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My wife Wanda is a whore. She has been a whore most of our marriage.

For the first few years she was a faithful wife, never once giving any indication of what was to come. She is short and fat, redhead, 5′ 2″ 240 lbs. She is one of those little short fat gals that just exude sexually, a nice big rounded ass and awesome 42DD tits. She has never had any problem finding men that wanted to fuck her, and those that have fucked her sweet pussy have always come back for more.    It really was my fault she changed I guess although I really didn’t have to encourage her too much. We made the decision to try swinging with some friends of ours, Jim & Jill. We were at their house drinking and soon I took Jill to one of the bedrooms and fucked her and ate her pussy for almost an hour, until she said I had to stop that if she came anymore she would pass out. Jim took Wanda to another bedroom and from the sounds I heard he must have been fucking her fat pussy silly. After Jill and I had rested a short time, I got up to get us a washcloth and towel to clean ourselves. As I went to the bathroom, I noticed the door of the room Wanda and Jim were in was slightly open, and could hear Wanda moaning, urging Jim to fuck her as hard as he could. I could not help myself, I had to open the door more and see her getting her fat sexy ass thoroughly fucked.

It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen and my dick was soon rock hard again. She had her legs hooked around his back and he was pounding her pussy like a madman. Wanda was moaning and matched his every thrust into her with an upward thrust of her ass to get every inch of his dick as far as possible into her pussy. And from what I could see she was getting her pussy filled with his dick, which was several inches longer than mine and seemed to be thicker also. I watched for what seemed to be an eternity as the two of them fucked oblivious to everything except their own carnal lust. I watched as finally Jim began to quicken his pace and seemed to shudder. He announced to Wanda that he was going to cum and asked if he should pull out. Wanda almost screamed “NO, I want you to cum in me, fill my pussy with you cum”. Jim’s back seemed to stiffen and arch as he came in my wife’s pussy, I watched as his cum started to run down the crack of her ass and pool on the sheets. I quickly hurried back to Jill and was soon buried balls deep in her pussy. It was not long until I came in her. I was still so sexually excited I pulled my dick from her pussy and immediately buried my face in it. I ate her pussy until it was clean and she begged me to stop as she could not take it any longer. We all ended up in the living room, as naked as the day we were born, and had a couple of drinks. Soon we all back in bed fucking as we had before, Wanda with Jim and I with Jill. When we got home both of us were all over each other and we fucked a couple of times before exhaustion took over. From that first night things were destined to change forever.

The next day I got off work a little early and upon arriving home found Wanda was not in the house. I figured she might have gone to Jim and Jill’s as they were our best friends and lived just a few houses from us, so I walked to their house. I noticed their car was gone so thought they were out. Just as I started to turn back toward our house I heard a familiar moaning coming from an open window in one of the bedrooms of Jim’s house. All of the houses in our subdivision were single story ranches so the windows were all accessible from the ground. I quietly snuck up to where the sound came from and peeked in. There I saw Wanda Jim riding his very hard cock. She was fucking him like there was no tomorrow, like this was the last fucking she would ever get. I stood there watching as they changed positions and Jim climbed between her fat legs and started really driving his cock into her juicy cunt. I could hear her urging him to fuck her as hard as he could and to cum in her pussy. I could tell from her moans that she was cumming her fat ass off, over and over. Jim came in her pussy and just kept fucking her. I thought he would stop soon and pull his dick from her pussy. But he never got soft and just kept pounding into her cunt. I stayed there till they had both cum again and Jim finally withdrew from her well fucked pussy, and laid back to rest, and then I hurried back to our house. When Wanda arrived home she was surprised to see me there and hurriedly said she had to take a shower as she had been exercising in an attempt to lose some weight and was all sweaty. I did not confront her with what I had seen as I wanted to see if she would tell me on her own. She never did. But I soon discovered another side of me; I loved watching my wife get fucked! I would find out later that Jim had continued to fuck her several times a week for the next 5 years.

It was almost 15 years before I would again get to see her being fucked. We had given up the swinging life-style; at least I had it turned out, for almost 14 years. But then at Wanda’s request we resumed swinging again. It turned out that the husband of one her female friends, Cheryl, was impotent and she was getting fucked regularly by several different men. She told Wanda about one of her lovers Tony, who was very well endowed, 11 inches of very thick cock. I found all this out after Wanda had already been fucked by Tony several times. She told me about it after I said I did not really want to fuck her friend Cheryl again, and she said that I should know she wanted to keep on fucking other men. I had made the mistake of telling her once during our lovemaking that I had seen Jim fucking her that first night and that it excited me to see another man fucking her. She had gotten mad and called me perverted. But now she saw that the only way to continue to be fucked by Tony’s huge cock, was to keep me excited at the thought of other men fucking her. So it was that I said ok to her fucking whomever she wanted as long as it was strictly sex. So she started fucking Tony on a several times a week. She even had him come to our house while I was at work and the kids were at school, and they fucked in our marital bed.

One day she called me at work to say she was at the neighbors and had locked herself out of the house and could I come home and let her in. I told her I would be right there. When I got there she was waiting by the front door and had on her robe and was barefooted, her hair was all tangled and her skin was rather flushed. I opened the door and let her in and I went upstairs to the master bathroom to take a piss. When I came out of the bathroom she was naked on the bed. Her pussy was red and the hair was all matted. She asked if I had time to get naked and make love to her. I said I could manage to be away from work for a while longer, and started to undress. When I was naked I lay down beside her and placed my hand on her pussy, it was so hot it was like it was on fire. I asked why she was so horny and so disheveled. She proceeded to tell me that Tony had just spent the last 3 hours fucking the shit out of her and as she was kissing him goodbye on the front steps the dog had knocked the door closed. She said she really, really wanted me to eat her pussy. She said I NEED you to eat my pussy. Without hesitation I worked my way down to her well-used cunt. It was just as I started to bury my face in her that she told me that Tony had fucked her without a condom and that he had cum in her 3 times. Before I could move she wrapped her legs around my head and said, NO , commanded me to eat his cum from her gapping pussy. I was repulsed a little but also excited a lot, so I ate her pussy and licked his cum out of her until she had several really violent orgasms. From that day on whenever we fucked I would cum in her cunt and then lick her pussy clean. She continued to fuck Tony for several years after that, but I never got to watch him fuck her. I got hooked on eating his cum from her pussy, as well as my own when we fucked, which was still very frequent.

After Tony and her went separate ways she did not seem to be out fucking other men, all of her time was spent at work or a home with me. But then one evening she did not come home from work on time. This was before either one of us had a cell phone, so there was no way to contact her to see if she was all right. She finally arrived home at 5 AM., Very buzzed, and extremely talkative. It seemed that a truck driver that delivered to her work had been hitting on her a lot and she accepted his invitation to go out drinking. They both had gotten pretty buzzed, and climbed into the sleeper of his truck. They started kissing and feeling all over each other and one thing led to another till they were both naked. He said he wanted to fuck her and she wanted it too, but he was too buzzed and could not get hard enough. She sucked his cock, which she said was fat and if hard would have been about 8 inches, but still it was flaccid. She said she started to cry as she had never failed to get a cock hard before and she wanted to be fucked badly. He told her not to cry and started to eat her pussy. She said he ate her for about 30 minutes, with her having orgasm after orgasm the whole time. After this episode she was getting fucked regularly again, with me getting to clean her well-fucked cunt whenever  she got home. I did not get to see any of these men fucking her, though I really did want to watch as she got fucked like a slut, whore.

Last Saturday night she said she was going out with a couple of girls from work and might be home late if she got lucky. I kissed her as she went out the door and told her if she got lucky so would I as I would get to lick her cum filled cunt clean. During the next several hours, five to be exact, I imagined her on her back getting some big cock rammed in her sweet pussy. I could close my eyes and picture it in my mind as I had so, so many times before. Her big ass shaking and her big, fat tits bouncing as she was getting pounded by some strangers big hard cock. I could almost hear her urging him to cum in her pussy. Little did I know what lay in store for me!

She came in the door around midnight. I hugged her and kissed her and she smelled of alcohol and a smell that I was not sure of. She said for me to go to the guest bedroom and strip off naked, turn off the lights and light the candles (which we always have in every room of the house) and wait for her as she had a surprise for me. Not knowing what to expect I was a little nervous, but also excited. So I went into the guest room, took off all my clothes and lit several candles. I laid down on the king size bed. I thought if she has finally brought one of her men home to fuck I would get to watch as they fucked from one side of the bed to the other. Visions of her fucking and sucking some strange cock filled my head.

After several minutes she opened the door and was completely naked. Her big 42DD tits hanging so full, her round ass so sexy, her soft fat body so inviting. She came over to me and told me to sit in the chair in front of the dressing table. I did as she said. She put those big tits in my face and said I have something I want you to see, but only if you promise to be good and not interfere in any way unless I say otherwise. I asked what it was, but she said not until I promised. So knowing almost with out a doubt that she was going to be fucking some guy and I could watch, I promised. She stuck her tits in my face again and said for me to kiss them. I did kiss them and when I started to suck her right tit she pulled away and kissed me and said just sit still and not interfere, you promised. With that she left the room saying she would be right back.

When she returned right behind her were 5 really big black men, all of them naked. She came over to me and said, ” You have always talked about wanting to see me get fucked by other men, well now is the time”. If you do as you promised you can watch, if I protested or tried to interfere in any way, then I would be taken into another room and tied up and then could only hear as she was getting the fucking of a lifetime, but either way these five big black studs were going to fuck her as much as they and she wanted. They are going to fuck me like a slut whore and there would be no condoms, because I want to be filled with cum tonight. Knowing I would go crazy listening to her getting fucked again and again and not being able to see it after all these years of wanting to so badly, I said I would not interfere as I had promised. She said, ” That’s my good boy”.

She went to the bed and positioned herself in the middle of it and said, ” Alright guys who wants to be first to fuck my fat pussy”. As if they were one, they all went straight to the bed and started fondling her soft fat tits, her sweet pussy, she had black hands all over her round, soft body. The sight of big black hands on her soft white flesh so highly erotic, my dick was instantly hard. As one of them started sucking her tits another stuck his cock in her mouth. She has one black cock in each hand as the last one buried his face in her cunt and started eating her beautiful, sweet pussy. It was not long until all of those big black cocks were rock hard and ready to fuck her. Every one of those cocks was at least 9 inches and a couple of them were at least 11 inches, and all were quite thick.

It was not long before the stud eating her pussy raised himself up and positioned his cock at her pussy lips and with just a few slow strokes had all of that black cock buried in her cunt. She screamed ” that’s it fuck me with that black cock”. The black stud that was buried balls deep in her pussy said, ” So you like this big nigger dick don’t you bitch”. Wanda said “Yes I do fuck me with it, fuck me hard and deep”. He said if you want this nigger dick to fuck you tell me you want it. Wanda said, ” Yes I want it”. He asked what do you want? Wanda cried out “I want your big nigger cock to fuck me, please, please fuck me”. He then started to fuck her harder and rougher, pounding her into the mattress with each stroke of that big cock. The guy she had been sucking told her to keep sucking his cock, which she eagerly did, all the while still stroking 2 hard cocks and getting her tits roughly handled and sucked. She let the cock in her mouth fall out and said she was in heaven, so many big black cocks and they were all hers to fuck. She was quivering and shaking as she was having orgasms one after another. After about 15 minutes the stud fucking her cunt quickened his pace and tensed up as he shot his big load of hot cum deep inside her pussy, everyone could see the cum leaking from her cunt around his black cock, and for me the sight was absolutely beautiful. As he pulled his cock from her cunt, cum started to roll down the crack of her ass. Everyone changed places, the stud sucking her tits quickly rammed the full length of his rock hard black cock into her. She now had the first cock in her cunt in her right hand; the one in her right hand in her mouth, the one in her mouth in her left hand and the one from her left hand was now sucking savagely sucking her big tits. They took turns that way until each one of them had shot a big load of nigger cum in her well-used, very stretched cunt.    After she had received a load of cum from each stud deep in her cunt, she said “it was break time for them, and would they mind to go into the living room and enjoy a drink and recuperate for a little bit, but that the night was far from over”. They agreed and all went out of the room.

As soon as they left Wanda told me that I had been good and not interfered at all and she could see by my dripping cock that I enjoyed what I had witnessed. I assured her that I had truly enjoyed it and had already come once without even touching my cock. She said she had another surprise for me, and spread her legs wide. I could see all of their mixed cum dribbling out of her swollen cunt and running down the crack of her sexy ass. She then commanded me to lick her cunt and ass clean of all cum. Now I have eaten cum from her pussy, my own and other men’s for years, but I was hesitant to do so now, exactly why I don’t know. She then told me unless I cleaned her pussy as instructed I would be put in another room in restraints, and not get to see just how much these big black studs were going to fuck her. So I buried my face in that pussy that I love so much and started eating all of the cum that those 5 big, black cocks had deposited there. I licked from her asshole to her pussy till it was spotless. I ate her pussy until not a drop of cum dripped from her gaping hole, and after those 5 big black cocks had fucked it, it was still gaping. My face was covered in her juices and they’re cum but she said she wanted to kiss me anyway, so she could also taste the mixture of that they had shot in her. She then told me to bring them back in, as she was ready to fuck some more. I gladly did so as I also wanted to see more. I wanted to see her get fucked again and again until she could not fuck anymore.

As all of her black lovers came back into the room they surrounded her on the bed again just as before and basically started as they had before except this time no one was eating her pussy. Instead one of them was rubbing her pussy and running his fingers down to her asshole. Her juices were really flowing (she has the juiciest pussy I have ever tasted or fucked) and by now her ass was slick with the juices he had deposited there with his fingers. He motioned to the others and as if they were one, flipped her on her stomach. He kept rubbing from her cunt to her ass and then wiped her juices on his cock. As he started to put the head of his cock in her asshole Wanda said ‘No, please I don’t do anal”. He said you are going to now bitch shut up and take it. As he pushed harder and further into her virgin asshole she cried and screamed, but he would not stop. As he finally got his full length in her ass, he relaxed and let her get used to having her ass stretched like her cunt was. As he slowly started to stroke his cock in and out of her tight asshole, the others started rubbing all over her body. This seemed to soothe and relax her as she soon started to moan and push her ass back at his rock hard cock. Before long she was really enjoying her first ass fucking. He worked her slowly, letting her get used to it and enjoy this new sensation. After a few minutes she was begging him to fuck her ass harder. The others raised her up until she was on her hands and knees. One of them then managed to work his between her and the mattress and was soon in position to work his cock into her very wet cunt. When Wanda felt the fullness of having a cock in her cunt and ass at the same time she went crazy, she started screaming “fuck me you black bastards, fill me with those black cocks, cum in my pussy and ass. Just keep fucking me it is so good. Don’t stop. Fuck me”. With her on her hands and knees one of them stuck his cock in her mouth and told her to “suck my black cock until I cum in your throat”. The other 2 were still rubbing her and squeezing her tits. It was not long until both cocks in her exploded a river of cum inside my sweet wife. She was also cumming her sexy fat ass off. She must have come a dozen times just in this session and who knows how much the first time. They took turns again fucking her cunt and ass. When each of those big black cocks had come again, either in her ass or cunt, she again called for a break, same scenario as before.

When they had again left the room, Wanda told me it was time to clean her again. This time I needed no threats to get me started. I love my wife, I loved watching her get fucked, and I loved eating other men’s cum from her freshly fucked cunt. I dived right in and ate her pussy and asshole till they were clean. She then told me that I was to do this anytime she was fucked, no matter who or how many it was. I asked if she would be bringing all her lovers home from now on? She said maybe, but if she fucked elsewhere I still had to clean her when she got home. I handed over the last of my pride and said OK. She the said to bring her cocks back in.

When they came back into the room, she told them that if they were up to it she wanted her cunt fucked and for them to cum in her as much as they could manage. She told them that I was going to eat every drop of cum they could deposit in her. She told them that as one came she would suck his cock to get it hard again if possible. She said she wanted a really big mess for me to clean up. Since each one of them had already come in her 2 times, I thought they would be about drained. I did not know that when black men get some good white pussy they have a lot of stamina. They started fucking her one at a time, as one would cum in her pussy he would pull out and stick it in her mouth. Another one would take his place in her pussy. They kept saying, ” Man this bitch likes to fuck”. “This cunt loves black cock”. ” After we get through with this cunt, she’ll want black cock only”. One of them said this is a nigger owned cunt now, it’s ours whenever we want it”. By the time the last of them had cum in her for the last time he could, she had a total of 12 loads of black cum shot deep into her pussy. She said if that’s all fucking you can give me I guess we are done for tonight, almost. Wanda then ordered me to leave the room for a few minutes, like the whipped cuckold I had become I did as I was told.

As I waited in the hall 4 of those black studs came out and started to get dressed. Wanda called out for me to say “Goodnight or morning to them”, whatever the case may be. Actually it was almost 6 AM. They had been fucking Wanda for the better part of 6 hours. I said ” Good Morning” to them as they left. They all said, “Man you got one wicked fucking woman there, damn she likes to fuck and they all said they would be back again to fuck my wife

Wanda then called me back into the bedroom. She lay on the bed in the arms of the biggest, darkest black stud of the group. The contrast of his extremely dark skin and her very pale skin was absolutely stunning. I learned from her later he also has the biggest cock of them all too, she measured it at 11.5 inches long and 8.5 inches around. She said I had cleanup duties to perform and that Willie was going to watch as I ate all the black men’s cum from her cunt. Usually she hates the word cunt, but since she had been with these big black studs she freely used the word cunt instead of pussy. She said if I did a good job I had another surprise in store for me. I ate my wife’s sweet, very thoroughly fucked cunt like a crazed man. I buried my face in it and rubbed her juices and all of their cum all over my face. I ate her and she actually had another orgasm. When I was done she told me that I was not to wash my face until she said to, and I was to sleep on the guest bed in all the mess that had been placed on it by all the fucking that had been done there. Her and Willie were going to sleep in our marriage bed, tonight. She said she would always be my wife, but that she wanted Willie’s big black cock to fuck her some more, and to possess her cunt. She told me that her and Willie had been fucking for the last month and that he had shared her with his friends that had just left twice before. Wanda and Willie both told me that the only way I would ever have her pussy again was to eat and clean it, that it was strictly for black cocks now and belonged to Willie.

I have slept in the guest room for the past 3 months, while Willie and Wanda have slept in our marriage bed. In the last 3 months she has remained totally nude around the house and has been fucked in front of me anytime, and anywhere they felt like it. I have cleaned Willie’s cunt for him after each session. Wanda said Willie wants her to get a tattoo saying “Willie’s White Cunt” right above her pussy. She say’s she will do whatever he wants as he owns her. Also in the last 3 months Willie has invited his friends over several times to gang bang my slut wife, on one occasion she had eleven big black studs fucking her all weekend long.

My wife Wanda is a Whore, and I love her!

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