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She had long wanted to feel her first BBC, and she had ridden me  to many orgasms talking about it. She would always be on top of me  telling me she needed a real man to fuck her and that I should be  grateful that I she allowed my puny dick inside of her. She was ride  me  until I was ready to cum but she would never allow me to cum inside of  her.  That privilege was only for real men with real cocks. All I had was a  dick.

She had gotten very good at the fantasy but now fantasy would become  reality.  Finally it was here, the day she had been waiting for, she got all  dressed up taking  extra time to do her hair and make up. I pressed her clothes making  sure they  looked perfect. She was going to meet her first Bull at the airport. I  was to wait at  home until she called for me to join them. The torture was intense, as  was the  hardness of my little dick.

I was lucky to have a woman like Debby. I was always a geek growing up  and  never did well with the girls. I got lucky and landed a job right out  of college with  an Internet start up company with stock options. In those days the  Internet was gold.  When went public the stock shot up like crazy. I cashed in and started  my own company.  When I met Debby she was this hot blonde that men drooled over but I  had something  most of them did not, money. I could shower her with lavish gifts and  trips. She loved the  lifestyle I could provide for her. We got married and I do believe she  loves me. When I  brought up the cuckolding fantasy she thought it was strange but it  did not take her long  to indulge me and now it was becoming a reality.

I imagined my incredibly hot sexy wife picking up her BBC in the  airport.  I was in full cucky angst as I waited. and waited…and my little dick  was straining the whole time…  finally she called…and was giggling as she driving from the airport  to the  hotel. She told me to go check in and meet them in the hotel lounge.  I asked her what they were doing and she said “he is kissing my neck  and rubbing my panties”

OMG, I hopped in the car thinking of my proper wife being fondled by  her first black man, I imagined she looked amazing. Not only had she  waited  this moment for a long time, so had I. For awhile I thought it would  never  happen. I finally talked her into just chatting online to indulge me  in this  fantasy. Then one day this guy messaged her and she had been  captivated  by him ever since.

I drove as fast as I could to meet them. She called me on the way. I  could  hear the excitement in her voice and it made my stomach churn in  angst. I asked  where they were and she told me they stopped at a store and he was  inside buying a few things. I asked her if she was ready, she just  blurted  out, “he is so fucking hot cuckyboy, I’m going to let him do anything  that  he wants to do to me and I mean anything, do you understand?” I was  startled by her statement and fell silent. “Meet us at the bar and  make sure you bring the camera and remember you are not allowed to do  anything unless we tell you” were her final words as she hung up.

From the tone of her voice I had began to wonder what I had gotten  myself into.

I got the room and walked into the lounge with my small white dick  totally hard.  I was carrying the camera and video camera as she commanded me. It was  in the middle of the afternoon and there she was my stunning country  club  blond haired spoiled wife sitting there next to this large black man.  I sat down with full blown cucky angst. He reached out and shook my  hand,  gripping it tightly and told me I had a lovely wife. His confidence  intimidated me.

They chatted for quite some time ignoring me. My angst was turning to  fear  as I realized I was not in control anymore. She was in control now and  she  was going to do whatever she wanted. The drinks were flowing and the  bartender could clearly see what was going on, as the two of them  openly  flirted. I felt like the bartender was looking at me like I was a  fool. As I watched  I was getting more and more anxious. Part of me wanted this to stop. I  was paranoid  someone might come in that knew us.

Finally my wife looked at me right in front of the bartender and said,  “cucky,  go out to the car and get my purse, I forgot it, go on now like a good  boy.”  I was so humiliated and something inside me did not want to leave. I  felt like  I was frozen to my stool but I could see the look in her eyes and new  she meant business.  I slowly got off the stool and went toward the door. I thought I heard  the Bull and the  bartender laughing behind me. Here I was this henpecked husband going  to  get my wife’s purse while she stayed behind and flirted with them.  When I returned to the bar I could not believe what a slut my wife  had turned into, there they were sitting in plain view of everyone  kissing deeply and passionately as I walked up to them holding her  purse.  I was so embarrassed as everyone was watching me standing there  looking  like a fool.

She finally noticed me standing there and looked up and said, “I’m  ready”.  They stood up and we headed up to the hotel room. I barely  had the door open and they were kissing like long lost lovers, she  was already moaning and within a few minutes she was in a chair with  her black thigh high covered legs and her expensive high heels up in  the air  spread and her Bull was on his knees, pulling up her skirt and sliding  her thong  aside and was licking her clit with his mouth and tongue.

I sat down in the corner amazed at how hot she looked in the chair as  she was  rubbing the back of his head and moaning. She was completely ignoring  me like  I was not even there. I remembered my cucky duties and turned my  attention to  getting pics/video of the evening.

She pushed him over to the couch and got on her knees and took out  at her Big Black Cock. It was at least 9 inches and thick…she  immediately  started deep throating this cock, I was amazed at how well she took  it. She never  liked sucking my dick but here she was enjoying this black cock which  was at 3 times  bigger then mine. Later she would tell me that she would only suck  real cocks now and  not cucky dick.

They moved to the bed and she looked at me as she was getting ready  the fucking of her life. The look in her eyes told me things would  never be the same.  She ordered me take my clothes off and said, “You can touch your dick  but, NO CUMMING,  and don’t you even think about getting on the bed with us. Go stand in  the corner and  watch a real man fuck me.” I was stunned by what she said but and was  instantly  hard and did exactly I was told. My days of control were over.

I was in a cucky daze standing there with my dick in my hand. God, it  was so  much smaller than his. She got me out of my “daze” by saying. “cucky,  go bring us the magnums out my purse”, which I did as fast as i  could for my Mistress and sat them on the stand. Now my Mistress is  not  on any birth control, and had ahead of time insisted on condoms for  her fucking.

Well the passion got the best of her and as the unopened magnums sat  there unopened he eased the full length of his Big Black Cock  into her tight (not for long) dripping wet pussy. She let out a  loud moan and screamed Oh God!!! She looked at me as he started his  long  strokes of her pussy and said to me..”cucky if he gets me  pregnant, you are just going to have to deal with it..” I was in  shock and fully realized my role as her cuckold now. This  was the last thing she said to me for a long time….. she kept  moaning  over and over as he drilled he think black cock into her.

I sat in the corner stroking my white thin cucky dick. It had never  been  harder sitting there watching my gorgeous hot wife get a fucking that  I knew I  could never give her. He was giving her the full breadth of his cock  and she  was moaning like I had never heard her before. I could see how wet she  was his  as the shaft of his cock was coated in her pussy juice. He fucked her  in every position  imaginable for 2 hours. This black bull was a true stud. My Mistress  would later tell me,  “cucky, it was so nice to get fucked a real man, with a big cock and  who doesn’t cum in  5 strokes like you do.”

After the longest time he began pounding her really hard. She must  have known  he was going to cum because she began thrusting her hips into him. I  could see  his ass cheeks tighten as his hands gripped her ass cheeks below him.  She began screaming like a woman crazed below him. He was dumping his  hot load  into her waiting cunt. I had never been allowed to cum inside my wife  as she did not  want to take birth control pills. My world was changing quickly in  front of my eyes.

He got off her and laid next to her. Her pussy was wide open like a  gapping hole.  She began kissing him deeply and then asked him, “should i let cuck  feel what you did to my pussy?” I was in such a state I couldn’t  even think straight. I had been stroking my small cock for two hours  never cumming and I didn’t know if they were going to let me touch  her or not. They kept kissing for 10 minutes, and finally the bull  said to me,.”ok cuck, you can fuck your wife, but be quick about it”

I practically ran over to the bed, and put my cock at the entrance of  her well fucked pussy and she said “cucky, my pussy will never be the  same and I am going to want more and more, promise me I am in control  now?”  I would have agreed to anything at that moment, hell I would have  signed my  company over to him. I screamed, “Yes, Yes” and with that I entered my  wife.  I could not believe what I was feeling. I had never felt my wife so  wet and smooth.  Her pussy was so stretched I could barely feel my dick inside her.  As i fucked her, she looked at me and said “cucky, I cant even feel  you small  white dick, Hurry up, I want to get fucked by my bull again.”

I knew I would cum fast, and on the third stroke I was ready to  cum….I asked permission to cum, and she said, yes, come on  me. I exploded on her sexy tits, it was the most intense orgasm  I had ever had. Both my wife and bull laughed, and she said to him  “see,  I told you, he cant fuck”. She told me to clean up your  mess, I went to use my mouth and she stopped me, and said “I know you  crave oral clean up duties but not today, you’re denied of that! Get  me a  towel; I did as I was told of course.

Then something unexpected happened. The bull said he was hungry,and  she agreed, they were to eat to recharge the batteries. My wife  said “cucky, order my bull and I some food from room service….and  don’t bother ordering for yourself.” I didn’t really know what was  happening, we hadn’t talked about this, but I did as I was told. I  called and ordered their food, and the my wife said. “cucky, you  have seen enough, get dressed, and you can go home, I am spending the  night with my bull.” I was totally amazed, but so far  into “cucky space” I did what I was told.

I was up all night wondering what was happening and could not wait  for her to return home in the morning. When she finally called it  was later than planned, she said she would be home in 30 minutes, and  she said she was late because they had to get one last fuck in before  he left. I was amazed the effect this had on me, I was climbing the  walls for her to get home, I was naked with hard cock waiting for my  hot slut wife to arrive, I wanted her on a level so deep and so  profound I had never felt anything like it she laid back on the bed,  her hair was messed up, make up smeared she  looked like she had not gotten any rest, she spread her legs and  said “cucky lick my well used pussy and clit, you are good at that  much.” I jumped at the chance and could smell the sex on her, I  could tell she been fucked like never before…she began to tell me  how amazing last night was, her clit was throbbing as I sucked on  it…she told me they fucked for 2 more hours after I left, and they  awoke at 3am, and he fucked her again, and then once more before they  left. She told me this as I licked and sucked on her clit she was  getting very close. She said I am so sore but I want to fuck my  cucky hubby.

She said stop licking me and get on your back. This was how she  liked to fuck me. complete control of the speed and depth and  control of her orgasms and mine. She climbed on, and my little cock  slipped in her massively stretched out pussy with ease.

She said I would not be allowed in her for quite some time after  this, as she needed to recover. She came almost immediately, and  crashing orgasm like no other I had ever seen. She climbed off and  looked at me and kind of laughed a little, and she said..”no more  fucking cucky, now, jack off.

She watched, like always, and I was close, and asked for permission,  and she said yes, I came all over my stomach and chest. She smiled,  and kissed me…and said she loved me, and I never had lover more  than right at that moment. She said, “cucky I am tired, undress me,  and then leave me, I need rest” I did just that.

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