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She is a Slut Now!!

My wife Karen is a schoolteacher at an all-girl Catholic school in Costa Mesa. During the school terms she is the epitome of a lady. Her skirts come to just below the knee and she never shows any cleavage. Karen loves being a teacher and wouldn’t give it up for the world. Karen dark brunette hair, top and bottom, and has a fantastic figure. Her boobs are large and firm and her butt is banging for her body shape. Her face is absolutely gorgeous and she has a personality to match. I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like her and enjoy her company. All the parents rave about her teaching abilities and continually praise her to the Principal. I’m sure they’d change their minds if they knew our secret.      Karen loves to be humiliated and I love to watch! During the summer break Karen goes wild and throws away her inhibitions. I met Karen at NYU and even back then, twelve years ago, everyone was fucking her. Karen was an outstanding student and an even more outstanding slut. My fraternity, ALPHA BETA DELTA, was the wildest on campus. Parties lasted all weekend and Karen was at every one of them for the four years we were there. Karen always arrived looking demure and was quiet until she had a few drinks. Southern Comfort and Coke was her downfall! Once she’d had two she was out of control. At one party she was gang banged by the entire fraternity over the three day long weekend. She’d arrived at 8pm on Friday night and by 10pm she was naked and sucking her first cock. Karen loved to blow guys while their girlfriends watched and called her names. She told me years later she really got off on being humiliated.

Karen certainly came to the right Fraternity because we treated our women badly. During that Labour Day weekend back in 1988, I don’t remember seeing Karen without a cock in at least one of her holes. We were all using drugs to keep us awake and I only slept for about six hours over the whole weekend. Karen was triple-fucked dozens of times and was naked all weekend. Guy, my roommate, made Karen lick his girlfriend’s cunt in front of everyone. Karen was totally wanton and nothing was too outrageous. Karen didn’t seem to care what people thought of her and happily posed for photos doing whatever the guys wanted. We have hundreds of photos of her sucking cocks and being fucked by dozens of different guys. One guy, I won’t mention his name, loved to ass-fuck Karen and got off on having Karen ass-fuck him with a dildo. He is now a US Senator and very outspoken against homosexuals. Karen’s reputation at NYU would have been enough to have her expelled in most Universities. It was only her fantastic grades and her personality that saved her. I don’t think the Dean or any of her Professors could believe such a demure and lovely girl could be such a slut. Over the four years we were at NYU all of my buddies and most of the other male students had fucked Karen. Karen insisted that condoms were NOT used because she loved the feeling of cum leaking from her cunt. This resulted in a couple of cases of mild STD and a few anxious times when Karen’s period was late.

Karen was the football team mascot and win, lose or draw the whole team fucked her. If they won it was usually just fucking and sucking but if they lost more often then not they’d take the frustration out on Karen. After two losses in a row the quarterback accused Karen of being bad luck and offered her to the UCLA team that had just beaten them. Obviously the offer was accepted and the UCLA team came over to our frat house. If Eric, the quarterback, thought he was hurting Karen he was dumber then he looked. Twenty-six new guys. She was in heaven!! I watched the entire offensive and defensive teams fuck Karen in every hole and in every position imaginable. Karen was covered in cum and hickeys from top to bottom. Watching the big black defensive linemen fuck Karen was incredible. When Reggie, the 300lb UCLA lineman, ass fucked Karen her little white body disappeared completely. How Karen’s cunt and ass stretched to accommodate such large cocks was awe inspiring for everyone watching. All the cum overflowing from her ass and cunt was pooling on our new carpet. It was a disgusting mess and I was in love with Karen from that moment. After the UCLA team was finished with her several of our own team fucked her. Karen seemed to be in a sexual daze and was smiling to herself all the time. If someone touched her knee, she spread her legs and if the touched her hip she rolled over and spread her ass-cheeks. She was on automatic. When everyone was finished with her Karen made coffee. The squelching noise she made when she walked was quite obscene. The UCLA team had gone and most of our frat house had wandered off to bed. They knew there’d be other opportunities to watch Karen being gang banged. Karen served coffee to the six guys still awake and then cleaned the cum off the carpet. After tidying up the room she asked Guy if anyone wanted to rest with her tonight or should she just go back to her dorm. Guy asked the other guys if anyone ‘wanted the slut for the night’, ‘She’s well lubricated’. Knowing there’d be plenty of other nights to fuck this slut everyone said no. I offered to drive her back to her dorm.

On the short drive back to Karen’s dorm I told her how much I enjoyed watching her fuck. Karen and I were both finishing University at the end of the year and coincidentally moving to California. After parking behind the dorm Karen and I fucked in the back of my car. The feeling of pushing my cock into her overflowing cunt was amazing. I’d fucked her many times before but this was the first time since I realized I loved her. For the last three months at NYU we were inseparable. I was always the last guy to fuck her after an orgy and drove her to her dorm if she wasn’t staying with some other guy or guys. I spent hours in my room, sometimes while Guy was fucking her, cataloguing her photos. She had kept a diary from her first day at NYU and whenever possible wrote down the guys’ names who’d fucked her. There were hundreds of names and on more then one occasion the name of a team, like the UCLA football team or KSU basketball team. The last week Karen was at NYU she spent at our frat house. She had graduated with honors in all her courses especially fucking. Karen lived in my room and was continually being fucked, both vaginally and anally, for the whole week in a farewell performance. Most of the guys from the different frat houses brought old photos of orgies with Karen and we tried to put them in chronological order. It was difficult for anyone to remember exact dates so we just put them in yearbooks. Karen wasn’t much help in dating the photos because she was usually so out of it at the orgies.

On the last night at NYU over forty guys fucked Karen. The finale was Karen lying on the floor with, ‘SLUT’ painted across her tits and ‘WHORE’ on her belly. One after the other the guys ejaculated over her until she was covered from eyebrows to toenails in cum. I took twenty photos at different times showing her body disappearing under the torrent of cum. These photos we pasted into her last yearbook. Karen and I were married six years ago and for most of the year, at least Monday to Friday, we lead ordinary respectable lives. On weekends, whenever possible, we drive hundreds of miles from Costa Mesa so that Karen can get gang banged by strangers. It’s the summer breaks from school that are the best. Four years ago after some careful planning on my part, Karen had her dream come true. Southern California is only a four-hour drive from Tijuana and the Mexican brothels. While I was down there on business I’d met one of the owners at a cantina. This guy, Peter, was an American and both tourists and locals used his brothel. The prices charged depended on the customer. Tourists were charged about $25 but for locals it was about $4. I told Peter about Karen and told him how she loved to be fucked and humiliated. I asked him if he’d be interested in having her work for him for a month over summer. Peter was interested but wary of some sort of trap. I showed Peter some of Karen’s photos I always carry and he agreed to hire her for a month on two conditions. Firstly, he could fuck when and where he liked and secondly, if she worked out he could extend her for another month.

I reluctantly agreed to his second condition. As I only had one month off work, I would have to leave Karen down here by herself for the second month, only seeing her weekends. Peter said Karen would be his major draw card because the Mexicans loved to fuck American women. She would be working out of his largest bedroom and both Peter and I could watch the action through a one way mirror. I told Karen we were going to Mexico for a month’s holiday and would get some new guys to fuck and abuse her. When we arrived in Tijuana I took her straight to Peter’s brothel. When Karen saw the brothel she knew straight away what I planned for her. I introduced her to Peter in the waiting area and I could almost see his cock harden through his jeans. He told her to remove her dress and show him what she had to offer. Karen undid the buttons of her summer dress and let it drop to the floor. She stepped out of it and stood there in front of ten customers and four working girls in the just her brief thong panties. Peter told her to take them off and give them to him. He said if he hired her she wouldn’t need panties. My beautiful slut slid her panties off and tossed them to Peter. The blond hair on her cunt only accentuated her swollen pussy lips. Karen’s nipples were rock hard as she spun around giving everyone a good look at her body. Peter told Karen she kept half of all the money she earned but half of that was to be paid for room and board. When she was not with a customer she would share a dormitory with the other working girls. She could expect no special treatment. Karen was told to suck Peter’s cock and to swallow his cum. This she did willingly and expertly.  Peter then collected the $4 from each of the Mexicans waiting and we both watched as they gang banged Karen on the waiting room floor. Karen was in her element. She would be fucked dozens of times a day and have absolutely no control over who fucked her and what they did to her. Peter had complete control over my slut wife for at least the next month. I had no doubt that he would extend her for the extra month.

Peter wanted to use Karen in his advertising flyer’s and Karen had no objection. She wanted to be fucked as many times a humanly possible over the next month. Karen wasn’t aware that Peter could at his discretion, keep her for another month. My only concern with the flyer’s was that someone from So.Cal. may recognize her and report her to the school. Because Peter’s brothel was well used by tourists there was already a slight risk of that happening. Karen was unfazed by the chances of that but I insisted on some sort of disguise. We agreed that dyeing her hair black would change her looks enough to at least course some doubt. Within a week thousands of flyer’s were out advertising the new American whore at ‘Yankee Pete’s Bordello’. Whenever I walked down the street photos of my whore bride stared back at me from lampposts and walls. Peter’s business almost doubled over night. When word got around that the gringo slut didn’t want her men to use condoms business boomed.

In the first month Karen or Carina as she was known in Tijuana, spent only three nights in the dormitory. Only the fact that the Mexicans loved to ass-fuck as much as cunt-fuck stopped Karen from getting bedsores! For the first two weeks both Peter and I watched Karen perform through the mirror. She was averaging thirty men a day and at least four gang bangs a week. One of the house specials was gang bangs. Five or more men paid only three dollars each for locals or twenty dollars each for tourists. Karen was getting three local gang bangs and one tourist gang bang a week. One group of Australians gang banged my wife’s ass mercilessly for two hours. I watched as they tied her arms to the headboard and her feet to the bottom corner posts. One guy placed a pillow under her hips making her ass cheeks spread and one after the other the six guys pounded her still tight ass. I could see Karen having orgasm after orgasm as the men emptied their balls into her puckered hole. Karen was then untied and made to suck and lick clean the six cocks. Karen happily posed for photos with the guys before they left.

Over the month the best thing for me was watching my wife take on anyone and everyone. Most guys that have their wives fuck other men usually check out the guys first. While Karen worked at the bordello she had no right to say no. If the guy or guys had the money she had to fuck them. Karen was on the pill and kept taking it to avoid any unwanted pregnancy and to avoid having a period while she was working. Over the first month she was fucked at least a thousand times and never had to use lubricant. Karen has the wettest cunt known to man and the Mexicans seem to prefer fucking her while she had other mens’ cum leaking out. The last two weeks I only spent a couple of hours a day watching my wife being fucked.  If there was a particularly large gang bang planned or she wanted me to watch her do something different of course I’d stay. I’d watch her for a couple of hours in the morning and then go sightseeing with Peter. Karen didn’t know who was watching her through the window and was unable to here us talking, so she didn’t know when I was there.

When I told Karen that Peter was going to keep her for another month she was over the moon and kissed me for arranging such a great vacation. Karen wasn’t due back to school for another seven weeks and was hoping that Peter would keep her till then. She was less pleased when she realized that I wouldn’t be staying with her. I told her I would come down at least one day a weekend and she could tell me what she’d been doing. I also asked her to keep score so we could add to her yearbooks.  Karen stayed an extra six weeks and we estimated that in the ten weeks she’d been fucked eighteen hundred times. ‘Carina’ spends at least four weeks a year at Yankee Pete’s Bordello and if Peter needs her for a special occasion we go down for a weekend. Peter comes and stays with us in Costa Mesa and regularly fucks my wife. We both regard Peter as a close friend when he stays with us but when Karen works for him in Tijuana she’s just another working slut. Karen no longer dyes her hair when she works in Mexico and we’re both comfortable with the risks involved. So far only one person has recognized her and he’s the father of one of her students. He has as much to lose if he reveals our secret but to ensure his silence Karen lets him fuck her a couple of time a month. It’s great having such a slut for a wife.

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