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The Doctor’s Play Slut

Where to start. This is a story I have “sat on” for some time now. I am sure after you read it, you may ask how did that happen, well it did. Its all very , very true. Most of the following information was told to me by none other than my ex wife’s new husband… Well they have been married three years now,, and he told me all of this almost a year ago now.. Lets start with some basic information. We live in a small town in NC. I met her when she was 15, I was 19. We dated until she was 18 and married right after she finished High School. No sex at all during that time, when we married, she was pure virgin. Sex was ok, took her a while before she was even comfortable naked in front of me. No such thing as a blow job. Sex for a good while consisted of me licking her till she had an orgasm,, then I had mine. Not what I hoped for,, but I hoped in time it would improve. Her stats,, 5’6”, 34d’s. weight around 123,,ocean blue eyes, long honey blonde hair, the kind that most girls would kill for. She played sports in high school so she was in great shape.. she decided to go to nursing school and the first two years of our marriage, it was pretty hectic with that and my crazy hours of work.. but we survived and after she finished the school,, she landed a good job in a surgery department at a local hospital.. I also by that time found a job as an IT director… Well at the hospital, she was the youngest nurse there in surgery, and very naive.. A couple of the Dr’s flirted with her, but one in particular.. He was a surgeon, divorced and 13 years older than my wife. (she was 21 now) Other nurses told her that he liked to hit on the nurses, but none had ever given in to him. At least none they knew of. I know some of this info because she did tell me that she got flirted with, but she never mentioned names or anything.. I actually understood why they would and thought nothing of it. Now, from the info her husband of now told me over a couple of times talking.. He said he told me all of this because he didn’t want to have something happen and me thinking anything bad about him.. Well my wife and I divorced because we got to the point we couldn’t get along, like many do. I had no clue until he talked to me that anything had ever taken place… He said he flirted with her for some time, all the while she resisted him and just laughed the passes off. He said for some reason, that just made him want her even more, others he had flirted with, he just finally gave up on.. Around a year after she started work there, it was Christmas time, and time for the surgery department Christmas Party.. I told her of course we would go and have a good time… I am not a big dancer and I assured her she could dance with anyone that asked her and I would be ok with that. Well the day of the party, a couple of hours before time to go, I received an emergency call from the plant that the computer system was down, and being the IT director, I had to go in to help resolve the problem.. I told her to go to the party and if I could, I would come by there when I was finished… as things worked out, I never made it there. At the party there was good food, drinks, and dancing. At the time, she didn’t drink anything but water or Sprite.. Different men danced with her, all in fun.. and she was the only one not having mixed drinks… The Dr,, Dr Pierce (white by the way) would bring her Sprite to her and danced with her more than anyone… even close dances. Well after a while,, he asked her if she would do him a favor. She said if she could.. and he said well, I need a females advice and thoughts on something upstairs,, if you will go up with me and see what I am talking about… This was his house so he said she agreed and he led her up stairs.. They went into his bedroom and she asked, what is it you need my thoughts on.. He said well,, its something that you may like, and he closed the door behind him… She said is that ok? He told her yes,, there is nothing that will bother you here.. She said ok,, so what is it?? he smiled, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock… she looked and said, what are you doing? He said, wait, please, I really need your thoughts.. and he said,, just tell me, is my cock too big? He said she looked down and his cock was hanging out, around 7 inches soft… She said well it looks prretty big to me.. Then he told her,, well just reach out, touch it and see if its too big then.. She looked up at him and said I can’t, its not right.. He said, just touch it, well grab it with one hand, thats all.. She said well ok, just that,, and she grabbed it in her hand.. Needless to say, he said it immediately started growing.. all the time she was just looking, and holding it with one hand… finally he said, now, is that too big? She looked up at him and said, its big!!! He asked, well ok,, bigger than your husbands? She said yes, way, way bigger!! He said, well I have been experimenting with some drugs and thats how big it gets now,, plus hard as a rock.. She said, well it is a big penis… and he answered, noo its not a penis,, its a cock, or a fuck pole… she still hadn’t let go of it,, so he said, just rub it some, please, its aching. Now, unknown to her, every time he had brought her Sprite to her,, he was slipping a powerful herbal aphrosidiac in her drink.. he said actually he thought he may have given her too much.. so she said, well if it will help some,, so she rubbed it and he told her both hands,, its better that way… She was rubbing, looking down at it all the time,, he said he took a chance and reached out to grab her tits,, softly rubbing them and she acted like she didn’t even know he was doing it.. after a few minutes he told her,, you can stop now.. she said ok, well I hope that helped. They went back down to the party,, danced for a while and then he whispered to her.. Ok, here is what I want, if you are willing, I really need my cock rubbed again,, when a few people start to leave,, just say your goodbyes and go out.. Take your car around to the side and I will have a garage door open for you, pull your car in shut the door and everyone will think you are gone.. Then go up stairs and wait till everyone leaves.. If you don’t want to,, then I will understand… She just nodded and said ok… Then later as people were starting to leave, she said good night to everyone and was out the door… He said he didn’t figure she would do what he wanted, but it was worth a shot… After everyone left, he looked in the garage and her car was there.. He grinned and thought that aphrodisiac must have gotten to her for sure.. He went up stairs and there she was sitting in the dark in his bedroom.. He turned on the light,, and told her,, do you really want to rub my fuck pole again?? she said yes, but just rub it.. He said , deal thats all… He told her to sit on the edge of the bed and then rub his cock.. She did that,, started rubbing his big 10 inch cock, and seemed to be fascinated by it.. Again he took a chance when she was going good to grab each tit and rub them, gently taking her nipples and squeezing them… She still seemed to not notice that at all… after about 10 minutes,, he had enough and let fly with huge spurts of cum. it hit her face, her hair and her chest.. He said, fuck that was good.. She said ohhh , what a lot of cum in there.. He laughed and said, yes, always a pretty good size load… He thought that would be it,, but she was rubbing the cum off the tip of his cock and he was already getting hard again… She said, wow, my God,, thats amazing!!! He said, no its not, part of the enhancements I take that does that, I can go again for a good while now… She said, really?? And he said yes, its a shame you won’t fuck me or I could show you,, but I guess you better head home.. She said,, well I don’t guess Dale will
be here now anyway, everyone is gone and even if he came by,, he wouldn’t know I am still here.. Dr Pierce said no,, he wouldn’t know.. She said, well ok,, can you just fuck me just this once and that will be it, no one will know?? He said yes, I promise, but why?? She said, well I can’t explain it,, but I guess just playing with that big cock got me very, very horny and aching.. He said oh, well good, but call it a fuck pole, not a cock.. Fuck is a word she never said to me….. She said, ok, well that fuck pole has me so horny… He laughed and said, well ok baby,, but this will be a fuck you will never forget… He told her to stand up and take off her skirt and blouse,,, he said he was still amazed when she did that… Then he had her remove her bra and panties,, finally he said to himself,, this girl is going to remember this night.. He laid her back on the bed,, proceeded to lick her pussy and at the same time playing with her hard nipples… She was squirming, moaning and very soon let out a squeal that she was cumming… Before she could even finish the squeal,, he said he had her up on the bed and was between her legs.. sliding the cock head up and down her wet slit,, but asked her,, you want me to fuck you? If you do,, tell me to put this big fuck pole in your pussy…. She responded with yes,,, put that big fuck pole in my pussy… and he said he proceeded to do just that… he wasn’t in any hurry tho,, he said he took his time,, she was watching each push in and out, sometimes saying,, God what a huge fuck pole… he laughed when she said that and said, sweet fuck doll, its all yours… well he said during the next couple of hours, he had her on her back,, on her hands and knees,, while he smacked her ass and pulled her hair hard,, things I could never even get close to doing.. Then he told her,, now its your turn,, on top,, riding the pole… He said she didn’t even hesitate,, he got on his back,, she got on top and started to work,, he said it was amazing too,, she would go up almost to the tip,, then back down as far as she could.. all the time he was pinching her nipples and sucking on her tits.. finally he said, ok,, on your back… she got on her back,, he got on top and took each of her legs and placed over his shoulders.. now he said, time for deep drilling… then started to fuck her as deep as he could.. He said she was moaning,, and saying over and over, Oh God, Oh God… Finally he got all the way in and was slapping his balls against her ass.. she stared saying that she was cumming and he fucked her even harder… finally letting go with another big load of cum.. As they lay on the bed he said,, well ok,, as promised,, thats one time for us,, no more unless YOU really want it.. She said I know,, just this once,, so thank you… He had her take a shower, get cleaned up and come home to me.. I had gotten in around 1:00 and was surprised she wasn’t home,, so when she got in around 3:00, I asked her how the party went.. She said oh great,, everyone stayed late and I didn’t realize the time things were going so well… I just replied, well,, hate I couldn’t be there,, but as long as you had fun… She said oh yes, I really did have fun tonite…. Well Dr Pierce said the next week,, he was determined that he would just be professional whenever he was around her,, but he did make sure to get her a Sprite every day, filled with the aphrosidiac.. He wanted to be sure that when she did see him and was horny, that she would think of his big cock and nothing else.. he said he noticed that each time she saw him during the week,, she did look at him and smile. But he kept his mouth shut, said to himself that if he had fucked her properly, then she would make the next move. Friday afternoon she did… she caught him alone and whispered to him,, have you thought of me this week? He said well yes,, but it was a one time thing,, thats what you wanted right?? She said yes,, and i know i shouldn’t,, but all week i am so horny, and all i can think of then is its because of that pole of yours.. He grinned and said, well I am glad it wasn’t too big for you.. She said, umm no,, not too big, and I have just been thinking, could I have it again,, just to see if it is what is keeping me horny? He said well if you really want that, when are you thinking? She said well I can tell Dale Saturday afternoon that I am going shopping,, he hates to shop so he won’t go.. Dr Pierce said but you will really come to my place? She said yes, around 4:00, he said well call first to see if I am home.. he still wanted her to do this, and not feel like he was even interested now. Well Saturday afternoon, she did call him, she used her cell from outside and made sure I was no where around to hear.. He answered and said ok, coming over? She said yes, and I can be gone 4-5 hours, that ok? He said sure, and like at the party, pull your car in the garage, close the door, and just come in, it will be unlocked, also wear a skirt, blouse and heels, that a problem? She said no, I can do that.. So she left,, to shop,,,, got to his place, pulled in the open garage and closed the door,, he had heard her arrive and was waiting on her in the kitchen,,,, with a Sprite waiting on her.. she took it and laughed,, you love giving me Sprite now don’t you?? He said of course,, its not so hard to do that for you,, all the time knowing it was again laced with the Aprodisiac.. He wanted to make sure it worked,, so he took her to his den,, started kissing her, playing with her tits and nipples. He said she was breathing heavy, he could feel the heat in her breasts.. after a while of this, he knew she was ready. So he told her, stand up,, slowly take all your clothes off for me.. she did just that,, a slow tease that he said had his cock fully erect.. Then he told her to take his clothes off for him.. after she had, he said, now, down on your knees,, I need to see how good you can suck this pole.. she said, I am not good sucking,, so he said thats ok,, just show me. She dropped to her knees, took both her hands and started licking him,, he said, I won’t tell you what to do, just go natural with it. She started licking all the way up and down, sucking about 2-3 inches in at a time.. but still he said just to see her sucking him was hot.. just a few weeks before, he thought she would never be like this with him in his house. While she had him in her mouth, he started to rock his hips, poking just a little more in like that,, before long she was taking half his cock down and slurping greedily. he let her do this a few minutes then said,, time to fuck that sweet pussy… get on the couch on your hands and knees.. she got up just like he wanted,, he got behind her and again rubbed his big cock up and down her slit,, he said, same as before,, tell me what you want.. She said I want that big fuck pole in my pussy, fucking me.. So he shoved half of it in,, then said, more?? she said yes, God all of it.. So he made sure to bury it to his balls, grabbed her hair and said hang on sexy fuck doll.. She squealed and said oh God yes, that is what I needed.. Over the next few hours, he fucked her in his den,,, took her to his bed and made sure she had lots of orgasms. Also made sure she had another Sprite,, to quench her thirst… Around 9:00 he said, you better shower and go,, Dale will be wondering where you are.. She said yes I better, ok,, so your cock is whats keeping me horny,, but I can’t do this again.. He said ok,, its up to you,, will see you at work next week.. She arrived home, of course had bought nothing,, but I wasn’t surprised, she did that sometimes.. heck lots of wives go shopping and come home empty handed.. The next week at work,, Dr Pierce did the not interested thing again,, but did talk to her, got her drinks sometimes, and had upped the amount of Aphrodisiac in the drinks,, he wanted her constantly horny for him.. He noticed not long after she had the Sprite, she would look at him and he knew she was aching for more.. so on Wednesday,, she passed him a note that said “I need you, when can we do it again?” He grinned to himself and said to her,, yes Jessica, we can disc
uss this case later,, I find it interesting as well, thank you. There were a couple other people around, so he wanted to act professional, till he could get her alone.. Later that afternoon he did get her alone,, and asked,, so you want it again? She said yes, wow, but it seems this week I am even hotter and hornier everytime I am around you.. He said, well I understand,, but you said you were done last time? She said I know,, but I need it again…. He answered, ok,, when? She said soon, please… he said, hmmm after work,, I will be home at 4:00,, can you come over, spend a few hours,, but,, we need to talk first.. She said yes,, I can just tell Dale I had to work late.. He said, ok, same deal as always, garage, then inside.. She arrived just after 4;00, parked and went inside, he handed her the usual Sprite.. then said, come sit down,, we do need to talk.. He took her into his den and said, ok here is the deal,, accept it or this really doesn’t happen again… She said ok, what is it? Ok,, he said, like this,,, from now on, this becomes regular, not a sometime thing.. 2-3 times a week at least, once on a weekend if at all possible.. I do know weekends can’t always happen,, but now, they will if you can get away.. I also know that you sometimes take call, isn’t it one week and one weekend each month?? She said yes, from Monday morning till the next Monday morning.. He said great, then during that week and weekend, you will be “on call” for me.. If I page you, no matter where you are, what time it is, I expect you to get to me.. That means if you are out eating or with Dale,, just like a regular on call situation,, you get to me, and sometimes, you will spend the night with me, even if its a weekend night.. During that week, I am your lover,, I do know you may really have to go in for emergency surgeries,, but we can work around those… and also we will go out on “dates” but not close to here, away so no one will know you… So any questions?? She said well what if I am out with Dale, how do I handle that.. He said easy,, call ME on your cell,my number will appear on the pager, just act like normal,, say I will be at the hospital in a certain time,, then I will be there in my car, Dale can drop you off, soon as he leaves, you get in my car come to my house.. She said oh…… he said well, what do you want, it has to be like this, or no deal,, as of today… She said ok, deal,,, I understand, I have to keep doing this.. He said good girl,, so from now on,,you get my fuck pole and I get you.. things will be good for us both,, and no mention at work of any of this.. there we are like always, just work together sometime,, she answered yes, of course… He gave her a good hard fucking that afternoon,, her squealing with orgasms and asking for his hard fuck pole in her pussy till she had to leave… So it started a pattern like that for a while… Some evenings during the week, she was at his place, he even gave her a key and a way to get in his garage.. When she had her call time, there were evenings she worked late,, a few times she just didn’t even come home, telling me that she had to work so late, and so tired, she crashed at the hospital overnight.. Times when we were out, dinner or a movie, her pager went off, I took her to the hospital, dropped her off, and he took her to his place,, weekends where she left Saturday and went to his place, returning Sunday sometime,, saying they had serious emergency cases to do.. Sure sometimes they did surgeries,, but many times, it was just a way to spend a weekend with him.. They went out on dates, she always had on a short skirt and blouse, or a short dress , heels.. he said it must have never occured to her that all the time they were on dates, she kept her wedding rings on.. she never asked, he never told her to keep them on, she just did.. After a few months of this schedule,, he decided it may work out better, if she just worked for him, as his personal surgical nurse… some Dr’s had those,, and he thought what better way to have her even more, than to hire her, if she would.. So one evening with her, he proposed the idea to her… He told her all the details and said she liked the idea as well.. She said the only thing may be to convince me it was a better position… so she waited till the weekend and started telling me about the new job posssibility.. course I had questions,, I asked her what about the hospital,, I thought she really liked it,, and she told me she would still be there, just on cases that Dr Pierce did.. I said so the pay is better?? She said yes, better, with bonuses for good performance.. I asked, well what about work hours.. She said those would be different, she would work a Thursday thru Sunday schedule,, and be off Monday thru Wednesday.. also she would have to go in evenings, or nights if needed..I said Saturday and Sunday?? She said yes, the hospital wanted someone to cover the weekends to compete with other hospitals… (But the whole time, there would be no regular weekend work, all she really would work would be Thursday and Friday,, but being paid like it was full time) . I said, well its up to you,, you know all the details more than I do,, so decide.. She said ok,, I have a few days to think it over.. But she told him the very next day it was all set, she would work for him,, she told me at the end of that next week…. With her new job,,, she was now working at the hospital two days with the Dr in surgery… the majority of the weekend she was at his house, either getting fucked, or they would go out somewhere.. Also the Monday thru Wednesday days off,, she found ways to go fuck him very often.. He said he could even find time if they were in the office to fuck her.. everyone left for lunch but them,, he fucked her in his office.. Not long after she went to work for him,, he came up with another plan…. He said he did like her small tits,, but wished they were bigger… He contacted the Canadian place that he was getting his male enhancements and her aphrodisiacs from and asked them if they had some kind of breast enhancement that wouldn’t harm anyone,, but still did its job… They gave him the name of another company and he received some liquid breast injection treatment… By the way,, he was giving them reports on the aphrodisiac he kept giving her.. The breast injections were natural herbs, and they were to increase breasts just like normal growth would, no side effects, the breast felt natural,, because they were, even keeping them firm in the process, he was told if he gave them to her twice a week for six months, she would go from the B’s, to a very nice C or maybe even CC’s… Once he had the injections, he talked to her and told her,, I do like your tit size,, but think how it would be if they were larger and more sensitive.. men would love to look at them,, but most of all, I would love playing with them… She said, well I have thought of that some,, but didn’t think it mattered.and I don’t want implants…. He said well it would make me really happy,, and I think if you tell Dale about it, he may like the idea as well.also I have found a natural injection to make them bigger…… She said ok, I will tell him,, but no matter what, I will do it anyway…She told me about it, assured me it was safe, and said she was going to do it,, to make herself fell better.. I couldn’t argue with that… So the very next day, Dr Pierce started the injections.. He had also found that he could also inject her with the Aphrodisiac at the same time, and this way,, it even worked its magic better on her… Her tits started to grow and I admit, they looked great on her small frame… Dr Pierce found out they made good fuck handles too, and he said when they went out, he did notice guys of all ages looking at them,, that pleased him as well.. He even had her wearing lower cut blouses or dresses to show them off even more……. So now he was all set,, he was fucking her tons more than I was.. Probably averaging five days a week since her had her almost all weekend too. One time we went for a week trip to the beach,, right before we left,, he said he stopp
ed her aphrodisiac injections, and for a good reason…. He didn’t want her horny at the beach with me,, and to really convince her it was his cock that was doing it to her… When we got back, and he saw her, he asked,, how was the trip,, did you miss me?? She said yes, it was odd, we did have sex some,, but there was no ache and fire inside of me… not like around you and your fuck pole.. He thought to himself,,, my fuck pole and the aphrodisiac…. He gave her the injection that day for her tit growth and included a double dose of the magic potion in it… That evening when they were fucking, she said, see, its there again,, I am so fucking horny now that I am with you…. After a while, another opportnity came up. Dr Pierce said he thought a lot about this idea,, but finally decided it would work out great too…. here is how it developed…. One Saturday evening on their date at a nice restaurant,, another Dr came in the place,, saw them and walked over.. He was a new plastic surgeon that worked at the same hospital Dr Pierce did… but he was black,,, single as well.. He said well Dr Pierce,, nice to run into you here,, and this beautiful young lady,, haven’t I saw you at the hospital some as well?? Dr Pierce answered, yes, she works for me, my surgical assistant…. are you alone?? the new Dr,, Dr Toms,, said yes I am,, but I won’t bother you.. Dr Pierce said no, join us,, we haven’t been here long… So he sat down and had dinner with them… After they finished, Dr Pierce said, well Dr Toms, why not come over to my place and join us for a drink? He said I think I will , thats again nice of you.. Dr Pierce said no problem,, its a way to welcome you to town… As they were headed to his house, Jessica said,, are you crazy… now he will probably figure out we are seeing each other… Dr Pierce said, just let me handle it, I promise you, he will not tell anyone about this… So they arrived at his house, Dr Toms right behind them.. When they got inside,, Dr Pierce said let me fix us all a drink. (by now he had Jessica drinking mixed drinks as well) . When they had sat down, Dr Toms said, well,, none of my business, but I think you two have some kind of arrangement?? Dr Pierce said, we do,, but no one knows… Dr Toms answered, well I am not one to tell anyone,, but you are one lucky man for sure… Dr Pierce smiled and said,, and what if I can make you a lucky man as well??? Dr Toms said, well tell me how, I am interested…. Dr Pierce looked at him and said, how would you like Jessica to fuck sometimes??? She said what??? Dr Pierce looked at her and said, yes, if he agrees, then it will happen… She said no,, I won’t… Dr Pierce said, yes you will, remember our “deal”.. She said but you can’t do that.. Then Dr Toms said to her, you have something against black men?? She said no, I don’t, but I can’t… He said then sounds to me like you think you are better than us, is that it?? She said no, not it at all, just I never thought I would cheat on my husband, but I do,, I just can’t do more than that.. Dr Toms said, no, you don’t like black men, and I am offended!! She said please, don’t, I am ok with black men.. Dr Pierce said, well prove it jessica, fuck him… She looked at him then the other Dr… she said, well ok, I will… Dr Toms said thats a good girl now, show me you aren’t against black men… He told her, walk over to me. She did that,, now he said, show me that pretty white body, strip for me.. She took her clothes off, just as he told her too.. now he said, let me show you what a black man looks like naked… He was 6’4”,age close to 40 and solid.. He took all his clothes off down to his boxers,,, then said to her, now miss little white girl,, you take them off, get a look at what is going to fuck you… she pulled his boxers down and there was a big black cock,, around the same length as Dr Pierce, but thicker and dark, dark black… he said its ok,, it won’t bite, work on that thing for me… she took it in her hands, and it immediately swelled up,,, he said thats good enuff, get on your back on the couch for me… She lay back, he grabbed her legs and held them out wide,, now little girl,, slide that black cock head in that fuck hole for me like a good girl, she did just that,, soon as it was in he started a steady in and out,,, she looked and said,, umm thats a fuck pole just like Dr Pierce…. he said yes it is, just black,,,,,, before she knew, he was going in her like a jack hammer…. Dr Pierce said he was even amazed at the speed and the pounding he was giving her…. Before long he let out a deep moan and filled her full of cum…. As he got up, he said yeah,, shes sure not gonna hate black men now… then he laughed…. Dr Pierce said, well that was hot,, now I want her pussy…. he flipped her up on her hands and knees and started fucking her from behind,, Dr Toms said, well her mouth is empty, I need to fill it up.. He got on the couch and told her, suck this cock girl.. She was being fucked, ass slapped and hair pulled by Dr Pierce,, and Dr Toms was pushing her head down on his cock.. That night they both fucked her as long as they could all go… After they had all finished, Dr Pierce said to Jessica,, baby fuck,, I want to tell you something, this was all planned,, Dr Toms just didn’t apear by accident….. She said no?? He said no, I wasn’t really sure you would fuck him,, but you did.. And now,, we will both share you for real.. almost every day you will be fucking one of us,, we will tell you which one the day before…or we may just surprise you at times which one has you…. . But all this next week,, you will be fucked just by Dr Toms,, we think you need to do that to prove you want to fuck a black cock,, ok?? She said ok,, I will do it…. Dr Toms asked Dr Pierce,, can she suck all your cock down?? He said no, she never has….. Well Dr Toms said,, before the week ends, she will be doing that, for us both.. Jessica said, I can’t , they are too big.. He just said, trust me,, you will learn, so later when you suck us,, all of our cock will disappear in that sweet mouth….. So,, Dr Pierce again gave me this info…. During the next week,, Dr Toms made sure to have her every day,, including one time overnight,,, Saturday he had her show up early,, and didn’t release her till Sunday afternoon… He wouldn’t let her wear anything while he had her.. Saturday night he took her out,, had her dress in 5 inch heels, short skirt and a low cut, thin top,, and he made her not wear any underwear,, even a bra.. he told her, and later Dr Pierce, that tits like hers were made to be admired and not hidden behind a bra.. Dr Pierce said later he even had her go out without a bra.. Dr Toms also made sure that wherever they went,, it was mostly white people at.. he said the reasons were to show her off, to make her know, that him having her was ok, and for her to show that she wasn’t against black men. Also having her rings on,, showed that she was a little cock loving slut. And Dr Toms was right,, before the week was out, Jessica had learned to suck every inch of his black cock down.. he said it took quite a few trys but she finally did.. He would cuff her hands behind her back,, lay her on the bed with a pillow under head,, her head hanging off the edge,, then start fucking her mouth with his cock , all the while holding on to her tits to keep her close to him.. She was able to take the cock down till his balls rested on her forehead.. Later when he and Dr Pierce fucked her together, she was taking either cock all the way down,, from any position. An interesting position that Dr Toms tried with her as well. He had an oversize chair in his house.. He would get in it and sit down,, then pick her up, place one of her legs on one arm of the chair,, her other leg on the other arm,, he called it his cheerleader split fuck.. once he had her like that and his cock in her, he would grab her waist to hold her in position, then fuck every inch of his cock inside of her.. He said that, way, it was one of the deepest fucks possible and she couldn’t go anywhere.. During this week,, Dr Pierce was still making sure she had
the magic potion in her.. He wanted to be sure that she was kept horny and needy… he even asked her how she felt about Dr Toms now.. She told him that it had to be their big fuck poles that she needed, because even with him she couldn’t get enough. Dr Pierce said now do you like black men?? She answered,, well I sure love this one….He said well great,, and we have both agreed,,, you will only fuck us,,, we will not ask you to fuck anyone else,, because between us,, you will be kept as busy as possible. Of course you need to fuck Dale at times, but use any excuse or reason not to,, and from what you have told me already,, you never have fucked him much.. She said no,, its just not the same with him,, both of you have big fuck poles and i stay ready for them all the time,, but with him,,, its not as good or satisfying.. both of you give me tons of orgasms without even trying,, he doesn’t.. Dr Pierce said well good,, we want to keep it that way, and for as long as we can,, you are our girl.. She said yes i am,, you guys are so good to me and fuck me so good..

All this went on for five more years,,, she was gone a lot,, which I truly attributed to her work and job. They took her on weekend trips sometimes,, one or both of them.. They took her on work “seminars”” some she went on alone, for real study.. Dr Toms took her away once for a week, seminar,, but really a trip with him to Florida…. Yes, she was spending more time with them than me.. But I thought it was for work,, to advance her career… I know many men out there that have the same situation,, their wives do work lots,, thats all I thought it was.. Kind of crazy I know,, but one word sums it all up.. Trust,,,,,, I did trust her, completely.. They also got her tits up to a good size C,,, and kept up the doses of the magic potion,, Dr Pierce said he never told her about those, and only stopped after he married her… I aksed him if he was ok with the black Dr still fucking her, he said of course,, shes totally addicted to both of us now,, and she doesn’t have to hide it…. She also doesn’t work now,, she just stays home, fucks them both,,, and only cooks or shops,, a maid comes in and does the cleaning.. can’t say I blame her either for marrying him…. I know this story was long,, but it is all true… Sometimes we may trust someone too much?? any comments or thoughts,,

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