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I met your mother at the restaurant where she was working.  I had the best  time flirting with her, as she kept my water glass full and always seemed to  laugh at my stupid jokes.  What a great sense of humor.  I introduced myself  and we got into a conversation about our jobs.  She told me she had 3 kids  and worked 2 jobs to support them.  I was surprised to find out that this hot  blonde had children, and that she was single.  We started to talk about you  and how you were a senior in high school with an eye on a college football  scholarship when I told your mother, “Evelyn, has he been recruited by the  Wolverines?  If not, I know a few people there, since I was a linebacker in  the 80′s.”  Her eyes lit up.  “I think Buddy would love that!”(I don’t know  your name, dude, so I made up “Buddy” for the sake of the fantasy.)  She  seemed to be more than interested in my features, as well as what I could do  for you.  She seemed to pay a lot of attention to the bulge in my jeans.  She  also seemed to be pretty impressed with my Harley out in the parking lot.  I  am a sales rep for a big computer firm, and people are a bit surprised I am a  sales rep, due to the fact that I wear a leather motorcycle jacket, cowboy  boots, tight jeans, and have long brown wavy hair with a gotee.  Mom said,  “You are not the average salesman type that I’ve seen before.”  I tell her, “I  made the company millions last year, so they really don’t care about my  personal statements and how I dress.  They say to keep the money rolling in,  and I could dress up like Ghandi if I wanted to!”  She laughed again.  I  seemed to have put on the charm enough to ask her out, so asked her and  she agreed for a date on next friday night after she got off at the law firm.

The next friday, I pulled up in my BMW at the law firm.  You mother looked  so hot coming out of the building I about wet myself.  Very tight dress, 4″  heels, just the right amount of cleavege, nice pantyhosed legs.  She said, “Oh  my God, you drive a BMW?”  I said, “Sure do!”  “I also have a Corvette in  the garage at home.” She told me to follow her home as she would get ready  for the date and I could meet her kids.

We pull up to the house and I got out to walk her to the door.  We step into  the house and she apologized for the mess.  I assured her, “You have  children, it’s no surprise, really.  I had a single mom, I know how it is!”  You  stepped in the living room and introduced yourself.  We made a lot of small  talk about football, the bowl games and the hard work it took to play for a  division 1 school.  The time went by really fast as we talked about your  possibility of playing college ball.  About an hour later your mom came into  the living room.  She looked sexy.  She had on a really tight blouse, short  leather skirt, dark hose with these hot 5″ fuck me heels.  She said, “I am  ready to go, Jack!”  I noticed you really looking over your mom like you  were turned on by what she had on.  I said, “Buddy…Buddy…Hey Buddy.”   You said, “Huh, what’d you say?”  “Nice to meet you.” I said.  “When does  the season start?”  You replied, “Next week is the Jamboree.”  “I will be  there, and I will see how your doing, then if I like what I see, I’ll call Ann  Arbor and see if they can send someone down to watch you.”  “Cool” you  said, but I couldn’t help but notice you were keeping an unhealthy eye on  your moms beautiful breasts and hot legs.  You excused yourself, and I  noticed you rubbing your crotch like your cock was hard.  “I am worried  about Buddy.” your sexy mother said.  “He only occasionally goes on a date,  and I find him in his room most of the time, and sitting on the couch with me  while we watch TV.”  I told her not to worry, it is probably a phase.  “He has  a lot on his mind, with school and the upcoming football season of course.   Give him some time.  I will take him under my wing, if you don’t mind, of  course?”  She said that would be great.  “He needs some mentoring from the  right man.”

All Mom and I did on the date was go to dinner and a movie.  We did a little  petting and feel each other up in the theatre parking lot, with her getting her  soft hands on my 8″ cock, and me getting my fingers in her tight, hot pussy. No orgasms from each other, but we did promise to take it a little farther on  saturday night after she got done at the restaurant.  I brought her home, and  you met her at the door.  She said that she would be seeing more of me and  you approved.

The next night I met her at the restaurant, and instantly took her back to my  place.  She had brought a night bag with her, containing a thong, 5″ strapped  sandals, thigh high stockings and a crotchless teddy.  The first thing she did  was unleash my 8″ member and start sucking on it like a pro.  Your mom  gives great head!  She slowly nibbled on it, licked it up and down, then began  to engulf the whole shaft into her hot mouth.  Soon I felt my balls start to  tense up.  I said, “I’m cumming into your hot little mouth, baby!”  “Swallow  my cum, if you can, then I will lick your tight pussy until you cum.”  She  moaned as she cupped my balls and felt them pulsate stream after stream of  jizz down her throat.  I then threw her on my king sized bed, ripped off her  thong and started to tongue her hot pussy.  She had gotten so wet when  giving me head, she soon had an intense orgasm as I licked her little clit. I continued to eat her mound for the next 15 minutes, giving her multiple  orgasms as she squeezed her huge tits with every shudder she felt.  Soon I  was erect again, and took her from behind in a doggie style fuck.  I slowly  put inch after inch of my dick into her tight twat.  I wondered if she really had  kids, her pussy was just as tight as some of the virgins I popped.  Soon you  slut mommy was cumming again, screaming at the top of her lungs as she  continued to say, “Fuck me,  Fuck me, Fuck me you well hung stud!”  “I  want you to shoot your hot, sticky sperm into my pussy!”  “I want to keep it  in me and stain my panties and pantyhose with it and fall asleep with your  cum in me!”  “Pound my pussy and cum in me, you nasty fucker!”   With that said, I pulsated my sperm into mothers waiting, eager cunt, and  completely flooded it.  She then kissed me, went into the bathroom and put  on a sexy dress, with dark hose and heels.  As I walked her to the door, I  could see my cum running down your mom’s legs, staining her pantyhose.

The week went by pretty quick.  I met with your mother for lunch a few times  and we talked about many repeat performances with her selected garments.   She told me, “After last saturday night, I took off my panties and hose to  take a shower, then I came back into my room, and I couldn’t find them!  I  told her to just keep extra pairs handy, and will break those in as well.  (I  suspected, you little pervert, that you were taking your mom’s undergarments  and hacking your cock on them as well)

That friday rolled around as usual.  I went to watch the football game with  your mom, and we rooted you on in the jamboree.  I did notice your mother  keeping a very close eye on some of the players even a couple of black guys.   I noticed her getting up an excusing herself to the restroom.  I followed her,  and heard her moaning in the stalls.  I asked, “What the hell are you doing,  Evelyn!”  She told me to come into the stall with her.  She said, “I get really  turned on by football players”  “I have a fantasy where I am taking on several  of them, with cocks in my pussy, ass, mouth, and I am jacking off two of  them, while I am getting fucked in all my holes.”  “I am sorry, it is a fantasy,  and I understand if you don’t want to see me anymore.” she sobbed.  I told  her not to worry, maybe we could make her little fantasy come true.  And I  said, “I would love to see you fuck a few football players.”  She smiled at me  and said that would be great.

We go home to your place and put the other kids to bed.  We thought you  were in bed, but you snuck into the living room and hid while mommy and I  were making out on the couch with the TV on.  I knew you were in there, so  I decided to give you the show of a lifetime.   I completely strip your mother  naked and start licking her snatch.  I notice you get behind some plants and  hide.  I then sit down on the couch, pull down my pants and let my prick  free.  I then steadily ease your mom’s pussy on top of me.  I have my hand  on her mouth to keep her from screaming and waking the other kids up.   Soon, I whisper, “I want to cum in your hot little ass!”  She moaned and  said, “Yes you hot fucker, fuck me in my ass and cum in me.  I want to feel it  splash in my asshole!”  I know you heard us, little man, because I heard,  “Holy shit” whisper out of your mouth.  I just chuckled to myself as I knew  you were hot after your sexy mommy.  I eased her asshole on top of my 8″  pecker, and she bucked onto it with all she had.  She was very tight, and she  was fingering her clit as I bucked my cock into her.  I notice the plants  moving a little as I fucked mommy.  I started to cum, as my balls shot sperm  into mommys asshole.  She screamed into my hand as she pinched her  nipples and shuddered with orgasm.  She kissed me and told me she was  going to clean up, then go to bed.

I got up, turned on the light and asked, “Buddy, what the hell are you doing?”   You struggled to say something, but couldn’t.  I looked at you and said, “Do  you find your mother attractive?”  You nodded a yes.  I smiled and asked,  “Do you want to lick your mother’s pussy?”  Another nod yes.  “Do you  want to Fuck your mother and cum in her snatch!?”  You said yes as your  pecker put another bulge into your shorts.  I also noticed a puddle of cum  behind the plants.  I told you to go take a shower, get into bed and I will talk  to you tomorrow about what happened.  You looked a little worried, then I  said, “Hey, don’t worry about it.  I will see what I can do for you.” “Your  secret is safe with me.”  You smiled as you went to the bathroom.

I stayed overnight in your mother’s room and we fucked each other silly a  couple of times before falling asleep.  I thought that I couldn’t really blame  you for wanting to fuck your mom, she was a hot bitch and a real slut in the  sack.

The next morning, I took you for a ride in my Vette.  Then I said to you,  “How long have you been hot for your mom?”  You told me you always  seem to feel that way, you just keep fantasizing about her, and that you enjoy  hearing her orgasm when she fucks someone, and that she loves vibrators  and dildos, and loves to cum with them as well.  You said, “I would love to  see my mom get fucked by some of the well hung guys on my team, and  even get it on with a hot woman.”  “Then, I am ashamed to admit it, but I  really want to fuck my mom.”  I said, “Hey, dude, I am on the case.”  “I  think I can arrange these things for you, but you have to be patient.”  “Your  mom is really hot after a few of the players on the team, especially the black  ones.”  “And I have a married friend whose black with a 12″ cock, who’s hot  black wife loves to lick pussy and get fucked by white cock, especially  teenage football players.”  “I am sure I can get your mother to oblige them  and I will let you see all of it.”   You were very happy with that plan, as you  promised me you would be patient if you could flood your mom’s pussy  with your sticky, hot cum in the future.  “It may take a few months, but all of  your little fantasies have to come true before I can make this happen, you  making it with your mother,” I said.  Then we went back home and your  mom planned out our evening after she got done at the restaurant.

She planned that you should invite some of your teammates over for a party,  and she would arrange for your younger siblings to go somewhere for the  night.  Your mom was dressed to tease, with a tight top, spandex mini and  her high heeled pumps on.  I am an accomplished guitarist, so some of your  musician buddies, you and I were jammin on some tunes while your slut  mommy played hostess.  I noticed one of the black guys making small talk,  while your hot slut mother gave him the fuck me eyes.  She whispered  something in his ear, and he called another black guy and a white kid, and  they all went into the back.  I told you to get into your mom’s room quickly  and hide in the closet.  The other kids continued to entertain themselves.   Soon, the two black guys are in the bedroom with your mom, as she is giving  them the double suck off.  Both guys were well hung at about 9 to 10″.  I am  licking her pussy, and the other white guy is fondling her tits.  Soon one of  the black guys is shooting his seed into your mom’s hot mouth, while the  other is shooting all over her tits.  Soon I put my throbbing member into her  ass, while the black guys get dressed to leave.  The other white kid isn’t very  big, maybe 6″, and he starts to enter her pussy.  Mommy is laying on top of  me, I am on my back, while this little teenage fucker is poking her.  In no time  at all, (because your mother has a tight twat) he shoots a big stream of sperm  on her belly.  He gets cleaned up and leaves.  I take my cock out of her ass,  and put her on her back and start to fuck her pussy.  “Oh, My God, I should  have fucked those black boys, but I wanted to suck their cocks and taste  their cum.”  I told her, “Their will be more time for that, baby.”  With that  said, I shot a load of my thick, white cum into mommy’s hot pussy.  She  peaked with a violent orgasm.  She got up to go to the bathroom.  So I  checked on you in the closet.  You were completely winded.  I saw your cum  stains on the carpet and on some of mom’s slips and underwear.  All I said  was, “Be patient, there is plenty more ahead.”  “Wait till my friends come up  from Florida next week!”

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