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She is such a slut

Valerie was determined to get the garage work done as quickly as possible. After Carl had refused to accept her cunt as full payment for the work she took Steve’s advice and phoned Ray. Ray, it turned out, lived in the very next suburb from us. Steve may have already spoken to Ray because he was more then happy to use Valerie’s cunt to pay for the bricklaying and any other costs involved. Valerie made arrangements for Ray to come by the next day after work. Ray was a little younger then me but a couple of years older then Val and was a tough negotiator. Valerie had, unwisely, made it obvious she was desperate for the garage to be bricked and was willing to pay whatever price was needed. The fact that Carl didn’t think her cunt was payment enough also played into Ray’s hands. Val was anxious to prove to me that her cunt could and would pay for anything she or I wanted. Ray said he would want to be able to fuck Valerie anytime and anywhere he wanted for the next eighteen months and he could also use her in anyway he chose over the same period. He promised he would not permanently mark her or deliberately expose her to our neighbors or friends. I took Valerie aside and said I thought that eighteen months was a bit long for two weeks work but she would not listen. She was determined to prove how valuable her pussy was. I’m sure she would have given her cunt to the Devil as payment. Maybe she had! We went back into the living room and Valerie told Ray that she accepted his offer with one proviso. Val insisted that I was with her whenever possible to watch and protect her. Ray agreed but also said it may not always be possible because he, Ray, had use of her at anytime and I had to work. We agreed that anytime outside of my work hours I could be with her and that I would not interfere with Ray’s use of my wife.

Ray had Val strip and suck his cock as a show of good faith. Valerie expertly brought Ray to his climax and he deposited his cum all over her face.  She was then instructed to clean his cock making sure she swallowed the lasts drops. Ray asked if we had a Polaroid camera, which we did, so he borrowed it and took some very graphic photos of Val. The shots of her cum covered face were very clear and the close ups of her cunt were almost text book quality. He took several full length photos of my wife showing her face and all her charms! I was a little bit worried about Ray, who we’d just met, having such compromising photos of Valerie. The fact that he had full use of her body for the next year and a half made my worries seem a bit silly. Ray explained that if he was going to recoup his costs then Valerie would be spending a large amount of her time on her back entertaining his friends, workers and clients.

The next day was Saturday and as I don’t work weekends, I was available to watch my wife. Ray had us meet him on a work site about 2 miles from our home. The site was a 3 storey apartment block that Ray was working on. He had 3 four man bricklaying gangs plus a site manager working when we arrived. The site was semi secluded and was fenced off from the public so only the bricklayers, the site manger and Ray were there. The only other people likely to come on site were delivery drivers or perhaps the owners. Ray took us both into the site office and told Valerie her job for the next two hours was to make tea and coffee for the gangs. Valerie would be nude and the guys could touch her but not fuck her. The gang that laid the most bricks on the morning would be able to gang bang her before she left. I was a bit reluctant to agree but Val said she was fine with the idea. Valerie quickly removed her shorts and halter top exposing her shaved cunt and prominent nipples to Ray. She had just her favourite pink runners on and looked absolutely gorgeous.

Ray told us to follow him and we went into the partly built apartment block where the first gang was finishing off the main entry walls. All four guys stopped work and stared at my naked wife as she approached there work area. Ray introduced Valerie by her full name and explained she was a local slut here to serve tea and coffee for the morning. Valerie gave each guy a quick kiss and stood back with her lovely legs slightly apart. Ray sent one of the guys to get the other two gangs so he wouldn’t have to explain himself twice. The other eight guys plus the site manager quickly assembled in the half completed foyer. The thirteen guys listened closely as Ray went through his plan. Ray again introduced my wife by her full married name and told them she was a local slut who wanted to use her cunt to pay for the brickwork on her garage. I was speechless at the use of our real names and the fact that we were locals. While we hadn’t insisted on anonymity we did expect Ray to be a little discrete.  Valerie however, didn’t bat an eyelid at the use of her name or her plan to pay for the work with her cunt. Her nipples were hardening under the stare of 26 eyes and I could see her juices dripping from her pussy lips. Ray went on to say that everyone on site this morning could grope my wife as much as they wanted but no one could fuck her. Only the gang that laid the most bricks would get to use her while the others could only watch. Also the gang that won this morning would also be the gang to do the brickwork on her garage. That gang would also have free use of my wife during the two weeks it would take to complete.  We hadn’t planned on so many men knowing of the arrangement or so many men having access to my wife’s body but we HAD given Ray total control for eighteen months. To say we were naive was an understatement.

The men all came over to fondle Valerie’s breasts and slip calloused fingers into her willing cunt. The smarter gang had a quick grope and headed back to work. That gang consisted of two white guys, one black guy and one Hispanic. They were all in their late thirties or early forties and were obviously intent on winning. While the other gangs took every opportunity to finger fuck or fondle my wife this gang contented them with the knowledge they would soon be fucking her.

The morning went far to quickly for me as I watched my wife trying not spill coffee while someone  pushed two or three fingers into her sloppy pussy. Valerie was enjoying the attention. The fact she was totally naked in front of 15 guys, the most up till then, on a public building site was a tremendous turn on. Twelve noon was finishing time and while Ray and the site manager checked the brick count my lovely wife calmly chatted with the 3 gangs. It turned out one of the guys in the youngest gang lived in the house behind us. He introduced himself to Val and I, his name was Tony, and I must admit I felt a bit awkward. Strangers fucking your wife is one thing but I was worried he would tell all our neighbors and we’d have to move. Valerie gave him a kiss and said she thought she knew his face when she first saw him. She quietly told him that she expected him to be discrete and not to be a stranger in our house. Tony was smart enough to know his silence would get him all of Val’s pussy he could handle.The gang we expected won easily and Valerie lay down on some flattened cardboard boxes. The black guy brought an old blanket from the site office and Valerie gladly repositioned herself on that. The bare cardboard would have been quite uncomfortable.

Nathan, the black guy, was first to fuck my wife. He wasn’t as big as Valerie expected and she was a little disappointed, I think. He was larger than my six inches and probably around eight inches. While he was fucking Val, Robert and Ron, the white guys, sucked her tits.  Carlos, the Hispanic, shoved his long cock into Val’s mouth and she still managed to deep throat him. All the other guys were cheering the lucky gang on and suggesting ways to fuck Val. The winning gang all took turns at Valerie’s cunt and after a short rest they all wanted her ass. Two bags of cement were stacked up and Val lay on her stomach across them. This completely exposed her pink asshole and Carlos was first in. Valerie’s asshole was well lubricated from her own pussy juices that had run down between her ass cheeks. Add the copious amounts of semen from her fucking and Carlos’s cock slid in easily, Valerie loves to be ass fucked and was in heaven as the four guys took turns ravishing her. The site manager, Bob, sat on the blanket in front of Val and offered his cock to her mouth. Valerie swallowed his cock and quickly brought him to orgasm while Robert or Ron, I’m not sure which, pounded her ass.

After Val was gang banged for over an hour, Ray called a halt. He loudly told everyone our address and told the winning gang to be there at 7 am on Monday. He told them Valerie would be available from 5 am if they wanted a fuck before starting. Ray said she would also be available during the lunch break as well as for two hours after the 5 pm knock off time. Valerie would be naked at all times during the two weeks work but would remain inside the house because of the neighbors. Valerie would also be available to the gang on Saturday mornings from 7 am till 12 noon. I was far from happy with these arrangements because I left for work at 6am and didn’t return till 6pm. I would only get to see Valerie fucked for two hours a day and five hours on Saturday. It was too late to arrange time off so I had no choice in the matter. Ray said he would stay at our place for the two weeks and make sure Valerie was safe. Valerie had a quiet word with Ray and suggested that the other two gangs should fuck her to ensure their silence. We didn’t need eight unhappy guys badmouthing us around our area. They all knew our names and address, thanks to Ray, and another hour or so of fucking for Val would hopefully keep them quiet. Ray said he could sack anyone that caused a problem but we felt that would be too late. Once something is said it can’t be taken back and we weren’t ready to move house. Ray said it was OK with him. Valerie got back down on the cum soaked blanket and spread her lovely legs for the other nine guys.

Even though Bob had received a blow job he was entitled to fuck her, after all he would be managing the apartment site while Ray was fucking Val. Over the next ninety minutes Val let the nine guys use her in any way they wanted. She happily let them triple penetrate her and even let them try to get two cocks in her mouth, ass or cunt. Valerie could just manage two cocks in her cunt but there was no way, yet, that two cocks could get in her ass. Of course the first four guys, the winners, were thinking of things they would do to Val when she was their exclusive slut for five hours a day for twelve days.

Ray again called a halt to proceedings just as Tony was finishing his second ass fuck of Valerie. This was only the second of the hundreds of times Tony fucked Val over the next eleven years. He only stopped fucking her after his own marriage. Valerie was s sight!  She was covered in cum and light hickeys. Ray had warned against leaving marks that didn’t fade quickly.

Cum was matted in her hair and dripped from her ass and cunt. Valerie’s lovely flat tummy was slightly chaffed from rubbing on the cement bags while being ass fucked. Ray had one last humiliation for Valerie before he let everyone leave. He had Nathan and Tony get a saw horse and cover it with the cum stained blanket. He had Valerie lie along its length and used some rough rope to tie her wrists and ankles to the four legs.  Valerie seemed to know what was coming but I had no idea. The agreement was that Ray had complete control of Valerie for eighteen months and I could not interfere. Val’s cunt and ass were oozing semen as the 3 gangs and Bob gathered around her prone body. Ray grabbed a small flat piece of timber shaped like a paddle and asked Valerie if she was a low cock sucking slut. Valerie said she was and deserved to be punished. Ray asked her if ten smacks with the paddle would be enough. Val said she thought one smack for every man that fucked her today would be better. I was shocked beyond belief. I had never struck my wife and had no idea she was into B&D. Ray and Val had obviously discussed this during their quiet chat after the first gang bang.

Ray stepped up behind my wife and gave her an almighty whack across the ass cheeks. Cum shot out of her pussy and landed on Ray’s work boot.  Ray hit her four more times in quick succession and each time cum sprayed from her cunt. Valerie was screaming and sobbing but when Ray asked if she’s had enough she quickly shook her head. Ray rained five heavier blows on her ass and the shooting cum was finally exhausted. Val’s ass glowed like it was on fire and her sobbing was uncontrollable. Ray waited till she finally managed to stop and asked if ten was enough. Again Valerie shook her head and asked for the last three to be harder. Valerie had her head down and was quietly sobbing but under control. Ray passed the timber to Tony and he gave my wife a tremendous blow across the ass and I think may have caught her pussy lips as well. Valerie’s scream was blood curdling. After a couple of minutes Val was under control again and Nathan was passed the paddle. Nathan’s blow, while hard, was nowhere near as hard as any of Ray’s. Tony’s glancing blow to Val’s pussy lips gave Ray an idea.

He loosened the ropes on Valerie’s legs and placed a rolled up towel under her hips and again tied the ropes. This made Valerie’s pussy more exposed and presented an easy target for the paddle. Val’s sobbing had almost stopped and Ray passed me the paddle. Under normal circumstances, there was no way that I would strike my wife but these were hardly normal circumstances. My wife had been effectively gang banged by thirteen strangers and had her ass paddled twelve times. I looked at her exposed ass and pussy and realized how much I loved her. Her ass was glowing red as I stepped up and whacked her with all my strength across both cheeks. Her scream was almost deafening and it took a good five minutes before she was under control and started to relax again. Ray told her she’d received her thirteen whacks to punish her for letting thirteen strangers gang bang her. Ray told her to thank everyone for fucking her and to thank him for paddling her. This she did and as she allowed herself to totally relax Ray smacked her hard directly on her exposed pussy. I have never heard a scream before or since as the scream that came from my wife’s lips. It was absolutely horrendous. In the twenty years since that day on the building site, I don’t think anything has caused Valerie so much pain. I think all the guys watching her beating, with the obvious exception of Ray, felt sorry for her. Ray asked if anyone wanted to fuck Val before he untied her and everyone said no. The guys all slowly left leaving just Ray, Val and I.

Ray untied Val and she slumped onto the cardboard covered floor. It took quite sometime before Valerie was able to stand. Her ass and pussy were too sore for her to sit and her legs were still a bit unsteady. Ray asked Valerie if she had any problem with what had just happened to her and she said she did not. He asked me and I said what was OK with Val was OK with me. Ray asked Valerie if her cunt would be OK to start paying the guys on Monday and she assured him it would be. Ray had Valerie lean against the wall and spread her legs. I thought he was going to paddle her again and thought of protesting but kept my mouth shut. Ray checked out Valerie’s ass and pussy and said there were only two small welts on her pussy lips. Ray suggested some salve for the welts and said while they hurt now within two hours the pain would be gone. Ray explained that his wife Sue was heavily into B&D and knew all the tricks to quickly ease pain and erase marks. Valerie was instructed to travel home nude and not try to prevent anyone apart from friends and neighbors seeing her. Our car was on the building site but it meant Val would have to walk about two hundred yards across the parking lot. The area was relatively secluded but anyone passing would have a clear view of my wife’s bright red ass and pussy. Ray said he would call later that afternoon and make arrangements for that night. I was stunned to think that after Valerie had been gang banged by 13 guys and had her ass paddled that she was expected to do more that night.

Valerie made no objection and said she would look forward to his call. She was simply amazing.

We managed to make the car without being seen and as instructed Valerie made no attempt to cover her self for the short trip home. A couple of truckers managed to get a good look at Valerie’s charms and I have no idea what the bus load of teenagers thought of my wife. Luckily we’d left the garage door open and we were able to drive straight in without any curious neighbors seeing Val. Tony was already waiting for us when we arrived home and was hoping to get an early payment for his silence. Tony came into the garage and waited with Val while I retrieved a dress to cover her nudity. Tony came in the house with us thanked Valerie for being so nice to him at the building site. Val explained the deal she had with Ray and that Ray virtually owned her for eighteen months.  She told Tony if Ray had thirty or forty guys waiting to gang bang her, she would have had to go along with it. Tony was dumbstruck that I would let another man totally possess my wife for so long.  I told Tony that it was Val’s idea and that it was her decision who or what used her body not mine. Valerie told Tony he could fuck her as often as he liked as long as I was home or if I gave him permission to fuck her while I was absent. Tony was told his time for fucking Valerie was totally dependant on the winning gang’s use of her and when Ray didn’t require her. Neither Val nor I were naive enough to believe the gang’s use of Valerie would end after two weeks. Nor did we believe the other two gangs wouldn’t want some pussy for themselves. Valerie had no doubt she could sexually satisfy all 12 brickies plus Bob and Ray. Fourteen man gang bangs could be a problem but five or six guys a day would be easy.

Ray’s wife Sue rang and spoke to Valerie. She suggested a couple of different creams and lotions to relieve the stinging and help the welts to disappear. Tony volunteered to go to the pharmacy and pick up the creams. Valerie was a little tired and was worried about what people would think of the rope marks on her wrists and ankles. It was obvious that she had been tied up and most people would guess for what reason. While Tony was gone, Val and I talked about her beating. I told her I had no idea she was into that sort of thing and she replied that I’d never asked. Val told me that Ray had phoned early that morning and told her he was going to have her gang banged and paddled. Valerie said she knew there was going to be at least 12 guys there and that Ray said everyone was going to fuck her. Ray also insisted that Valerie allow herself to be paddled across the ass. The signal was when Ray asked for the saw horse Valerie was to present her ass to be whacked as often as Ray wanted. Ray only asked for her to accept ten hard whacks but it was Valerie’s decision to ask for thirteen. My wife told me she regretted not asking for more as she felt so helpless and humiliated as Ray smacked her ass with the paddle. She loved it. Valerie said the last one that caught her full on the pussy lips was the best feeling she’d ever had. Every nerve in her body was alive for that split second of wood hitting tender cunt flesh. She had whispered to Ray that she hoped there would be many more paddling in her future. Ray had assured her it was only the first of many.

Ray and his friends, clients and workers used my wife for nearly fifteen years after that first day. We lost count of the gang bangs and beatings that Ray arranged for her. In the fifteen years, hundreds of different men used my wife’s holes and took great delight in paddling her breasts, ass and pussy. But I digress.

Tony returned with the lotions and creams and after Val showered helped me apply it to her reddened ass and pussy. Miraculously within two hours or so all the redness was gone and only a very small mark on her left pussy lip was visible. Valerie went to bed and slept like a baby for four hours. Tony asked me again if I was alright with him fucking Valerie. I assured him that I was and that when Valerie woke he could fuck her. When Val did wake up I made her a nice cup of coffee and I told her that Tony wanted to fuck her. Val was happy to agree and while I watched, Tony fucked my wife to a noisy orgasm. Tony rolled off my wife and as she was cleaning his cock with her mouth the phone rang. It was Ray and he asked to speak to the low slut that lived there. I passed the phone to Val and she listened to Ray’s instructions. Valerie was to be ready in two hours, eight o’clock, and wear a dress that reached no lower than two inches below her crotch and no underwear. Ray said he would pick her up out front right on 8pm. Valerie was in a panic. She had short dresses but none that short. Tony, Val and I searched through her wardrobe and the nearest thing was a green shimmery dress that was at least four inches too long. It was the dress that Val had made herself for our first date three years ago. Valerie found her sewing box and sat crossed legged on our bed and started to shorten the dress. She was oblivious to the fact that her hairless pussy was dribbling Tony’s cum onto our bedspread. Valerie cut three inches off the hem and began to tack the edge up. While she was doing that I set up her sewing machine in the living room. Tony was busy staring at her cunt and hard nipples and was of no use whatsoever. In less then eight hours Tony had gone from only knowing Val by sight to being one of her regular lovers. Hard for a 22 year old to get his head around, I’m sure. Valerie jumped off the bed and headed for the sewing machine. She expertly hemmed the dress and slipped it over her head to check the length. It was exactly as Ray ordered. Just two inches below her pussy lips and at the back you could just see the rounds of her ass cheeks. She looked sensational but there was no way that she could sit down without exposing her cunt to everyone within fifteen feet. I’m pretty sure that was just the way Ray wanted it!

Valerie showered again to wash Tony’s cum from her pussy. Tony watched her in the shower and dried her back when she came out. I think he was already in love with her. Valerie had Tony check her pussy for any stray hairs and he removed two with Valerie’s Ladyshaver. Tony applied some more cream to the now almost invisible welt on her pussy lip. Valerie expertly applied her makeup and brushed her hair till it shone. She slipped the dress over her head and stepped into the matching green high heels. With her tan legs and beautiful face she looked like a movie star. Strangely within two years she WAS a movie star. Porn movies, but a star nevertheless. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra and if she even took a breath it was more obvious she wasn’t wearing knickers. Eight o’clock was fast approaching and I was becoming more and more apprehensive. Valerie sat and talked to Tony like they’d been friends for years. Less then 10 hours earlier they’d not even met. Since then he’d fucked her three times including in the ass and watched her get ass whacked for the enjoyment of his boss. Strange times, indeed.

At exactly 2 minutes to eight Valerie made her way to the front gate. It was dark but you could see her green dress flashing in the street lights. If you knew where to look you could see the white globes of her ass below the dress’s hemline. Luckily none of our neighbors were out and Val waited patiently for Ray to turn up. He arrived just after 8.15 after making her wait in plain view of anyone walking by. More by good luck than anything else no one saw my wife dressed like a porn star outside our house. Tony and I watched Val slide into the front seat of Ray’s car. Even from thirty feet away we could see her dress ride up, fully exposing her shaved cunt. I had no way of knowing what time Valerie would be back but I’d decided I would wait up. Tony and I ordered pizza and we watched a movie. It was after 11 and we were running out of conversation. I decided to show Tony our ‘special’ photo albums. They were pretty tame considering what we had started that morning. Dozens of photos of Valerie flashing her tits and pussy in public. A few of her sucking cock when she was on college. Valerie was very ‘popular’ in college. In other words she was easy!  She dated lots of guys and every one of them fucked her. Tony wanted a nude photo of Val to keep and I let him pick one. He chose the one where she was totally nude in the back of our car. She was flashing truckers on the interstate.

Midnight came and went without any sign of Valerie. Tony excused himself and headed home. He was still young and just climbed the fence between our rear yards. Within three months we decided to put a gate between our houses. It was less obvious then Tony coming and going from our front door. Finally at 1.30 I heard Ray’s car coming up our cul de sac. He drove into our driveway and stopped near our garage. I watched Valerie open the car door and step out completely naked. Her dress was rolled up in her hand and she was carrying her shoes. As Ray backed out of the driveway his headlights lit Valerie up like she was on Broadway! As far as I could tell none of the neighbors’ curtains or blinds were open and hopefully no one saw my wife walking slowly to the door. I quickly turned off the porch light so as not to highlight her nakedness any further. Valerie came in and gave me a quick kiss and slumped down on the sofa. I could tell by her puffy red pussy lips that she’s been well and truly fucked. I helped her to her feet and suggested she take a shower. Valerie told me Ray had forbidden her to take a shower until noon on Sunday. She said he wanted me to see and smell proof of my wife’s obedience to him. I half carried her to our bedroom and lay her on the bed. I could see dried cum on most of the front of her body.  Cum was in her hair and even in her ears. I half rolled her over so that I could place a towel under her ass to catch some of the escaping fluids. Her ass was again covered in welts. Most were superficial but one had broken the skin. A trickle of dried blood mixed with cum on her ass cheeks. I wiped her ass cheeks with a cool wet towel and applied more of the creams and lotions to the welts. I rolled her onto her back and applied some of the same creams to her well used pussy lips. Valerie drifted off in my arms and I could smell the semen of unknown and uncounted men on my wife’s well used body.

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