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Leigh and I have been married for 2  years.  We are deeply in love and have always had great sex.  Sometimes experiencing many exciting happenings such as flashing cars and trucks on the highway to having sex in motels with the curtains open to having sex in the pool and even in the ocean in broad daylight with a young black man watching.  These times always turned Leigh on tremendously.  We also enjoy porn a lot, especially amateur and group interracial movies.  Leigh would get off so much watching them that I brought the subject up about bringing some attractive black men into our bed for her.  She liked the thought, but worried about my feelings which were set on go.  I would love to see her being fucked by well-hung attractive black men and told her so on numerous occasions.

She finally agreed to post some ads with nude pictures on interracial dating websites, like  The responses she received were overwhelming to the point that she would pose for these ads every weekend.  She realized how hot she was to these men and loved the attention and compliments she was receiving.  She now would eagerly show her body to unsuspecting black men on the internet as well as in public, but was still hesitant to act on her desires.  She told me she would love to do it if it were spontaneous and not planned or didn’t know about it beforehand.  So I began to set up meetings with men she found hot on the internet.  Each time she would figure out what I was up to before we arrived at the meeting and begged off.

The first time, I had set up a photo shoot of us having sex together.  The photographer was to be a black man we met on the internet.  He was going to meet us at a motel in Macon, Ga.  And do the filming.  Leigh didn’t know that he had told me he was bringing two other men to help film.  I had agreed to that.  Knowing full well what they had planned.  I would have been doing the filming of her being ravaged by these three men.  I told her about the others just before pulling in to the parking lot thinking she would let her horniness carry her through.  Well, she backed out.  Since then, we have been invited to a Super Bowl gang bang set up for her and a threesome with two black men in the town she works in.  Both times she backed out at the last minute.

Recently two very attractive, well hung men from the same town have been responding to her ad almost daily.  As it turns out, they both work for the State as does Leigh and they recognized her.  I knew this from the beginning, but chose to ease Leigh into it when the time was right.  Her initial reaction surprised me a little because she really was hot for these men.  They had sent us some pictures of other very attractive wives shown being DP’d by Victor and Johnson.  These turned her on more than any of the others and when I told her they worked with her, she was hot with lust trying to recognize their faces.  These men were very anxious for her and it was all I could do to keep them from coming to her office and seducing her.  They would see her a couple days a week either in the building they work in or as she strutted that fine body of hers across the parking lot.

I finally showed her the e-mails they had been sending me with their comments about what they were going to do with her and her reaction was to pose for more photos to send them.  She knew they were watching her and this was driving her crazy with lust because she found these two men to be extremely hot.  She was falling under their spell and I knew that she would have them real soon.  Just when I was ready to set up the meeting, she began to get nervous because she said they were too close to her, living 20 miles away and working with her.  She asked me to put it off and seek someone from Atlanta or a little further away.  Her words said one thing, but her body said something completely different.  She continued posing for them whenever I had the camera handy.  I told her we would back off, but instead we planned a surprise meeting in a bar near here.  The plan was that Leigh and I would be drinking and dancing and they would walk in, say they recognized her, and join us.

The Friday night of the meeting finally arrived and Leigh was dressed to kill with a very short black dress and only a teddy on underneath and black thigh highs.  Now Leigh has magnificent nipples that protrude over an inch when hard which they were when we entered the bar.  She was absolutely gorgeous as every man’s head in the bar followed her to her seat in the booth we had chosen.

We sat across from one another so we could look at each other, but I knew it would give Johnson and Victor the opportunity to slide in next to her when they arrived.  After a couple hours of drinking and dancing, she was getting very turned on from the drinks and dancing we were doing.  Then I noticed Johnson first then Victor enter and take a seat at the bar while looking for us.  As soon as they saw us they headed our way.  As they walked up to our booth they introduced themselves at which time Leigh recognized them as the two men from the internet.  She turned and gave me a knowing smile and I asked them to join us.  Leigh instinctively slid over and Johnson slid in beside her as Victor slid in across from her.  I could see the excitement in her eyes as her skin turned a flush color.

The conversation began about their jobs but soon turned to her photos and how sexy they thought she was.  At this time Johnson slid his right arm around Leigh and shifted in his seat so he was facing her while looking at her thighs that showed easily above her thigh highs.  Both men were eying her up and down and telling her how hot she was and this was making her hotter by the minute.  After about thirty minutes Johnson took Leigh’s left hand and placed it on his massive semi-hard cock.  This was the first black cock Leigh had ever held and it began to grow as she began stroking him under the table.  The entire time she was stroking him, she never took her eyes off his crotch.  His cock was so large that it would have been obvious to everyone in the bar had he stood up.

About this time, Johnson took his left hand and began sliding it up her thigh until he reached her covered pussy.  I knew exactly when he touched it by the moan that escaped her lips.  This was moving far better than we had hoped so I told Leigh to ask these two men to come with us to our motel room for more partying.  She did so immediately, never removing her hand from his cock.  They both readily agreed and Johnson helped Leigh from the booth as both men were at her side as we left the bar.  Leigh asked if they would ride with us so as to not get lost.  They agreed and when we reached our car, Victor slid into the back seat taking Leigh by the hand and pulling her in with him as Johnson slid in beside her other side.  This was just as she and I had fantasized about many times.

The motel was only 5 minutes away, but they had her dress off before we left the parking lot and she had a massive black cock in each hand.  I glanced in the mirror as Victor pushed her willing mouth onto his cock.  She was sucking one and then the other as we arrived at the motel and I parked in front of our door.  As I was unlocking the door I saw Johnson lift Leigh from the back seat like a rag doll, setting her on his lap as she wrapped both her legs and arms around him as he carried her to the room in front of anyone that might have been watching.

After they entered the room, Johnson set her down on the floor on her knees and told her to undress them and suck their cocks.  She had their pants and boxers off in record time and was alternating sucking two of the largest black cocks I have ever seen.  She sucked them for about 20 minutes before Victor announced he was coming.  She latched onto his dick with her mouth and began to suck like a baby sucking a bottle.  She was well aware of how much black men love to come in white women’s mouths and she was intent on giving them the best blowjob ever.  He came so much that she couldn’t swallow fast enough and some escaped her mouth.  Just then Johnson put her mouth directly on his cock and proceeded to fill her throat and stomach with his cum.  She licked them both clean and begged them to fuck her.  Their cocks never softened and the were immediately ready.  They both literally tore her teddy off and placed her on her back on the bed.  Victor crawled between her thighs and began to tease her with his massive cock as she begged him to put it in her.  Johnson, meanwhile, again fed her his cock.  It took Victor several minutes to get all 10 inches of his cock in her.  She was coming before he had half of it in her.  He then placed her legs on his black shoulders and drove his cock balls deep into Leigh.  She screamed in pleasure losing control as she kept telling him she loved his cock and that her pussy was now his.  He fucked her for over an hour before coming deep in her pussy at which time Johnson began inserting his even larger cock into her well fucked pussy.

They fucked her until 10 am the next morning at which time the three of them showered and we took them back to their car in the back seat with Leigh sucking their cocks.

All the way home, she thanked me for allowing her to experience these two men and asked me if this was a one time thing or could they do her again.  I told her she was theirs whenever they wanted her and that I loved her more now than before.  I told her how exciting it was to watch her cum so many times with them.  I’m sure that this will continue for as long as they want her.

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