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I never in my dreams even thought I’d ever share an experience as I am about to today. My name is Aimee and I am 30 years old happily married for 9 years now. My husband and I have a very satisfying sex life so I never thought I’d be involved with another man. I have not even really fantasized of being with another. I am not sure where to begin but I guess I should first describe myself. I am 5′ 7″ and weigh 118lbs. I have shoulder length light brown hair and blue-green eyes. I am in great shape and have what I guess men feel is an attractive figure though my breasts are a bit small b cups. Aside my husband I’ve only been with one other guy and that was in high school.

I have been in a rather blah mood the past few weeks, I don’t know if it’s the winter, work or what but everyone could tell I was not my normal cheerful self. Finally my husband suggested I take a few days and go antique shopping in a town about 3 hours from where we live. It sounded good to me, time on my own to just relax and enjoy myself. At the time I could not imagine how it would turn out. I left the next morning. The drive was pleasant and my mood lifted as I arrived at the first antique mall. I love these places and spent several hours before heading to my hotel in the city. I had booked a nice hotel room for a couple nights. My husband insisted on a hotel with a pool, hot tub and so I could relax in the evenings. If he knew what happened I’m sure he’d regret that decision. Anyway I arrived at the hotel and unpacked in my room. It was a great room on the 7th floor overlooking the city. It had a sitting area with a couch and all and a king sized bed in the bed area. The bathroom was large with a big tub and shower. It felt so good to be there. I planned to eat dinner, go to the hot tub by the pool then curl up with a book before bed. I went to dinner at 5:30. I’d decided to eat at the hotel as I was uncomfortable eating all by myself, after 9 years of marriage I’m used to having company at meal time. So I figured it would be best to eat at the nice restaurant in the hotel. At the time I had no idea what this descison would lead to. As I waited to be seated a nice looking gentleman got in line behind me, he was at least 6′ 3′ and very well built and black. He and I chatted a bit and he introduced himself as Mike.

He was in town on business for the week. He asked if we could eat dinner together, I agreed relived that I would not be alone and I saw no harm in it as I eat lunch with colleagues and clients often at work. Mike and I enjoyed talking over dinner and hit it off pretty well. He asked me to join him in the lounge for a couple drinks and I agreed thinking that yes a little alcohol would relax me further that night. We enjoyed a couple drinks and I excused myself after an hour or so to go to the Hot tub and resume my plans for the night. Mike said “hey mind if I join you” I said “it’s for all the guests you don’t need my permission.” I went to my room put on my bathing suit and went to the pool area. There was only two people two men swimming and the hot tub was empty so I got in. Five minutes later Mike appeared in his trunks and he had a bottle of wine and two glasses. I smiled at him as he joined me in the tub. Stripped down to his trunks I saw I had not misjudged his build in his suit he looked ver nice and I liked the way his black skin glistened in the water. We talked and soon the wine and warm water had me quite relaxed. We talked a little risqu‚ as well. Mike slid over closer to me and we continued to talk then he leaned over to me and whispered “Just want you to know you look great.” I smiled and noticed we were now alone in the pool area. I said back to him “you look pretty nice as well.” Then I turned to him and crossed the line as I kissed him on the lips, he slid closer to me and we started to kiss more. In a few minutes the kisses were deep and passionate our tongues danced in each others mouth and I knew it would not end there and I didn’t want it to.

Soon I felt Mike’s large black hands caressing my arms and then he cupped by breast through the fabric of my suit, I slid down in the water a bit nervous of being seen like this, his hands massaged my breasts and we kissed even harder. After a few minutes I felt his hands slide up my leg caressing all the way, soon I felt his strong black hands push aside the bottom portion of my bathing suits as his hands moved over my pussy, I sighed as his finger entered my pussy, I spread my legs to give him better access to me and soon he had two large fingers working inside me. It felt great and soon I was kissing down his neck and kissing his chest. It felt so strong and muscular and I must admit the contrast of our skin turned me on further. I knew I’d com soon if this didn’t stop. He noticed my nervousness and said “let go up to my room.” I shook my head no and said “my room in case my husband calls.” I fixed my suit and we walked to the elevator and headed to my room. I felt a burning desire like never before running through me. I wanted this black stud I’d just met to make love to me. As soon as we got to my room we closed the door and in seconds we were on the couch. We kissed again and now being in private he unsnapped the top piece of my suit it clasps in the front, and it fell of exposing my breasts to him, he moved down my neck and began to suck on my breasts as his other hand massaged my body and soon found its way to my legs I spread my legs inviting his fingers into me this time even more. As he expertly worked my clitoris, I began to rub my hands over his chest and stomach and soon reached into his pants.

I could not believe what I found there. His cock felt huge and thick, my husband is not small either he is 7.5″ and Mike was I think about 3 inches longer and much thicker. Soon he was undressed and Mike began to kiss from my nipples down my stomach as he slid off my bottoms, he pushed me back on the couch and I was disappointed when his fingers left my pussy, but that lasted a second before his mouth was working across my pubic mound to my clit soon his tongue was working me in an incredible fashion, I usually feel very self conscious when my husband does this, so it doesn’t happen often, but this night I wanted it, I put my hands on the back of his head his thick short hair felt good to my hand and his tongue was sending waves of pleasure through my body. I became so aroused as I looked down my body over my breasts down my stomach I could see his black face buried in my pussy as indescribable pleasures filled me, I felt my first orgasm building within me, my hands pulled him more into me and my breath quickened he sensed the urge in me and his tongue worked on me faster, my breaths became short and deep, my chest rising and falling with each breath as moans escaped my lips, then I thrust my pussy to his face and my head back into the couch as the orgasm washed over me in powerful waves. As I recovered I rolled my head side to side and just said “oh my god, oh my god that was great.” Mike kissed his way back up my stomach and then breasts as he slid back onto the couch next to me.

As he did that I found myself kissing my way down his chest and stomach as I slid my self to the floor, I’ve never much liked giving oral sex but tonight I was completely willing as I kissed down his stomach my hands massaged his erect cock, soon I felt his thick curly pubic hair brush across my chin as I moved down, by now I was on my knees between his legs, I kissed up the shaft of his large cock and then slowly slid my lips around the black head and began to suck him, I felt his hands move down to me as I sucked him deeper, he massaged my neck and shoulders as he guided me up and down on his cock. After a while I pulled off and kissed down the underside of his cock and began to kiss his balls and lick my way back up to resume sucking him. It felt incredible almost slutty and I didn’t care at all. I continued to suck for a long time. Then Mike pulled me off him and carried me to the bed, I was so wet in anticipation of this. He Laid me back and I spread my legs wide, soon I felt him ease his long dark cock into me. It went in pretty easily due to my wetness, though I must say I’d never felt so full or so deeply taken before, he was so skilled each thrust sent pleasure throughout my body. He would thrust all the way in and I would raise my hips to meet his thrusts then he would pull almost out and thrust in me again. Soon I felt an orgasm building in me again, more powerful and more intense, as I felt it build in me I am sure I could be heard through the walls as I moaned “Oh my god Oh my god. Oh Yes!” Mike didn’t miss a beat, as I came he made quick short thrusts into me intensifying and prolonging my orgasm.

As I calmed down I put my arms around his neck pulled his lips to mine and kissed him wildly and deeply as he made love to me, meeting him thrust for thrust. This black stud was taking me to unknown heights of pleasure. He pushed my legs up, my knees almost to my shoulders giving him even deeper access to my pussy. I moaned at this new felt pleasure. It felt unreal. Like he was almost reaching my womb. Then he pulled out rolled me over to my hands and knees straddled me and began to make love doggy style, it felt great his hands on my butt, with each thrust into me he would push apart my cheeks giving him an extra bit of penetration, soon I felt orgasm building again, not as strong but strong still, It was a new experience for me, my husband never fails to make me come but only with his mouth or in the missionary position, but Mike was making me come like this I imagine it is the extra thickness allowing him to stimulate my clit even from behind. He pulled out of me and laid on the bed motioning for me to be on top, instead lost in lust I kissed his chest quickly down to his cock still wet from my pussy, I’d never done this before but I was beyond caring, I could taste my tangyness mixed with his flesh and precum as I lowered my mouth on his cock. I took him as deeply as I could fast then slow. After a bit he began to moan, and I knew what was coming though I’d never let a man cum in my mouth, I knew I would let him, my head continued to move up and down on him, soon I felt his cock start to throb in my mouth slowly at first then rapidly as he started to cum, I felt and tasted his cum flooding my mouth, I swallowed most of it down, it was overwhelming how much he came some dripped out the corner of my mouth and onto my cheeks and chin, I pulled of after a minute of finishing and lay my head next to his on the pillows, we massaged one another and just laid there for a long time, the phone rang, it was my husband, calling to see if I was Ok, I assured him I was as I put my finger to my lips to let Mike know to be quiet. We talked a few minutes as Mike caressed my breasts.

I wonder what my husband would think if he could have seen the truth of what was happening, his sweet wife lying on a bed next to a black stranger, his cum filling her belly and dried on her lips, lying next to the man still knowing it wasn’t over, her pussy still feeling the wonderful affects of the night so far. After a few minutes we hung up and Mike and I went to take a bath. He washed me and we relaxed before heading back to the bed to start again, we made love for two hours in every position that night he made me cum even on top of him riding his cock, his extra 3 inches giving me more freedom to move without worrying about him coming out, which allowed me to ride on top with more intensity deeper and more wild. I was in heaven. He finished in the missionary position making me come several times before I felt him throb within me as e let go inside my pussy. We lay next to each other kissing caressing and I could feel his cum leaking out of my well satisfied pussy. The thought made me smile, no fear as I am on the pill but it felt good to think a strangers seed was inside me. We fell asleep next to each other. That morning we got up showered and had a large breakfast at the hotel, he headed to his room to work and make his calls that day as I went out shopping and relaxing as planned. We agreed to met again that night. He was back at five we went out to dinner and wasted no time in the hot tub that evening, took the wine to my room and began in earnest nearly tearing each others clothes off. His tongue, hands and cock bringing untold pleasures to me. As he was doing me doggy style I was out of control from the pleasure and he commented “Aimee you have one sweet looking butt.” I moaned out “really” as his cock slid in and out of my pussy.

He said “you really do, and I want to do that nice butt” I said “you’re kidding right?” He said “no I’m not but only if you’re willing.” I was not to fond of the idea but soon as he brought me to an intense orgasm I relented and said yes. Mike quickly pulled out of my dripping pussy, pulled me to the edge of the king sized bed and put a pillow under my head. He grabbed his suit briefcase and pulled out a bag from a local drugstore, and in it was a bottle of astro glide a lubricant. I shuddered at the thought of what I was about to do, it was a line I’d never thought of, cheating was one line but here I was about to allow a man I’d just met to do something else I’d never done.

He laid the bottle next to me on the bed and spread my legs wide and I watched as his thick black cock slid in and out of my pussy relaxing me, then after 5 minutes he pulled out and began to finger me then he took the astro glide and opened it pouring it over my pussy and butt as well as his fingers he leaned over and we kissed deeply as his hands moved form my clit to my butt I moaned and jumped a little as his finger entered my butt. It went in easily with the lubricant. Soon he was deep into me as we continued to kiss. Then he pulled away and stood at the edge of the bed spread my legs as he rubbed more lubricant onto me and into me as well as coating his cock with it. Then he slowly eased his cock into my ass. I looked down my body and watched as each inch slowly entered me, it hurt a bit but was intensely pleasurable as well especially since his finger rubbed my clit. Before long he was moving easily in and out of my no longer virgin ass. I was moaning loudly and lost in ecstasy the phone rang I ignored it and continued to enjoy this black lover of mine. Mike pulled out and turned me over to make love to my ass doggy style. As he fucked me like that his hands massaged my clit and breasts bringing me to an intense orgasm, I felt him tense as he unleashed his cum inside my but. We collapsed on the bed a few minutes before recovering. I called my husband back after getting the message from the phone. I told him I was at the pool and was going to take a bath.

After that Mike and I went to the large tub in my room and bathed. The warm water felt good after we washed off I began to caress his cock and before long he was sitting on the edge of the tub my head bobbing up and down on his cock, I pulled my mouth off him as I masturbated him wit my hand wrapped around his erect cock, I looked up at him and said ” I want to taste you again, cum in my mouth.” That said I lowered my mouth over his cock head his hands guiding me up and down meting me with thrusts of his hips, he tensed began to throb and soon I felt his warm seed flow into my mouth, this time I savored the taste, letting it roll around my mouth as I sucked him a bit more before I swallowed all of it. We dressed and he headed to his room as he had to get some work done in the morning before heading out to meet clients the next afternoon. I fell asleep on my bed content and happy. The next morning I showered dressed and had breakfast in my room, I had a few stops to make on the trip home so at about 9:30 I went to tell Mike goodbye, though we knew we’d meet up from time to time as he has a few accounts in my city and is there every month or so for a couple days. I knocked on his door, and he answered wearing a tee shirt and boxers he was getting ready for his day and his computer and briefcase were on the desk where he’d been working that morning. He smiled as I walked in his room. I had planned to say goodbye and get on my way but I was still hungry for his body and not wanting to wait some weeks we embraced and soon were undressed, we had little time for preliminaries so soon we were on his bed making love with a fierce passion, I came twice in rapid succession and then got on top of him and rode him hard and deep, his hands on my hips pulling my butt apart slightly at the bottom of each thrust to fully penetrate me in that position. Before long I felt his orgasm building he pushed me over into the missionary position lifted my hips high as I came he lost it and filled my pussy with his cum, deep inside me. I dressed quickly kissed him goodbye and began my drive home. As I drove I could feel the wetness as his cum leaked out of me. I made a few stops on the way and that evening I arrived home feeling fine and relaxed. My husband greeted me at the door and said I looked happier.

I smiled back as he hugged me and kissed me. I knew he wanted to make love so I said “babe let me take a bath and then we’ll be together, after all I knew the evidence of my activities would be evident if I didn’t clean up. In the bathroom I undressed as the tub filled my panties were meshed to my pubic mound with dried cum, the musky smell of cum and my pussy evident as well. I rinsed my panties and put then in the dirty clothes pile and slipped into the water. Forty minutes later I joined my husband in the bedroom. He made passionate love to me making me come several times and we went at it for some time, I could not help to think that though he was good Mike was better and filled me in ways he never could. Well after ward he said “looks like the trip did you some good., maybe you need to take more time to do that every now and then.” I smiled and said I’d like to do that every few months or so to get away form work and the house.” He said I should do it not knowing what my plans were, no doubt I’ll time my trips for when Mike is there as well and I’ll see him occasionally here as well as his hotel here is downtown and so is my work. I am excited about seeing mike again. I love my husband and won’t leave but I think the future holds a little pleasure for me as well. I’d love to hear from any women who’ve done this with any advice etc.Admin

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