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Roxanne decided to have her second date alone.  It had been a while since her first one.  We had done a lot of communicating and fantasizing about the possibilities and you could feel the intensity growing between us.  I could feel her dominance and the more I felt it, the more I let go.  That afternoon she had teased me about her date unmercifully.  She was chatting with him online and made me go down her and I gave her the first orgasm of the day.  The intensity between us was so erotic.  The passion and the desire I felt for this woman was unbelievable.  She was so loving and yet so slutty.  She knew exactly how to put me into my place and she made it feel so damn good.  I knew she felt it too.  We had gone somewhere new emotionally and we both knew it.

When my wife came home I met her at the door with a loving warm hug.  She handed me her tank top which she wore under her blouse.  She opened her coat and her blouse was unbuttoned and she tilted her head back and took my hand and ran it over her chin and neck.  She said, “do you feel that cum, cucky boy? I saved it for you”.  I could feel the dried cum all over her chin, neck and breasts.  She told me to lick it off her chin and to taste him.  I gently placed my lips into her chin and began to suck slowly and erotically.  She let out a passionate moan.  I knew the thought of me tasting her lover’s cum was driving her crazy.  I moved slowly to her lips as she wrapped her arms around me and held me tight as I began to kiss her passionately.  I could taste his cock on her mouth; I could smell his presence on her face.  She came as we embraced.  I knew she had enjoyed herself.  My head was swooning with desire and passion.  I could feel her power over me and she felt me open up to her completely.  We had picked up right where we had left off before she left.  She reached down and took the camera from her purse and asked if I would like to see what was on it.  I just smiled, my head swimming with desire.  She led me into the computer room and put on her robe as I loaded the pictures.  She looked into my eyes and began to tell me what happened.  I was stroking my dick trying to hold off.  She said she got a table and ordered a drink while waiting for him.  She said her excitement was already at a high level because of what we had experienced.  She felt different this time–she felt very powerful and erotic.  He came in and he was as handsome as his pic.  She bought him a drink.  She liked the idea of her buying his drink.  It made her feel more in control.

They talked for about an hour.  They shared exploits and she told him about me.  I asked her when did she know that she would do something.  She said she knew early she was going to do something but she wasn’t sure how far she would go.  She sensed he was having trouble moving the conversation to what’s next.  He asked her something about maybe she could help him out and send him some links to sites and stuff.  She said sure and she could do a lot more than that for him.  He got the point and reached over and kissed her.  She said he was a good kisser and she was starting to feel very much in control.  She took me into the bedroom and spread her legs and I went down on her again.  I still wasn’t sure what they had done yet.  I began to lick her wet pussy and she said he wanted to fuck her really bad.  I just dove in even deeper.  Eating and licking her like a crazy man.  She came a couple of times and then I laid beside her and began to stoke my dick.  After he kissed her, she told him that they should go to her car and she would show him what she could do for him.  He agreed.  She has a large SUV and was parked in front with the lights from the restaurant shining in.  I asked her if she drove somewhere more secluded.  She said no, she liked the idea of being exposed.

They began making out in the front seat.  He reached under her blouse and starting caressing her breasts and she reached down and began rubbing his cock in his pants.  He was hard as rock and she wanted it in her mouth.  She leaned him back against the door and took it out.  She took him deep in her mouth as he slid his hands into her pants and began fingering her.  She came several times and she could taste his pre-cum.  He said he was going to cum soon.  So she stopped and unbuttoned her blouse and took off her tank and told him to cum on her face and tits.  She took him back into her mouth and soon he was gushing a load all over her chin and neck.  She said looked at him as she rubbed it all over breasts and said she was going to go home and make her husband lick it off.  He thought that was very hot.  She called me after that and gave him the phone and he told me how hot she was and she had something for me.  Needless to say I shot my load and it was so intense.  Between the passion earlier and the cuck angst I felt for four hours as I waited, when I came it was all released.  I was so peaceful at that moment.  I was so in love with this woman.  I was completely hers.

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