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Sexy Slut

If you’ve read any of my previous true stories, you know that I am married to a submissive blond hotwife.  As a dominant man of color, I enjoy sharing her with other clean, well hung, dominant blacks.  This has resulted in many hot fulfilling adventures, some of which I’ve shared on this website.  Here’s one that I think you’ll enjoy and an example of slut training in a nightclub.

In our city, there was a blue collar nightclub that booked mainly R & B black bands.  The drinks were stiff, the music was good, and the place was always jammed on weekends.  Most of the crowd were blacks, with a few interracial couples.  The white women that frequented the club were clearly there for one thing, black cock.  It was one of our favorite clubs, and my wife always suggested we go there.

One night, I told her to get ready to go to the club for a night of dancing and drinking.  Our dress code required her to never wear panties or bra when we go out, so without being told my wife dressed like a hot white whore.  She wore black heels, a black shiny dress with spaghetti straps, no bra, and crotchless panty hose.  The dress clung to her hard body and was very short.  Without her knowledge, I contacted Dre, a dominant, young black, whom she had fucked and sucked before.  He loves using my wife, and I told Dre to meet us at the club, and to park his van in the club parking lot.

We got to the club early to get a table, and after a few drinks, my wife was getting loose and horny.  Her outfit attracted the attentions of a lot of the black guys who came there to score some white pussy.  While dancing on the packed dancefloor, I would inch her short dress up, so that guys to get a glimpse of her nice ass and shaved, pierced pussy.  By 11 o’clock, my wife was kissing me and massaging my cock through my slacks.  The tables at this club are real close, so everyone around us could see she was primed to be fucked.  Right on time, Dre showed up (as if by accident) and asked if he could share our table.  He slid in with my wife in the middle, and promptly put his big black hand on her thigh.  He had his hand on her pussy when the waitress came over to take his drink order, and people nearby could clearly see him fingering my wife’s pussy rings.  The waitress gave us a big smile and a wink as she went off to get us another round.  Dre took her out to the dancefloor, and felt her up like she was his whore during a couple of songs.  She knew at this point that she was going to be used like the white slut she is, and the idea got her very hot and wet.  She was moaning and kissing Dre on the dancefloor as he freely felt her ass and tits.  When they got back to the table, my wife’s D size tits were practically hanging out.  At this point, the band decided to take a break.

I turned to Dre and said “Take her out to your van and use her like she’s your white whore. Just bring her back when you hear the band start up again.  Until then, she’s all yours.”

Turning to my wife, I said, “Take good care of my friend, bitch.  Show him what a hot little slut you are, and I don’t want to hear any complaints or you will be punished.”

With that, Dre took my wife’s hand, and together, they headed for the parking lot.  When they left, a lot of black guys in the crowd starting smiling and joking about how another white wife was going to be blacked.  The parking lot was full, and since it was during a break in the music, a lot of people were out in the lot, smoking, getting some air or just hanging.  Everyone saw my wife get into the van with her black lover.  The band took an incredibly long break, about 40 minutes!  As I waited by myself at our table, the same waitress came up and asked me if she should total up our tab.

“No, I said, they’ll be back shortly,”

She gave me a knowing look, smiled, and said, “I hope they’re enjoying themselves.”

The band started up again, and was into their third song before Dre brought back my slut wife.  Her appearance had been transformed into that of a well used whore.  Her hair was a mess and her lipstick was all smeared (from repeated cocksucking).  Her mini dress was all wrinkled and there were holes torn in the inner thighs of her crotchless pantyhose, and also runs going down her long legs.  With a contented look, she told me in great detail what she did in the van.  Turns out she sucked Dre off twice, whenever he wasn’t plowing her pussy.  She said his cock was so thick that she could see her pussy rings opening sideways to take his cock.  At one point, he took a ring in each hand, and pulled them wide apart before plunging his cock deep into her.  He also gave her ass a good spanking.  While all this was going on, the van was rocking, and she could hear black guys outside commenting on how the white bitch was getting her fill of black cock inside the van.  I reached under the table, and put my fingers into my wife’s loose pussy.  It was full of warm cum, and when I showed it to her, she looked into my eyes as she licked the cum off my fingers in front of everyone around our table.  Only then did I allow her to go clean up in the restroom.

By now the club was standing room only, and the women’s bathroom was way in the back.  She had to push her way through a gauntlet of black men standing along the bar, and I could see guys hitting on her, and feeling her ass and tits as she worked her way through the crowd.  She didn’t try to fend anyone off, and the guys got pretty bold.

When she finally returned, she gave me and Dre each a deep kiss, and said “I want you both.  Use me like a whore.”

We took her back out to the van, and as she climbed in, we raised her dress to show the guys in the lot her pussy, leaking Dre’s cum and her pussy rings.  Once inside, we double penetrated our slut, switching places often between her pussy and mouth.  We fed her the accumulated pussy juice and cum off of our cocks as we rotated positions.  This is one of my wife’s favorite positions, to be on all fours with two cocks in her at once.  Whoever was fucking her pussy also was spanking her cute white ass.  I came once down her throat, and added my second load into her well used cunt.  Dre managed one more cum, this time; he shot on her face so that she could wear a facial when we got out of his van.  When we finally got out of the van, some guys wanted to gangbang her, especially since she had Dre’s cum on her face.  I decided against it, since my wife was pretty much all used up for one night.  Maybe in the future . . .

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