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My sexy Asian Teacher

My named is Greg and my friends” name is Billy and we are both in Mrs. Bronson” s Classroom at Claremont High School; her first name is Yokomin. I am 18 and Billy is also 18. I am white and he is black. Our teacher is an Asian woman, very beautiful and married to an American and a very sexy, big breasted woman with narrow hips, long sexy legs and a nicely rounded butt Her face is beautiful, seeming to be glowing, deep dark almond eyes, flawless complexion, long black hair down to her shoulders and full red lips, in other words she has a body worth dying for. She just seems to exude sex appeal which really we figured her white husband married her. She is so hot wearing a mid thigh length form hugging black skirt, black stockings, high heel shoes, white blouse and a tightly fitting black jacket that barely are able to contain her massive swelling breasts giving one a clear view of those massive magnificent tits. I catch myself reaching down and rubbing my cock through my trousers thinking about fucking her. I”m not super big in that department, but bigger than most men however, but for a 16 year old considered to be massive, long and thick. Billy seems to have the same reaction to her as I. While walking home we would talk about her and both saying how much we”d like to fuck her. Sometimes I would masturbate just thinking about fucking her. She looked like one of those sexy 3D cartoons on Hentai that really turned both myself and Billy on. She reminder us of one of those Hentai 3D porn cartoons we had seen on the internet. One day soon after she asked us both if I would stay after school that day and help her clean the room to which I quickly agreed hoping to get more opportunity to ogle her fantastically sexy and beautiful body. When I came back that afternoon she was sitting behind her desk going over and correcting class papers. She had worn her normal outfit except we had noticed that she didn”t have on the usual blouse beneath her black button up coat which gave me a more obvious, tempting and delicious treat of seeing the total swell of her uplifted huge tits. I kept calling her Mrs. Bronson but she told me to call her in the privacy of her classroom “Yokomin,” which I did. After about a half hour I had finished and started to leave but she asked me if I minded staying a little longer. She told me she needed to talk with me about her teaching skills and techniques in private. She called me up to her desk, looked at me intently and asked me if I thought she was pretty to which I replied that of course I did, in fact I told her that she was beautiful. This brought a smile to her beautiful face and looking up at me while sitting at her desk, turned her chair so as to face me being as I was standing next to her desk. Yokomin beckoned me to come very close to her chair. She reached forward and placed her hot hand on my obvious large bulge and squeezed it lovingly. Still smiling sweetly yet with mischief in her beautiful eyes asked me if I would mind showing her my cock. I wasn”t sure whether or not I had heard her correctly, not believing what she had just asked. She repeated the question and in response I unzipped my pants and pulled out my painfully erect cock. Her eyes widened, a look of appreciation appeared on her face and she said that my cock was huge and so much bigger than her husbands. She reached forward and took my erect cock in her small dainty hand and slowly skinned it back and forth a couple times. She leaned forward and placed the hot tip to her lips, taking the head into her warm mouth. She began to suck my cock while reaching to the buttons on her coat and undoing them let it fall from her shoulders exposing her bra encased huge tits. I was in paradise and reached up and undid the clasp at the front of her bra letting those magnificent, huge yet very firm tits fall free. Taking them in my two hands I squeeze and kneaded them tweaking the huge nipples which immediately protruded and got very hard. She was still sucking my cock and I almost shot a load of cum in her mouth but she stopped and got up. Looking down into her hot beautiful face I saw a look of need and desperation in her eyes mixed with lust. I knew enough about sex to know that she wanted me to fuck her which I had been dreaming of doing for a long time. Reaching down between her spreading long sexy legs I began fingering her hot pussy then I undid the clasp of her short skirt and unzipped it letting it fall to the ground. She had on a lacy pair of briefs which I skimmed off in record speed. Holding on to my rock hard cock she got on the edge of her desk and pulled me by my cock to the entrance of her most pussy. Shoving forward I was able to penetrate between her very wet pussy lips. She was very tight and I slowly began to insert my cock into her. She gasped telling me that I was so very big and repeating how much bigger I was than her husband. Her pussy was being stretched to the limit but due to her heated nature very wet. I kept pushing more and more of my throbbing cock into her until I was totally embedded in her up to my hot about to burst balls. I was almost afraid to move fearing I would cum too early. Slowly, ever so slowly, I started fucking her as she grunted and kind of squealed and started kissing me full on my lips. “You are so good, gentle and loving,” she moaned softly as we fucked, “so much better than my husband, I love your big cock in me very much and making love to me.” Every once and a while I had to stop and just soak my throbbing cock in her hot, tight pussy. I was afraid I”d cum too soon and I wanted to prolong the pleasure for as long as possible. “You are so hot, so wonderful Yokomin, I love being with you like this, I”ve dreamed about this for so long,” I told her looking down into her looking up into mine, smiling hotly. I told her that it was difficult not having an orgasm. “Oh, but you are young and young men have to ability to recover quickly,” she chided me lovingly. I smiled remembering my ability to have several erections and orgasms within a short period knowing that as beautiful and hot as she was I”d be able to fuck her again and again. At that point Yokomin had a powerful orgasm, her pussy contracting around my cock milking it causing me to go over the top and start spewing a powerful river of my hot cum deep inside of her filling her womb to capacity. To kept from screaming out in pleasure she glued her full red lips to mine and a loving, passionate and lusty kiss. We lay tightly clasping one another, those hot magnificent huge tits burning a hole in my chest as I continued to spew inside her. For several minutes our mutual orgasm continued, finally we were both temporarily spent. Slowly I withdrew my still fairly erect cock from out of her cum filled married pussy as a constant mass of cum exited her stretched open pussy and dropped on the floor next to her desk creating a pool. She laid there, her long sexy legs spread open, her breathing heavy, her huge firm tits rising, falling and sheen of perspiration coating her sexy naked beautiful body. I stared in amazement, hoping I wouldn”t wake up, realizing that I had finally fucked this hot sexy teacher and shot my cum deep inside her. My senses were all heightened and slowly my cock started getting bigger again. She looked at me and on seeing this smiled got up off the desk and laid down on a thick rug she had on the floor, opened her beautiful long sexy legs and then beckoned me to join her. I laid down along side of her, she reached over and held my cock lovingly. I kissed her and rolled on top of her. She guided my now fully erect cock to her pussy and slipping it inside her we began to fuck again this time a little harder than the first fuck. Her arms wrapped around me holding me close, her parted legs lifted, knees bent toward her shoulders giving me
deeper penetration. We were kissing, panting, moaning and groaning in passionate lust. Although we fucked faster and more passionately it took us longer this time for me to cum. She had actually 2 terrific orgasms this time. She told me that I was the first person to even give her an orgasm. We finally parted after a long lingering, hot kiss. The next day upon entering the classroom she was sitting behind her desk looking simply radiant, glowing beautifully, a loving smile on her full red lips. She was letting me know that, as she had told me, that she was available to me anytime I wanted her.

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