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Sadie laid in the hotel room bed and pulled the sheet and blanket over her head despite the tropical heat.  What had started as an innocent holiday with her aunt and mother had turned into something else.  She had believed the trip was a present for her before she started junior college in the fall, with the hidden purpose of separating her from her boyfriend Philip.

The island was warm and friendly, the population was mostly black and  British educated with large smiles.  Last night she had heard a noise coming from her mother and aunt’s room. Wanting to make sure they were okay she put on her robe and went across the hall, and what she saw engraved itself in her mind as surely as light engraves the plate of a photographic slide.  She had cracked the heavy oak door and there was her red haired chubby aunt, having sexual congress with one of the blacks from the hotel staff.  She thought it was sex, or someone else in the room but it was not.  It was her.  Her fat buttocks expanding and contracting with each thrust of his penis.

Was it sex?  She wondered but how could it be?  Her aunt was on top, moaning away.  Then on the other side of the bed an equally strange spectacle unfolded.  Her mother was kneeling on the bed as a man held her hips thrusting.  Her moans muffled as a second man pushed himself deep into her mouth.

She quietly closed the door and ran back to her room.  Locking the door she wondered if she should call the constable about the scandal.  After a night of fitful rest she woke up and not wanting to face the world she did as she did as a child and buried herself under her blanket until her aunt and mother knocked on the door.

The day’s activities of sightseeing were only a ghost as her mind dwelled on the five seconds of what she had seen, stretching it out to hours.   How could her aunt and mother do what they did?  Betraying their marital vows of fidelity for moments of animalistic passion with people they did not admit into their social circle?  Did the hypocrisy of it all anger her, or was it something else?  Something darker.

That evening her aunt and  mother came into the room.   Her mother was never one for excessive tact.   “I saw you Sadie last night.  You peeked as we wanted you to.”  “Mother? How could you?  Dad!  Auntie your husband!”  The mother and aunt held her as she burst into tears.  “Stiffen up you are a Whattforde woman Sadie.  What we did was what women in our family have done for at least two hundred years.”

Sadie blew her nose into a handkerchief offered by her aunt.  “We may seem at times cold and formal towards our men but we love them and to love them, we must be rational.  We must marry right and not let passion rule our minds and bodies.  Take Philip…”

Sadie started to protest but her mother cut her off.  “A nice enough boy, but you need a man of means to support you and your family when you have one.  Look at this.” Her mother went to her closet and opened the door.  The clothes she had come up with had been removed and replaced with more sophisticated fare, from Paris amongst other places.  “It is time for you to grow up.  We have passion, we just know when and where.” finished her mother.  “What do you mean?” Sadie asked as her aunt poured her a glass of wine from the decanter on the table and handed it to her.  “You shall see.” said the aunt who began to disrobe as did her mother.  Sadie gulped down the wine, the warmness it imparted clashed with the coldness in her gut.

“We go on these sex-vacations.  Don’t flinch, that is what they are, every few months, father and your uncle know of them.  At first they were hurt but then they were relieved, not having the pressure to pleasure us.   They are probably at home right now banging the crap out of the upstairs maid.  Now you must understand the men on this island are quite endowed, and that resentment they have towards us coupled with their lust and experience will make for a long hard night for you my dear.”

“Mother! But what of Phillip?” she cried.  “He will never know.  And think of it this way you will know how to please him better when they are done with you.”

Sadie jumped as the door knocked.  A black man entered.  Polite as all the others on the island, “Evening ma’am.  Is there anything I can do for you?”  “Yes we would like you to take care of my niece here.” said Sadie’s aunt.  “That would be a pleasure.  A great pleasure” he said walking towards the young red head.  All Sadie could see was that huge bulge in his pants.  “Mother what if I refuse?”  “I won’t consider you my daughter.  You will be cut off.  However, if you continue, we will, if you still want him after this, arrange a European holiday for just you and Phillip.” Sadie thought it over carefully.  She was just doing it for Phillip she said to herself.

The man pulled out his cock and she jumped.  It was twice as long and far thicker flaccid than any she had ever seen.  “Well.” her mother said and she reached forward slowly and grasped his cock in her soft white palm and began to rub it.  Her mother and aunt smiled and continued to undress as her eyes widened at the growing erection.

Totally naked, her mother reached around from behind her and undid her blouse.  As each stiff button was opened more and more of her pale white boob flesh was unveiled for her black soon to be lover to ogle.  “Mother this is so wrong.” she said under a spell as her bra was unhooked.

He leaned forward taking her tits in his rough hands and squeezing them.  Then he lifted them up and sucked on them hard, biting her nipples lightly causing her to pump his cock quicker.

“Could a monster like that fit inside of me?” she wondered.  Then he pushed her onto the bed.  Her panties were off seconds later and his tongue licked her woman hood with a loud slurping that her boyfriend would never do.  She closed her eyes and came.  She tried to pretend it was Philip, but could not.

Then he stood up and grabbing an ankle in each hand, he spread her legs wide.  She felt his large cock press against her unwilling pussy.  Then slowly, almost too slowly, it slid into her.  She felt every inch of him slide into her.  She was now mating with a black man and taking great pleasure out of it.  He pulled off his shirt to show his muscular, dark as night body, pumping into her.  Her mother whimpered into her ear.  “That is it honey, love it, savor it.”

She felt a touch of disappointment as he pulled out of her.   But he stopped only long enough to pull off his remaining garments and then hers.  Totally naked, she was flipped onto her stomach, her ass pulled into the air as he slammed into her from behind.  The vulnerability she felt only added to her lust as he held her wide hips and made the most out of every thrust.

After what seemed an eternity she came screaming as he grunted and his load splashed into her.  Her aunt directed her onto her knees and then got onto her knees herself, she watched in amazement as her aunt took most of his shaft down her throat.  “Do that and you can please any man be it in the bedroom, the classroom or the boardroom.

Then it was her turn.  Usually when she did this for Philip he was made to wash himself before she would take him into her mouth, but she knew there would be no such concessions from her new lover.  As his cum dripped out of her onto the polished wood floor she struggled to take his large shaft into her mouth.  He ran his fingers through her hair as she did so.

Her aunt reached around and started to finger her clit.  Sadie tried to stop her but the man demanded all her attention and the pleasure she felt by her aunt’s skilled hand was too much for her to want to stop.  She started to suck his cock with an increasingly fast rhythm as her mother kneeled on her side whispering encouragement and advice.

She told Sadie, when the cum starts not to spit it out but hold it in her mouth.   Soon he came and she almost choked but managed to take the load.   Her mother told her to spit it into her mouth.  Sadie did as she was told to do.  Her mother eagerly accepted the spit and cum from her daughter then leaned forward and kissed her  on the lips as their tits and nipples brushed each other.

Trembling Sadie got onto the bed again.  Her mother went to the door, three more gentle men entered.  Sadie thought for a moment to cover herself but knew that was a silly notion.

Her aunt and mother sucked the new men hard as they became a tangle of limbs.  Sadie’s aunt kissed her way down to Sadie’s wet pussy and began to lap it.  Her mother stood over her face and lowered herself down, she drank in the musky odor and began to lap.  All sense of right and wrong were gone at that moment.

Her aunt moved away and she felt another big cock enter her.  She looked up to see her mother sucking on a huge cock as she licked her pussy.

After what seemed like hours of fucking, Sadie’s mother said there was one thing left to do.  Sadie knew what it was and normally she would have said no but now…….

Her mother and aunt shoved several pillows under her stomach to raise her buttocks into the air.  They gently lubed her tight anus.  Sadie’s mother told her to relax as one of the men slowly pushed his shaft against her.  At first there was some pain but then it slid in.  He let her adjust for a minute and as he fingered her pussy, he fucked her ass.  “Oh yes! Take me where I haven’t been taken.  Fuck my ass! Yes!” she cried out half not believing it was her voice making those words.

When he was done and pulled out the men got dressed.  Sadie’s mother held her.

Over the next few days of the vacation the men came back to pleasure the women, sometimes together and sometimes alone.   In the lobby of the hotel as they waited for the cab to take them back to the airport, Sadie stared knowingly at another young lady checking out.

When she came back she tried to make it work with Phillip, but his shortcomings were too much to be overcome.  She married another man, equally boring in the carnal department but much better situated.  She had his children and he gave her her holidays to the island.  Being practical, she made sure the upstairs maid was attractive, but no too attractive.

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