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Sara’s GangBang

Pat and Sara had been married for about a year when this incident occurred. First, let me describe Pat and Sara for you. Pat stands about 6-2 200 lbs nice looking guy and has always had his fair share of the ladies. Sara is an Amazon or least that what we call her. She stands 6-2 135 lbs, her breast measure 36DD and she has a body like a fitness model. Her hair is golden blonde with curls and extends down to her mid back. Sara is a knock out to say the least and to make her even better she loves to have sex, a lot of sex. Pat tells me all the time that she has to have it at least once a day or she gets horny as hell. Well this all got started when Pat had to go out of town for a few days. He was leaving on a Tuesday and would be back Friday night. Well Monday before he left Pat said he ran buy the adult store and bought his horny amazon wife this huge 12-inch life like black dildo as kind of a joke. That night he and Sara had sex a couple of times but Sara still wanted more as usual. That is when Pat went to his closet and pulled out the surprise. Pat told his wife he had bought this thing as a joke and was going to leave it on the counter in the morning and tell her now she would not be horny while he was gone. Sara jaw dropped when she saw the size of it, “My god it is huge baby, there is no way I good take that” Sara exclaimed. I bet you would be surprised Pat told his wife. Pat took the dildo and covered in the raspberry warming lubricant, then began rubbing over Sara’s wet pussy and sensitive clit. Pat had Sara humping and moaning in no time as she watched that huge black dildo rubbing her pussy. Sara finally had had enough and told her husband “I want inside me”. Pat stopped rubbing her pussy and placed the large head of the large black dildo at the entrance to her pussy. Slowly Pat pushed the huge head in Sara, “Oh damn” Sara moaned, “that thing is huge” she whimpered. Once the head of the huge dildo had made it past the entrance to Sara’s pussy, it was as if her pussy was pulling the dildo further into her. Pat let go of the dildo and watched as 3 inches or so of the huge dildo were sucked right into her tightly stretched pussy.

“Oh yes” Sara was moaning about how about how full her pussy felt and about how much she liked her new toy. Sara put her hands on the dildo and began moving the three or four inches that was in her back and forth. “Oh fuck I love this thing,” Sara whimpered as she pushed two or three more inches I her. Looking at the dildo it looked like she had managed to get six maybe seven inches into her and she was loving it. Sara had that dildo sliding in and out of her like crazy. Pat looked down at his seven inch dick and thought just how much can she take. Just then Sara took her hands of the dildo and grabbed the headboard “Oh god baby, fuck me that big black cock, fuck me good” she begged of Pat. Pat took the dildo and began moving it in and out of his wife pussy as she moaned and bucked like an animal. Sara was had cum several times and each time she would Pat would push deeper into her causing her to scream in both pain and ecstasy. “You like that big cock don’t you my slut” Pat asked his wife. “Yes oh god yes, I’m a slut for big cocks” Sara moaned. To Pats amazement, he had worked all but 2 inches into his sweet wife and she was fucking that dildo like crazy. Sara was grinding her aching cunt against that dildo as hard as she could. Then with one hard thrust of Sara’s hips, she buried all 12 inches in her tightly stretched pussy. “Ohhhhhhh Goddddddddd baby so deeppppppp, so good I can feel the head hitting my cervix. Sara and Pat stayed up to almost three in the morning playing with the toy and having sex. The next day, Wednesday Sara was sore and really did not have that urge to have sex all day. However, that night lying in bed she started thinking about her toy and how good it had felt, but resisted the urge and went to bed. Thursday Sara woke up horny as hell her pussy was aching and she new what she needed, but she was running late so she headed off to work. Sara had a long day at work Thursday; she did not get home to nearly nine that night, and was exhausted. Sara talked to Pat just before she went and rested he said his would be home around five or so Friday night. Friday Sara again woke up horny as hell her pussy was wet and ached to be filled by a hard cock. Sara got the dildo out of the closet and looked at the huge cock; this made her even more wet. No Sara thought I will save this for tonight with Pat.

That day at work, Sara got a phone call from a good friend of Pat and hers. Jim was a good friend of Pat’s from college and him and a lot of their college buddies were throwing a party and were going to watch the big game. Sara new Pat would love it so she said sure we will see you about six or so. Sara called Pat and told him about the party; Pat was excited and looked forward to seeing the guys. Pat got home about 5:30 and quickly changed cloths, and him and his wife headed out. “Damn you look hot baby,” Pat told his wife as they got in the car. “I am hot and horny sweetheart my pussy is just aching for some dick. So when we get home I want to fuck you all night long,” Pat told Sara that could be arranged and that he would like to see her play with her new toy again. I was hoping you would say that Sara said as she smiled at Pat. On the way to the party, Pat slid his hand under Sara’s skirt and was slowly fingering her wet pussy as they drove. Sara managed to have a couple of orgasm before they reached the party. As they walked up to the front door Sara whispered in Pat’s ear baby just so you know, I left my panties in the front seat of the car. Then she lifted up her skirt and showed Pat her shaven pussy and I am even hornier now than before so we do not need to stay to long. Pat’s dick was hard instantly as he saw his wife’s wet pussy beneath her skirt. We will not stay long I promise. The party was in full motion Pat and Sara arrived there must have been 15 people their mostly men. Sara went and sat with Carol a friend of hers and they talked awhile and had several drinks, while most of the guys watched the game in the other room. There was only three women at the party. An hour passed and Sara was getting pretty buzzed and headed to the bathroom. “God I am so horny she thought as she sat on the toilet, her pussy was aching and on fire as she ran her fingers over her swollen clit. Sara decided that it was time to leave and she was going to go get Pat. When she came back from the bathroom, Sara noticed that all the women had left the party. Sara made her way to Pat and whispered in his ear “It is time to go I need some dick bad” Just a minute baby Pat told her. The game was tied and his team had the ball with 2 minutes left in the game.

Just then, Matt a friend of hers said come on lets dance, sure, why not Sara answered. Sara and Matt went into to the other room were the music was playing and began dancing. The song was fast so the two of the hardly touched each other. The next song however was slow so Matt took Sara in his arms and they began swaying to the music. Sara could feel Mats cock hardening as they swayed back and forth. Matt could hear Sara’s breathing getting heavier as they danced. Matt slowly slid his hand s down to Sara’s ass and she moaned softly. Sara was so horny that she was about to die as she felt Mats hands squeezing her ass. Matt slipped his hand under her skirt and to his surprise found her bare pussy dripping wet and slid his finger in Sara. Sara moaned, “Oh god Matt I need fucked so bad” Matt led Sara down the hall to the bedroom and within minutes, they were both naked. Matt was on top of Sara fucking her hard and Sara was moaning and bucking like wild. “Oh god yes Sara moaned give me that cock baby fuck me hard”. Matt was pounding Sara as hard as he could and Sara loved it. “God I need to be fucked” Sara moaned. Matt pounded Sara for 5 minutes our so then filled her hot pussy with his cum. “Yessss Sara moaned as she came too” As Matt got off Sara, Jim who had been walking by the door stopped and asked if he could join the fun. “Hell yes Sara moaned I need to be fucked” Soon Jim was fucking Sara as hard as he could. Matt went and grabbed several more of his buddies and within minutes, five or six guys standing around the bed with their dicks in their hands watching Sara get fucked. When Jim finished Sara looked around and ask which stud was next? Everyone hesitated except Dwayne; he stepped up from behind everyone and said he would be happy to give this lady some of his big ole black cock. Dwayne was 6-5 250 lbs and hung like a mule. Dwayne slid his pants down a revealed a big 10-inch black cock. Dwayne asks Sara if she had ever fucked a black guy. “No” Sara moaned “but from the looks of you I wished I had”. Dwayne slid in between Sara’s legs and buried his big cock balls deep.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck” Sara screamed “God yesss Dwayne fuck me with that big cock” Dwayne began fucking Sara without mercy, pounding her pussy lie a fucking machine. Sara was moaning and whimpering like mad, her head was flailing side to side as she got her first real taste of black cock. Dwayne put Sara on all fours and began slamming her hard and it was not long before Sara had a cock in her mouth while Dwayne fucked her hard from behind. Dwayne emptied his large balls into Sara well fucked pussy and stepped back, who is next. Sara fucked all six guys and sucked them all to over the next 60 minutes or so, until she looked up to see her husband standing in front of her. Pat had his cock out waiting for his blowjob “I hope I am not too late to join the fun” Pat said as he stuck his cock in his wife’s cum covered mouth. Sara sucked her husband off in no time as he was enjoying the show as much as anyone in the room was. Just as Pat shot his load he saw Terrell (nicknamed: bull) walk into the room. Terrell stood 6-7, 285 lbs a solid black muscle. He had been a professional football player for a while until he hurt his knee. Back in college we called nicknamed him bull because one day he walked out of the shower after practice and his cock was hanging down between his legs like a big black rope. Bull had hooked up with a couple of girls in college and he ruined them for anyone else when he was done. Bull’s cock was 12-1/2 inches long and nearly 2-1/2 inches across when hard. You mind if I get some of the action Bull asks Pat, hell no bull she is al yours he said with a smile. Sara had her back to bull so she had no idea what she was in store for. Bull walked up behind Sara slid down his shorts and revealed his monster cock. I swear you could hear a gasp from the guys as his cock sprang to life. Bull began rubbing the massive head of his cock up and down Sara’s cum filled slit, coating in the slimy juice as she sucked on another cock. After several minutes of this bulls cock was hard as a rock and dripping wet from Sara’s juice and all the cum leaking from her cunt. Bull placed the head of his cock at the gapping entrance to Sara’s cunt and pushed forward. “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk” Sara screamed as she let the cock in her mouth slip out. “Burnssssssssss tooooooooooo bigggggggggg Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk” she screamed.

Bull had managed to get 3 or 4 inches in Sara. Sara turned quickly to see the monster that was splitting her in two. “Oh my gad she moaned, he is huge,” Sara gasp as she saw bulls huge cock. “I cannot take that he is too big,” she whimpered as he slid 4 or 5 inches back and forth in her. “Oh god hurts so gooddddddddd,” Sara moaned as bull managed to get 6 or 7 inches into her now. Sara’s pussy was starting to relax and open up welcoming bulls cock into it. “Ohhhhhhh yessssssssssss Bull open me up baby, open me up with that huge cock of yours” Sara moaned and whimpered this time in ecstasy. Bull rolled Sara over on her back, got in between her legs, and buried at least 10 inches in to her in one powerful thrust. “Oh yesssssss Bull, fuck me fuck me hard,” Sara grunted as Bulls hips thrust forward again. Sara’s long legs where wrapped around Bull’s body as he began fucking her with brute force. Sara began cumming repeatedly as bull continued to pound her helpless pussy with his monster cock. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh shitttttttttttttt, ohhhhhhhhhh my goddddddddddddddddd yessssssssssss so fullllllllllllll so deeppppppp” Sara screamed as Bull rammed forward burying all 12-1/2 inches in Sara. Bull held his cock balls deep in Sara for several minutes and just listened to her moan and whimper in pleasure. “You like that big ole cock don’t you baby” Bull ask Sara. “Oh god yes, I love baby never been fucked like this before feels so good” she moaned softly. Sara’s eyes were glassed over and it looked like she was almost delirious with pleasure. Bull put Sara’s legs on his shoulder and we could all see Sara’s pussy was stretched wide open and his kinky pubic hair was pressed firmly against her shaved pussy. Bull began with slow long strokes sending the helpless Sara in waves of pleasure. Soon bull sped up his thrusts, and was now slapping his large balls off Sara slick cum cover ass. Bull was trying to open Sara’s pussy up for good as he fucked her with brute force. “Damn nobody ever taken my cock like this” Bull grunted. Bull fucked and Sara hard for 10 minutes solid and both were covered in sweat. Sara seemed to be cumming with every stroke of bull’s big cock as her big tits bounced up and down with the force of his fucking. Bull’s sweaty body tensed and he began pumping his hot cum deep into Sara’s hot pussy. “Oh god, bull I can feel you squirting in me, filling my pussy, yesss cumingggggggggggg again” Sara screamed. Bull held his cock balls deep as he emptied his huge balls into Sara’s pussy.

Bull slowly pulled his monster 12-1/2 inch cock out of Sara’s now gapping pussy. Sara’s pussy was stretched so wide open that you could see down in it. Sara’s once tight pussy was now stretched open wide for all of us to see. Her pussy lips where about an inch apart now and stayed that way. Bull’s cum began running down her slit between the crack of her ass as she lay there still moaning softly. Six of the men walked up to Sara and jacked off, shooting their loads all over her face and tits. Sara rubbed her hands trough the hot cum smearing all over her body and licking off her lips. Sara was exhausted and decided to jump in the shower to clean up. As she walked out of the room with cum dripping form her pussy and body she turned and told the guys thanks for the gangbang. Sara slept till 2:00 o’clock the next day and was very sore for several days to follow. Pat said Sara asked the other night if we could have bull and some of the other guys over to watch the game next week, then she just smiled at him.

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