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Wife’s Summer Fun

It was an extremely hot May day and our air conditioner was broken.  My husband told me to call a repairman while he was at work.  I made a call to the place but they wouldn’t be able to stop by until the following Monday.  I had to do something to cope with the heat.

I went upstairs and put on my new string bikini.  It covered my 36D breasts perfectly. The reflection in the mirror was marvelous.  Not bad for a 35 year old mother of two.  My shoulder length  brown hair was flowing too my  shoulder barely touching my skin.  The bikini bottoms clung to my curvaceous bubble butt.  I grabbed a towel and headed out to the backyard pool.

I chose a nice spot in the sun to place my towel.  The sun rays were pounding down on my back as I lay down.  I untied the back of my bikini top to prevent tan lines from forming.  After 30 minutes I decided to be daring and rolled over onto my back.  My firm breasts were exposed for the entire world to see.

The loud roar of a lawnmower startled me.  It was the neighbor kid cutting the grass.  He was on break for the summer.  I decided to have a little fun with him.  My eyes were totally concealed by my sunglasses so I pretended to be asleep while he passed by.  His head glanced over in my direction and he almost tripped when he discovered my breasts.  He had his shirt off exposing his tightly chiseled black chest.  I noticed a familiar symbol on his right arm.  It was a Kappa fraternity tattoo.  I had a matching one above my ass and another just above my crotch.  These identified me as a familiar face.  I was branded with these a few years ago during a vacation adventure.

I rolled onto my stomach again so the boy could see my Kappa tattoo just above my bikini bottom.  The lawnmower stopped and I heard the sound of the boy walking over.

“Excuse me mam, I wanted to introduce myself.  I am Greg.”  I rolled over with my breasts in plain view.  His black body was glistening with sweat.  I didn’t say a word to him.  Instead I sat up and rubbed the crotch of his pants.  His package was huge.  Verifying once again what they say about black guys in true.  “What would you like to do with me?  I am at your mercy Greg.”  He unzipped his pants and released the largest cock that I had ever seen.  It looked like a dark black shampoo bottle.  There were thick veins protruding from the long shaft.  I was completely awe stru k by the sight.  There was nothing that I wouldn’t do at that moment to be able to feel that monster inside of me.  Greg said, “let’s take this inside baby.  I don’t want anybody to see me deflowering you and call the police or something.

I removed my bikini bottom and headed into the house.  My ass swayed from side to side as I strutted up the stone path.  I felt Greg’s eyes glued to my every movement.  He knew he was about to give this little suburban housewife the ride of her life.  The sliding glass door flew open as the two of us entered the kitchen.  Greg continued to follow my lead through the house and up the wooden staircase.  I burst into the bedroom and fell backwards onto the bed.  The feathery white comforter broke my descent.  I wanted Greg to take me right here on the bed.  All of the bedroom windows were fully open but I didn’t care.

“Come on Greg, show me what kind of damage that black tool of yours will do.”  He immediately striped down to nothing at all.  His dark black skin was a deep contrast to the white decor in the room.  “Are you sure that you want to go through with this?  I am not sure because I have never been with a married woman before,” Greg confessed.  I couldn’t believe that he was so concerned about getting caught by my wimpy husband.  “Greg come on.  My husband is at work and my kids are at school.  This is your chance to make me scream.  Don’t you want to fuck the shit out of my tight pussy?”

With my true intentions out in the open, Greg joined me on the bed.  We started to exchange a passionate kiss.  Our tongues darted in and out of each others mouth.  His cock was growing to its astonishing size right before my very eyes.  I couldn’t believe that I was going to try and stuff it into my body.  I kissed his firm chest and gradually worked my way down to the prize.  He moaned as I gripped the dick with my right hand.  I tried to stuff the head in my mouth but it was too thick.  I switched to plan B.  I jerked the shaft off with both of my hands while my tongue caressed the sides.  He quivered as I licked the large protruding veins.

“Ok Greg I am going to give it a try now,” I murmured.  First I reached over to the nightstand and retrieved one of my husband’s condoms.  I couldn’t risk getting pregnant by a black man’s sperm.  After removing the rubber disk from the foil package, I discovered that there was no way to squeeze his cock into suck a small space.  What was I thinking; this guy was way out of my husband’s league when it came to penis size.

At this point I didn’t care about the consequences.  All I wanted was to experience the sensations of this cock.  Greg pushed my body away from his.  “There is something that I need to tell you.  I have never had sex before.  I am a 19 year old virgin.”  I kissed Greg on the lips and told him not to worry about anything.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  He had chosen my pussy as the first place to try out his gigantic dick.

My pussy was soaking wet in anticipation.  Greg held on to my hips as I slowly lowered my body onto his rod.  At first it felt like something was tearing my vaginal canal in two.  My body burned as the foreign object burrowed deeper and deeper into me.  I couldn’t believe that my vagina was large enough to hold him.  It just kept stretching to accommodate Greg’s manhood.  I finally reached the bottom of his shaft when his large balls were pressing against my labia.  There was an intense pressure on my cervix from the head of his penis.  I turned around and looked at our reflection in the bedroom mirror.  The contrast between my tan body and his dark black skin was intriguing.  He spread my ass cheeks apart revealing that I was still impaled on his black rod.

I sat still allowing time for my tight pussy to adjust.  Eventually I lifted my body up and began riding Greg’s large manhood.  He was holding on to my ass cheeks as they bounced from the movement.  I couldn’t resist the urge to scream out in pleasure.  I didn’t care if the windows were open and the entire neighborhood could hear us fucking.  Greg had amazing stamina for a virgin.  He just kept laying there while I rode him like a wild horse.  It felt amazing.  My vaginal canal was stretched to the limits.  I could feel every ridge and vein of his penis rubbing against my insides.

I could feel my first orgasm brewing deep within my inner walls.  Within a few strokes I was convulsing in orgasmic bliss.  My pussy walls squeezed Greg’s cock with such pressure that he yelped.  I fell onto his chest and rolled off onto my back.  My pussy signed a breath of relief when his cock slid from its grips.  I could see the reflection of my gapping hole in the mirror.

Greg apologized for what he had done.  I explained that most women prey for such a gut wrenching orgasm their entire life.  I instructed him to get on top and take me.  “Greg you are going to need a lot of practice before you return to school.  Don’t be afraid to fuck me.  I want you to treat me like your little Kappa slut.”

Greg drove his cock into me with the entire push of his body.  I screamed out in agony as he rammed my cervix.  “Come on Greg fuck your little white slut.  Make me a slave to your black cock.”  My pillow talk was really getting him excited.  He was drilling into my pussy with extreme force.  I grabbed his tight ass as my body was overtaken with another orgasm.  How the hell could a virgin give me such pleasure?  Before I knew it I was begging for him to cum in me.

Greg was biting my hard nipples as he continued to dig into my pussy hole with his super size cock.  He let out a yell when his cock began convulsing.  I squeezed my vaginal muscles as hard as I could.  The first shot of cum hit the back of my pussy like a shot gun blast.  He continued to pump the deadly black seed into my unprotected womb.  I just wrapped my legs around his body and held on tight.  Eventually he left the bed and went into the bathroom.  I starred at my reflection in the mirror.  My tan body was soaked in sweat.  My vagina was hanging wide open and I could see gobs of a thick white substance coating the inner walls. I felt like a complete slut.  I had just let the neighbor’s son fuck the shit out of me.  What would everyone think if they ever found out?

Greg gave me a kiss when he returned from the bathroom.  He asked if I would be willing to give him further lessons before his return to school.  I agreed and gave him a kiss goodbye.  A funny feeling came over my body.  This was going to be a very interesting summer.

Greg made return visits to my house every weekday for the next two weeks.  We fucked in every possible position throughout the house.  I became very concerned when I missed my period.  I hadn’t let my husband near my pussy since the initial encounter with Greg.  There was a good possibility that I was pregnant with his black baby.  I told Greg that we had to take it easy because my kids were now home from school on summer vacation.

I still met Greg for sex whenever possible.  It was clear that I had some kind of addiction to his monstrous cock.  Whenever my kids were over at someone else’s house or they were sleeping, I would page Greg to stop by for a quick dose.  I even made arrangements for him to meet my best friend Michelle.  She desperately wanted to meet him after hearing the stories.  They hit it off instantly and became fuck buddies as well.  Greg would sometimes arrange for threesomes with Michelle and me.

Before I knew it the summer was coming to an end.  My dreaded pregnancy was now starting to show after four and a half months.  There was a definite bulge in my belly.  I had no idea what to tell my husband.  Greg was spending less and less time with me since Michelle had entered his life.  She was married also but definitely more available because she didn’t have any children.

It was a Saturday afternoon and my husband and I were seated at the kitchen table.  He mentioned that our neighbor’s were throwing a going away party for their son Greg and we were invited.  My stomach was filled with butterflies.  This was my final opportunity to experience Greg’s cock before he was gone.

I absolutely had to break the news to my husband.  I couldn’t keep it from him any longer.  “Daniel there is something that I need to tell you.  I am pregnant.”  My husband’s jaw dropped.  “Is that even possible,” he questioned.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth so I made up some bogus timeline.  He seemed to believe the story that I told him.

The following week dragged on for an eternity.  I tried to think of something really special that I could do to surprise Greg.  It had to be way over the top and something so dirty that Michelle wouldn’t dare try.  I knew that anal sex was the one thing that she would never go for.  It would be impossible for Greg to squeeze his super sized cock into my little butt hole.  Unless I did some preparation prior to our final meeting.

I decided to stop by the local adult bookstore to get some supplies.  It was a run down building on the other side of town.  The parking lot was always full with cars.  I pulled into the lot and parked my SUV in the back.  I would die if someone I knew saw me enter.  The store was full of people.  I headed towards the rear of the building.  There was an entire wall full of dildos and vibrators.  I quickly located a large black butt plug.  It was slightly smaller than Greg’s dick but it would do.  I picked up the package and headed to the checkout counter.  All of the men were starring as I passed.

I hurried home to test out my plan.  I wanted my butt to be able to accommodate such a large object with ease.  I coated the large rubber spear with KY jelly and inserted it into my butt hole.  It burned like hell but I had to do it.  I devised a schedule that would have me ready for action by Saturday.  I would wear the plug throughout the day and remove it at night when my husband was home.

The big day had finally arrived.  I woke up extra early to insert the plug into my ass for one final stretching.  Most of the early afternoon was spent preparing a noodle casserole to bring for the party.  Daniel was trying to make out with me ever since I told him about the pregnancy.  I explained to him that I had a lot to get done today.  He was practically begging to get into my pants.  What the hell I was horny all day thinking about my encounter with Greg.

I plopped my butt onto one of our wooden kitchen stools.  I then pushed Daniel down to the ground and positioned his head between my legs.  He pulled my sweat pants down and began licking my vagina.  Daniel was actually pretty good at oral sex.  I ran my fingers through his hair.  “What the fuck is this,” he yelled.  The large anal plug was dangling from his hand.  “Is this some kind of sick joke.  You have been walking around this place all day with a rubber banana up your ass.”

I didn’t say a word.  What could I tell him to justify this very uncomfortable situation?  I quickly dropped to my knees and unzipped my husband’s pants.  He was unable to back away because the countertop was in the way.  I popped his little pecker into my mouth and sucked away.  My husband’s anger was replaced by pure joy.  It had been years since I let him place his dick in my mouth.  His dick slid out and I took a short break.  “Daniel there is something that I have to tell you.  Do you promise not to get angry?”  He moaned in agreement as I started jerking his cock with my right hand.  “I have been fucking Greg for the past four months.  While you have been working your butt off at work, I have been here at home letting the neighbor boy ravage my pussy.  His cock is so large that I can’t resist.  It is all I think about.”  Daniel then blew his load in my face.  He called me a little slut and a whore.  I told my husband that I was going upstairs to get ready.  He was going to do as I told him or I would make his life a living hell.

My husband just stood there with his mouth open.  I knew he was a wimp.  Daniel started blushing as he took the kids and headed over to the neighbor’s house.  I now had a license to do whatever I wanted.  My closet was a disaster after I finished digging for the perfect outfit.  This was going to be my coming out party.  I selected a miniature pair of khaki shorts that barely covered my ass cheeks.  They accentuated every curve of my ass.  I decided to skip the panties because I didn’t want any lines.  My Kappa tattoo was peeking out over the top of the cloth.  I secured my 36D breasts with a floral print halter top.  I finished the outfit off with a pair of white fat soled sneakers.  I admired my reflection in the mirror.  I looked like a total slut in heat.  My pregnant belly was protruding from the top of my shorts.  I hoped that it wouldn’t be that obvious to everyone.

My breasts bounced as I walked over to the party.  When I entered the backyard all eyes were fixed on me.  I was deliberately allowing my ass cheeks to sway back and forth.  I stopped by Greg and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  He introduced me to John and Leroy, two fellow fraternity buddies that were driving him up to school tomorrow.  John was a very tall and skinny black guy.  Leroy was the exact opposite.  He was black but had to be at least 250 pounds.  “Greg I need to speak with you about the special gift that I have for you.  I hope to see you boys later.”  I then strutted away to mingle with the neighbors.

I received many dirty looks from the other wives at the party as I moved among the couples.  I ran into another one of our neighbors and began chatting.  Before I knew it, Greg’s mother came outside and announced that dinner was served. I jumped in fear as someone gripped my ass from behind.  “There is my little slut,” Greg whispered in my ear.  “What is this surprise that you have for me?”  My friends and I are supposed to hook up with Michelle later tonight.”  I made a sad face and pushed him away.  “That is too bad Greg.  I was going to let you fuck my tight little butt hole tonight.  However, I don’t want anything to do with Michelle.”  I pushed my butt into Greg and stormed off into the house for some food.

I met up with my husband inside the house.  He greeted me with dismay.  “Are you crazy?  You look like a total slut in that outfit.  This guy must be really good in the sack,” Daniel remarked.  Greg was standing behind my husband in the distance giving a thumb up sign.  That meant that my plans were a go.

My husband and I spent the rest of the evening at a picnic table with our children.  We ate the food that Greg’s mother had prepared.  Afterwards we asked the Smith’s to join us.  Donna questioned the bulge in my stomach.  “Are you expecting a little bundle of joy?”  I explained that we didn’t want to let everyone know until it was further along.  “That is quite a bulge for four months.  You are going to have a large baby.”  We continued to gossip well into the evening.  The party started to break up around 10.  My husband said that he was going to head home and put the children to bed.  I insisted on staying and told my husband not to wait up.

I joined the last remaining group of people.  They were huddled in a large circle around the fire pit in the back of the yard.  There was a thick patch of trees and scrubs masking the location.  It was Greg and his two friends along with several other couples that I had n ver met before.  I sat on Greg’s lap with my spread ass facing towards his chest.  My pussy was soaking wet just thinking about his giant black cock.  I could feel the dampness collecting in the crotch of my shorts.  Greg reached around and grasped my tits in his hands.  He pulled me back against his solid chest and massaged my breasts.  They were fully exposed to the other people in the circle.  He tossed my halter top to one of the other guys.  “Don’t worry she is my personal sex toy.  That bulge in her belly was caused by my seed.  She is carrying my black baby in there,” Greg boosted.  He unzipped my pants and threw them to the couple on the right.  Everyone was starring at my naked body.  My Kappa tattoos were standing out in dark contrast to my skin.  “Boys this piece of ass is Kappa property so we can do anything we want to her.”

Greg’s two black friends began undressing in front of the group.  Several of the other men started to join but Greg told them it was a member’s only party but they were more than welcome to watch.

I dropped to my knees and inspected their cocks.  They were much larger than my husband’s but nothing like Greg’s monster.  I started licking Leroy’s dick first.  The taste was salty from the sweaty summer air.  I went right to work.  They took turns ramming their cocks into my mouth.  I eventually bent over to allow more of the shafts to enter my hole.  I gagged as the head of John’s penis hit the back of my throat.  My ass was stuck out in the air.  “Come on Greg take your present.  I want your big black cock in my tight asshole.  Fuck me like your black cock whore.”

Greg removed his clothes and just stood there stroking his cock.  The people in the audience began whispering when they saw the size of his member.  I noticed that more people had joined the circle.  My husband had even pulled up a front row seat.

Greg smacked my ass with a firm backhand.  The large head of his cock was waiting at my backdoor.  I reached back and spread my ass cheeks apart.  His two friends stepped back to watch the site.  There was no way that it was going to fit.  His cock was ten times larger than that butt plug I had purchased.  Lucky I had squirted half a tube of KY jelly up my ass before I left.  Greg began sliding the bat sized cock into my butt hole.  “Greg, what are you waiting for?  Are you going to fuck my ass or should I have someone else do it?”  His head crept past my sphincter muscle.  Greg knew that he was home free.  He had 18 inches of white ass to explore.

The crowd began chanting Greg’s name in unison.  He rammed his cock in with full force.  I yelled out in pure agony as my butt hole burned with pain.  One of the guys stepped forward and stuffed his cock in my mouth to muffle the screams.  The pain slowly turned into intense pleasure.  It felt like someone was tickling my inner being.  Greg kept driving his fuck stick into my stretched asshole.  It was now like putty.  He could pull his cock all the way out and ram it in until his balls touched my ass cheeks.  An intense tingling feeling was developing deep within my bowels.  Greg pulled his cock from the hole and laid on his back.  “Hey check out her butt hole.  It is stretched wide open,” someone yelled.  I stuck my hand back there and confirmed that my asshole was three inches wide as far in as I could feel.  It showed no sign of returning to its previous diameter.  I sure hoped that it wasn’t going to be permanent.

I was now standing over Greg with my well fucked ass directly in his face.  I lowered my body onto his enormous cock.  It slid into my butt hole with absolutely no resistance.  Greg pulled my legs out in front of me so that nothing was supporting by body.  I was completely impaled on his cock.  My ass cheeks were resting on his muscular thighs.  Greg began bouncing my entire body up and down on his cock. I yelped out like a dog with every movement.

John was now positioned in front of my pussy.  He slid his cock into my soaking wet hole. My body was completely stuffed with black meat.  There was only a thin piece of skin that separated the two men within my body.  I could see my pregnant belly move back and forth as the men drilled my holes.  I yelled out Greg’s name as my first orgasm arrived.  My spasming holes gripped the cocks like a vise.  The guys continued their onslaught.  The awkward position rendered my body useless.  I was trapped between my black lovers.  John’s cock felt rock hard against my inner walls.  “Get ready sweet cake I am going to pump my seed into your womb.”  He then blasted his cum deep within. A white stream dripped from my pussy as his cock slid free.

Leroy now took his place in my pussy.  He complained about getting stuck with sloppy seconds.  He was very vulgar after entering my hole.  “Come you little slut.  I am going to feed my cock to your baby.”  He definitely didn’t have much stamina.  His load was added to my pussy in a matter of minutes.  I was now all Greg’s again.  He lifted my legs up and let me ride his cock reverse cowgirl style.  I could see a bulge moving in and out on the surface of my stomach as his penis head bottomed out in my inner cavity. After a few minutes I could feel his orgasm building deep within his black balls.  He exploded like a geyser in my ass.  I could feel it hitting the back of something deep within my bowels.

Cum poured from my holes as I lifted my body from Greg’s cock.  He directed my head to the large puddle that had formed on his stomach.  I slurped up every last drop of the salty cocktail.

Greg announced that everyone had to go home now. I pulled the clothes over my thoroughly fucked body.  Greg explained to my husband that he would spend the night at our house.  The two of us spent the entire evening fucking like a pair of rabbits.  My husband watched at first but he eventually fell asleep on the couch downstairs.

I saw Greg off the following morning. My husband’s anger had completely disappeared.  He was very impressed with my fucking abilities. He now understood that I needed to get laid by black men.  There was no way that he could compete with men like that.  I still don’t know how he will react to Greg’s baby.

Stay tuned for more stories.

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