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The Republician Wife

This is my first submission to CuckoldLand Stories, I’ve always had sexual fantasies but as a 35 year old white married female from the Missouri, I never really felt that I had the opportunity to express let allow act on my desire — that was until I met my boyfriend Dave – Yes I married and I’ve been seeing my boyfriend Dave now for more than 12 years.

I’m 35 years old 5’3″ tall and 130 lbs, C cup with very hard firm nipples, curvey feminine figure with short blond hair.  If you want to see a few pictures I’ve believe Dave has posted a few under our profile “cplforfun”.  I live with my family in Missouri and as my boyfriend said in my first submission “I’m married have three children and a conservative republic white women from the Midwest”.  I must admit for the most part he is correct, but if my husband, family or friends only knew what lay beneath the service.   At the request of my boyfriend I now keep my pussy nice and trimmed almost nothing – my husband has even mentioned that he links the new look – I always think to myself I should have him thank David for my new look.

Dave is an American but work has taken him now to Europe and we only see each other when he travels back to the US for work, which is every few months.  I normally tell my husband I’m attending meeting which is not out of the ordinary for my work. It’s not been a problem to keep my conservative life and my desire for sex with others separate and I never play near my home.

As my relationship developed with Dave I began telling him my fantasies, which has included having sex with a black man and also resting with another woman.  My very first encounter with a black man is described in my first submission.  I must say that David has been more than willing to help me fulfill my fantasy and has help me discover my sexually.

As for my fantasy associated with black men, I must admit that I first began fantasizing about it back in high school.  But back in those days a pale white skinned girl would red hair from rural Missouri would not have openly discussed such thought yet again acted on them.  I really wanted to know what it was that made having sex with a black man so different and boy did I find out in Washington DC and since that point all I could think about was how I could arrange another experience.

After Washington DC, Dave introduced me to the web site CuckoldLand and over the course of the follow few weeks I began chatting with a number of men and women on line.  But one man, I developed a strong attraction to during our chat sessions.  Eric told me that he was an Attorney and lived in New York.  David travels a lot to city on the east cost and New York happens to be one we visit every few months so I decided to explore thinks with Eric as the days pasted

I’m always concerned about meeting people I chat with on the Internet. Many people embellish or just plain lie online, and then when and if you do meet you’re disappointed. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before David and I had a trip planned to New York so I decided to see if Eric wanted to meet me for a drink. As my relationship online developed I told David and he was very supported but concerned for my safety.  It made me a little never at first in my relationship with Dave that he was ok with me resting with other men but as things develop I truly appreciated his support with my exploration of my fantasies.

Shortly before our arrival, I informed Eric that we would be staying at the Mariott near time square and I proposed that we met at the Hotel Bar for a drink.  David travels a lot and normally stays at Marriott therefore I knew the hotel well from previous stays and I thought it was a safe place to meet Eric for the first time. I also figured that if we met in the hotel bar, a public place, I could give some excuse and make a quick get-a-way without much of a problem.

You need to keep in mind that this is the first time I’ve ever planned on meeting a man like this and so my things were racing through my mind.  With the exception of my husband, David, the black man I met in DC and one other man I met years ago while attending a meeting, I had been with any others before that point; let alone picking up a man that I’d only chatted with on the internet with the idea of having sex.

David was scheduled to go with me to meet Eric but as always his meeting ran late.  I thought about not going but changed my mind and I thought to myself you only live once and its time I take a few more chances in life – I’m away from home, my husband and children so why shouldn’t I have fun.

Eric and I agree to meet at 8 o’clock for drinks. I arrived 15 minutes early just to see who was in the bar.  If you’ve ever been to the Mariott in New York you know the bar off the lobby is quite a large area.  After speak with Eric, I knew he like women that dressed conservatively but sex therefore I had on a white silk blouse, no bra, a wraparound short black skirt with a gold chain around my waste, thigh high stocking and 4 inch black hells.  I left my hair down as it clearly is a turn on for most men.

I was quite nervous at what I was about to do but I felt assured that as I was so far from home that no one would know me and beside it was New York, women in hotel bars pick up men all time, right?  When I arrived and found a table near the window a very attractive young Asian waitress came over and took my drink order.

The last time I chatted with Eric I sent him a few G rated pictures and we describe ourselves to one another.  As I slowly sipped my martini and gazed around the room searching for what I hopped would be my new found friend, someone laid their hand softly on my shoulder. A 6 ft plus, muscular, shaved head, black man just looked down at me and smiled. As I looked up I thought to myself, if this is Eric then I’ve just struck black gold.  When I looked up he reaches his hand out and takes mine in his and introduces himself and asks if I was going to be his little white angel for the evening.  Still a little taken back by his appearance, I mumbled that I would be more than happy to give it a try.  As soon as I said it I blushed so much I thought I was going to die. Eric sat down next to me never taking his eyes off mine.  We immediately connected and I knew that whatever this 32 year old black god like man ask me to do that evening I wouldn’t resist and the thought how much of a slut that thought sounded like and that I was so happy I didn’t say it out loud.

During our time at the table I did feel as though people were looking at us. Maybe it was just my Midwestern hang up or maybe it was because they found one of us or both of us attractive. Either way the thought of been seen with Eric did turn me on and did make me very wet.

After he sat down he ordered a drink we sat there chatting about nothing for almost an hour when I then felt his hand on my inner thigh – I thought to myself it was about time he made a move I was beginning to think he may not be interested.  His chair moved closer to mine as his hand move further up my thigh.  I had decided that night not to wear a thong but just my stocking.  When he quickly realized the absence of my underwear and he wasted no time in exploring what he just found.  We were facing the window so I wasn’t sure if anyone could see but to be honest at that stage I really didn’t care. He leaned over and kissed me softly first on my check then a full French kiss.   At this stage I was sure we were being watched but to be honest I found it a turn on and I was so wet.

Eric continued to kiss and cures me right there in the bar.  He whispered in my ear on how his cock was hard and he needed it stroked.  I was shocked at his tone but I was enjoying it as well.  He took my hand and placed it on his groin and I could feel his cock swelling as I massaged it and I wanted to do more then just stroke it.  About this time our waitress came up and I could see by the smile on her fast that what she may have liked what she saw at our table.  To have a young women like that show signs of approve of what she saw made me feel very proud of myself I must say.  Eric ask her for the check and we paid the bill.

After she left, Eric said it was time we go to his place.  I told him that Dave and I had a suite just upstairs and it might be quicker than taking a cab to his place.  He asked about Dave and I reminded him that Dave supported my playing around as long as I was safe about it and besides he was still out and I really wasn’t sure when he would be back.  Eric quickly agreed and we walked out arm in arm. I didn’t realize but Eric had open my blouse all the way to the top of my skirt while at the table, it was late and I found it exciting and thrilling to be with him and others staring on.

As we waited for the elevator, Eric continued to kiss me and message my body.  There were a number of tourists from what appeared to be Europe and Asia in the lobby and I could only imagine what they thought of the two of us.

As we entered the elevator Eric became even bolder, he turns to me, pulls up the front of my dress up and started fingering me and kissing my chest.  I reach down, unzip his pants and reach for his cock. Just then the elevator stops the conference room floor and the door opens and young man steps on the elevator.  I try to pull away but Eric didn’t stop, he just smiled at the young man.  I must say I was a little shocked at the time but Eric continued as I felt his figure playing with the lips of my vagina.  I will admit now it all but made me cum on the spot. The young man couldn’t have been more than twenty five he just smiled and watched and then said to Eric “if you need help let me know I’m happy to assist”. I started to say why not but Eric quickly responded that he was more than she could handle.  Only a few floors the young man got off and I blew him a kiss as he walked off the elevator, he smiled and said enjoy.  At that point, almost like it was planed both Eric and I responded and sad “we would” and laughed as we said it. The door closes and again we were alone and I just started laughing but Eric quickly resumed by sticking his figure deeper into me and almost lifting me of the floor of the elevator.

By that point I was so wet and I could hardly wait to feel that big black cock fucking me. I was just praying he was as good as my first and by the start of things I thought he might be better.  We finally reach our floor, my skirt was up my blouse was down around my waist.  I fumble to find the card key as we walked to the room, all the time his Eric was kissing my neck and playing with my ass from behind.  If anyone was in the hallway or watching on video I’m sure they enjoyed the show.

I open the door anxiously anticipating feeling his long, thick cock for the first time. I was breathing very hard by that point and hornier then I’ve been in a long time.  Eric closed the door and unzips and let them drop to the floor and then exposed what was the largest and fattest cock I had ever seen. He then told me in a firm voice which was a little scary to come over and get on my knees and suck his cock.  I like strong men, David my boyfriend is strong but I’ve never really had a man dominate me or speak to me like that either way I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.  Eric leaned against the door and took me by my hair and shoves my face towards his cock.  With his other hand he took his cock and told me to open my mouth and he slowly shoved it in while holding my head.  God it was big and more cock then I ever thought I could suck. Eric forces me to take it all in a very short period of time I had it in the going down my throat and I found myself gagging but loving what he was making me do to him. Eric’s hands forced my head against his cock as he shoves it in and out over and over again. He was controlling me totally and setting the pace; I loved it and I felt myself cum just by giving Eric a blowjob.

Eric continued to talk dirty to me calling me his little slut and telling me that he wanted to fuck me in front of my husband and use me with his friend.  He made me cum again just by the way he was treating me, I couldn’t believe what he was doing to me.  I suck him until I could hardly breath making moaning noises all the while he forces me to take more…until finally I feel his cock pulse and a surge of cum going down my throat and running down the corners of my mouth. He gave me the largest load I’ve ever take.  Please keep in mind I’ve never blown my husband to the point he’d cum. I’d only made David my boyfriend cum in my mouth a few times before.  I can’t say I like the taste but I do like the control it gives me and the feeling of it.

Eric fucked my face for several minutes and then pulled me away by my hair and told me to clean him up. I loved the way he spoke to me so I quickly followed his instructions and I licked the cum that I didn’t swallow off his cock and cleaned him until it was gone.

Eric then told me to take my clothes off but do it so he could get a good look at a 45 white republic MILF from Missouri – I truly think the title has now stuck.   Eric set on the sofa and I slowly stripped taking off my blouse and then my skirt while playing with my breast.  All I had left on was my black stockings and 4 inch heels. All the windows shades were open in the suite, so I walked over and placed my breast on the cold window while massaging my checks.  I heard Eric tell me to turn around and play with myself while he watched.  I walked over to the dining room table and with one leg in the chair began to play with myself as I watched Eric do the same.

This went on for about five minutes while Eric ask me to tell him why fucked around on my husband, this in turn almost made me cum on the spot as I never really thought that much about it.  Shortly after, Eric walked over to me and begun cursing my breasts with both hands gently squeezing them and pinching my nipples to the point where it hurts.  Eric then reaches down while kissing me and begun fingering me yet again while I stroked his massive cock once more.

Eric then stood me up and turned be around before bending me over the table face down.  The table top was cold on my chest but it felt nice.  Eric then continued finguring me from behind but then I also felt a figure beginning to explore my anus; which was a feeling I’ve never felt before and I was a little scared.  Anal sex is nothing I’d ever try with my husband; he just likes me on top fucking and that it.  David and I talked about but never actually tried it. Here I was in a hotel in New York City with a young black man I just met and he was fingerings my pussy and ass at almost the same time.

Eric keeps his hand on my back, holding me down but rubbing me softly while he fingered me with his other hand.  He slowly moves close to me as I felt his body next to mine. I reach my hand to cover my ass from him but he moved it away and then putting the head of his cock in my pussy and began to move it in slowly while he continued fingering my anus.. I’ve never been fucked anal before though I was sure it was about to happen with the largest cock I’d ever seen.  Eric told me not to move he walked in the bathroom and came back and put a cold liquid on my ass and then the next thing I felt was his cock slide into my ass for the first time.  I was in shock and it felt tight and I thought I would cry.  What the hell was I doing; but I knew I couldn’t stop now.

Eric was genital and slow at first pushing it in deeper, slow at first but then picked up the pace.  I cried out a little at first but then I began to enjoy the feeling, it was a feeling that I’d never had before.  It was uncomfortable for me and I ask his to pull out but he refuses. He calls me a little white slut and he told me he was going to break my ass in for black cocks to come  He continues to shove his hard cock in and I begin to loosen up and get use to this feeling.  He continues to pound me and forces me to take him.  The names he called me I’d never heard before but I was enjoying the full package now and didn’t want him to stop. My tits were rubbing against the table as his cock was forcing me back and forth.  He continued for some time and then he grabbed with one hand on my hip and the other pulling my hair as he shot his load in my ass. Even after he shot his cum in me he continued to fuck me wanting to cum again.

Eric pulled his cock out and set down in the chair and told me to clean him once agiaon.  At this point I knew my place with Eric and I must say I enjoyed the role playing so I did what I was told.  I went over and got down on my knees and began licking and sucking him clean.

Shortly after I had begun sucking his beautiful black cock we heard the door to the suit open and Dave my boyfriend saw me on my knees sucking Eric’s cock and my anus leaking the cum he just deposited.  I wasn’t sure what to say as this was the fist time I’ve started something without David with me.  I didn’t want to stop but I started to pull away and say something but Eric held my head down and would let me stop.

I heard Eric say “that this is one hell of a nasty slut you found, glad you and her husband like to spread the wealth around” to David.  At that point I almost gaged on Eric but he would let me stop. “This cunt said she needed a black cock up her I obliged her…hey man, hope you don’t mind.”  David, still standing there watching my from behind sucking Eric’s black cock and watching the cum run down my legs.  David smiled and said, “She’s been looking forward to this for a long time.

Dave walked out of the room and into the bedroom and I wasn’t sure if he was upset but I knew Eric wouldn’t let me stop.  I thought I heard Eric return but I wasn’t sure until I felt someone place his dick in my pussy from behind. :At that point I was so relieved he wasn’t upset.

Dave started fucking me deeper and deeper and he ask me how it was taking it in the ass, I tried to respond but  Eric would let me stop.  This was the second time I had two men at once and I was a little scared but truly enjoying the experience.  It wasn’t long before Eric exploded in my mouth and I tried desperately to swallow everything he was giving me, just at that point I felt Dave unload in my pussy what must have been the largest load he’s ever given me. I was truly in heave at that point

I did my best to clean both Eric and Dave and I was horney as hell. Eric told me to play with myself some more on the table and in front of the window while the two of them watched me and had a drink.  I must have cum a dozen time for them.

The hotel gave David a complementary bottle of wine which I opened and we had a glass before I invited Eric for a shower.  Eric starts the shower while I talk to Dave.  I made sure he wasn’t upset.  He had been working for 18 hours and was heading to bed while I joined Eric in the shower.

When I stepped into the shower, Eric pind me against the wall and washed my back and turned me around to wash my breast and figured/washed me between my legs. I washed his back and groin while I jacked him off as we kissed. The water falling against our bodies was relaxing and warm.  I knelt down in the tub and sucked his wet cock while the water softly fells on my back.  Eric turns the water off, pulled me up and says, “Baby, let’s go to the bedroom.”

David was already in bed waiting for us with another glass of wine.  We decide to lie on the bed and relax with our drink.  Eric asked me questions about my husband and my family.  Thought it was nice I had discovered my wild side at this point in my life.  We talked about how much fun all three of us had.

I must have been really tired because I drifted off only to be woken several hours later by David’s cock poking at my lips and Eric fingering my pussy.  Before I could waken fully, my pussy was wrapped around Eric’s cock and my mouth was full with David’s.  Both men were fully enjoying themselves as I was half rested.  The bed were squeaking and all I could do was groan from the pleasure.  Eric kept calling me his white mother fucking bitch while he continued to pound me.  I could hardly breathe with David’s cock gagging me and pushing against the back of my throat.

Eric kept fucking me he moved his fingers to my asshole and shoved several fingers up telling David, “That he thought I needs her ass fucked again.  They both pull out; Eric moved to the edge of the bed while David went to the bathroom for some oil.  “OK, bitch, come here, and let me put my cock in your pussy.”  Eric pulled me toward him, and I set on top of him as he pulled me down to kiss him as he shoved his cock in.  My ass was sticking in the air.  David walks over pours baby oil on his fingers and shoves them in my ass.  He pulls his fingers out then shoves his cock in slowly as Eric continued to fuck me.   I was sandwiched in between two men fucking me and I was truly in heaven.

We got into a rhythm and all I can feel was two cocks inside me as I thought what would my husband Rob think of this.  I could feel Eric’s cock throbbing then I felt his cum shooting in my pussy.  He pulled me down by my hair and continued to French kiss me and left his cock in place waiting for David to finish the job.  I then feel David’s cock throbbing and his cum being shot in my ass.

Both pull out at the same time and I had cum coming out of my pussy and asshole as I rolled off of Eric.  Eric stood up and says that it was time for him to get to work but instructing me to clean him up first.  He pulls me by my hair and forces my face into his wet cock.  He said in a firm voice “Clean me up bitch.” He orders me, “and be quick about it.  I’ve got to get to work.”  I looked at the clock.  We had fucked the night away.  It was 6:30 in the morning.  I lick him and swallow the cum he still had on him.  “Now, clean David up”, he ordered again, while I get dressed.  I moved over to David and licked his balls, then put his cock in my mouth and clean him up.  Eric comes back in the room and says,” Baby, you’re the best fuck I’ve had in a long time.  Next time, I’ll bring some of my friends and we’ll have all your holes covered.”  He kissed me on the lips and left.

David looks at me and asks me if I had a good time.  I said, “Yes, the best.  But I’m exhausted.”  David says that he’s got a meeting in a hour and told me to get some rest as I’lll need it for this evening.”  What happened the next evening is saved for another story.

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