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This is a true story about my wife Hsu-Chi (Susan) and her twin sister Teresa. I would love to say that I am making this all up, but this is what happened between us. I thought that by writing what happened, this would somehow work out the problems that we have encountered. The whole story is in 3 parts.

Read the enclosed story. Make up your own mind.

The first time I had ever seen Hsu was at college in my physics class. I’d never seen such a beautiful woman in all my life. She looked Chinese, but she had other things in her (I later found out that she had Chinese, Japanese and Korean in her). Barely 5-1 and probably not even 100 pounds soaking wet (She was five feet exactly, and weighed only 91 pounds!), she had long shiny black hair that came down to her waist, which she had tied with a bow to keep it all together. He body was slim, except that she had C-cup breasts, which I thought at first were padded, but later proved not to be. This gave her body a very curvy shape, and really made my heart skip a beat just looking at her. Her almond shaped brown eyes, and very pretty face mesmerized me. When she spoke though, she had a very distinctive Chinese accent, and her English wasn’t all that good. When she said Yes, it sounded like Yus.

That day, I started talking with her, and found out her name was Hsu-Chi Wong. She said that I could call her Sue or Susan. We quickly became friends and studied together for the next 3-4 weeks before I worked up the courage to ask her out to dinner. Sue accepted immediately and we went out that night.

Sue had asked me to come to her apartment at 7pm, and furnished me with directions to get to her place. I was so nervous about going on a date with Sue, I could barely think straight. But, I managed to get my act together and get myself to Sue’s place at 7pm on the dot. I knocked on the door and I heard Sue answer “Come in please”, which actually sounded more like Koom win Pweeze with her Chinese accent.

I didn’t know what to think, but when I opened the door, I couldn’t have been more blown away. There, standing just a short distance from the door was Hsu…. And Hsu!

There was two of them both dressed identical. They looked at me, and I asked for Hsu and both of them giggled. I looked closely at both of them for a long hard moment. Both of them were wearing the same dress, the same hair style, the same earrings, the same makeup, the same shoes, even the same little gold ankle chain on the right ankle. One of the Hsu’s was smiling, and I thought that was the Hsu I knew.

Then walking up to the smiling one, I asked “Hsu, is that you?” When she opened her mouth to speak, I knew I was wrong. “Nope” she said in perfect English, “My name is Teresa”, turning slightly towards Hsu she then pointed to her and said “This is my twin sister Susan”. Hsu came up to me and hugged me and I could see a wry smile on Teresa’s face. I felt a funny knot in my stomach when Teresa then said “See Hsu, he can’t tell us apart”

At dinner, I queried Sue about her sister Teresa. Teresa, it seems had been separated from her family at birth, she went with her father to the U.S. because the burden of having two babies or more importantly 2 girl babies would have been a bad thing in China. So, the father, who actually was an Engineer, took Teresa to the United States to keep the family safe.

Teresa grew up here in California, while Hsu stayed in China and grew up there. The two sisters didn’t talk much, but they wrote each other all the time. When Hsu finally came of age to leave China, she wrote her sister Teresa to sponsor her here in the United States, and Teresa did. This is how she came to the U.S. to study. Teresa had already graduated college a year earlier with honors and was working at one of the top corporations for the San Francisco Bay Area

Teresa was nothing like Hsu. Teresa was very outgoing, intelligent, devious and manipulative. It had been her idea to make me chose who was the real Hsu when I came to the door that first time. In her words “Sue, my black boyfriend would have known the difference” Hsu told me that Teresa didn’t like her dating a white guy, and that she should be dating a black man, or at least give it a try.

I asked Hsu if she ever dated a black guy, and Hsu said that she had never dated anyone except for me. I felt like a million dollars when she said that.

We continued to date, much to Teresa’s disdain. Teresa opening showed her contempt for me when I came up to meet Hsu for our dates. Soon, we were sleeping together and Hsu was staying over my place at least 3 nights a week. Our sex life was very good, and Hsu was a quick learner. Not that I was the best teacher, but she really enjoyed sex with me.

Soon, I proposed to Hsu, and she accepted. She told me that it was the happiest day or her life and that she would love to marry me. At the time, I had only enough money to purchase a 1 carat diamond, and this looked huge to me, and to Hsu as well. I was so blind to what Teresa was doing behind my back. This is when all the trouble started.

Hsu and I had been living together for the past 6 months when I noticed that she was getting a little bulge in her stomach. Her breasts had become sensitive, and she was getting very cranky. I thought that she was pregnant, but because we used condom’s and spermicidal gel, I ruled this out. I didn’t know what to make of this behavior.

Then, tragedy struck. Teresa ended up in the hospital from a car accident. Her car had been struck in an intersection, and Teresa was in a coma. The doctors thought that she might come out of it within a week, but after 3 weeks she was still in a coma, and things didn’t look good. Hsu went to the hospital every night after school, and sat with her sister. I made it when I could, if not for work and school, I would have been there more to support Hsu.

Hsu asked me to get some clothes for her sister, and gave me the key to her apartment. I had a list of things that Hsu had asked me to get and I went about my business acquiring those items. While looking for shoes, I opened a box and there were 3 video tapes in the box. Each one had a label on it and they read: First time, First time with Tye and Mike, First gangbang.

I was so curious about the videos. I knew it was something that I shouldn’t watch, but I had thought about Teresa and her black boyfriend, and I wondered what she saw in him. Although I had only met him once, he looked like a descent person, he was definitely in good shape, and he was very cordial and well mannered.

I was also curious if these were home porno’s of Teresa and her black boyfriend. My curiosity won over my conscience and I took the video labeled “Fist Time” and loaded in into Teresa’s video tape player and pushed play.

So, there I sat, on the bed, watching as the TV screen came alive. The camera seemed to be on a stand facing the bed. In came Teresa. She was wearing the same blue dress I had seen on her the first time I had ever met her and Hsu together. She was holding the hand of  boyfriend Garrett. Sitting on the edge of the bed in a semi reclined position, Garrett stood before her. He looked briefly at the camera and then at Teresa then he opened his pants. Teresa made no move to do anything, just watched intently as Garrett opened his pants and then stepped out of them. Then he hooked his thumbs into his shorts and pulled them off.

My jaw almost hit the floor when I saw the size of his dick. My god, even soft, it was huge! The look on Teresa’s face was one of surprise as well, but this didn’t stop her from reaching out to take a hold of his huge flaccid cock.

I was mesmerized at the size of his black dick, and how Teresa’s little hand could barely fit around the huge thing. It was really unbelievable. I’d seen porno’s before, where the black guy was big. This guy looked like huge! Teresa then started to use both her tiny hands to jack him off. But, before she started to do this, she got off the bed, and then took off her shoes, and then pulled off her dress. Watching as she unhooked her bra and took off her panties my own dick began to grow. I thought to myself how much she looked identical to my fiancé. She even had the same little mole on her stomach, right next to her belly button.

Teresa got back onto the bed and began to stroke Garrett’s huge black cock with her small hands. All the while, it began to grow, and grow and grow. Very quickly Garrett’s huge cock had expanded to what looked like it’s full length. Let me tell you, it was fucking huge! From what I could see, it looked to be at least ten inches long and thick. If you’d ever seen a can of Tinactin it’s about 6 ½ to 7 inches in circumference then you know what I am talking about.

Teresa was coaxing out pre-come from the head of that huge head of his dark cock, and she would occasionally smear it all over the head with one of her fingers. Pretty soon the fluids coming out of the head were too much and Teresa bent her head down to the huge mushroom head of his dark brown cock and started to lick and suck the head as she stroked his huge cock.

Garrett moaned as Teresa sucked and jacked him off. This continued for at least 5 minutes as Teresa did her level best to make him come. But, he didn’t. Then I heard Garrett say “That’s enough sucking for now baby… why don’t you lay back and relax a little while and I’ll make you feel good” Teresa released her hold of Garrett’s now fully erect dick and it dropped slightly down from the weight and size.

Teresa looked at the camera and then nodded, I was a little confused by that, but she got onto the bed and then spread her small tan legs as Garrett got between then. When his tongue started lapping at her pussy, I heard the first moan of pleasure from Teresa. She even sounded a lot like Hsu, but not for long. After a few minutes, Teresa let out a long low moan that I had never heard Hsu give out. Not long after that, I heard her moan even longer and louder. It was a long shuddering moan followed by an unh-unh-unh. This continued on for at least a few more minutes with Garrett making Teresa moan, squirm and sigh with pleasure. I could see why she liked Garrett. He sure knew how to make her sexually happy.

All too soon, Garrett lifted his face from between Teresa’s legs, and I could hear her groan of disapproval. But he quickly moved up and started swabbing his huge cock up and down the length of Teresa’s sopping wet pussy. Teresa began to moan again as his huge cock would brush against her exposed clit, I would see her body twitch each time he did that.

I had never seen a woman so wet before. I’m not sure if this was because of all the pre- come that Garrett was leaking or that Teresa was just very, very wet, but I could see it glistening on her pussy like oil.

Finally, I don’t think that Teresa could stand anymore teasing, and reaching down between her legs, she grasped Garrett’s huge shaft and positioned it at the opening of her very wet vaginal opening and then released her hold on it.

I watched open mouthed as his huge brown cock head pushed up against her opening and slowly slid inside her. Teresa grabbed the sheets of the bed, and the look on her face was one of intense pleasure or pain, I couldn’t tell, or at least I couldn’t tell until she moaned that shuddering moan again. Teresa arched her back, working her hips up and towards Garrett as he worked his huge black cock into her wet Chinese pussy.

Garret worked in a few inches at a time, making sure that Teresa was enjoying herself before he would continue. As each inch of his huge black cock penetrated Teresa’s wet pussy, I could hear her moaning and gasping with pleasure. Finally, he had worked the entire length into her now stretched hole. It was an awesome site. His huge black cock, buried ten inches deep inside her wet cunt, her vaginal lips stretched taunt around the shaft with her straight pubic hair framing that huge black cock as it went in and out of her pussy. I watched as Teresa lifted her small tan legs and tried to hook her small feet together as Garrett began to fuck her cunt slowly.

I couldn’t believe I was watching Teresa get fucked by Garrett’s huge black dick. Each time he slowly dipped his huge cock into Teresa’s pussy, she groaned loudly, kissing him while they fucked slowly. I could see their tongues playing against one another as they fucked. I opened my own pants and released my raging hard-on because it hurt. I didn’t stroke myself, just sat here, my dick pulsing with each moan that Teresa made. My own pre-come was running as well as I watched, like a voyeur as Teresa and her boyfriend fucked on the very bed were I was now sitting watching the video tape of them.

I almost came when I heard Teresa shudder and moan loudly. I heard Garrett say “That’s it baby… come all over my big black cock… let yourself go…” It was then that Teresa began to shudder hard, grasping at his arms and curling her toes as she came with a convulsive shudder. She began to jerk and shudder as I have never seen any woman before. She was having an orgasm and it didn’t looking like she was faking it.

After Teresa calmed down, Garrett pulled her on top. I could see the upper part of Teresa’s chest was flushed red, and her forehead was drenched with perspiration. Garrett’s huge cock was still deeply embedded inside her as she began to rock back and forth on top of him. Garret reached up and started to pull on her nipples. At first, she pushed his hands away, but he was persistent, and she eventually let him do whatever he wanted. He pulled, pinched and twisted her small nipples, making her sometimes gasp while she rod him.

A couple times, she came all the way off of his huge dick, and she quickly grasped his slimly thick cock and placed it back inside her pussy. Each time she did this, she would shudder as she let it invade her body once again. One of those times, when she had completely come off of his huge cock, I could see Teresa’s pussy stretched open. She had been stretched wide by Garrett’s huge black cock.

Once again, I could hear the unmistakable sounds of Teresa’s approaching orgasm. Teresa began to work her small ass up and down Garrett’s huge dick. I could hear the wet smacking sounds as her pussy would make as she rode that thick black cock and the louder groans of pleasure as she came closer and closer to another mind bending orgasm for her. Suddenly she started to shudder and stopped her relentless up and down motion, but Garrett grabbed her small slim hips and proceeded to make her fuck up and down. Teresa went nuts! She started moaning “Ohhh… ohhhh…. OHHHHH…” I could literally see the orgasm hit her body as she cried out, her small body jerking and convulsing once again. This time, Teresa’s orgasm seemed to last twice as long as before. I could see and hear Teresa sobbing and groaning as she came all over Garrett’s huge dick.

Teresa collapsed on Garrett’s chest after she finished her second orgasm, and Garrett rolled her onto her back again. He continued to fuck her slowly after a few minutes until he picked up speed again. Teresa looked like she was about to loose her mind. With each passing second, Garrett picked up more speed until he was ramming his huge black cock harder and harder than I had ever seen anyone fuck before. Teresa looked like she was going to orgasm again from this hard fucking. Garrett suddenly announced, “I’m going to come inside your pussy baby! You want me to come inside you… don’t you… I want to hear you say it… say you want it…”

I was so close to coming myself, and after hearing Teresa orgasm twice already, I couldn’t help myself. I lightly stroked myself and I felt my impending orgasm start. I was almost ready to come and was at the point of no return when I heard Teresa say something “That’s it Hsu… tell him to come inside you… you’ll love it!”

The camera zoomed in a little bit, so it focused more on the Garrett’s huge black cock plunging in and out of that incredibly wet pussy who I can only now guess belonged to my fiancé Hsu. I started coming hard, my sperm jetting out in thick ropey spurts. I heard on the video tape a woman’s voice, “Ohhh ohhhh ohhh… Yus … YUS… Imm Meee… IMM MEE!!!” I heard Garrett grunting and moaning as he was now shooting his seed inside my fiancé’s pussy. Hsu went over the edge, her orgasm hitting her for the third time. My eyes were fixed on the screen as I could see his sperm coming out from around his huge black cock and was running down the crack of her ass. He was indeed coming inside my fiancé Hsu and she was coming with him as well.

The camera pulled back. Hsu still had her legs and arms wrapped around Garrett as she was still moaning and in the midst or her third orgasm. I heard Teresa from behind the camera say in an excited voice, “Now that you’re pussy has tasted black cock, do you want more? Would you like for Garrett to fuck your little pussy some more? Wouldn’t you love to fuck him every day now?”

I sat there on the edge of the bed, my own sperm was all over my hand, my pants and part of the bed. I looked at the screen just as Hsu turned towards the camera, her lipstick a mess, her face sweaty, her dark bangs matted to her forehead, her breath coming out in ragged gasps and then she said in a breathless, exhausted voice said “Ho…”

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