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Religious fuckers may evacuate right fuckin’ now..

Although I’ve been married to Sue for only two years, I can honestly say I’d got the short end of the stick. Her mother, Nancy at forty eight is still young, blonde and vivacious possessing a much better body, natural 38 DD, and personality than my wife and I’ve always been sexually excited just being in her presence. However I’ve never able to act upon these feelings because after all I am married to her only daughter and they’re a very religious family.

Even though time has been very kind to my mother-in-law, the same cannot be said of her husband Dick. He’s the epitome of the old fart — approaching fifty, he looks and acts seventy. I’ve often wondered what she could have ever seen in him, but she’s very much in love with him and continues to dote over him as if she were a newly wedded wife.

About six months ago, an occasion arose which found me at my In-Law’s house alone while my wife and her were shopping. Having always been a bit of a voyeur shortly after their departure I was rummaging through her dresser drawers examining her panties and bras. I soon found myself sniffing the crotch of a pair of her used panties from the clothe’s hamper in her room. They were very sexy, with minor skid marks on them. You always think that your idols wouldn’t have skid marks but in truth they all do. As I drew the pungent smell into my nostrils I couldn’t help but wonder what her cunt must be like, picturing it hard up against the crotch of the panties only served to make me harder. I quickly freed my erect cock and wiped the pre-cum of it into the crotch of her panties imagining that my cum was going into her cunt, soothing the fire between her loins.

Carefully placing her panties back inside the hamper I continued looking through her dresser. Surprisingly, I found a box of condoms — I’d thought that she was beyond worrying about pregnancy, but obviously she was still very much capable of conception.

Hidden beneath her underwear I found her diary. Knowing full well this was something I shouldn’t read I was unable to resist. I laid upon her bed reading her dairy while stroking my cock.

Although it began innocently I soon found myself studying each word carefully as she began speaking of an on-going affair with her boss at work. I read the entire thing, my mother-in-law’s sexuality was enhanced to a totally forbidden level by the time I’d finished. It seemed my mother-in-law was getting relief from another. In fact she’d been having an affair with his boss for over a year. According to the dairy she had only yesterday allowed him to fuck her twice. I also learned the reason for the condoms, while her husband had a vasectomy, her lover had not. For this reason she always insisted her boss use a condom. I was lost for words as I finished reading while still masturbating shooting off which I quickly used some of her dirty underwear to wipe up before carefully replacing her diary and exiting the room. Armed with the new knowledge it was obvious her husband was unaware of her adulterous liaisons — I began formulating my plan.

Several days later I finally found myself alone with my mother-in-law. I just came right out and told her that I knew about her adultery with her boss. At first she didn’t believe me until I mentioned some dates and stuff and then she knew she’d been busted. She began to cry begging me not to tell her husband saying she was planning on stopping it anyway.

Rather than pitying her, I relished my new found power. “I won’t tell Dick if you’ll allow me to fuck you whenever I want and take some pictures of you,” I said. Unable to believe her own ears, “What?” she responded.  You’re my daughter’s husband. I can’t do that she sobbed. “Fine,” I answered, “then I guess poor old Dick — as well as Sue will have to be told.” I ready to leave and was surprised I made it as far the door before she stopped me. “Okay,” she whimpered, “but only if you use a condom.” Before following slowly leading the way upstairs to her bedroom I smiled replying, “not a problem.”

She reached into her dresser drawer to pass me a condom, after we both stripped. I rolled the condom over my cock as my mother-in-law with a look of hatred within her eyes laid before me with her legs splayed wide and snarling “get it over with!”

Smiling I moved to the foot of the bed stroking my cock as I moved over her body. Her eyes were closed in anticipation of this wicked event — for some reason I’d expected her to participate more sexually our coupling. Even though I moved the head of my cock up and down her slit trying to get her into the spirit of things, however with her eyes still closed she merely snarled again, “to hurry and get it over with already!”

I really starting to hate this bitch right so I quickly pulled the condom off my cock dropping it unseen on the bed beside her. Again, she yelled “for me to fuck her!” So I did, ramming my cock in her so hard and so deep that she gasped at ferocity of the assault. As she snarled again I began to humping her as though I were possessed. I’d been dreaming of this since I first laid eyes on her. In less than two minutes, I buried my meat inside her sending an enormous volley of sperm shooting deep into her womb. I continued humping her several more times to ensure it was in deep before pulling out.

She finally opened her eyes just as I was pretending pulling off the unused rubber as if I’d used it before quickly flushing it down the toilet. Still not move she continued looking at me with hatred in her eyes as I dressed. As I left I made a gesture to pat her pussy, (Actually I trying to wipe up some tell tale sperm which had begun leaking out) which prompted her to yell at me to “fuck off.”  I told her I would as so as she posed for some pictures, which she relunctly did. Damn she is a little nasty , sexy bitch !!!

My wife is now gonna’ have a sister or brother now within six months time. I had managed to knock the mother-in-law up good. Of course she finally had to tell her husband about the relationship with her boss. Everyone thinks he’s the father. Hey, she couldn’t tell her daughter she was pregnant with her husband’s child could she? Although I never again fucked her I can’t want to see how much the baby looks like me. Even though it had only been once, it had been an awesome fuck. She has a great cunt!

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