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Sisters Find Black Adventure in Atlanta

Moving is a lot of hard work. You know the drill. We had painted every room. Then, Jean picked out curtains and drapes. Finally, we moved our belonging in. All that time I was working full time as a CPA with the firm of Good, Johnson, and Robenstien. That’s me, the Robenstien partner.

I had taken the transfer to Raleigh because my wife was bored to death in Roanoke. I’m a hang around the house kind of guy. Not Jean. She loves to shop with her gal friends. She likes to party too. From what I’ve heard, she always had two or three guys on the string in high school and college. It’s no wonder. She is a tall, lovely brunette with exceptionally large, beautifully formed breasts. Her hair hangs eight inches below her neck. She is just lovely.

Is she perfect? Hardly. She loves to spend money. She drinks more then I would like. I’ve mentioned it a few times. Each time we end up in an argument, or she storms out. When she returns, she will be really soused. So, I have just shut up. The upside of her drinking is that when she is gunned, she gets horny and wants me to play, “ride-me-cowboy.”

Some people must wonder, I’m sure, why she married me? I’m Jewish. She is a Baptist. To be frank, we had dated just over two months, when she informed me that she was pregnant. I’m from money, so I have a red Corvette, large boat, and make big money myself. She claimed that her pregnancy was an accident. Maybe it was, or maybe it wasn’t? Anyway we have been hitched for seven years.

After our son started daycare, Jean got a job as a liaison person for Meehan Exporters. I don’t really understand what she or they do, but from what she has said, they make a ton of money doing it. They must. They started her at thirty-five thousand, with a company car, which isn’t too shabby. It is a baby Benz. Whatever she is doing is all right with me. I have never seen her so happy. I do piss and moan that she has to work some nights, and weekends. Can’t say too much. I have to work some evenings and weekends too. We both love to make money.

On a Wednesday, she phoned me at work. “Milton, Diane Ducharne, one of the other liaison persons, has requested that I fly with her to Atlanta to meet with several Japanese buyers, who are in Atlanta for a convention.”

“When will you be back?”

“Not until Saturday afternoon.”

“Will Mrs. White take care of Robby while you are gone?”

“Yes, She will drop him off at the house Saturday at noon.”

“Okay, have a good time. Watch out for those Japanese men? I hear that they have the hots for tall Caucasian women with large boobs.”

“Milton, they will probably be little old men wearing pin stripped suits. I’ll probably be a head taller than they are?”

Back at Meehan Exporters, Diane was speaking to Frank Meehan.

“I have asked Jean to accompany me to Atlanta. Are you sure that you want me to go through with this?”

“You know that I do. Mr. Tamoso and Mr. Hittoso, and their party, have been with you several times. They want a new plaything. When I hired that prostitute, who posed as a housewife, they were on to it right away. They were so pissed that we almost lost their business. They want a housewife, with large tits and a fur-covered pussy, which has hardly been used, for their little bondage games. Those Asians sure do love to fuck a buzzed, tied up women. Christ, I‘d love to see Jean with her tits bound, a ball gage in her mouth, spread eagle on a bed as those little fuckers have at her.”

“Frank, I have told you that Japanese men are no longer little fuckers. Some of those guys are six foot, weigh over two hundred pounds and are very well hung. We may very well lose Jean as an employee after this, I hope you realize?”

“Diane, the private investigator’s report that we got about her, before we hired her, stated that she has a drinking problem. It went on to say that an informant in the Roanoke police department said that several times officers have observed her go into a motel with different men that she has picked up at a local lounge. There is no indication that her husband has any idea about any of this.”

“Frank, Jean has told me that she has had a few affairs. I asked her, “How did you husband handle that?”

Jean said, “Milton is so overworked with his CPA clients that he just nods okay when I tell him that I am to go out. I think sometimes that he wants peace and quiet so he can work at home.”

“I suggest that you tell our friends to act very formal while they ply Jean with some strong drinks. Then, when you think the time is right add some “Love” in her drink. By the time she is aware again, they will have her all tied up. Have our friends tell her that she agreed to have fun with them. When you see her later, you tell her that she sure was having a good time with our friends. And that you were surprised that she agreed to go play with them.”

“How long will they play with her, do you think?”

“No idea? Certainly, it will be all night. How many played with you last March?” “I’m not sure. Part of the time I was blindfolded. At least six. I better get going. Jean and I will be on the Delta flight 1400, 2:45 PM shuttle.

After Diane had left, Frank placed a phone call to Mr. Tamoso filling him on all the details. He then faxed a picture of Jean to him.

Jean was home packing. Her phone rang. “Hello, Jean Robenstien.”

“Jeannie, it’s me. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to come visit.”

Jean thought for a minute. She and her younger sister were buddies. Tricia was a menopause baby, which explains why Jean is nineteen years older than Tricia, who is thirteen. You would never tell her age by looking at her. Like most girls, she has reached her full height at age thirteen. She is tall like Jean, at five feet, eleven inches. She and Jean both have our mothers bust, a full D cup.

Impulsively, Jean said, “Tricia, how would you like a little adventure. I am going to Atlanta on Delta Flight 1400, which originates in Richmond at 1:45 PM. You can make it. I know that there are seats available. We will be returning on Saturday.”

“Oh, wow, that sounds super. Thanks, Sis. I’ll tell Mom, and have her drive me to the airport.”

Jean did not tell Diane, until they were about to sit down on the airplane, that she was bringing her sister. Even then, she did not reveal Tricia’s age.

Diane thought. Damn it, what to hell will I do to get the sister out of the way. Well, hell, I might as well put some “Love” in her drink too. That would give our Japanese friends two sweet things to play with.

Mr. Tomoso, and his partner, Mr. Hittoso, had been in Atlanta for three days. The business that Meehan Exporters knew about was just a front. In behalf of their government, they traveled the world buying oil from exporters who had under-the-table deals, with Saudi Sheiks, that allowed them to buy oil for as much as eight dollars below the world price. In Atlanta, they were working through a middleman by the name of Benny Palmer.

Benny is a piece of work. He is a handsome, tall, black man from a wealth Durham, North Carolina family, whose daddy owns three car dealerships, and an Exxon dealership. It was through Exxon that he had made the contacts that he had. He was the member of a secret group known as, “The White Mice.”

His cut of the deal that he was putting together with Tamoso and Hittoso would be fifty-grand. Not bad for a few phone calls?

As Delta Flight 1400 was on the way to Atlanta, he was in Mr. Tamoso’s hotel room.

Mr. Tamoso wanted to cultivate his relationship with Benny, so he said, “Tonight, we will have a woman available to us to use as we see fit. It would be my honor to give her to you for the evening, after she is properly restrained.”

Benny got a quizzical look on his face. Thinking fast, he remembered that his buddy Gene Dumas, and four of his pals had invited him to Gene’s house. They had planned on going out on the town, but what the hell; a little gangbang might be a lot of fun. He asked, “Is this woman a prostitute?”

Mr. Tomoso stiffened. “It is an unsuspecting housewife, we have been told, and who drinks too much, and thereby can be controlled and used for your satisfaction.”

“Is this a white woman?”

“Yes, a lovely beautiful flower with large bosoms. She has only been with child once. Here is her picture. Have I not accurately described the woman for you?”

Benny, who is usually Mr. Cool, expelled his breath. “Wow, she is some looker. How will you get her under control?”

“She is traveling with a woman who will see to it that she drinks and is given something that will make her very easy to direct.”

“Can you have her brought to 15789 Eagle Way, on the West side of Atlanta?”


“Mr. Tamoso, if this works out as I think it will, one of the men that will be with me tonight can get you all the crude that you want at our agreed upon price.”

Mr. Tamoso just smiled.

Gene Dumas was another extremely wealthy, young, black man, whose father owned South Star tankers that flew the flag of Aruba. With the right money under the table, he could arrange almost anything. Benny would do anything to keep in tight with Gene.

Diane got a surprise when she went to Mr. Tamoso’s room. She was told that this Jean would be transported to another location when the time was ripe, and that Mr. Hittoso and he would expect that Diane would present herself for their use after this Jean woman had left.

Jean asked, “how many men will you have visit your room tonight?”

Mr. Tamoso countered her question by saying; “My associates are looking forward to being with you.”

“Mr. Tamoso, Jean has invited her sister to join us. I have no choice but to give her some “Love” also. What will you do with her?”

“That is splendid, my Dear. I am using this Jean as a gift to a person who can be very beneficial to my company. I’m sure that adding another attractive woman for his use will endear him to me. How do you say it? He will owe me?”

There was no mention to Diane that the man or men who would have Jean were black.  Her cover story to Jean that Jean had been friendly with the Japanese, and had gone with them willingly, was shot.

Diane did not realize that Tricia was underage to be in the Hotel Astor’s lounge. Jean had carefully applied her cosmetics so that she appeared much older then she was. Diane, whose mind was wrestling with her own predicament, paid little attention to Tricia.

Diane had quietly paid the bartender one hundred dollars to arrange for all the drinks served to the two women with her to be one hundred fifty proof. By the time that the two Japanese men joined them, both Jean and Tricia were gunned. Ten minutes after “Love:” was added to their drinks, the men announced that they were to take a ride.

By the time that they arrived at 15789 Eagle Way, Jean and Tricia were sitting with their mouths open, and had a silly smile on their faces.

Before the party got to the front door, Gene opened it. All went downstairs to an enormous den. Mr. Matoso ordered Diane, “Take Jean to the end of the hall. Make her comfortable.”

In the bedroom, Jean was rocking back and forth, unaware that Diane was undressing her. Her arms were stretched and secured so that she was on her back in the center of the bed. Her legs were tied so that she could not close them, but they could be raised so that a man could drive all that he is into her unguarded pussy. Diane knew that the men would enjoy fondling her beautiful breasts.

Diane looked around. All the furnishings were top of the line. Soft classical music was piped into each room.  She laughed thinking of Jean listening to Mozart while the man or men played with her. She had only seen one black man. He was impressive, she concluded. She thought that he is about thirty-eight, tall, lean, wearing fine clothes with lots of gold.

Mr. Tamoso, following Gene, guided Tricia to a bedroom at the other end of the spacious home. Gene eyed her. He caught Mr. Tamoso’s eye. Jerking his thumb at Tricia, he asked, “How old?”

To Mr. Tamoso, Caucasian women all looked the same, so he said, “My friend, her sister allowed her to consume alcoholic drinks at the Astor, so she must be of age. You American are so hung up about age. In my country, it is common to arrange for wealthy men to deflower very young girls. For a heft price, of course.”

Both men had been busy removing Tricia’s clothes and tying her to the bed.

When Gene saw her virgin looking body, with the firm, large breasts, as well as her untrimmed cuntal brush, he let out a low whistle. Tricia was watching the men with a crocked smile on her face. Benny pulled her legs apart and gently probed between her cuntal lips. Instantly, he realized that she had to be a virgin. He also realized that if Mr. Tamoso knew that, that she would never have been brought her for the use of he and his friends, so he lied. “She has been well fucked,” he said as Mr. Tamoso walked out of the room.

Soon, Diane was in the back seat of Mr. Tamoso’s limo being driven to her fate. Mr. Tamoso smiled as he said, “Diane, it is time for you to get on your knees and pleasure me.”

She saw that his cock was exposed. When she was in position, he pushed down on the back of her head so that her face was in the hair at the base of his cock, his cock filling her mouth. She wished that she had  more. When she had swallowed his cum, she drank some “Love.” By the time that she was tied to his bed, and was surrounded by seven of his associates, she did not care. “Fuck me,” she whispered.

Gene went upstairs, where his friends waited in the den. “You guys are going to have a time tonight,” he said with a deep chuckle.

He walked them all to Jean’s room. “Here, you guys start with her. There is another one. After I get her loosened up, I come get some of you to have a turn with her.”

None of them were paying the least bit of attention to what Gene was saying. They were all talking at once as they took off their clothes. “Holy shit, Gene. She is beautiful. Look at that body? What a great set of knockers?”

Gene said, “Here is a deck of cards. Each guy draw one. High card goes first.”

Gene turned up the classical music. The “Grand Canyon” suite was playing. Nothing like the theme song of the “Lone Ranger” being played as he enjoyed a virgin.

He entered the room that Tricia was in. After locking the door, he disrobed. He ran his fingers up and down his thick, seven-inch cock. Certainly, it was nothing that would scare the average woman. He was proud of it.  The last white woman that he had fucked was a divorced gal, who had never had children. She had told him that she loved his thickness in her. All he had to do is phone her. She would meet him, just to fuck him. The last time she was over, he invited two of his friends to stop by. By the time they snuck into the house, he was stroking his cock into her the second time.

They said, “gee, baby, you are really hot, how about sharing some of that with us?”

Gene had whispered to her, “You will really enjoy it.”

She opened both arms wide as she spread her legs to accept the next black cock, which was much larger than Gene’s. She had not said a word as she locked her legs just above his ass as he pumped into her.

Now, Gene was between Tricia’s legs, with his tongue lapping up and down her tiny slit. She was squirming from the strange new sensations, yet still unaware of what was to come next. Still the naïve girl.

A black finger felt for her opening.  Slowly Gene ran his index finger in her. There was no opening past the lips as one would find in an older woman who has given birth. He turned his hand over so that he could finger her “G” spot, with his very long fingers. Her hips begin to undulate. Gene sucked the nipple of her tit, as he picked up the speed of her first finger fucking.

Tricia started to moan, as her twat was raised. Gene smiled. It was time to mount her. He was glad that he had thought about setting up his video camera.

His brown body eased forward, as his chest lowered to her. When he was comfortable, he reached under the cheeks of her as to use both hands to separate her cunt lips. The fat head of his cock would not catch on her hole, so he felt for it with his finger. Finding the right spot, he started to push.

Tricia’s moans got louder as the end of his cock slipped past the tight ring guarding her tender insides. He raised himself to look at her face. The look on her face told him that her mind was trying to sort out where she was and what was happening to her. He pushed in deeper. More moaning.

He drove his ass forward, burying himself to the hilt. “Ooohhooo,” she wailed.

Gene smiled. She knows that I’m in her. She may not know how she got here, but she knows that she is being fucked.

He had been patient enough. He allowed his thick cock to enjoy itself, as he swung his ass up and down, and side to side in the classic screwing motion that he knew a woman liked.

Lucid now, Tricia asked, “What are you doing to me?”

“Making you a woman, when a woman has what you have, with beautiful tits, and a tight cunt, it is time for her to become a woman. How does this feel?”

There was no answer, only a continued moaning as Gene’s cock probed her insides, finally to erupt and fill her with his hot sperm. She was not on the pill.

A few minutes later, Gene was hard again. This time his tight hard ass threw his cock into Tricia, hard and fast for twenty minutes. When he was about to cum, he felt her pussy grab his cock, again and again. She juiced up, and her body stiffened. There was no need to say anything. Tricia had just had her first cock-induced orgasm. It was a moment that she would remember all her life. She didn’t like it that she was tied, nor that this was a stranger fucking her. But, she was in wonder of the feeling she had just experienced that had been given to her by this nice smelling, good looking, black man.

She closed her eyes as he got off her. When she opened them again to a new sound there were two more black men beside the bed, each sporting more cock than the last guy, but she did not notice that.

“Please, untie me?”

“Yeah, right. After we play with you for a while. What is your name?”


“How old are you?”


“How did you end up here?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, since you’re here, we will do our best to entertain you.”

As he said that, Benny Palmer knee walked to between her legs. He fed his meat into her cum lubricated snatch, which though tight, could not resist the one-eyed, warm, invader.

“Where is my Sister?”

“Down the hall.”

“Does she know I’m here?”

Thinking fast, Benny said, “Sure. She told us to all to get on you to make you a woman.”

“She did?”

“Sure. That is why we are doing this. It is a favor for your Sister. She will come check on you in a while.”

Tricia remembered that when she was on the phone with Jean that Jean had said something about an adventure. She remembered that she had told Jean that her boy friend was pestering her to try sex. But why the restrains?

At that moment Benny thrust the rest of his rod into her. It hurt, but felt good in a strange way. She lifted her pussy just as he drove his rod in with a quick thrust. She was impaled.  She moaned as her pussy clamped hard on the invader. Benny felt the wetness in her tiny pussy as she shook for another orgasm. His balls were so tight that they hurt. He was turned on so, since Gene had told him that they were breaking in a virgin. He exploded, to become the third man to blast his cum into her pussy.

“That a girl. That’s just what your Sister had in mind for you. There are three guys down the hall doing this to her right now. She must be having a good time like you are.”

Tommy Sutton eased his cock in Tricia as all this was said.

Down the hall, Jean had been moved from the bed and tied to a bench, which was just the right height for a man to ease his cock into her ass. Walter James had too much cock for most pussies, but a woman’s ass was bottomless, so once tied, his “Big Walter,” as he called his cock, was eased into Jean’s virgin ass, after working it with his fingers, lubricant and a lot of hard pushing. “Wow, does this feel great,” Walter exclaimed to the others, over the ball-gage muffled complaints from Jean. Gene was having a good time tying ropes tightly around her tits. He also put a dog collar on her. They made her drink another dose of “Love” and then released her.

Little did they know that Jean had an affair with a married man when she was a freshman in College. He would take her to his mountain cabin, got her buzzed, and then would tie her to his bed, where she would be fucked until he could not get it up any more.

The phone rang just as they were about to bend her over a couch to fuck her cunt while another guy head fucked her.

“Gene here.”

It was his younger brother, William, or as Gene called him, “Billy the Kid.”

“You going to the game tomorrow?”

“Naw, having a good time right here.”

“What’s the action, bro?”

“Got as couple of white chicks here that we are fucking.”

“Yo, Man, How about me and two of my friends hopping on over there to share some of the action?”

“How old are your guys?”

“Teddy is eighteen. He has a car. Slammer is fourteen.”

Gene thought. What to hell? The Kid is fifteen. Would be a big thrill for the Kid to hump the tender, white pussy upstairs. The way things are going; we will have them here until Saturday morning. He remembered that Diane had said that they had a flight Saturday afternoon.

“Hop on over, Kid. These ladies will fuck your brains out. He went down the hall to check on Tricia, as Tommy started to fuck Jean.

He gave Tricia, another dose of “Love,” and then untied her. He took her upstairs and tied her onto a sex swing, so that as one guy fucked her, others could head fuck her, or play with her tits.

He wanted to use Jean’s ass, so he returned to the basement and did just that. After having had Walter, there was no discomfort for her as Gene slid deeply into her.

The Kid and his friend arrived. He sent the older guy down to have some fun with Jean. His brother and Slammer, he took up to play with Tricia. Using her hips for leverage, The Kid used the swing to move Tricia back and forth as he plowed into her with a hefty piece of black meat. It was erotic to watch Tricia’s big, firm, D breasts, swing and flop about. Gene thought to himself, you know, if a woman has sensitive breasts, it must put their body on sexual overload when their tits flop around like this. That, of course, is true, and one reason that in many cases, a woman with ponderous tits becomes an easy fuck. Fucking is the only way she can get those puppies dancing all over her chest, while the cock enflames her pussy, giving her a combo of sensations.

Jean knew that. Tricia was learning.

Finally, everyone was fucked out. Everyone crashed, including the women. When Jean woke up just as the dawn was breaking, she went looking for a place to pee. That done, she went looking for her clothes. She found a sleeping Tricia, covered by cum, lying on her back, with her legs wide apart. Cum was running out of her cunt and ass.

For several moments she stood looking at her thirteen-year-old sister. She remembered that when she was twelve that she and two older boys, John Wilson, and Fred Adams went into a fields at night, that had a large hay mound. Sitting on it, John talked her into letting him run his hand down the front of her dungarees to feel where her pussy was. John and Fred were both sixteen, and each told her that they had never seen what a girls pee place looked like.

John could reach the top of her pussy hair, but not where she peed from, so she opened the front of her dungarees. She felt his hand on her privates, but he could not find her slit. Guys, she would later learn, don’t know that a girl’s vagina is nestled between her legs, and not higher as their cock is.

John said, “Damn it Jeannie, do you have a place down there? Take off your pants so we can find it, with your legs open. With your pants and panties on, I can’t find it.”

“You’ll look at my privates.”

“How can we, it is darker than a closet. I can’t even see your face.”

So, Jean took off her dungarees, and panties. She reached down to guide John’s finger to her pee place.

“There,” she said.

John ran his finger around her place. Accidentally, he rubbed her clit several times, causing her to spread her legs further apart. He found her pussy. Boldly, he pushed his finger into it. Frantically, Jean reached to stop him by placing her hand over his. John was so excited that he was about to cum in his pants. He wildly thrust his finger in and out of her little pussy.

Jean finally pulled his hand away from her. Fred’s finger replaced John’s in her. John was now lifting her blouse so he had access to her already C cup breasts. He lies on her to give her a wet kiss, as his hands pawed her full, tender, firm, growing tits. Fred knee walked between her legs with his cock in hand. Her pussy was now wet. She, unlike Tricia, had used tampon, so her pussy did not resist when Fred’s cock caught in her vaginal opening, and he entered her.

Fred had cum in just minutes. He was replaced by John who cum with the third thrust.

Jean had cried for a few minutes. John said to her. “Jeannie, I’m sorry that we went too far. But, you know, we can’t tell a soul. Our parents would ground us all for months, if this gets out.”

Fred said, “I won’t tell anyone at school, if you don’t tell anyone, Jeannie. It will just be between us.”

Jeannie had agreed to keep quiet.

A month later, on another dark night, the neighborhood kids were just hanging out. Fred came to Jeannie’s side. “John and I want you to take a walk with us to the field?”

“I should go in.”

“Jeannie, if you don’t go with us, I will have a friend of mine tell all the guys in school that you are a sex queen.”

“You wouldn’t?”

“See you at the hay mound in ten minutes.”

“She had gone. It was an age-old lesson that she was learning, that men would go to great lengths for some pussy. John, Fred. You can put your hands on my breasts, and down there, but you can’t put yourself in me.”

Neither boy said anything. They just started to paw her breast, and help her out of her pants. At first, she opened her legs just enough for a hand to have access to her pussy. There is a reason why a woman enjoys attention being played to her privates. Jean relaxed. More and more she allowed the boys to spread her legs. When John placed his chest on her, she knew that he was going to fuck her, but now her body wanted it. When Fred followed, she came twice. There was no turning back.

Benny found her standing there. She remembered him from last night. “How did I end up here? She asked.

“You were buzzed. We gave you a ride here. I was afraid that it we left you, that you would be robber, or murdered. Atlanta is a tough town.”

Jean knew that was all bullshit.

Benny took her by the hand and led her to the other bedroom. She knew that he would fuck her. She didn’t care. All six guys fucked her, leaving her spent on the bed.

They then went and all fucked Tricia. Walter James took her in the ass.

Jean and Tricia were returned to the Astor Friday afternoon. Jean booked them on a flight home, leaving Diane to fend for herself.

Gene had contacts all over the East coast. He had carefully recorded the personal information he found in the women’s purses. He faxed what he had, and videos, to a friend in Richmond by the name of Big Ed Thompson, whose son; Ralph is a football player at Richmond High School.

Ralph located Tricia at her school. “Hi, you’re a really neat chick. How about coming to a party Friday night,” the tall, good looking black kid said to Tricia, who stood looking at him, wondering why an older guy like him would want to date her. She was a daring little shit, and the idea of going to a party sure sounded exciting.

“I don’t know… I don’t know if my parent would approve?”

“Whose to tell them. I can meet you in front of Sears. You can tell your folks that you are hanging out with your friends.”

“What time?”


When they got to the party, there were only three older girls there, and ten guys. Shortly, Tricia was feeling really funny. When the other two girls left, each with a guy, she was alone with eight juniors and seniors from Richmond High. Ralph took her into a bedroom. Her clothes were removed. She was finger fucked, as Ralph ran his ebony hand across the whiteness of her soft stomach that would soon rise and fall as his thick, long cock pushed against the walls of her pussy. Now, fourteen, she was in the full bloom of womanhood. Her breasts are so beautiful. He had been told that several wealthy guys had exploited her in a gangbang down in Atlanta. It was hard to believe; yet he had watched the video of some really cool guys having their way with her.

Tricia had accepted his request for a date. She was here, and she had been given a dose of Love. She had not rebelled as her undressed her. But, she was so beautiful. He concluded that a beautiful woman could be fucked as easy as an average one. Come to think of it, look at J-Lo. Some new guy was in her pants monthly, it seemed.

Ralph pulled her legs apart. On her now, with his full weight of two hundred and sixty pounds, Big Ed’s son was about to taste his first white pussy. His cock was eased, ever so slowly into her, as she squirmed and tried to roll her pussy away from his wrist size cock.  Ralph was young, impatient. He slammed himself into her and fucked and fucked until his rod tingled, felt so good, as his cum was pumped deep into her. As he rolled off, the rest took their turn with her.

Strangely, none of them wanted her twice, now were they interested in having her over to be fucked again.

When Tricia was in high school, it was pretty well known that she was an easy fuck.

When she went to college, no one knew her. She met a nice senior, who fell in love with her. They got married. They had been married for overt a year, when Ralph phoned her. “Hi, Tricia, remember me, Ralph Thompson?”

At first, she did not, so Ralph added, “I’m the black guy that you dated when you were fourteen.”

“Oh, yes, I remember you.”

“Tricia, I am throwing a bachelor party for a friend of mine. I want you to be the entertainment?’

“Ralph, how could you ask me? I’m married.”

“Do you have a computer, on-line?”

“Yes.” “What is your screen name?”

“TriciaB at”

“An e-mail is coming your way in a few minutes.”

When it did, Alicia clicked on a link that took her to a site that showed movie after movie of she with the guys in Atlanta, as well as the night that she had done Ralph and his friends. The thing that stuck in her mind as she watched was what she could not see or understand when she was on her back being fucked. The movies showed these massive black men, with long drooping cocks that were displayed for the camera, and then the camera shoed her face as then slid home deep within her. Nothing was left to ones imagination, especially when she had an orgasm, or she was giving a blowjob.

In the e-mail, Ralph asked, ‘I’ll bet it would turn your husband’s cock rock hard to watch a couple hours of this?”

She responded, “Where and when?”

Ralph and his friends don’t hit on her often, but at least once a year, she meets with a group of wealthy, good looking, black men for several hours. She doesn’t mind. They have proven to her that they are discrete.

As for Jean, She did not mention her adventure to anyone until, Frank made a mistake and said, “Mr. Tamoso just gave me a huge order, thanks to what you did in Atlanta.”

She blurted out, “What did I do for him?”

The cat was out of the bag, so Frank said, “He gave you to the black guys in return for favors that they are doing for him.”

Pissed, jean said, “So that’s how I ended up with those guys. You must have arranged it, by having Diane get me soused? You are a son-of-a-bitch. I’m out of here.”

They were the only two in the office. Frank took her by the arm. Before you go, I am going to show you my favorite movies, and pictures. By the time that he was finished, and had told her that showing her Milton the movies was an option, Jean just sat there. Finally she asked, “So what now?”

“You are truly beautiful. I want you to leave your husband and come live with me.”

“Screw you? I love my husband. Go to hell. Do what you have to do.” She stormed out of Frank life forever.  Frank sent a hundred pictures showing Jeannie being fucked in every way imaginable, as well as close ups with her cheeks puffed out from a large black cock deeply inserted into her mouth. Other shots showed cum running from her gaping pussy. Six different naked, black men were in one picture on a bed with her. One had his finger in her pussy, as the others beamed at the camera. She was smiling. It was the most damming picture of all.

Jean was out when Milton received the package. When he realized what he had in his hands, he went to his car, and drove off. He needed time to think. After hours at his office he sat thinking for several minutes.

He called his older brother, Tug, a sheriff in Lynchburg Virginia. Tug was a hard-nosed tough, redneck, old style sheriff that did things the old fashion way. He was of a mind that a man was responsible for his wife, and if she got out of line, that stern justice should be administrated. As Sheriff, he ran the county jail with an iron fist. It housed about three hundred and forty black men, and an equal number of white guys.

Tug also knew that some white gals found large black cock to be irritable.

So, my sister-in-law has been playing with our black friends. What? Is she after their cocks? He mused.

“Must be, Tug. We get along okay.”

“I know how to take care of that itch between her legs, if you’re willing to let me have her for a month?”

“What do you have in mind, Tug?”

“You don’t want to know. Just bring her to my office tomorrow. When she is in here, you tell her that you forgot something in the car. Go out and drive home. I’ll bring her home in thirty days. She will be just fine then.”

“Thanks Tug. I knew that you could help.”

The next morning, Tug went into the jail to meet with Lewis Too Tall Jones, the leader of the Black Tigers. “Too Tall, I’m going to give you and your brother a gift, with conditions.”

“Yeah, just what you got, Man?”

“How about a nice white woman for you and all the brothers to use?”

“You yanking me around, Man?” “No, you can have her for a fucking month, with this condition. You or one of your top men watches over her to make sure that no one cuts her up of beats on her. Other then that, keep her out in cell are D, so no one can here her if she puts up a fuss. Keep her clean, well fed, and fuck her twenty-four, seven. If you want, sell her to anyone that you want to, but somebody has to watch her.”

“I like that Man.”

“Too Tall, don’t make any mistakes. If she gets hurt or cut, I’ll come down like a ton of bricks on everybody.

It was a long thirty days for Jean. Tug came to the door with her. After they were in the house, Tug said to Milton, “She has something to tell you.”

“I’ll do anything you want me to, Milton.”

“You want to fuck her Tug.”

“Already have twice today, Brother.”

“Well then, Jean, take off your clothes, and give me a long blow job.”

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