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Lori’s Gang-Bang

I had Lori write this story from her point of view, I hope you like it.

After my first threesome, we had a lot to talk about.  I loved being the center of attention, even if I was a little shy at first.  I had never done more than one guy at a time while others just watched. Matt and I tried to make the “magic” happen a few more times, but sometimes the guys had trouble getting it up (“stage fright”). One week when we were on a trip, I noticed that at the motel we stayed at overnight, there were several rooms occupied by out of town workers.  I asked Matt about it and he said that alot of guys work out of town monday thru friday.  Most were married and their wives understood that.  This gave me an idea. I explained to Matt what my idea was.  We could rent 2 rooms that were adjoining.  One we could use to fuck in, and the other is where the men could hang out and wait their turn.  That way, the man having sex with me would not be in front of his buddies and he would be easier to control.

“What would you say to get them interested?” Matt asked? “Hey, how about some pussy down in my room?”

“It might just be that easy” I responded. We would offer them some beer and chips, they could hang out and I could invite one in at a time.

“Do you want to have them wear condoms?” Matt asked.

“Would you like me to go bare back again?”

“You know I would.”

“You know we have been lucky so far….no STD’s and I have not gotten pregnant.”

“I know.”

“And you are suggesting that I have risky sex with total strangers”

“Yes, I would like that.”

“What is it about me having sex unprotected that turns you on so much?”

“It’s hard to say, I love seeing their cum in you. It is a concrete evidence of you allowing them to be intimate with you.”

“How about if I use a diaphragm, then you get to see the cum and I won’t get pregnant.” I added.

“I guess that is also part of it, the risk of it all. To see not only their cum, but to know that there is a risk, maybe a small one…that they could get you pregnant.”

“To tell you the truth, it is kind of a sick thrill, I enjoy it also.” I replied. “Tell you what, Matt, I will go unprotected if they choose not to wear a condom, but you must go down on me after every time….agreed?”

“You want me to eat strange men’s cum out of your pussy?”

“Hey, you want those same strange men to try and knock your wife up, so whats the difference….DO you agree?”.

“Agreed, no matter how many loads, I will go down on you.”

We talked about the ground rules and we agreed to try it right after my next period.  I like the risk, but not a sure thing and do it when I am ovulating. A few weeks later, we went to a town the next state over and drove around until we found a motel that had plenty of workers staying there.  We checked in and got us two adjoining rooms on the end.  That evening I watched as the work trucks came in and I sized up the workers in each crew.  I found a GMC crew cab that had 6 guys working there.  All white, 3 were in their 20′s, 2 were in their 30′s and one guy that looked late 40′s.  They were outside unloading their truck from a day’s work and I decided to make my offer. I had selected to wear my pink bikini top and a ribbed white tank top (wife beaters you call them) and a pair of frayed short shorts blue jeans.  Matt says that my butt is my best feature, depite my smallish b-cup boobs.  I lit a cigarette and left the room and told Matt to wish me luck. I made sure I walked by them to get their attention.  I then turned around and asked if they knew where the ice machine was located?

“Around the corner” one replied.

“Ok, thanks…I need to cool down some beer.”

“Would you like a cold one now?”

“I would love one, thanks.”

“Come on, we have a cooler in the room.”

I turned to follow him and I entered the room.  He walked over and got a beer.  There were 2 other men there.  I took the beer and thanked him.  I asked them where they were from and what they were doing here?  They were workers from a town several hundered miles away.  I said that it must be a tough life, only getting laid on the weekends when they get home.

One guy smiled, “Yea, if then, my old lady is always too busy.”

“What do you guys find to do in the evening to occupy your time?”

“Not much, we go out and grab a bite and watch TV. It’s too expensive to go to bars and by the time you find a girl, its so late you don’t want to get up at 4 am and go to work.”

By now I had 4 guys in the room, so I decided to make my pitch. “Tell you guys what, I think we can work together to meet each others needs.”

“Whats that?”

I took a drag from my cigarette and replied, “I imagine that you all would like nothing better than some cold beer and free pussy.”

“What are you, a hooker?”

“Nope, I said free.”

I explained to them that I loved to fuck or be fucked by many men at one time and my husband liked to watch.  He would not join in or be gay or anything.  He would watch in a dark corner and be there to keep me safe.I explained that we had two rooms and they could hang out and watch tv and have a beer.  I would come out and take them into the room one at a time.  I told them that my tubes were tied and that condoms would be optional.  That I would prefer them not to wear them, but they had the choice.  I told them no rough talk, no stupid s, no anal.  I would blow them if they took off the condom and I was a swallower.

“So what do you get out of this?”

“Same as you, I want to get laid…more is better than few”

“Sounds good, when and where?”

“Go and get you some dinner and take a shower, meet me at room 156 in two hours.”  I added, “And don’t show up wasted, I want some quality dick, not a sloppy asshole.”

“How many of you want to be in on this?”

“We got 6 in our crew, I have to find the other 2 guys and ask.  We are all for it.”

“Good see you at 7pm, Room 156.”

I walked out and headed back to Matt.  I walked into the door and he look as if he was going to explode with curiosity.”Well?”

“They will be here in 2 hours, lets get the room set up.”

I changed into a pink thong and matching shear pink shorty outer robe.  This would show off my butt and my tan lines.  I put on my ankelet and clear high heal shoes.  I looked at myself in the mirror.  My 34b boobs were still firm with only alittle sag.  I had been debating in going one size up.  Matt told me that if I had a boob job, I should get a set of D’s or maybe DD’s.  I was still undecided.

Right on time, there was a knock at the door.  I opend up the door and let in 5 men.  I asked where the 6th guy was?

“He decided not to come, he just got married and would not take a chance.”

I said that it was ok.  I showed them the beer and soda cooler and the chips.  I told them to have a seat.  I walked over and lit a cigarette (I was just a bit nervous). I told them it was ok to smoke.  I then got a beer and opened it.

“Any questions?”

“We’re not going to be raided are we?”

“Nope, don’t think so. Do you boys like what you see?” Several smiled and nodded.  I spun around to show off my body and my butt. I gave my butt alittle slap.

“Not bad for a MILF with 3 kids, hun. Ok, who wants to be first? Come on don’t be shy.” I walked over and took the hand of the youngest of the group. “You’re elected, come and join me for some fun.” I led him through the door into the adjoining room.  I could see Matt half hidden in the dark side of the room.  I slid off my pink sheer mess robe.  I sat on the side of the bed and began to undo his belt.  I got his pants down around his knees and pulled out a very still cock.

“I bet you please a lot of girls with this, don’t you?”

“My share.”

I began to work my tounge around his head and then onto his shaft.  Soon I had the whole cock in my mouth and was blowing him.  After I had him good and worked up, I stopped.

“Well, please this little girl with that.” As he finished getting undressed, I slid on up in the middle of the bed. “There’s condoms on the night stand.”

“Are you sure you cannot get pregnant?”

“I’m sure.” I winked over to Matt and smiled.

“Well, I like to feel the woman I am fucking.”

I let him slide off my thong panties and he had him spread my legs.  My pussy was already soaked as he slid his cock around the opening.  Matt had shaven me clean earlier that day. It felt fantastic as he slid his young cock into me.  I glanced over at Matt, hoping he was in a good spot to see the action.  I began to relax and enjoy all the cocks ahead. The young guy took me on long strokes,fast and hard.  I knew he could not last long and I was right.  He groaned and dumped his load in me.  I could feel the warmth as it shot in me. He got up and got off the bed and asked, “Can we get seconds?”

“You sure can, I will be here as long as you all can get it up.” He got his boxers on and his pants. “Want me to send in the next one?”

“No, I want to clean up a bit, don’t want to give you boys sloppy seconds.”

He walked out and I got up and walked over to Matt.  I took him by the hand and let him to the bed.  I lit a cigarette and I told him to lay back on the bed.

“I can alreay feel his load starting to run out, get ready to catch it….open up.”

I spread my legs and straddled Matt’s mouth.  I took a long drag off the cigarette, exhaled and squeezed my pussy muscles. “Here is comes, his hot young seed…as you asked.” I had Matt competely shave my pussy so he could lick it clean.  I let as much run out as I could and got back off.  I could see some of his seed on his chin. “Well, that’s one load, many more to go”, I said as I took a puff of my cigarette. “How do you like it so far?”

“Great,” as he got up wiping his chin with his hand, “he was really salty, not too bitter. You didn’t put in a diaphram, did you?”

“No, as you asked…my pussy is open for all these men to have their shot to impregnate your wife. You ready for number 2?”

“Yes”. I grabbed a towel and cleaned my the crack of my ass and put out the cigarettte and walked over to the door and opened it and asked for the next one. A guy in his 30′s walked in.  He was far from attractive.  Kind of scuzzy, had tattoos all over him and long stringy hair. I got on the bed and laid back.  I began to finger myself and told him it was ready for him.

“You are really fine looking….”

“Thanks, glad you like what you see.”

“Sure do.” “Condoms on the night stand” (hoping he would take the hint).

“No thanks, I like my pussy straight up. Nuthin’ better than dumping your load in someone else’s wife.”

He stripped off his clothes and got on the bed.  He wasted no time in sticking his cock in me.  I have had bigger cocks, but he seamed more interested in getting a quick nut.  I barely got into it when he came quickly.

“There you are, baby, filled up to the top” He pulled out and thanked me for the fuck.  He left and shut the door.

“Well, that was quick.” Matt said.

“NO Shit, that has to be a record.”

“Come and get yours now.”

Matt got up and walked over to the bed and crawled between my legs. “Damn, he came a lot!”  “Its already running out.”

“Better act quick, you don’t want to waste it, do you?” I felt Matt’s tounge as it dipped into my pussy lips.

“Man’s that bitter tasting.”

“Well, clean it out…you don’t want something like that knocking up your pretty wife, do you.” Matt spread my legs so he could really get deeper and even sucked some of load out of me.  He finally got done and got up.  I walked over and took a drink of Mountain Dew and toweled off.  I opened up the door and said “Next”. The next contestant walked in and got undressed.  I asked how did he want it?

“I want it doggy style so I can look at that fantastic tattoo on your ass.” He grabbed a condom and put it on.  He then got on the bed and entered me.  He grabbed both of my hips and began to pound me hard.  His cock was not that thick but really long.  I could feel it hit the top of my pussy.  I grabbed the headboard and held on for dear life.  This guy actually got me to cum before he finished. As he got off the bed, he looked over at Matt and said,”You got one fine wife there, I am glad you are willing to share.”

He walked out and I asked him to let the next one in.  This guy was just business and he was out for a nut like the second guy.  He was not bad looking, just into himself.  He did not want a condom but wanted me to go down on him for a while.  When he finally mounted me, he was really fast.  I was totally into his body and wanted him to fuck me. “Here it comes”  He took my legs and held me close as he dumped his load into me.  After he left, I did not have to call Matt.  He was right over and asked me to straddle him again.  He handed me his cigarette and got down between my legs.  By now the cum was running into his mouth.

“Drink or drown, baby drink or drown.” I laughed.

I looked and saw Matt’s face was covered with jizz.  I reached down and began to lick it up as well.  I slipped on my pink robe and said I needed a beer.

“I will see how many second hitters will want some after number 5 come in here.”

I walked out into the next room and saw our first five guys but now we had 4 more in the room.  One of the first five said that they wanted to know if there was room for them.  I looked over at them.  One guy was black, another was mexican and 2 older white guys.  I guess Matt will have a UN-tasting pussy tonight.

“Sure, guess so…tell them the rules.” The guys explained the rules to the new joiners. I put out my cigerette and asked for who was next.

Then black guy stepped up and said…”Do you mind some dark meat?”

“As long as you aren’t hung like a horse”

“No way, baby.”

“Come on, then.”

We walked into the room and I looked at Matt and said…Looks like we got more players.

“You want a condom?” I asked.

“Nope, I like to ride my mare’s bareback, especially if they are white. You on the pill?” “Nope, better. Had my tubes tied.”

“Good, cuz I usually knock up most girls I am with.”

The black guy stripped down and got his cock into me very quickly.  He put my ankles on his shoulders and began to bang away.  I was wondereing….If I had gotten pregnant, we could explain it…but what if it was a black baby or a mexican? I relaxed and began to get into having a black man fuck me.  I glanced over at Matt and he looked concerned and surprised. I guess he had a reason to be concerned.  We had never discussed me fucking outside of out race…but what the hell. This guy was really enjoying it.  He would occasionally slap my ass as he fucked me.  I could feel his head hit my cervix inside of me.  He was close to cumming after a few minutes of intense fucking.

After he was done, he got off and I told Matt I had some darker colored sperm for him.  I spreaded my pussy and asked him to eat me clean.  Matt hesitated, but I gently grabbed him head and guided him into the black baby batter that was pooled in my opening.

“You’re not scared are you?”

“Never even seen a black man’s cock, let alone eat his cum.”

“Well, I never fucked a black man before….so its a first for both of us.”

I had a cigarette as Matt got busy cleaning my pussy out from his sperm. I had an orgasm just by him going down on me.  I asked him was he full yet.  He responded, “Are you.” The next guy came in and got undressed.  He had a huge belly and wanted me to get on top and ride him.  I am not a real big fan of this, but this guy was so fat, it was the only way.I did not really want to fuck this guy, but I was a slut.  My only purpose was to fuck total strangers untill they could not get it up again. I rode him and he just laid there and enjoyed it.  He would reach up and squeeze and twist my long nipples as I rode him to an orgasm.

After he came, I got off of him.  Some of his sperm was still connected to the head of his cock as I pulled away.  I had to put my hand over my pussy to keep it from running out.  I had to shoo him out and get Matt over there quickly.

“I hope he tastes better than he looked or smelled.”

Matt just laid on the bed and I straddled him.  I took my hand away and a huge glob of that fat man’s semen fell into his mouth.  I then had Matt lick my fingers clean.

“I need a cigarette!” I lit one and took a seat in Matt’s chair. “So how are you liking it so far?” I asked.

“Different, not like a porno, where all the men are good-looking and fuck for a long time. How about you?”

“It is different, I am just there for their pleasure and in a kinky way I am enjoying it”, I responded. I took a drag off the cigarette.

“How?”  Matt asked.

“I guess all girls want to be a slut, a fuck toy. And that is what I am, just another piece of ass.”  I rubbed my pussy as I talked.  My normally small lips were now swollen and protruding outwards. “But I do like it, I mean just being fucked…even having an orgasm is not that important.”

“Well, I guess you better get back to it…you still have quite a few to service to get through all nine…not counting seconds.”

“Or thirds.” I added.

Over the next two hours, I ended up fucking all nine atleast once.  7 more lasted for a second go around and 4 more could get it up for a third time.  I fucked 20 times, only 3 times was with a condom.  My pussy after a while began to get numb.  Even with Matt licking it clean, I still began to get sore.  I asked one of the guys not to use a condom, just to pull out and jerk off in my mouth.  He did and I got to taste some cum that night.I grabbed a cigarette and a beer and walked out to the room.

There were 3 guys still left.  Only one wanted to fuck me again.  The other two just sat there and talked and drank.  The last guy to fuck me was the black guy again.  He took forever to finally cum again in me.  When he did, he collapsed on me.  I got him off of me and told him thanks for the fucks. He had never fucked such a hot white chick before. He left and I got Matt to gently lick my sore opening.

“I am glad you are not that fertile this week.”

“Who said it was my not fertile week?.

“You mean you could get pregnant?”, he asked, nervousness in his voice.

“Baby, I could always get pregnant, I thought that what you wanted to risk….your can’t get all the sperm out of me.”

“Did you like watching these men fuck your wife like a gutter slut?”

“You know I did.”

“Did you like that thought of those men filling me with there sperm, two of them were not white…can you handle that?”

“I guess I could.”

Matt ran a tub of hot water for me and I slid into it.  Matt sat with me and we talked about what we liked and did not like.

“It’s really important for me to fuck someone with no protection isn’t it?”

“Yes it is.”

“Well, I am glad we both can be happy.”

I hope we are both still happy in a few weeks……….

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