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cuckold for life

My 23 year old wife (Caroline), and i (Luke) also 23, have been friends for 15 years. Both of us only children to older parents. We lived near each other and went to church together. As we got older it was natural to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and being church raised we were virgins when, we arranged to get married 3 years ago. I,m blond good looking but am endowed with a thin 5” cock. Caroline has turned from a skinny, lanky geek girl, into a beautiful  leggy women, with 34b 23 35 figure but still wears glasses. We were both brought up and both agreed that the negro race had been down trodden. It was always our dream to raise the negro,s lot in life. We had contact with some African  groups (through the church), and as everything else in life, the guy an African teacher was to say the least NOT PURE IN THOUGHT OR DEED. He had counselled us prior to our wedding and through his teachings, taught us that white people are inferior to blacks and we both come to this belief ourselves. It was arranged that when we married in Africa, that it would be right for the wife to take a black man in her marriage bed on her wedding night. We both agreed to this, though with some doubts but trusted our teacher. He had said .this was to show our repentance at the treatment of the negro. As to the wedding we would make a seperate wedding vow to the official wording. This would be in the words of the “unofficial” ceremony in the wedding suite, where the bride (Caroline), swears to serve  and obey negro,s  in all they order. The groom (me) swears to be sub-serviant to the negro  race, and for me to show it by clipping my wifes wedding ring to a “superior” negro,s cock ring, thus joining her to negro men for the rest of her life.  We were unsure but agreed as this is what we thought would raise the standing of the negro in the future. We travelled to Africa a week before the wedding, where she was introduced to Keno a 45 year old African who was nearly 20 stone and very ugly and bald, he was 6ft 8” tall, muscular, and very dominant. This we found out very soon when he said she was to wear the devils under clothes when she married. We asked what he meant, and he said black stockings, lace suspender belt, black thong, and no bra, short dress 6” above the knee and white blouse. This was to ward off the devil if she wore these clothes at gods wedding. We explained that Caroline had her wedding dress, he said NO that is what the devil has infiltrated. We spoke privately together as to what this is leading to, and both agreed that it was being arranged for her to be used sexually by Keno.  Though we were naive, i detected a note of excitment in Carolines voice. I asked her and she admitted this, i also admitted it excited me. I said i may never get to have sex with you, she replied you have never really wanted sex have you? i admitted i didnt but had often dreamed of her with negro,s (as we had been taught by the black teacher). She admitted that it was her secret dream to only have sex with negro,s. We spoke long and truthfully about this side of our life, and the agreement was that Caroline would be at the beck and call of negro,s and i would do whatever her negro lovers told me to do. We spoke to the teacher and he was so pleased and said that he would add the words in the “ceremony” that i would be a cuckold husband and Caroline would be a negro,s slut wife. He gave us a number of rules which we swore to obey. 1. Always to be on knees before a Negro 2. To always say “We are slaves to negro,s and will obey ALL commands 3.That the negro is our superior in ALL things 4. Our bodies and minds belong to negro,s 5. To always dress and adorn our bodies as the negro orders 6. To call all negro,s master 7.To breed black children 8.To be on call 24-hour a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year to be at the beck and call of negro,s 9. To be tattooed with relevant phrases on our bodies (me “cuckold” on arms) Caroline: to be “black slut” on arms and “negro cock only” above her shaven (may i call it as such) cunt”. 10. To wear anklets with the words (for me “ cuckold”), and her (“negro owned”) If anybody is interested i will tell how the wedding and wedding night went

cuckold for life

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