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My Wife’s Sister

When my wife died in a car accident along with our child, my whole life came  to a numbing grinding halt. After a long period of personal rehab and  questioning God, I finally came to some kind of peace with the situation.  “Closure” is such a stupid catch-phrase, as I will never close the book on  my wife and child. They will always be a part of me forever.

One of the ways I was helped out of my funk was by my wife’s sister, Cindy.  She was always there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, and when I finally  stopped crying, was there when I needed a “date” for parties or social  situations. Cindy is not as pretty as my wife but is nice looking enough in  her own way. She is three years older than my wife was, and a little  chubbier with less tits but a pleasing personality. She has been married  twice and is divorced with a grown and out of the house daughter.

I can’t say I ever really fell in love with her, but my cock sure did after  a while. I masturbated frequently thinking about her. She was seeing an  older married man who would fuck her about once a week. I would think about  this old guy spreading her legs and plowing his cock into her. I didn’t  really think I would ever fuck her myself but that changed one Christmas.

The first Christmas that came was 11 months after the accident and as anyone  who has suffered a loss can tell you, The holidays are very hard. I decided  to go to Ohio to be with my In-laws as we were all in the same boat, and I  thought we would all be able to comfort each other. I flew in and Cindy met  me at the Airport having arrived a few days before me. She met me with a  kiss on the lips and escorted me to her fathers car, where we made the hour  drive to the farm house.

We shared a joint on the way and had a pleasant buzz on when we got to the  house. My in-laws always loved me and me them and we all had a great  bittersweet homecoming. It was real tough that night sleeping in the bed I  usually shared with my wife when we were in town.

At 5 in the morning I went ahead and got up as the time change made it easy  to do so, and went downstairs. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I just poked  around the house and decided to go out to the barn and check out the cows.  My father in law was already up and milking he had a little kitchen out in  the barn and had made some coffee. I had a coke and we shared some stories.  He told me he had to run into town and could I unhook the milking machines  when they were done. He had shown me how, and I didn’t think it was beyond my liberal arts  education, so I said sure, take off.

About ten minutes later Cindy came out to the barn asking where her dad  went, and since he was going to be gone for a while, we went up to the loft  and opened the top door and shared some one-hits. We got pleasantly stoned, and she  asked me if I had gotten laid since her sister died.

“Are you kidding? It’s been me myself and I since the last time. And the  worst part was it had been about a month before she died that we did it  last. I sure wish we could have gone out with an all night sexual  extravaganza!” I laughed.

She laughed too and put her hand on my crotch. She gave it a big squeeze and  unzipped my pants. In my state I was fairly speechless. She gave me an  expert blow job until I lost it and spewed in her mouth. When she was done  she zipped me up and we went down the ladder and took the machines off the  cows. We went in to eat breakfast and needless to say, the rest of the day  was a NICE one.

When we got back to Austin I dropped her off at her house and she invited me  in and we talked a while, and then started making out. It was just getting  heavy when the phone rang and it was her Mom ruining the mood. I made my  escape after talking to my mother  in law for a few minutes and told Cindy I  would call her.

I was in her neighborhood the next weekend and drove by and saw her  boyfriends car in the driveway so I went and had a few beers and drove back  by and it was gone. I went up and knocked and she answered the door. She  joked that I should have come by earlier and I could have had a threesome  with her boyfriend. I was instantly hard. I told her I had driven by and saw  his car and kept on going, not wanting to disturb them. She laughed and said  the old fart can go back to his wife for pussy if he doesn’t like it.

We sat down on the couch and I opened the robe she had on. I told her how  hot she was and how turned on I was. She said we could go up to the bedroom  if I didn’t mind sloppy seconds. I was so turned on by now I would have  taken sloppy fourths. I took my clothes off in front of her as she sat on  the bed. My cock sprang out at her as I took my briefs off.  I stood her up  and slipped the robe off her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. I  slid her panties off as well. We started making out right there.

I laid her down on the bed and was rubbing her tits and pussy. She wasn’t  kidding about sloppy seconds. Her pussy was just juicy and creamy from her  boyfriends come. She straddled me and kissed me as I lay on my back. She  asked me did I want her. I whispered yes. Then she sat up and slowly moved  her pussy up towards my face. I knew what she wanted me to do. I didn’t  really want to but was afraid if I didn’t I wouldn’t get to fuck her. She  whispered for me to eat her pussy. To suck it all out. She started to rub it  all over my face. Her hair was a little matted down in spots and there was  come all over the outside and inside of her cunt. I started to lick and suck  her pussy as she started moaning and rubbing it even harder telling me to  “suck it all out!” and “Put your tongue up where his cock was!”

She came to a grinding orgasm as she sat on my face. I was tonguing and  licking her snatch for all I was worth. When she came down from the orgasm  she moved down and started to suck me. I really wanted to fuck her but she  didn’t seem to want that. Everytime I tried to roll over on her she stopped  me. She finally said she had some issues with fucking me but that we could  do oral on each other.

Not exactly the best scenario I could envision but I didn’t have a lot of  choice in the matter. I laid back and let her suck me to completion. We laid  in bed and cuddled for a while. It was then that she told me that she loved  me a lot but I was her sisters husband and she just felt funny about letting  me fuck her.

I joked about eating ain’t cheating and sucking ain’t fucking. She laughed  and said it was true. At least for her. I had to admit that I felt a little  funny about it too, but that I was willing to put my feelings aside for the  common good…..

We never made it that night. The next time I saw her was about two weeks  later. She knocked on my door about 1:30 in the morning on a sat night. I  was up watching TV. She said she had just been on a date and was still kind  of wound up. I asked her how wound up was she and she pushed me back down on  the sofa. She pulled her dress up over her shoulders and stood there in her  heels and panties. She slowly pulled the panties down and showed me her  pussy. She told me she had been a naughty girl and fucked a guy on the first  date.

She asked if that turned me on knowing she would go all the way on the first  date. I replied that it did. She said she was a nasty little slut. And she  had a pussy full of come to prove it. As she said this she leaned her cunt  right into my face and told me to kiss it. I did and she grabbed the back of  my head and once again told me to lick it and suck the come out.  Once  again, though I wasn’t into the whole concept I knew that the blowjob I  would get would make up for me having to clean her pussy out with my tongue.

She pushed me down on the floor and literally sat on my face moaning and  rubbing her crotch in my face. After she came she told me to lick her pussy  clean and she would suck me off. I did as I was told and she treated me to a  mind numbing blow job that ended with me coming all over her face and tits.

When we were done and smoking a joint, she told me that she had fucked her  first black guy that night, which was a huge turn on for her, and was why  she was still so awake and turned on. She told me that it was just strictly  for the sex she went out with him, and she knew she would fuck him when she  accepted the date in the first place.

I asked her why she got off on having me eat her out after she fucked other  guys. She replied that she really got off on the nastiness of it, and it  just seemed like it was a hot thing to do. She asked if I was really against  it. I told her it wasn’t that I was against it, I just thought it was kind  of….gay….and I didn’t consider myself to be that way.

She just laughed and said when she swallowed my cock it didn’t seem to her  that I was gay. She didn’t feel that I was doing anything to be ashamed of,  that it was just oral sex with a girl, I wasn’t sucking the guys cocks. She  said if I was tired of getting blowjobs she could quit anytime. I assured  her that I was up to the challenge anytime she needed her pussy eaten.

I guess that was all it took, because she started coming by a lot more  often, 2 & 3 times a week with a pussy full of come. She would always come  in about ten minutes, so it wasn’t hard on me to clean her pussy, and she  always spent more time on my cock than I spent on her pussy, so I felt like  I was getting the best of the deal.

Maybe three months after this started I was at her place watching TV with  her when the door knocked and her lover came in. She introduced us and he  said she had mentioned me and he was sorry about my family and my loss. We  all sat down and five minutes later they were making out on the couch in  front of me.  He had her stripped naked in a matter of minutes and laid her  back on the couch and mounted her. I watched in amazement as his large black  cock started in and out of her white pussy. He pumped her hard for about  twenty minutes then pulled out and spewed all over her pussy and tits. He  got up and went to the restroom and she was just kind of dreamily laying  there. When he came back he told her he needed to split, gave her a kiss and  walked out the door, leaving her naked right there!

I was watching her and got my cock out and started stroking it. She looked  over at me and told me to get over here and clean her up and she would suck  me. I told her I really wanted to fuck her, that I needed it bad. She told  me if I licked all the come off her She would let me put it in for a few  minutes. That was all it took. I licked every drop of come from her tits and  pussy, then climbed between her legs. My hard throbbing cock was positioned  right at the hole, when the door knocked again. We threw our clothes on and  she answered. It was her old man boyfriend.

She let him in and introduced us, then she took him upstairs. I could hear  them fucking as I crept up the stairs. She was really moaning and getting  into it. When they got quiet, I snuck back downstairs and they came down  about ten minutes later. He left and once again she asked me to suck her  pussy clean. I was getting a little perturbed by this time about eating all  this come and told her I would do it, but wanted to get some pussy like  everyone else that had come by this afternoon.

We went upstairs and she took her robe off and she laid down. I got between  her legs and started servicing her cunt. She was coming over and over as I  had my tongue up in her where two men had just been. After I was done and  she had had three orgasms from my tongue, I climbed up between her legs  again. She laid there looking at me as I plunged my cock into her very loose  pussy.

She literally just laid there while I fucked her. I finally stopped and  asked her what was wrong. She said she just didn’t feel like she should  enjoy sex with me as her sister wouldn’t approve. As frustrated as I was I  just pulled out and laid next to her. She reached over and started jacking  me off slowly. As I got close to coming I rolled back over on her and spread  her legs and put my cock in her and in two strokes shot my wad up in her  womb.

I rolled back off her and was catching my breath when she got up on my chest  and put her pussy right on my face. I went ahead and ate my come out of her  and brought her off twice more.

I told her that I loved her sister so much, but she was dead and she would  want us both to be happy. We never did anything wrong when she was alive and  since she was gone we could not be cheating. She agreed in theory but said  it was hard to separate the real life guilt feelings she had about it.

I kind of resolved to not have much to do with her for awhile after that to  try to get her out of my mind. In fact, I did not see her for almost three  weeks, when she knocked on my door. She told me that she was missing me and  wanted to at least see me, even if we didn’t do anything naughty. We ended  up going out to dinner and had drinks at a bar. I was really enjoying her  company and it was hard to say goodnight when we got back to my house. I  could sense that she was feeling awkward as well.

The next night I drove by her house and the black guys car was in the drive.  I said fuck it and knocked on the door. She answered in a few seconds so I  was sure I didn’t interrupt anything. We all talked for a few minutes when  he started to undress her as they sat on the couch. I watched in silence as  they got hotter and hotter. She had her hand on his cock and it was amazing  watching it grow. Finally she looked at me and said if I wanted a threesome  to come on up. otherwise they would be back down later.

My cock picked me up off the chair and led me upstairs where it proceeded to  take my clothes off and lead me to the bed.

Cindy told me to lay down on my back, which I did, and she got on top of me  in a 69. As I was eating her pussy, her lover came up behind her and slid  his cock in her pussy, just inches from my face. As he was pumping her, she  was sucking me, and I was fingering her clit and licking it.  His cock  popped out a few times and landed on my face. The second time, I picked it  up and put it back in her. A short while later, he exploded in her pussy and  I did the same in her mouth. As his cock softened up a bit it fell out with  a plop, and landed on my face. He left it there and I wasn’t sure what to do  with it. Cindy wasn’t getting off me, lost in her own orgasm. He flexed his  cock a few times and felt the come come out and land on my lips.

I went ahead and opened my mouth, tilted my head back and slid it in me. I  didn’t really suck it, just let it lay in my throat. It started to grow a  little and he told me to suck on it. Cindy started in on my cock again, and  I started in on the one in my mouth. He started pumping it in and out and it  got hard again very quickly. He pulled it out and put it back in Cindy and  pumped her hard for about twenty minutes. The cum was getting pushed out of  her and dropped on my face and open mouth. The second time he came, he  pulled it out and thrust it in my throat as far as I could take it and shot  his wad into my stomach.

It was a strange feeling to suck another man, but it really wasn’t that  unpleasant. We all kind of separated and laid on the bed. Cindy wanted me to  clean up her pussy, which I did, and she came several times. The she told me  to clean her lovers cock. I hesitated but he told me that he had plenty of  male to male sex in jail and it didn’t bother him who sucked his cock. I  licked and sucked his balls and cleaned all the juices off his cock. He was  hard again and Cindy told me to suck him off. I did until my jaw was sore  and was about to give up when he shot off again. A few wads worth, not a  real heavy load this time. He pulled out and told me to open my mouth, and  he jacked it three times and laid it right in my open mouth. I swallowed it  in front of him and Cindy.

After he left Cindy told me that it really turned her on to see me suck him.  I was pretty quiet. She was stroking my cock and telling me that she loved  my cock in her mouth. I told her I really loved her a lot and I wanted to  fuck her regularly. She smiled and said why can’t you accept the fact that  it bothers me to fuck you? I asked her why? That we were buck naked on her  bed and she was stroking my cock….how the hell could it bother her to fuck  me?

She replied that she really wanted to but her lover was insisting that she  not fuck me. I cried out why why why? She said that it was a dominance thing  with him to have control over her like that. I asked about her white old man  boyfriend. She said that her lover said the old man was ok because he wasn’t  likely to want her all to himself like I would. I replied that that was the  most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. Her lover would have to realize that  I wasn’t interested in stealing her away or making her stop seeing anyone.  She said she would talk to him about it.

She called me a few days later and said to come over. When I got there he  was there and we all went directly upstairs. He said they had a talk and she  told him what my concerns were. He told me that I shouldn’t get upset with  things the way they were and I should get used to the idea that my sister in  law was only wanting sex and that it was a role playing game they were doing  and if I wanted to play with her I had to accept my role in the game.

I tried to tell him that I wasn’t into playing games but he would have no  part of it. He said he was here first and foremost to make cindy happy and  if doing these things made her have orgasm then he was going to go along  with it. He said that I was reading to much into all of this, that it was  their little party and I shouldn’t let it get to me so much.

With that they both took off their clothes and started making out on the  bed. I just sat in the chair and watched. After a few minutes he turned to  me and said I should get undressed. I sighed heavily and did, then got on  the bed with them. He told me to suck him hard. I leaned over her and took  his cock in my mouth. I sucked it till it was hard and I was tasting  pre-come. He told me to put it in her pussy. I inserted it into her opening  and he pushed it in. She came almost immediatly. He told me to hold her legs  up behind him. I did and he started pounding her pussy. When it got really  hot he told me to put a finger in his ass. I got some pussy juice and gently  stuck my finger in his ass. He started moaning and continued to pump her.  When he came, I could feel his ass tighten around my finger.

When he pulled out I went down on Cindy without being asked, and licked and  sucked all his come from her, then turned and licked his cock and balls  clean. He told me to get the vasilene from the bathroom, which I did, and he  told me to rub it on his cock which was still hard. I did this and he told  me to lay down. He was very gentle with my ass and came very gently as well.  He told me that he would break me in slowly, but that soon I would be able  to take it all and more. I was afraid to ask what the more was, but I was to  find out soon.

What happened next is hard to relate, but I went over to Cindys when they  called next and there was three other guys there besides her lover. I was  told that Cindy was the star attraction in a gangbang and I was there to  clean up the guys and keep them hard. I ended up taking almost as many loads  in me as Cindy. The guys didn’t really like to wait so I was put into use  early and often. When I left later that night my ass was plain tore up. I  had a hard time getting to work two days later, I was so sore.

It was at this point that I asked myself what they hell was I doing this  for? A blowjob now and then? I resolved to stop answering the phone when she  called. She called me 27 times in two days, getting alternatly pissed or  pleading for me to pick up the phone. I finally took some time off work and  with the settlement from my lawsuit against the  driver that killed my  wife and child, I went to Mexico for three weeks. I laid on the beach and  met some nice girls, and drank a lot of beer and had a good time.

When I returned to Austin there was a letter in the mail from her. Saying  she was sorry she had got me into all that shit and would not bother me  again. I talked to her Mom and Dad a few times but never called Cindy. Then  one day the door rang and it was her. I didn’t answer it and soon the phone  rang and it was her again. She told me that she knew I was there and she  need to talk to me, could I let her in please.

The door knocked again and she was there with a cell phone on the steps. I  cracked the door and asked her what she needed. She told me that she had  left her lover and her old man boyfriend and was in love with me. I cracked  it a little more and asked her if she was fuckin nuts.

She burst into tears and I let her in rather than have her cause a scene on  the front doorstep. She was blubbering about how I was the one she loved and  it was her fault that those guys did all those awful things to me. I told  her that I did it all willingly but was no longer interested in doing  ANYTHING for a piece of pussy any longer.

We had a long talk about things and I won’t go into all the details, but I  will tell you that we ended up getting married a year later. I don’t have  any problems with her seeing other men. Twice a month, Fridays are bar  nights. We go to a bar and I watch as she gets picked up. She generally goes  to his place or a motel. The next night is “Date” night. She will go out  with a man that wants to fuck her thats had her before. Saturday nights she  always comes home no matter how late it is.  The next Wednesday is fuck  night. She lets one or two men come over and nail her at our house. I  usually watch and or participate. The rest of the month is  our time. She  gets plenty of cock, I get to watch and also come in her pussy now.

Her parents were really pretty happy we got together, as they felt she  needed someone a  bit more stable than her past husbands, and they knew me  and loved me already. It’s a little weird having her daughter call me  “uncle” now that I’m her Step Dad. But we had her blessings too.

I admit that it’s a different kind of love than I had with my first wife,  her sister. It’s more a love based on familar things. Like an old shirt or a  coat you keep in the closet. She’s a good wife though and I do love her. We  talk about the “old days” every so often. It makes a hot lovemaking fantasy,  but I have no desire to get back to that kind of “powerless” relationship. I  understand her need to have a lot of different men, and she understands my  need to be a little more forceful in our relationship.

The settlement left us pretty comfortable and paid for my neice’s education.  She’s married and living in Dallas now and is expecting. I don’t know where  life will lead us anymore, but I enjoy the present and like things the way  they are now.

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