, YES, YES… OH FUCK YES!!!” as the desk clerk finally opened the door and came in.

I was in a mighty multiple orgasm as he made his way into the room. Desire ripped through my veins as I was almost gone with unbridled passion. His chin almost hit the ground as he watched a pregnant white chick ride a gigantic black dick. I was in the middle of my thunderous orgasms as he tensed and moaned. His huge black cock exploded and he shot load after load of warm thick cum into my fertilized body.

Tamara and the desk clerk watched in silent awe as we both hit our orgasmic climax at the same time. We were drenched with sweat as our cum was everywhere. I leaned back on my arms and allowed for our bodily fluids to drain into each other as we became forever sexually connected. We both were motionless as the tremendous orgasms raptured our bodies. You could have heard a pin drop as it was obvious that this was a magical sexual encounter.

We were breathing heavy as finally Tamara spoke out. She cried out for the desk clerk to do something. He watched in a jealous awe as I was slowly pulled off a mountainous black cock. Cum was dripping from my shredded snatch as his black manhood shined. He told the desk clerk that everything was alright as he quickly threw me my clothes.

I dressed as he explained to the desk clerk to allow me to get in my car before he untied his hysterical wife. The desk clerk was to stunned by the events to object. He told me that the roads were clear and I took that as the go ahead to get the hell out of there. I could hear Tamara scream as I exited the hotel. I got in my car and drove home.

I couldn’t believe what I had done. It was so not like me. I vowed to put it behind me and never tell a soul. Things were back to normal when I got home.

I gave birth about three weeks later to a beautiful baby girl and we lived happily ever after. The only thing I have left to remind me of the adventure was the 12 inch black dildo called “king kong” that I bought as soon as I had a chance.

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