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What Shonda wants, Shonda gets!!!!

My name is Shondra. I’m of average height but with really bounteous curves. My ass is too big for a lot of guys but there are some who are hypnotized by it. I catch glimpses of them trying not to stare. One guy like that was Leo, a short, weak-looking new hire at the office where I’m a supervisor. I was his immediate superior and made sure he spent lots of time around me. It was impossible to miss how attracted he was, his interest growing into an obsession. I thought that he might be one of those submissive types, as well, which was just what I was eager to find.

What I did was to have him perform menial tasks, outside his job description, for me. He had to empty my trash can and fetch me coffee, both of which he did without a peep of protest. Then I tested him further, making him go into my private washroom and put a new roll of toilet paper in the holder. I even followed him in and stood there observing with a critical eye. When he was done I motioned him over to me with a wiggle of my forefinger. He hurried to obey. I cupped his chin in my plump hand and gave him an air kiss, which made his breathing quicken. Then I told him I liked how hard he was willing to work to please me, and that he should take me out for a drink that evening. Leo tripped over his words as he accepted. When he tried to suggest a place to go I cut him off and told him where I wanted us to be.

That evening we took a cab to the club I had named, The Bust Out. The staff is all female, even the bouncers, and every one of them dresses to show off their bodies. Plus, most of them are Black or Latino and have generous figures. So there’s Leo, trying not to walk into one of the tables as he takes in all those big boobs and butts. I almost laughed out loud at how distracted he was. Anyway, I spotted a friend of mine named Cindy sitting at the bar, her wide ass reaching past the sides of her stool. I patted the seat next to her and told Leo to sit there, then put myself on his other side. Penned in like that between us two plump girls, with Angel, who is half Mexican and half Italian, serving our drinks, he looked ready to pass out. Of course I had him paying for Cindy’s drinks right away and buying one for Angel. The three of us toasted each other, leaving out the drinkless Leo. We chatted about guys we had dated, with me raving about some of the huge cocks I’d had. You could see my ‘date’ getting more and more uneasy. I had guessed that he didn’t have much between his legs and the way he was acting told me I must be right. That, and he was the jealous type, which played into my plans too.

So we had a great time, us girls. Then a guy I knew, Dave, showed up. He’s tall and muscular and always has heavy stubble on his strong jaw. I opened my arms to him and he stepped up real close to plant a solid kiss on my waiting lips. Cindy told me later that Leo’s eyes bugged out when he saw me and Dave swapping spit. Then I made my co-worker buy another round, this time including Dave, and still not getting anything for himself. It was soooo funny. And it was getting me hot. I decided right then that Leo was exactly what I needed to make the plan that had been forming in my mind succeed. So I held off locking lips with Dave anymore and even ordered a ginger ale for Leo. We got some appetizers and I fed Leo a few hot peppers because he said something about them being too spicy for him and I wanted to see if he’d do what I wanted anyway. When we finally left I flagged down another cab and had the driver take us to my apartment building, making sure Leo not only paid but gave a generous tip.

That was our first night together. I made Leo get naked and sure enough his dick was laughably small. I said some stuff about it, as if I was trying to make him feel better, but made sure it would hurt his feelings instead. With me still dressed, I had him scurry around bare-assed, getting me a beer from the fridge and fetching a bag of chips. Then he had to sit next to me on the couch while I watched what I pleased on TV. I could see how unhappy he was being undressed, but when I put my hand on his thigh his little pee pee got hard right away. Then I had him take off my shoes. I watched him work and, sure enough, he had his hands all over those stacked heels, open toes, and ankle straps. The little geek was into sexy shoes, too. After my second beer I told him we were going to the bedroom. He had to kneel and take down my tight slacks and high-cut panties. Then I flopped onto the bed on my back and told him to kneel between my spread legs. He got himself into position, all eager like a puppy.

“Now loverboy,” I told him, “I like to have a LOT of orgasms and we can both see that you don’t have a real cock that could do the job. So what we’re going to do instead is have you get your mouth on my pussy and lick me for a loooong time. Right?” He started to say something about the peppers I’d fed him bothering his stomach and about not liking to do oral but I gave him a look that was full of poison. So he buckled right away and got his face down in front of my shaved mound. He stared at my puffy pink cunt lips for a few seconds, as if he was going to give me more backtalk. I clapped my heavy thighs against the sides of his head and told him, “Get busy.” Right away he stuck out his tongue and starting lapping. I ordered him to not miss any spots, so that he had to lick between all the folds of my pussy and get plenty of my strong taste. He obviously didn’t enjoy it but was turned on by being in bed with me, his hands on my hips. I let him have his free feels while I kept him down there for over an hour and made him give me three really good climaxes.

Then I delivered the knockout punch. “That wasn’t too bad, Leo. But I expect you to try harder next time. And I want you to have some fun too, so you can put the end of your tiny thing where the tip of your tongue just was. Go ahead. You can feel how wet and warm and slippery I am.” When he made contact and took a deep breath I said, “Have fun. I’ll give you five minutes to enjoy yourself. But don’t get carried away and start squirting. Maybe on our next date you’ll get to finish.” I chuckled to make sure he knew I didn’t take his needs seriously. “Get yourself good and worked up. I’ll bet this is the most you’ve done with a girl in a long time. Am I right?” Panting slightly, he told me, “Yes, Shondra. I… I don’t have much luck with women.” “That’s no surprise, is it?” He stammered out something in agreement and then even apologized. I smiled and said, “It’s okay, Leo. We’ll work something out. You do want to keep seeing me, don’t you?” “Oh, oh yes. Please. I mean, very much. I want to keep on — dating? — you.” “Sure. We’ll go out again on the weekend. I’ll let you know when I’m ready.”

So it went on like that for a few months. We went shopping and he purchased sexy shoes and boots for me, which got me more attention from other guys. I got endless kicks out of insulting his sad excuse for a penis, treating him like my houseboy, and most of all having him give me endless orgasms with his mouth. He was hooked on my bulging figure and being able to go to bed with me, even though I never let him inside. What I would do was have him get on his back and then I’d play with his dick with my fingers until he was half crazy from wanting to cum. Then I would take his hand, put it in place of mine, and tell him he was allowed to finish himself, but not to take too long. Leo would get all red-faced and not be able to talk clearly, but because I didn’t give him any other choice he went along with it and whacked off. The small amount of cream he made went onto his belly and he had to put his hand over it when I permitted him to scamper to the bathroom and clean himself. He made a ridiculous sight, which got me horny all over again, and led to every night ending with his lips pressed to my pubes one more time.

When I was certain he was addicted to me I told him that we should get married. He babbled his gratitude and I pointed toward the kitchen and told him to run and get me a beer. He was so thrilled that he didn’t even try to get me to agree to us having a full sex life after we got hitched. That loser just wanted me to be his wife. When we were out together I made a show of myself in front of other men, which made Leo squirm. As our wedding approached I kept thinking how much fun it would be after we were man and wife and I did a lot more than just flaunt my body. Our ceremony was small, with Cindy as our Maid of Honor and me selecting Dave as the Best Man. At the reception I treated my new spouse like hired help and even scolded him in front of the guests, most of who were my friends. Leo’s dad was a little whimp like him and his mom was a big woman like me, who openly bossed her man around. I got together with her and made a few jokes about keeping our men in line and she told me she had had her husband under her thumb since they met. I told her that was how it was with us, too, and she grinned at me and said, “Yeah, well Leo needs a woman who can tell him what to do. He’s such a weakling.” Our honeymoon was going to wait for a month because it was a busy time at the office. But Leo somehow imagined that he was going to have a terrific wedding night. Like I said, he’s a loser.

We got back to the apartment. I had Dave waiting for my phone call in case I need somebody to do what Leo wasn’t going to be allowed to. But when we got there I ran into a neighbor who I had been making eye contact with and had talked to a few times. His name was Turk, he was tall and muscular, and he had some kind of mixed race background, so he was swarthy, with brown eyes and thick black hair. I waved to him and said, “Hey, sweetheart, could you give us a hand. We’ve got a bottle of champagne in the fridge and I know my new hubby won’t be able to open it. I need a man who can pop my cork.” He smirked at my obvious double meaning and said, “Sure, that’s my specialty. Maybe I should carry you over the threshold for him, too.” I said, “Yeah, Leo would probably throw his back out if he tried to pick me up.” Then, staring hard at my groom I said, “You don’t mind if Turk does your job for you, do you?” He got a sick look but said in a defeated voice, “Whatever you think is best, dear.” So Turk scooped me up in his arms and, reading my mind I guess, got one hand on the middle of my ass. I giggled as he took me through the door, effortlessly supporting my weight. Leo sheepishly followed us inside. When Turk acted like he was going to hand me over to him, Leo backed away, afraid of having to support my weight. I said to Turk, “Well, if my new husband isn’t going to carry me into the bedroom, you’ll have to.” Leo’s lips started to twitch and he was blinking back tears by the time Turk set me carefully on the new, bright red sheets. I put my hands on the back of his neck and pulled his face toward mine, telling him, “Whoever puts me into bed gets rewarded with a kiss.”

I heard Leo whimper as my mouth met Turk’s. Just so there would be no mistaking my intentions, I stuck my tongue in Turk’s mouth and he did the same back to me. We were in no hurry to stop but when we did I knew what to do next. I glowered at my new husband and said, “I can’t believe you let Turk take your place at such an important moment. This just ruins everything. Maybe I should let him take your place in bed, too. I’m sure he has a beautiful cock, not like that nothing of yours. In fact, here’s what we’re going to do. You can both whip out what you’ve got and whoever has the most meat gets to fuck me. Do you understand, husband mine?” In some kind of shock, Leo could only nod. His hands trembled as he undid his fly, reached inside his jockey shorts, and found his mini-dick. Turk snickered and revealed his cock which, as I had suspected, was a monster. I said to Leo, “You’re out of luck, Mr. Newlywed. I’m going to make our marriage official but not with you. Instead, you can strip down and then go grab us a couple of beers. We’ll save the champage.” His knees were practically knocking as he undressed and stood there. Turk was the picture of confidence when he stepped out of his boxers.

Leo returned with two beers and we were already in bed. I had one hand on Turk’s cock and it was standing up, a full nine thick inches, his heavy balls already tightened up for action. We accepted the beers, opened them, and tapped them together. After each taking a long swallow, we set them aside and I rolled onto my back. Turk warmed me up with his hands and mouth, enjoying having his lips on my wide nipples. I made a mental note that my husband wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy my boobs. Leo sobbed as my new stud put the end of his cock against my wet pussy and then inched it inside. I sighed. As he started to pump me I began moaning. It was incredible. I’ve always loved huge cocks and Turk’s was one of the best I’d had. He wasn’t one of those guys who only thinks about himself, either. He took his time and made sure I had a pair of noisy finishes before he let himself shoot. I turned to Leo and, wanting to drive the blade in as far as I could, told him, “That could have been you slamming me, loverboy, but you messed up big time. Instead, you’re not going to feel the inside of my pussy with your baby dick until I say so.” As far as I was concerned, that would be never. “And if Turk wants to, he can take your place ALL time.” I gazed up at the sexual superman and batted my long eyelashes. “Is that okay by you, baby?” He said, “Sure. A woman like you needs a man who knows what he’s doing and has the equipment to do it. Loser boy over there is disqualified in both areas. I don’t mind stopping by two or three times a week. We can go out whenever you want, too. As long as I get those sweet tits, that perfect ass, and that tight box whenever I feel like it.” I licked my lips and told him, “Whatever you want, Turk. I’ll be your slut and do anything you say. I give one hell of a BJ, though my wuss of a husband has never gotten one. And never will.” We both laughed and then got back to drinking our beers.

That was a year ago. At work I had Leo demoted to office boy and encouraged the secretaries to be strict with him. They make sure his ego stays crushed. At home it’s been incredible, with Turk doing things like pinching Leo’s scrawny biceps and making him yelp. I love getting nailed by Turk and having Leo lick my pussy. In fact, I make Leo go down on me after I have sex with Turk, sometimes while my lover is still there or else the next morning after his cum has been inside me all night. I get a kick out of how Leo gags while he licks up and swallows the big loads that Turk shoots. And I always make Leo wait on us. When Turk comes over Leo has to kneel down in front of him and untie his work shoes, then loosen the laces to take them off him. Sometimes in the bedroom I’ll have my husband use his tongue in my ass before I cheat on him. Once I even made him kiss my pussy lips and then put Turk’s cock-and-a-half into me. I saw how much it upset Leo to have to touch another man’s organ and I’m thinking of asking Turk if he wants to go further with that, maybe teaching my husband to lick balls and give BJs or even letting Turk take a ride up the old chocolate highway, if he wants to. I’ve got this picture in my head of Leo eating me out while Turk nails him from behind. It might never happen but, hey, a girl needs a dream to work toward. And it’s even better because my dream would be my husband’s nightmare.

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