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The Black Experience

So my wife has a guy a young guy who just started recently flirting with her pretty hardcore. Well she asked him if he would like to go out with us to eat on Saturday. Well she wore her really short jean shorts and short top. She went out looking like a little slut. I let her walk in first so I could watch all the guys check her out. Well he finally shows up and I see him give her the once over and we go grab our seats. Terry who is 20, was a fairly skinny but toned black man. Me and her had the whole night planned, we normally are open about our lifestyle, but we decided to keep it on the down low. We got done eating and we all decided to go back to our place and chill.

We watched a little TV and I set my alarm on my phone to make it like I was recieving a phone call. I then acted like I was on the phone with work. I stood up and told them I had to go into work for a little while. As I went up stairs to get my keys, she jumps up and says she is going to change into something a little more comfortable. When we got upstairs she put on her little nighty with some skimpy thongs and bra. She then put on her nightgown and we went down stairs. She walked me to the door and kissed me bye. She acted like she was watching me leave, giving me time to get around the back of the house and into the kitchen. I made my way back upstairs. While I was doing this, she laid on the couch with her legs over his lap with her nightgown wide open. While I was upstairs I took my cloths off and got into our closet. Its one of those sliding door closets so I kept it cracked. I already had it cleared out and a chair in it so I could sit and watch. We had done this once before and it worked out fine. About 10 minutes in, she finally came up by herself and was smiling telling me he has a hardon in his pants. She went to the door and hollered for him to come on up. She steps over to the stereo and turns it on playing some slow romantic stuff. She had already came out of the nightgown and we he came up he was like WOAH! She walked up to him and said, “Do you like”? She pulled him in and they started kissing She flicked off the lights which just left the lights from the bathroom and moonlight. They made their way to the bed and before they fell onto the bed he removed her bra. He told her over and over again how hot she was. She fell back onto the bed and he ontop of her. They made out for about 5 minutes removing his cloths in the process. She reached down and grabbed his cock, which I couldnt tell, but from her comment about she wasnt sure he could fit it in, it had to be big.

He started kissing down her breast and down her stomach then her pussy as he pulled her thongs down. He squated at the edge of the bed and ate her pussy. He spent 10 minutes eating her and she had several orgasms. She pushed him off after an intense orgasm. She sits up and he stands up. She sat there and removed his boxers. From the reaction and the sucking sound I can tell she was sucking his cock.

After several minutes he moves her up onto the bed and on top of her. She asked him if he happened to have a rubber. He replied no, They kissed a little more and he asked if she wanted to still go on. She told him yes, she wanted him in her. I see him reach down and guide his cock into her. She gave a little squeel as he went in and then a moan like no other. They got into rythm with the music playing as they fucked missionary kissing and rubbing each other. They slowly rolled over and she moved on top of him. I got a great view this time of her sliding up and down his cock. And yes it was pretty damn She rode his cock, doing what she does best. After several minutes she was getting close to orgasm she told him she was cumming. She started moaning louder, thrusting her hips more and right when she started to cum, he said he was cumming with her. They both came at the same time, what an amazing site.

She fell onto his chest in complete exhastion, but he told her he wasnt done. He said he can cum three to four times in a row (wow). He rolled her off him and got in behind her. He pulled her ass up to his cock and started pounding her from the back. He kept telling her how hot her ass was and that he always like to watch her walk away at work. After a few minutes of him from behind, he came again. After he finished, she fell onto her stomach, He helped her roll over and he got in between her legs again. They fucked more in missionary style and I could her every pump he made in her cause all the cum in her pussy. For the next 20-30 minutes they slowly fucked, moving from missionary to spooning, to her back on top. They were back in missionary when he came the third time. Right before he came, he asked were could he cum, she said anywhere. He jerked out and moved up to her face, squirting all over her in the process. He went all over her chest and face and she sucked the rest out of his cock. He fell to her side and they both laid there for a moment.

She told him he better go, that I would be home shortly. After what seemed forever for him to get ready, he said his fairwells but not without getting another feel of her legs as he walked out. I waiting till I heard the door shut. I got up, with my hard cock in hand and went and cut the lights on. I asked her if she had fun and she said most definently. I wanted to see all that cum in her, but was shocked at actually how much there was. She had it pouring out of her and all over her chest and stomach. It was all over the bed. It was a lot. I crawled up between her and slid my cock in and it was soooo wet. We fucked for 20 or so minutes. I finally shot my load while we was in missionary. We both fell out in exhaustion. My body now covered in sweat and cum. Hers dripping with sweat and cum also.

As with the last guy we did this with, they failed to realize my car was still in the driveway when they left. lol. When she went to work monday, he was all about when they would get togther again. He is so looking forward to fucking her again.

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