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Eighteenth Birthday

It was Roni’s (Veronica) 18th birthday.  Bob, who was 39, took her to a rather seedy bar on the wrong side of town.  As they entered, all eyes were on Roni. Especially with such a young ravishing beauty being with an older guy.  She looked magnificent in her very short black mini dress and red high-heeled shoes.  The dress was so short, you could almost see her stocking tops.  The bar had mostly black customers and mostly men at that.

They made their way to the bar and as Bob was being served Roni was standing to the side and behind him.  There were a lot of other customers standing around the bar and a group of black men were right behind her.  She felt a hand touch her bottom and as she didn’t flinch or pull away, the hand got bolder and reached under her skirt and around her thigh to touch her cunt from the front.  As the fingers found their target, she smiled to herself as she heard an audible moan.  The man had discovered her secret, no panties and a shaved cunt and it had obviously startled and aroused him.

Just then Bob turned around with the drinks and they made their way to a table.  When seated, Roni told Bob what had happened. “Did you enjoy it, you lovely little cock teaser.” “Oh yes!  Especially when I heard him moan.  You were right, having such power over men does turn me on.  I can feel my juices starting to trickle out of me.” They looked over toward the bar and the group of black men were looking back at them.  The guy with the wandering hand was obviously telling them about her bald cunt.

They went back to their drinks and chatted for a while when one of the black guys came over and asked Roni if she would care to dance. She asked Bob “Is it Ok?”  Bob just nodded and the guy took her hand and led her to a very dimly lit area that served as a dance floor. Bob, pretending not to be paying any attention to them, was straining his eyes to watch them in the gloom.  The guy’s friends weren’t so discrete; they just made their way to the dance area and stood watching.

“What’s your name sugar?  Mines Bo.” “Roni.  Short for Veronica.” She replied. “What you doin’ with that old guy?” he asked. “Hey! Your talking about the man I love…. And he’s not old, he’s only 39.” “Well that seems old for you.  How old you be anyway?” “Today’s my birthday, I’m 18 today.” “Well you sure is some lovely white chic, whatever age you is.”  And with that he slid his hand up her thigh under her skirt and found her naked bald cunt.  “Well Sal was right, no panties and a shaved snatch.”  He inserted a finger into her smooth young cunt and with hardly any movement, Roni was moaning as her first orgasm shook her young body.  She opened her eyes as she felt Bo pulling away from her.  She saw that another guy was cutting in.  She was being passed around and the mere thought of this caused her to orgasm again with being touched.  They were using her then passing her around, it was her fantasy come true.

Seeing that they had a virtual nympho on their hands and that the man she was with wasn’t interfering with them, they became bolder and instead of one guy pretending to be dancing with her, a group of them just surrounded her and to her delight she was manhandled. Hands were all over her lovely body, fingers up her cunt, hands and mouths on her firm small breasts.  Her dress was pulled off and naked except for her shoes and stockings, she was led to the darkest corner and bent over a small table.

“Oh yes!  This is what I want.” She moaned as she felt a big black dick touching her cunt lips and push it’s way inside her tight young body.  “Yes!  Yes fuck me, use me.”  The men needed no coaxing, as soon as one shot her cunt full of his sponk, another took his place. Cock after cock shagged the sweet young girl until she had exhausted all 6 of them.

As though in a dream, she felt herself being pulled to a standing position.  It was Bob, he pulled her dress back over her head and as best he could, tried to make her look presentable.  People were staring at them as they left the bar; everyone knew what had happened, that the pretty young white slut had been gang banged.

As Bob laid her on the backseat of their car, Roni opened her eyes and smiling said, “I need to cum, please lick me.  I need it!”  Bob got down between her legs and buried his face into her sponk filled young cunt and slurped away at it.  Nibbling her shaved cunt lips, darting his tongue up inside her slimy stretched cunt. “Suck my clit. Suck it!  Suck harder, harder, harderrrrr…..”   She came in a nerve-shattering climax.  ” Oh Daddy, your the best pussy sucker in all the world.  Take me home and fuck me, pleeeease.”

“You’re just as much a slut as your mother ever was.”  Replied her Daddy.

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