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Mommy wants you to clean up his mess


Although my first attempt at a CuckoldLand story, I thought people might find my experience useful or interesting. Why? Because it is all exactly true and happened to me.

The one thing that I was not expecting was several roads this path leads down. Good roads, not slamming the lifestyle, just unexpected. My wife and I were quite adventurous sexually. We pillow talked about her making love with another man. She would dominate me during sex quite often, much to my enjoyment. Inside of this excited domination scene, she would spank and use her strap on. We would also lay and make-out in the backyard (in bathing suits) while she would put her leg on top of mine. While French kissing, she would stop and stare me in the eye and begin wetting on me. Sounds dumb but it was very, very intimate. That was a sign and we would go inside after she was finished. Those sessions always had breast-feeding episodes, followed by me “licking mommy’s ass” while she purred contently. So .. the stage was set.

She admitted over dinner one evening (NOT pillow talk) that she had found someone at work she wanted to have sex with. This is the key, guys. When your wife brings up the subject NOT in a sexual situation, she is ready. We arranged for him to come over one Friday evening. A striking Tom Selleck looking man, he was about 6’4″ (white, like us) and he obviously worked out. Very powerful looking. My wife fixed dinner and we sat down to eat. I knew what was going to happen that evening and was reminded by my wife over dinner through various things. Since the man was so large, he ate quite a bit. Steak was the entree and “Tom” had finished his and asked if there was more. Mine was about half eaten. My wife picked up my plate and scooted all of my food on to his plate. He smiled at me and finished my meal. I sat speechless. They both looked at me in the eye to let me know that this was purposeful and the sexual excitement started.

The meal continued and the conversation was normal while I sat with an empty plate. After dinner, we adjourned to the living room. My wife had rented an X-rated videotape, which she put in. She went to sit next to Tom on the couch after putting the tape in. After the goofy trailers on the tape, the plot started but nothing happened. Once the sex on the tape started though, the mood changed. Tom turned and began to kiss my wife. They kissed for a few minutes and she stopped him. She got up, came to me, French kissed me and then took off her wedding rings and gave them to me. She then returned to the couch. Things progressed and once Tom’s pants got unzipped, he scooped her up and in to our bedroom they went. I followed behind. It was not that passionate once in the bedroom but much more sexual and role-playing. She had obviously described to Tom our sex lives and he seemed to enjoy it too. Tom said for me to remove all of my clothes and stand next to the bed, which I did. They were still clothed. Tom then had my wife remove her clothes and get in to bed. He summoned me to him and had me undress him. Kind of odd, I thought. I got on my knees and undid his belt and helped him off with his pants. At this point, I thought some homosexual activity might be forced on me, but it wasn’t. He did ask me after helping to remove his underwear if I would like to get his cock “ready” to fuck his wife. I told him I wasn’t really in to that and he said ok and climbed in to bed. My wife openly masturbated on the bed while this was going on. They kissed and Tom masturbated her. He pushed her down to suck his cock. He arranged her in a 69 and while eating her clit told me to bend over and lick her ass, which I could easily do from the bedside position. He stopped eating her and began to humiliate me verbally along the lines of “yeah lick your wife’s ass while she has another man’s cock in her mouth.” He thought he was going to come too early and pushed my wife’s head away. He had her lay on the bed and told me to eat my wife’s cunt and get it ready for him. I complied and while I did this he reached for the top drawer of the chest and extracted the Vaseline and my wife’s dildo. They had obviously discussed this before hand as he knew right where to go. While I ate my wife’s cunt, she was more focused on what he was doing than my attentions. I was shocked when he started applying Vaseline to my ass and began to push his fingers in me. I was not in to this at all. I began to move away but a stinging slap to my ass and my wife’s two hands on my head kept me in place. I felt trapped and helpless, a very exciting position. He then inserted the dildo in to my ass and it hurt. He showed no gentleness at all. After he pushed it in and out of my ass for about 30 seconds my wife announced that she would like to use the bathroom before she made love to Tom. She began to move away and Tom said “let’s go watch.” He removed the dildo from my ass and we walked to the master bath. My wife sat down and began to pee while he watched. It was kind of odd, really, just the sound. When she finished, she reached for the toilet paper but Tom said “Nuh-uh” and pushed me down to all fours with my head next to her wet cunt. He told my wife to spread her legs. He put the dildo pack in my ass, which hurt less this time, and told me to clean her. I began to do this all the while he verbally reminded me what was going on, “Yeah … lick the piss off your wife’s cunt while you get a dildo stuck up your ass. Get that pussy ready for me to spray sperm in to.” This was getting very good, even though I had not expected this at all. I was really satisfied with this whole Hot Wife experience so far. I cleaned her entirely and my wife absolutely loved it. She moaned and pushed her ass up off the toilet seat and made sure I licked it clean too. When she said “I am sooo clean now ..” Tom took the dildo out of me and I stood up, as did she. We then walked back in to the bedroom.

Once we came back to the bedroom, Tom pointed to me to stand by the bed like I was before and told my wife to lay on her side on the bed. He was really getting in to the dominating role now and seemed to enjoy this too. That’s important when you consider a Hot Wife situation, too, guys. It’s essential that the person you choose is as strong mentally as you to handle the whole thing.

My wife got on her side and he pushed her closer to me. He snuggled in behind her and told me to get on my knees. My wife’s face was very close to mine. He told my wife to hold her leg up and that’s when he entered her for the first time. I was inches away from my wife’s slowly closing eyes and she sunk in to his pleasure and I could very clearly hear the moan of satisfaction another man was creating inside of my blushing bride.

Unfortunately, this is a real story and I’d like to say he lasted for hours and they did everything possible but the whole scene was really charged sexually and it did not take long at all for him to start to pump hard and breathe heavy. My wife said “O my God .. oh .. he’s starting to cum in me. I can feel it. It’s so hot..” as she looked me in the eye. She bent her neck a little and I did too. As Tom pumped harder, my wife and I began to French kiss as another man pumped his sperm in to my wife’s pussy. She kept breaking our kiss to moan but then went back to kissing me passionately and as he came in her. Tom slowed but we still kissed as he lay there slowly pumping in and out as he still came in small spurts. He would shudder and jam it up in her and she would gasp and break our kiss. This went on for a couple minutes. It was one of the longest kisses of our marriage. When he finally fell out, I asked her quietly if she had cum and she said “no” with a whisper.

The energy was spent and Tom lay on his back on my side of the bed. My wife went to lay on his hairy chest and snuggle in the afterglow with him. He kissed her on the top of the head and stroked her hair. I stood back up, next to the bed. Everything was quiet for a couple minutes as their breathing returned to normal. I just stood there with a very erect penis and watched these few minutes as my wife cuddled with her lover on our bed.

Tom whispered something to her and she moved her top leg a little bit. Just a little bit to where I could see the semen in her pussy. I didn’t seem like he came alot (this is a true story, remember, no “gallons” here:) but I could see his white pearl drop on the outer lips of her vagina. My wife looked over her shoulder at me and began to move on the bed in my direction. She asked me to lay on the bed and I did. Tom scooted over closer to his edge and got on his side and looked at us. My wife stroked my face and went in to her “mommy” mode. She asked me if “baby” would like to breast feed. Well, this was all well and good when it was just us but it was very embarrassing with someone else in the room but I began to suckle. She stroked my hair. She began explaining to me that mommy needed big men’s cocks sometimes but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t still mommy’s little helper. She’s put in lots of “yeahs” as she stroked my hair …. it’s strange the silly details you remember. She asked if baby was hungry because I was suckling so hard. I nodded with her nipple in my mouth. She then began pushing my head away from her breast and down. “Baby needs to feed … well mommy has something to feed baby … the big man left a little mess for you to clean out of mommy” as she pushed my head to her cunt. This was definitely not part of our fantasy when we talked about it. I got to her pussy. I remember getting a very close look at her outer vagina lips as they were protruding. Her pubic hair was wet and matted. There was definitely a hole there from where Tom had been. Inside of it, and now running down to the crack of her ass, was the sperm the man now kissing and sighing in my wife’s ear had left there. She began stroking his face with her right hand and French kissing him while holding my head in place with the other hand.

I hesitantly began to stick my tongue in my wife’s pussy. I tasted his semen for the first time. I looked up to see Tom’s neck craned over my wife as they french kissed and stroked each other’s faces. When I saw them being intimate after their love making session, I began to lap up his sperm. To get it all, I had to make a sucking, slurping sound and they both giggled at me and began to watch me. I tried to steal the show and really started eating her now. Tom began to pinch my wife’s breasts and she began to moan. Her hips began wildly bucking and she started coming. She was totally out of control now and a little bit from her bladder spilled out and in to my mouth as I jammed my tongue up her cunt. She started shaking, almost convulsing, and pushed me away from her, like she couldn’t take any more. She lay there with her eyes closed gasping. Every few seconds she would convulse her body and twitch as Tom kissed her neck and stroked her belly. Once she calmed down a little bit I began to move on to the bed. I climbed atop her and moved my penis to the entrance of her vagina. I pushed my way in easily and Tom moved back a little. She hardly noticed me being there and never opened her eyes. I started to pump in and out and she started reaching for Tom’s penis blindly, her eyes still closed never looking at me. She found it with her hand and I glanced to see it was rock hard again. I was getting close to cumming but she opened her eyes quickly, almost panic like, and put both hands on my shoulders. She looked me in the eye very suddenly and began to push me off of her. I would not relent, I was very close to cumming. In a very non-sexual way she told me “No .. honey … take it out. TAKE IT OUT. DAVID .. NOW!” When she says David, she means business and she was pushing her off of me pretty hard. I was this close to cumming! But I did as she said and slipped it out of her. As I was moving off of her, I could feel Tom’s hips next to mine and he was eagerly ready to take my place and my wife began to smile again while looking at him, as did he at her. I stood back at the side of the bed. Tom began to pump her eagerly and they began French kissing, broken only by her sighing and moaning as they fucked. He put my wife’s legs up and the slap of the two bodies was really loud as he was really bringing the mail! I remember the bed war really rocking and creaking. It’s strange the small details that you remember so vividly. She began to talk to me telling me that mommy loved the big man’s cock. It was what she needed. “Oh God yes .. that’s what mommy needed was a big man’s cock…unmgh ..oh God yes…” Tom pushed inside of her all the way, stopped cold, stood up on his knees a little and held her ankles with his hands. My wife went back to her non-sexual mode and asked me if I would mind waiting outside the bedroom while they finished. I hesitated but she explained that she wanted to spend some “alone” time with Tom. I began to exit the bedroom, disgraced, but it got much worse as Tom interjected before I got out the door “And take your dildo with you.” They both laughed.

I stood at the threshold of the door and watched as I stroked my cock. They started to screw again, but after a little while she whispered something in Tom’s ear and he stopped. They both looked at me. She said to me very directly, “Honey .. please .. close the door.” I hesitated … she gave me that disappointing look and cocked head. I grabbed the doorknob. I sunk down the wall in the hallway outside of our bedroom and listened to my wife fuck. She sounded like she came again, I couldn’t really tell. I masturbated myself to climax. They were still fucking when I went in to the lving room to turn the still on t.v. off.

While I cleaned up the dishes from dinner, they must have cuddled in the bedroom as the sounds from there had stopped. I had cum and was less in to it since my climax. I didn’t want to hear or see anymore. I was really done with the experience at this point. That’s also some advice to you guys. Once you cum, it’s a whole different ballgame. It feels totally different and more like your wife is just fucking some other guy in your house other than some charged sexual situation. So, watch your orgasms. When you cum, plan for it to be pretty much over. Cuz you’ll feel like you have had enough because the situation is so emotionally draining and charged.

About 20 minutes later, my wife emerged from the bedroom. They walked hand in hand to the front door, he fully clothed, she in a bathrobe with messy hair. She wrapped her arms around his neck as I watched and gave him a long loving french kiss in our breezeway. He then looked me in the eye, nodded, looked at her and then left.

………and that’s how my wife became a hot wife.

It’s all true and it is my experience with The Hot Wife scene.

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