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Becoming a Hot Slut Wife

My wife and I have been married for some 25 years and we have had a very good relationship over the years and our sex life has been good. However recently we have felt that something has been missing. With our kids having all left home and moved overseas we have found we seemed to have something missing in our lives. Janine, my wife has always been a bit reserved when it comes to sex, although she enjoys sex and the things we have done in the past, but these have been just with ourselves and few and far between. Normal sex has been good and still is.

We have chatted about adding some spice to our sex life and to be honest I guess I have been the one who has led this. However Jane has been receptive to my suggestions and has talked openly with me about the suggestions I have made. It was from these chats that the following occurred.

Janine works for a company which is based in a city some 2 ½ hours from where we live. We enjoy the city we live in as it is on the coast and we enjoy the lifestyle, however Janine’s job takes her to the bigger city 2 or 3 days a week. I work in the city we live in so we are apart during the week for some periods.

Well to get on with the story I suggested to Janine that we should try a threesome. She seemed to like the idea but it never seemed to go anywhere until during one conversation while in bed after a good sex session I suggested that we find someone in the city that she work’s in to join us in a threesome. After some persuasion she finally agreed to let me put an advert on an adult site looking for a male of similar age. Needles to say we were inundated with requests from a wide range of men; however we were looking for that special person. After some time and some disappointments we finally found someone who we felt we could connect with.

He was a business man who lived in the city Janine works in and he was separated and looking for a bit of casual fun. He had a good profile and when I contacted him he had something about him which engendered trust and our respect. He was definitely not your normal adult dating site kind of male. I made contact by phone found out his name was James, he was 53 yrs old and after a couple of conversations with him made plans to meet him in his home town. We agreed to meet, have dinner and some drinks and then take it from there. He was more than happy with this and said he would make arrangements for dinner and let us know. We decided that we would go for a weekend, stay in a good hotel in the city and then see what happened.

The weekend we decided on finally came and a bit nervously we headed for the city and to check into our hotel. We were right in the centre of the city and James had told us he had made reservations at a top restaurant which was not far from our hotel.  Janine and I had agreed that if there was chemistry there we would invite James back to our hotel.

As the time approached for us to meet James, Janine got herself ready. Janine is 48, blonde, 5’4” tall with 34B tits, she keeps her pussy shaven and has the greatest ass I have ever seen on a woman. At 48 she is still a very attractive woman, and often had approach’s from men when out with girlfriends. She showered, put on a tiny black thong, and nice bra that complimented her tits and a nice black evening dress, quite short but not too short for a woman her age. She has great legs and this showed them off, and to this she added a pair of black 6” heels. She looked great and I knew that James would not be disappointed when he saw her for the first time.

We headed for the restaurant excitedly and because we had swapped photos we spotted him at the bar as soon as we entered the restaurant. James stood at a little over 6’, he was very toned and fit, he had told me he worked out at a gym regularly, and was very well dressed. He spotted us and stood up to greet us. He shook my hand and then gave Janine a hug and a kiss on the cheek, like he had known us for years. He made us feel very comfortable and then he motioned to the waiter to show us our table.

The restaurant was one of those that had semi private booths and he had obviously booked this one as we were seated in a very private booth which would allow us to speak privately without any chance of our conversation being over heard. We found out later that James used it for his business dinners and meetings quite often and knew the owner well

James ordered wine for all of us and then we chatted as the wine was brought and we ordered dinner. We talked about everything, we found out that James was a very successful business man, he had a number of companies and he liked to have fun. He had a launch in the marina and spent a lot of time overseas, the reason his marriage had fallen apart. He had decided after that, that he would not get attached for some time but just have some fun, hence why he had answered our advert on the adult site. He paid a lot of attention to Janine, complimenting her on how gorgeous she was, and how she looked a lot younger than she was. I could see that Janine was very taken with him and I knew that the chemistry was there between them and I certainly was ok with it. I thought to myself at one stage that tonight I was going to see Janine fucked by another man.

We dinned and talked and after dinner went to the bar for a few more drinks. There was a dance band in another part of the restaurant and James invited Janine to dance a couple of times. She was more than keen and enjoying herself. They danced a couple of slow dances and I saw that he had pulled Janine very close to him. She told me later that he had told her that she was really turning him on and that he had run his hand over her ass as they slow danced. Janine said she could feel the bulge in his pants press against her as he held her close. I had noticed this and I could feel the stirrings in my cock and balls. I was getting turned on watching another man dance and handle my wife.

Finally we decided to head to our hotel and James brought a bottle of wine to take back with us. He also paid for our dinner and all of the drinks we had, I guess he thought it was going to be worth it. We headed for the hotel and up to our room. The room had a big hot tub in it, as we had thought it would be nice to relax in the hot tub.  James said “Let’s have some wine and hop into the hot tub”

“Great idea” Janine said. While James poured the wine in the kitchen Janine stripped naked and slid into the tub. She looked great and she smiled at me as I watched her undress, “This is going to be fun” she said.

James came into the room with 3 glasses of wine, He smiled, “very nice” he said as he handed Janine her wine, “Time for me to get into that tub”. He handed me a glass of wine, put his down on the edge of the tub and then slowly started to strip. As he took of his clothes I noticed Janine intently watching him, He was well built and obviously worked out and was proud of his body. I saw Janine’s gaze go to his mid area as he removed his trousers. He was wearing no underwear and his cock sprung into view. He was well hung; his cock was circumcised, had a large knob and he had a pair of large balls which were tight and obviously very full. I looked at Janine and her gaze was locked on his cock and balls. His pubic hair was trimmed and his balls were shaved, I have to admit he looked very sexy. He then walked to the tub and got in, sliding in next to Janine. He looked at her and then pulled her to him and kissed her. “Are you getting in?” he said as he broke his kiss for a moment.

I put down my wine and began to strip. James went back to kissing Janine, his hands sliding down her body under the water feeling her tits and then down to her pussy. “Wow very nice” he said as he slid a finger into her cunt, “I love a shave pussy”. Janine gasped at his touch and drew in a quick breath.

“Ohhh” she said.. He continued to kiss her and slide a finger in and out of her pussy, one hand working her nipples in turn, first one then the other. I could see her swooning at his touch. I slid into the tub on the other side, watching the beautiful sight of my wife giving in to another mans touch. He then detached himself from Janine and hoisted himself up on the side of the tub. Spreading his legs his hard 8” cock stood straight up. He motioned Janine to come to him

“You know what to do” he said.

His voice was calm but very compelling, I could tell that he was a very dominant person and just his words spoken as they were would compel you to obey him. Janine moved between his legs without looking at me and reached a hand up to grasp his powerful cock. As her hand encircled it she lowered her head and licked his large knob. Slowly she circled around his knob with her tongue and then slipped his cock head into her mouth. She then started a sucking motion rising up and down on his shaft; He laid his head back and closed his eyes as she began to give him a blow job he would remember for a long time.

“Time for you to get involved” he said to me “get behind her and give her cunt some pleasure”

I moved behind her and slid my hand down over her ass, sliding a finger into her very wet cunt. She moaned as she started to suck harder on his cock. I quickened the fingering motion in her cunt as she moaned and writhed in ecstasy.

“I think its time I fucked your wife” he said to me

He stood up and taking Janine’s hand helped her out of the hot tub. His gaze covered her body as he took in her radiant beauty, the beauty of a woman on a sexual high needing to be fucked. He led her to the bed, drying her and himself as he went. I remained in the tub watching as he laid her on the bed. She spread her legs automatically as he laid her down, waiting to be mounted by her stud.

“You need to come help satisfy this horny slut” James said to me. I was shocked at what he said but turned on, he was obviously demonstrating his dominance, so I got out of the tub, dried off and moved to the bed; James rolled Janine over, slapped her ass and ordered “get on your hands and knees”. She obeyed getting on to all fours on the bed. “Eat her pussy from behind” he said to me. He got in front of her and offered her his hard rampant cock. As I slid underneath her from behind and started to tongue her pussy and clit, she took James’s cock back into her mouth, She started to moan as my tonguing of her cunt and clit started to have its effect on her. “Get her nice and wet for me” James said. She was starting to get very wet and her juices were soon running down my chin. James pulled his cock from her mouth with a plopping sound and said “Time to mount your slut wife”

I slid out from underneath her as James positioned himself behind her. He put his hands on her ass and spread her ass cheeks apart resting his thumb on her asshole. He then began to rub his thumb over her asshole, from time to time slipping the tip of it into her ass. As he was doing this he guided his rampant cock into her dripping cunt. She let out a deep sigh as he entered her; I watched as another man mounted my wife, making her moan and swoon with his large cock and expert love making. “Cock in her mouth” he said to me roughly. I obeyed going to her head and offering my cock to her mouth. She opened her mouth automatically and accepted my rock hard cock. James then looked me in the eye and said “I bet this is the first time she has been spit roasted”. “Yes” I stammered.

James then started to ride her with quickening strokes then as her orgasm built up he would then slow down bringing her back down and then quickening the pace to bring her back up again. She moaned, writhed in pleasure and sucked harder on my cock. I was close to exploding in her mouth and began to pull out. “No” James said “cum in her mouth”

She never hesitated but continued to suck me as my cum boiled up in my balls and I reached explosion point. I unloaded in her mouth, a torrent of cum, or so it seemed, pumping in and out. She never missed a beat, swallowing all that I pumped into her. I was amazed that she did this as she had always said to me that she did not like the taste of cum, but here she was swallowing it as James pumped her hard from behind.

I heard him groan as Janine started to orgasm. James was close and he was building up for what was going to be a big load, of that I had no doubt. All of a sudden he lurched forward and started to ram into her harder, groaning as she went over the edge. She has always been a bit noisy when having an orgasm but this was like nothing I had heard before. “Fuck me, Fuck me harder I’m Cumming….ohhhhhhh yessss” she screamed. James obliged, ramming even harder into her as he unleashed his cum into her. It seemed as if he came for ever as he continued to pump into her as she had orgasm after orgasm.

Finally she collapsed onto the bed with James still in her as he lay on top of her. She was still and quiet as James raised himself up and withdrew his still hard cock from her very messy cunt. “Wow” he said “You are one hell of a fuck” he said to her. “Your one lucky guy to have a lady who fucks like that” he said to me. “Thanks for sharing her with me” he said.

James and I got off the bed and went back to the hot tub, retrieving our wine as we did so. Janine rolled over to watch us go, a big smile on her face. I got her wine and took it back to her on the bed. “You enjoy that” I asked with a smile. “Fuck yes” she said “I aim to have a bit more before he leaves too”

James spent the night with us; we all slept in the big bed in the motel room. During the night I was woken several times with James mounting Janine and fucking her in every position. He left early the next morning after having a final fuck of Janine’s sloppy cunt as I sat in a chair and watched as he shot another load of cum into her. Before he left he made us promise to stay in touch, which we did and we had several more adventures with him which I will write about and tell all how my hot wife became a cock hungry slut.

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