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The Attorney

As I recall, it is difficult to think how I have changed.  But deep down, have I really changed?

My name is Betsy and I am a 33 year old SWF, and what I am about to recall was back when I was a 18 year old senior in HS.  I currently live and work in Pittsburgh but born and raised in Harrison burg, VA.  Let me now turn back to those school girl days.

I was always an athletic person.  My father ran a construction company, and the way I used to jump on my father’s bulldozers, he told me that I would one day be a gymnast.  By the time I was in middle school, gymnastics was my dream.  The bad part however was my HS did not have a gymnastic program.  But at 5′ and 100 pounds, I could do handsprings across the gym floor.  I was known as the green eyed pigtail tail tumbler.

I planned on studying law in college and be on the gymnastics team. So to improve my skills, Uncle Stew hired a well known gymnastics trainer to help me.

The trainer’s name was Mr. Arboreal, early 40′s and he arrived in April to give me weekly training sessions at a park near my home.  I, of course came dressed in my little top and shorts as he taught me the basics of tumbling.  I was nervous and did not do as well as I wanted, but Mr. A was a nice and patient man as he spotted me as I tumbled in a little corner of the park.  Our water breaks were full of conversation and gymnastics, college and my law career.  Both of my older brothers were now successful lawyers and their little sister wanted to follow in their footsteps.  The highlight of our workouts was when my boyfriend Danny would stop by and watch my progress.

After a month of our sessions, I began to find it strange that Mr. A would talk about personal things during our breaks.  Things like what kind of guys I liked and I thought it may be leading up to he and I.   But as the talks continued, he was asking if I liked black guys.  He was a white man and I found it strange that he would want to discuss interracial subjects.  Knowing that one day I would be an attorney, my defense was that Danny was my boyfriend and although I had several black male friends at HS, I was not interested in meeting any black guys, something that Danny would not appreciate.

In May, Mr. A invited me to the athletic banquet in Pittsburgh, and I was elated and honored to attend, knowing I would see and meet many noted college gymnasts  My mother bought be a beautiful long green formal, and I was off in my white 1989 Grand Am for the Steel City.

The banquet was in the beautiful outside garden at the Pittsburgh Hilton and Mr. A had a table reserved for us as we sat with other college gymnasts.  One was David, a handsome black ex college gymnast and I loved the evening talking gymnastics with him.  I was recognized as a recruit and I just wished my family could have been there.

Afterward, Mr. A asked if I wanted to work out with David and I was happy and said yes.  We went to a empty gym on the north side of town where David handed me a top and shorts and showed me where I could get out of my green formal  gown and display to him my tumbling ability. Both the top and the shorts were about 2 sizes too small, but I managed to squeeze into them, where I joined David and Mr. A on the mats.  As a small person, I do not have large breasts, but what I had was bulging in my tiny top and shorts.  For an hour, I tumbled and David spotted me and gave me helpful pointers.

As I sat down for a water break, David began to tell me how cute I was and my body was perfect.  “What do you mean by perfect?” I asked as Mr. A sat quiet and I felt embarrassed.

“Betsy, have you ever been with a black man?” David asked as I felt more embarrassed.

“What is this all about?” I asked as Mr. A gave me a funny stare.

“Betsy,” David said.  “I know you are just a small town girl, and as an expert, I can tell you that you do not have what it takes to be a college gymnast.  But if you were to have sex with me, I can see that you are placed on an All Star gymnastic team in this area.”

“What do you mean?” I asked in shock.  “Mr. A, you told me I had a chance!  Are you behind this?”

“Let’s stop beating around the bush!” David said a he pulled off his shirt and sweats.  “I got a hot, black chest that every white female gymnast loves to sink their teeth in.  And I also have a nice black dick that little white gymnasts love to suck and fuck.  Betsy, let me see just how pretty you are.  Naked!”

“What are you doing?” I asked as this black guy I trusted lifted my yellow top over my head.

“Look at those little white baby tits!” David said as his hands were all over my chest.  “You’re built flat like a gymnast, just like a kid, except you are 18.  But I bet those little tits taste sweet.”

“Don’t do this,” I said as he began to lick and suck my breasts.  “Mr. A, how could you?”

“I’m sorry, Betsy,” Mr. A said as a black guy was sucking my breasts.  “But its college, Betsy dear.  When you get to college, you are going to have black cocks after you and inside that little white body of yours.  David can help you make a gymnastics team, but not without a price.”

“I can’t believe this,” I said as David pulled down my green shorts and panties.  “I don’t want sex!”

“I hear you have a white boyfriend,” David said as he looked at my vagina.  “Has he ever sucked your pussy, Betsy?  I love to suck little white girl’s pussies. I can make you hot to do things, baby!”

“I don’t want this!” I said as David lay me on the floor and opened my legs.  “I don’t want this!”

“Look at that little red, ripe pussy,” David said as his black fingers fondled my vagina.

“Ooh!” I moaned as I felt his tongue enter my privates.  “Oh gosh, I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Oh you taste good,” David said as he licked me.  “A little taste of pee and sweat, but a good pussy to eat. Let me work on that little red teenage clit.”

“Oh my gosh,” I moaned..  “What are you doing to me?  Ooh gosh!”

“You like it, don’t you baby?” David said as he continued to perform oral sex on me.  “I am priming you for this hard black dick.  All white girls fuck blacks when they get to college.  I’m just breaking you in for all those big college cocks who will split that little body the next 4 years.”

I did not want intercourse, especially with a strange black guy, but I had never been done oral before and although I knew it was wrong, his tongue made me hot and I was also afraid to fight or say no.

“I want you to use a condom,” Mr. A told David.  “I told her mother I would look out  for her, so I do not want to bring her home knocked up by a black guy.”

As I lay naked on the gym mat as I watched this black David apply a condom to his black erection.  He was not a big black guy, but still he was black and Danny would be so hurt if he knew.

“Oh, you are hot and ready for some black dick,” David said as he got on top of me.  “Your boyfriend is not going to find out and you are going like your first black dick.”

“Uh shit!” I cried as David entered me.  Luckily the condom was well lubed, but it still hurt.

“Oh you are tight and sweet!” David said as he drove his black 6” dick in my vagina.  “Betsy, once you go black, you ain’t ever going to go back to that white boyfriend of yours!”

For the next 15 minutes I had sex with a black guy.  It felt good, but I still was scared and ashamed plus to have Mr. A watching.  I did not orgasm, but faked it so David would stop.

“Oh shit!” David yelled as he pulled his penis and removed the condom.  “I am going to shoot cum on that tight little tummy!”

I watched as his warm sperm shot all over my tummy and navel.  “You fucked your first black guy good, Betsy,” he laughed.   “Now to hold up my end of the bargain, I am going to give you the address of a Pittsburgh gym.  I want you to go there in August and there will be a place on their gymnastics team.  You did good, baby!”

Needless to say, I was mad at Mr. A, and no mood to speak to him as I went to my hotel room and drove back to Virginia the next day.

My bother, Christopher was a successful lawyer and I knew I had a sex case if I wanted to pursue it, but to spare my family and face the community, I chose not to pursue it.

After what transpired, I had no more interest in gymnastics, thus I spent 4 years in Pittsburgh where I graduated with honors in Political Science.  Two years later, I graduated from law school, never had sex with anyone and decided to join a law practice in Pittsburgh.

A year later, I ran and was elected Prosecuting Attorney in a county near Pittsburgh.  Danny and I had long broken up,  I was not dating and decided to devote my time to my law practice on being the best PA I could be.

Over the next few years I had the privilege and nightmare to preside over some very high profile cases.  A few crazy cases.  And as you may expect, I saw many sex abuse cases.  And my job was to present the prosecution and bring these pigs down and see them behind bars.  And not to become racial, but many of these sex praetors were African American men.  I helped put a black 44 year old college professor behind bars for giving his innocent 18 year old  female-student top grades in exchange for vaginal and anal intercourse.  A innocent 30 year old white house wife sexed by 2 black men only one day after giving birth to a baby girl.  And one can imagine what they did to her body with their well endowed erections and to her milk swollen nipples.  I also helped see a young black contractor see prison for repeatedly raping a 60 year old white widow, while her mentally retarded son was made to watch.  None were pretty, but mind you, I saw and helped imprison many white offenders as well.

I was not only sick of what David did to me back when I was 18 years of age, but sick of black men in general. But at the same time I was beginning to get mixed vibes as well.  While I found these over sexed black men humanly disgusting, I also was becoming secretly and sexually aroused of what I saw and prosecuted.  You must remember that I had once had a black cock myself, and I was beginning to have weird and unwanted fantasies of trying a black cock again myself.  Black men disgusted me in the court room and disgusted me as soon as I walked in my empty apartment after work, but in the shower, as the warm water ran over my naked body, I would imagine one, two or perhaps more naked black men in the shower with me as I eyed and lusted for their long black cocks.  But prominent white female prosecuting attorneys do not think this way, right?  Right!  But more than  I wish to recall, I had dreams while I slept of fondling, stroking and even sucking many of the black men that I helped send to prison.  I would then take cold showers and tell myself this was not sane, healthy or or practical  All that year I continued to secretly lust for many black sex offenders I help behind bars.

By the end of that year, I knew I wanted to try sex again with an African American male. I did not care how old her was, what he looked like, or even if he smelled.  I wanted sex and as my fantasies increased, and so did my idea of making my unhealthy sex dreams come true.

But wait a minute!!  I was not only a well know P.A .in a small Pennsylvania county, but a well known and respected woman as well.  I spoke at schools, Rotary groups and the Penn Bar Assembly.  So I knew it was not too smart to meet any western PA black men for a night of non stop sex.  Those who did not know my identity would have found out, and I would have been barred and marred from society and my family.

I went to the internet and found thousand of black men looking for unconditional sex with females of any age and size. Some were as far away as Seattle, WA – not likely I would be known there, but still I had too much to lose to gamble.  And as you may expect, most of these black men were hung to the knee, some 10” or more in length.  I knew I was petite.  I knew that my vagina was tiny, and I also knew that I wanted to marry someday.  I did not want my future white husband to discover that my vagina was ripped into.  So another major red light again.

In the early part of the next year, I saw an internet ad called “Jamaica Swingers.”  It was a group of Jamaican males seeking white American females for any sexual desires of their choice.  Intercourse, anal, oral, bondage, you name it.  And all for a cheap and safe $100 an hour.  In that far away tropical country, I would not be known, so my mind wandered on.  I made contact and instead of Betsy, a famous Penn Prosecuting Attorney, I would just be Betsy, a poor, but sexually eager 31 year old girl from the states.  I was not foolish enough to travel alone, so I ask my girlfriend Leah, who knew of my black fetish to travel with me. I knew they all were well endowed, so vaginal and anal entry was out.  I was not into bondage, but as much as I hated to admit it, I was into oral.  I did not care if my vagina was licked.  David had done that, but I was into giving oral.  I wanted to suck a black cock so bad that sometimes I thought of it 16 hours a day.

I will inform you that none of this came with out careful planning an soul searching.  But regardless of my position or my family, I made final reservations for Jamaica in May.

Leah and I flew to the island of Jamaica and checked  in the modest, but nice Pebble & Sands Hotel.  Leah was not interested meeting my Jamaican friend named Bernardo, but insisted that she would be nearby for precaution.  Bernardo was not sure what day I was to arrive so Leah and I hit the beach.  There were a few whites along the beach, but the majority were black natives and I felt I was in Harlem.  I was in a dark green bikini and the cold Pennsylvania winter had turned my skin a very pale white, and the black men that passed my way did not seem to mind as many were watching me from the corner of their eyes. We enjoyed a late dinner and being tired, we retired early for our beauty rest.

The next morning Leah questioned if I should have sex with this Jamaican.  I quickly told her that I had come too far to turn back now, plus I was now the person I wanted to be, Betsy the unheard of prosecuting attorney and being so far from home, I doubted if many of these natives even knew where Pennsylvania was.

I called Jamaican Swingers around noon, and giving them my name and code, they quickly gave me Bernardo’s phone number.  I gave him a call and he had a deep, slow Jamaican accent and suggested that we meet right away.  He was in agreement with just a first time casual talk.  Leah insisted that she come along, but I told her that I would be under the thatched umbrella in site of our hotel window.

Two hours later, I walked out on the sand in my waist length brown hair, green bikini and met my fantasy Jamaican.  He was 6’7 and every part of his body was big and black.  I was not surprised when he said he just had a 6th grade education. I loved it!  He was totally my opposite, just the way I wanted it.  He seemed to drool over my little white body and when I told him my personal fantasy that I hoped he would help me make true, I don’t think he actually understood, but we both agreed to meet that night.

Bernardo worked for the Swinger company and one hour of sex was $100.  I phoned and they billed $100 to my credit card, and Bernardo was to come to my hotel room at 10:30pm.  Leah said that she would be next door if I needed her.

Bernardo arrived at 10:40 and said his nickname was Bernardo. He had huge black lips, a mouth full of big white teeth and several had gold crowns. And when he kissed me, his breath was foul, but everything about him, including his breath turned me on.  “What you want, Betsy?” he asked.

“How long is your cock?” I asked as I  felt hot and naughty.

“It 9 long,” he said in a slow tone.  “It big enough to make your little body feel it in you.”

“Listen Bernardo,” I said.  “I told you in my email that I was too small to take a big cock, so this is what I want for my 100 bucks.  “I want you to pretend that you are a poor man wanted for theft, but cannot afford a lawyer.  You call me and I agree to defend you in exchange for a sexual favor.”

“I like that,” he said with a big smile.  “I am a poor man, but are you a lawyer?”

“No,” I said.  “But I always wanted to be a lawyer, and I always wanted to trade sexual favors with a big black man just like you.  Let’s pretend that court is over and I need a payment, okay?”

“Okay!” Bernardo said with a big eager smile.  “I need a lawyer and I got no money.”

“You got a cock, don’t you,” I said with a smile.  “If its black and long, I may just want to suck it for my first payment.  Why don’t you come up to room 6064 and let that 9” cock pay the bill?”

Five minuets later, the big black guy was in my room and was all smiles as I asked him to remove my bikini.  I was on fire as his big coal black hands removed my top and placed his huge hands over my little white tits.  We had great eye contact as he slid my bikini bottoms down over my legs.  “I like you” he said as I removed his shorts and briefs.

“Oh your cock is gorgeous,” I said as I took his half erect huge piece of meat in my little hand.  “It is so big and so black and uncircumcised, just like I hoped for.  I’d rather suck you than have your money.”

“I am glad that you are my lawyer,” he laughed.  “Cause I sure want you to suck my cock!”

“I bet you never thought a famous, upstanding lawyer like me would want to suck a black cock, uh?” I said as I knelt down as his big cock was growing longer.  “Well, even famous and upstanding lawyers have their secret sexual fantasies. And mine is to suck this big black cock!”

The time had come, and I had no problem as I put this black piece of meat in my mouth.  It had a foul and strange taste.  I may have put some guilty black men in the slammer, but none of them knew how much I wanted to suck their black cocks.  I could only take about half of him in my mouth, and I really became aroused when his knob popped out of his foreskin and hit the back of my throat.  This was the first cock I had ever sucked, but I sucked and gulped it like a pro.”

“Oh I like you sucking my cock, little baby,” he groaned as I pulled it out and licked his big black knob.  “You keep sucking and you will always remain my lawyer.

As I continued to suck his black cock most of my thoughts were back in Pennsylvania.  What would my law partners think?  What would the judges say?  What would all the black men that despised me think and say?  My only answer would be, even attorneys have their sexual desires.”

“We only have 10 minutes left,” Bernardo said.  “Do you want to extend another payment?  Do you want me to shoot in your mouth?”

“No on both,” I said as I ran my tongue from his big black balls to his knob.  “I want you again tomorrow night and I want you to shoot it on my face.  Shoot it on my face and make it dirty!”

Taking his big cock with his big right hand, he began stroking himself as I waited for my payment.  My eyes were on his black powerful chest, balls and legs and the excited black man pounded his huge cock. “Aah, here it comes!” he yelled to the top of his lungs.  “My load is cumming!”

With my head back and my eyes opened, I watched and felt gobs of thick sperm hitting my face.  Reaching down and touching my vagina, I quickly blew an orgasm as he squirted another load on my little deceitful face.  It was just like I wanted it – dirty, black and lots of thick cum.

“Do you want to suck my cock tomorrow night, counselor?” he said as I wiped his thick glue from my face. Why not let me shoot it in your mouth?”

“Because you may have a disease,” I said.  “How much would they charge if I wanted 2 black guys to suck?  This high profile lawyer likes black cock and I think I would rather suck 2 Jamaicans.”

“Probably 200,: he said as he shook more cum out of his long black cock.  “I can find a mate.”

“Then meet me here at 9pm.” I said as I stood up.  “I want you to bring a mate and the uglier and dumber the better, okay?”

Leah called a few minutes later and I told her that all went well and did not want to discuss details.

I spent the following day with legitimate phone business back in Pennsylvania.  I felt guilty for my family, especially my brother Christopher who was as prejudice to the bone as me, but I had my sexual needs to quench, I loved my brother, so the hell with the feelings.

Leah and I spent the following day relaxing on the beach.  Bernardo phoned and informed me that 2 males for an hour would cost me $200.  I agreed and gave the agency my credit card.

I stood alone in room 6064, when a knock came at my door shortly before 9pm.  As Bernardo walked in, he introduced me to another tall black Jamaican named Turntable, but known as Bull.  He was a little slow upstairs, but beautiful white teeth and I tingled when his thick black lips met mine. He was excited in my fantasy of me representing them both from going to jail for breaking and entering, but more excited of the way I wanted to be paid.  With time passing, we all three stripped down as black skin excited me and my little white body really excited Bull.  “You guys both owe me a big lawyer bill,” I said as I saw two black cocks growing. “Since you all are too broke to pay, then I will suck your cocks for payment.”

“Suck mine first,” Bull said as he held and stroked a thick piece of delicious meat.  “Do me, Missy!”

“My name is Betsy,” I said.  “And I will do Bernardo first, so you can see, then you, then both of you!”

Instead of standing in a court house in an expensive suit and high heels, I knelt like a slut as I took Bernardo’s black cock in my mouth.  It tasted great and I was more hungry than I thought.  With Bull pleading, I moved over and took my second black cock ever in my mouth.  It too had a strange scent and taste, and I was so hot that I wanted to taste and drink all of their cum.  “Suck me, Miss Attorney,” Bernardo said as he slapped his black cock on my bare shoulder.

“Yes, broke client,” I said as  I sucked and gulped his cock again.  “Both of you taste so good.”

For the next 30 minutes I took turns sucking one black cock and them the other.  My jaw was sore and I lost so much saliva, but not being able to get enough, I continued to suck and gulp their black cocks.  “We only got 15 minutes left,” Bernardo announced.  “Can we shoot it in your little warm mouth?”

I wanted them to, but too smart and disease oriented to gamble.  “I want you both to shoot it on my face and talk dirty to me.  Cover me with so much cum that the court judge won’t recognize me.”

“You are a good lawyer, but a real slut,” Bernardo said as he stroked his black pipe an inch from my face. With that remark, he shot big gobs of thick warm sperm directly on my face.  One squirt hit me in the eye and what was not on my lips rand down from my nose on my mouth.  “You are a good bitch!”

“I want to cum on her face,” Bull said as he moved in for his turn.  I no sooner looked at the hole in his big black head than squirts of warm semen thrust out and on my face.  “You may be a big time lawyer, but you are also a big time slut.  Take is slut.  You come faced, glue faced slut!”

My face felt like it at a pound of glue and as I walked to the mirror. We all 3 laughed when I said that I was really unrecognizable.  The time was up, and we thanked each other as they exited the room.

The next week I was back in a Pennsylvania court room representing a state case of a black man who had failed to pay child support to two white women.  I lost the case and he seemed to resent me, but if he knew I would suck his cock in a Pennsylvania minute, he would have been happy, but I was back at home with my lily white reputation to defend.


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