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College XXX-periences

It all started our fairly innocently.  I grew up in what was once  called the “Deep South” and am in my sophomore year at a large  university.  I come from a respected family from the southern half of the  state.  My father is an attorney and a well respected leader in the  community.  He and mom are active in all of the right clubs and are members of  the social digest.  I grew up surrounded by blacks.  We had one lady  who came and cleaned our house and two men that helped dad around the  farm.  It wasn’t a working farm, but rather a hobby to keep dad busy.   There were a few blacks at the private high school I attended, but they  were primarily there to help the keep the football program from losing  all of the games.

I live in a nice sorority house and have a private room.  Daddy  saw to it that I was in the right sorority with the right kind of girls.   One evening I was coming in from a party and Sherry, one of my friends  who was a couple of years older and from my hometown called me into her  room.  She was drinking a glass of wine and poured me one.  She was  wearing a tight wife beater t-shirt with no bra and a pair of gym shorts.   I had always admired her breasts and was jealous of the way she  flaunted them.  She called me over to her computer.  I thought that she was  going to show me some schoolwork, but as I got closer, I could see a  picture of a black guy on the screen.  I asked her what she was doing, and  she said that she was chatting.  I grabbed my glass of wine and sat  beside her.  I was amazed when I saw that it was not a picture, but rather  a live feed from this guy’s computer.  I sat by Sherry and saw that she  had a small camera on top of her monitor pointed down at the two of us.   All of a sudden, I heard the guy speak through the computer speakers.   I looked at Sherry and she laughed.  She told me that he could see and  hear both of us and that we could see and hear him.  This was cool.

It turned out that the guy she was chatting with, his name was  Mark, was a member of the black fraternity at school.  I was kind of  surprised that Sherry was talking to a black guy and even more surprised at  the way she was flirting.  Mark was a good looking guy with a muscular  chest and strong, athletic arms.  He looked a lot like the guys that  had gone to my high school.  I took a sip of my wine and watched as  Sherry flirted.  It was obvious that they were enjoying themselves.  I  started to leave, but Sherry held my hand and asked me to stay.  I could  tell that she was up to something.

Sherry and I had been on a few double dates and had been friends  for a few years.  She had always been the wild one in school.  Mark told  us that he really dug white girls and liked seeing the two of us.   Sherry and I giggled as we watched him.  Sherry told Mark that she wanted  to see his cock.  Mark said he would show it, but we had to show him our  boobs.  I watched Sherry as she pulled the tight t-shirt over her head.   Her breasts are larger than mine.  Sherry has a dark complexion and  dark nipples.  I whispered to Sherry that I wasn’t sure that I should do  this.  She laughed and said that it was safe.  I unbuttoned my white  blouse and opened it to reveal my white, lacy bra.  I wasn’t going any  further.  Mark said that he loved Sherry’s tits and stood in front of the  camera.  He was wearing boxers that showed the outline of his cock.  It  was huge.  He held it though his shorts and started stroking it.  I was  in awe.  I have only had sex with one guy, and he was nothing like  this.  Even through his shorts, I could tell his cock was bigger than  anything that I had ever seen.  I looked at Sherry who was leaning back and  cupping her breasts.  She was rubbing her long nails across her dark  nipples making them hard.  Mark said that if I wanted to see his cock, I  would have to show my tits.  Sherry moved behind me and reached around  and cupped my breasts.  I have never had another woman touch me.  Her  small hands caressed me as she unhooked my bra and then tweaked my  nipples.  My breasts spilled out as she continued to feel me.  I could feel  her breasts pressed against my back as I leaned backward and allowed  her to kiss my neck.  This was getting hot.

Mark was obviously enjoying himself as he pulled his shorts down and  revealed his huge cock.  I could feel the wetness between my legs as  Sherry kissed my neck and fondled me.  My mouth fell open as Mark began to  stroke himself.  I was experiencing feelings that I had never  experienced before.  Sherry, still sitting behind me and playing with my  breasts, began to whisper into my ear.  I was gazing at Mark’s cock, watching  him stroke it, as she started telling me how good it had felt when he  fucked her.  I had no idea that she had been with a black man, but as I  watched him stroke that monster, I could see why she liked it.  Mark  said that he wanted to see my pussy.  I don’t know if it was the wine or  Sherry’s hands on me, but I stood and slid my skirt and panties off as  Sherry ran her hands up and down my body.  I stood there staring at  Mark’s cock as Sherry ran her fingers in and out of my pussy.  I began to  orgasm as Mark shot this huge load all over his muscular chest.  I had  never been with a woman or saw a black man before, but this night, I  was having the best orgasm of my life as I enjoyed the sensual pleasure  of another woman’s touch and the sight of that beautiful cock.  After  Mark orgasmed, he switched off his camera, and Sherry and I began to get  dressed.  It was a little awkward, but Sherry held me and kissed me on  my lips.  I went back to my room and tried to relive the experience of  Sherry and that black cock.  I slept like a queen.

The next morning I met Sherry for breakfast.  We were sitting and  eating when I asked her how long she had been having sex with black men.   She told me that all of the girls in the sorority were fucking black  guys.   She told how when she was just a freshman, there had been a party  at the sorority house.  It was a mixer with the black fraternity.  She  described how that night, every girl ended up fucking a black guy.   After that, she said that they were all hooked.  She said that last night’s  little camera fun had been planned and that I was going to go with her  to a party that weekend.

That Friday after classes, I went back to my room and took a long bath.   I soaked as the bubbles did their magic.  I dried myself in front of  the mirror and admired my body.  I am only 5’5”, but my breasts are  fairly large (34c) and my body is hard from all of the aerobic classes I  take.  My blonde hair is shoulder length, and it compliments my blue eyes  and fair complexion.  I wore a little black Victoria Secrets bra and  matching thong.  I slipped on my favorite black party dress and put on  the mandatory white pearls.  I was ready to party.

Sherry and I walked into the fraternity house.   The first thing I  noticed was the music, the dim lights, and lots of girls from my sorority.   Mark walked up and kissed Sherry on the mouth and ran his hand over her  ass.  Sherry acted as if it was perfectly normal as she wrapped her arm  around his waist as he led us into the room.  There were lots of  couples dancing.  This wasn’t the kind of dancing I was used to.  All of the  girls were grinding against the guys.  There was a lot of sexual energy  in the room.  Mark introduced me to Anthony, one of his friends and  suggested that we dance while he and Sherry became reacquainted.  I  watched as Mark slid his hand under Sherry’s skirt and led her back to his  room.

Anthony was a good looking, athletic type who new how to dance.  He was  very dark and tall with very short hair and a muscular body.  He had  the sweetest smile that radiated confidence.  As we danced, he told me  that he was on the track team.  I watched the other girls and tried to  copy their style of dancing.  Anthony put his arms around my waist as I  leaned back and pressed into him.  I could feel his cock through his  pants as it pressed against me.  Someone put on a slow song.  Anthony  pulled me against him as I ran my hands over his arms and back.  His body  was so hard.  I have never been touched by a black man.  His dark skin  was such a contrast to mine.  He held me close as I rested my head on  his shoulder.  He pushed me face back and began to kiss me.  My knees  were weak.  His kisses were hard, and I began to kiss him back.  His  tongue explored my mouth as my tongue explored his.  My father would have  died.

I could feel my body react to his kisses and touch.  He began to move  his hands up and down my back and then down to my ass.  I couldn’t  believe I was letting him do this, but it felt so right.  He turned me  around so that my back was against him.  He pressed against me, and I could  feel the hardness of his cock against my ass.  I reached up and behind  so I could wrap my arms around his neck.  He kissed my neck as he ran  his hands over my stomach and then up to my breasts.  My mouth fell open  as his hands moved over my body.  He played with my nipples as I  pressed against his cock.  I was a river.  I wanted him like I had never  wanted another man.  The song ended, and I turned around and kissed him.

As I looked around the room, everyone was engaged in some stage of  making out.  Couples had moved off the dance floor and onto couches and  chairs.  Most of the girls were sitting in the guy’s laps as they kissed  and touched each other.  I told Anthony that I needed a drink.  He  smiled and led me back to the kitchen where he poured me a glass of my  favorite wine.  I took a long, cool sip as I tried to regain my composure.   Anthony leaned over and began kissing me again.  I moaned as my body  responded.  He led me to a chair and I sat in his lap.  His hands were  all over me.  His hands were moving up and down my legs as mine were  moving up and down his chest.  I found one of his nipples and began to play  with it.  He moaned as he kissed me harder.  He ran a hand under my  dress and grabbed my bare ass cheek.  He squeezed it as the other hand  moved over my breasts.  I could feel my skin flush with excitement.  I  kissed his neck and asked him where we could go to be alone.  He stood,  took my hand, and led me down the hall towards his room.

The sounds and smell of sex were everywhere.  Whatever modesty there  had been, and there wasn’t much of it, was gone.  Couples were openly  having sex.  One girl, still wearing her plaid skirt, was straddling a guy  on the couch.  She was rocking back and forth as she moaned.  His hands  lifted her skirt, and I could see his cock moving in and out of her.   We walked by an open bedroom where one of my sorority sisters was lying  on a bed with two black guys.  One guy was holding her head while she  sucked him.  The other was behind her, fucking her. We walked by Mark’s  room where the door was partially open.  I looked in and could see  Sherry on the bed.  Mark was standing beside her with his hard cock in his  hand.  Sherry had her mouth wrapped around it as it slipped in and out  between her lips.  She looked up at me with a gleam in her eye and  continued sucking him.   We walked into Anthony’s room and closed the door.  He had a large room  with exercise equipment on one side and a bed and desk on the other.   One wall was covered with a mirror that ran from the floor to the  ceiling.  He pushed me against the wall and pressed against me.  I was  kissing him as if there was no tomorrow.  I wanted him.  I wanted him badly.   He turned me around and stood behind me.  His hands moved under my  dress and onto my ass.  He unzipped my dress, and I let it fall to the  floor.  I stood in front of him in my black bra and thong.  He got a big  smile on his face as he stared at me.  I felt like a Christmas present  that was about to be unwrapped.  He led me to the bed where I lay down as  he pulled off his shirt and pants and stood there in his boxers.  I  could see the outline of his cock as it strained against the material.  He  lay beside me and we began kissing again.  My hands roamed all over his  hard, muscled body.

Anthony knew what he was doing.  He kissed me and with one hand  unhooked my front hook bra. He cupped my breasts and slowly teased my  sensitive nipples.  As his black hands moved expertly over my body, he moved  his mouth to my nipples and slid his hand down to my stomach.  I was so  tense, eager for what I hoped would happen next.  Without thinking, I  lifted my hips as he slid his hand down into my panties.  I couldn’t  contain the moan as his hand found my wet pussy.  Like a pro, he teased my  clit as his hand slowly moved in circles, his fingers sliding in and  out of me. I was on fire.

I lifted my hips as he slid my thong off.  I spread my legs as he moved  down my body.  My pussy lips were swollen with excitement.  I could see  my clit protruding below my little blonde bush.  Anthony moved down my  body and cupped his hands underneath my ass.  He held his head just  above my waiting pussy, breathing me.  Finally, he lowered his tongue to  my clit and began to slowly lick it.  Gently, slowly, teasingly, he ran  his tongue over my swollen pussy lips and clit.  He moved one of his  hands from underneath me and moved it up to my breasts.  He was able to  take both of them in one hand and squeeze them.  I looked down to see my  breasts squeezed by this very dark hand as he stared up at me, knowing  that I was his.  He buried his tongue inside me as I spread my legs  even further apart.  I was so wet, so excited, and so in need of the  orgasm that was building.

Sensing that I was getting close, he stopped touching me and moved up  beside me and began kissing me.  I could taste myself on his lips and  tongue.  My eyes were glazed, in need of what he was denying me.  He  moved beside me and laid on his back, his cock standing up underneath his  boxers like a tent pole.  He reached down and guided my hand to his  cock.  Even through his boxers, I could feel the heat radiating from it.  I  leaned over and rubbed my face against his shorts.  I moved my lips up  and down the outline, knowing that I was going to do what I had never  done before.  Anthony lifted his hips and I pulled down his shorts.  His  cock sprang free like some giant black totem pole.  It was massive,  thick and long with a forest of black, curly pubic hair. The only guy I  had ever been with was a white guy I knew in high school.  There was no  comparison between these two.  Anthony’s cock was huge, his balls were  huge, and his body looked as if it had been sculpted from black  mahogany.  My only other lover seemed pale and childlike in comparison.

I reached up and began stroking his cock.  Without being told, I began  to lick his balls.  Everything about him exuded manliness. I moved my  tongue up and down his cock as I stroked it.  I stretched my mouth wide  as I took his cock head in my mouth.  I took it as deeply as I could,  moving my mouth up and down.  Anthony leaned back and watched as I  sucked him.  He told me that he loved to watch little white girls try to  suck him.  I knew that I couldn’t take it all in my mouth, but I was  determined to do my best.

Anthony told me to take the cock head in his mouth and to keep licking  and sucking it.  He then reached down and began to stroke his cock.  I  kept it wet as my tongue danced over his thickness.  Anthony began  stroking faster as I moved my mouth up and down his cock.  I looked in the  mirror that covered the one wall and stared at the image of the two of  us.  It was like watching a movie.  My body all white and curvy, his  body all dark and hard, joined as I sucked his monstrous, marvelous cock.   I watched my boobs as they swayed to the movement of my head going up  and down, my pink nipples hard and my chest red. I felt his body tighten  as he moaned and began shooting thick sperm into my mouth.  I kept  licking and sucking as I tried to swallow his load, but it was too much for  me.  What I couldn’t swallow ran down his shiny cock.  He let go of his  cock, and I licked him clean.

I moved beside him as he pulled me close.  He was marvelous.  I kissed  him again as he moved his hands up and down my body.  He played me like  I was a musical instrument, teasing and torturing me.  He pushed me  onto my back and rolled on top of me.  I looked up, admiring this  beautiful man.  He supported himself with one hand and ran his other through my  hair, over my face, and down to my swollen nipples.  I kissed his lips  as I felt his cock stir.  He positioned himself so that his sweet cock  was between my pussy lips.  I looked down and it looked as if I had  this huge monster growing out of my body.  He started rocking back and  forth, causing his cock to slide up and down between my swollen pussy  lips.   I wanted him inside me.  I wanted to feel him stretch my pussy as  he buried that beautiful cock where no black man had ever been.  I  spread my legs as he positioned his thick cock head against my opening.   Slowly, gently, and ever so wonderfully, he began to push his hardening  cock into my waiting pussy.  The pressure was intense as he began to fill  me.  My eyes opened wide as I wondered if I could handle something that  big.  Anthony, the marvelous lover that he was, kept slowly moving in  and out, moving a little deeper with each push.

Deeper and deeper, he drove his cock into my stretched pussy.  I felt  my breathing shallow as I watched more and more of him slide into me.    Slowly my body began to accommodate his girth.  Finally, I could feel  his balls as they began to move against my ass.  I was in heaven.

Anthony leaned back, supporting himself with both hands and began to  fuck me.  I was like some skewered animal, rubbing my hands over his  sweaty body.  I looked down and watched see his shiny cock sliding in and  out of me, my soft, blonde triangle being scratched by his coarse pubic  hair.  Anthony began to take charge, using me to satisfy his desires.   He leaned back and pulled my legs up and apart.  He held me this way as  he drove his thick, black cock into my swollen, pink pussy.  His tempo  became faster as he started slapping against me, his balls crashing  into my soft ass.  I watched the two of us in the mirror.  I looked like a  little white doll being taken by a black demon.

Not too gently, Anthony grabbed me and threw me onto my stomach.  He  moved behind me as I lifted myself onto all fours.  He buried his huge  cock inside me, pushing even deeper into my body.  I watched my boobs  bounce back and forth in rhythm to his thrusting.  He reached and pushed  my chest down onto the bed, my ass sticking up inviting him to take me.   He grabbed my hips and started driving that sweet cock, spreading me,  filling me, breaking down any resistance my pussy offered.  He squeezed  my ass and slapped it as he began to grunt.  I was his fuck toy.  I was  his white fuck toy.

With animal like effort, he drove in and out of me.  I squeezed his cock  inside me, enjoying the sensations that I had never before experienced.   I was beginning to lose control as my own orgasm began to build.   Anthony squeezed my ass and pounded me, taking me as he drove his swollen  cock in and out of my thick wet pussy.  I reached between my legs and  touched his wet cock as it moved in and out of me.  My lips were thick and  my clit swollen.  Without thinking, I began to rub my clit as he fucked  me.  This orgasm began somewhere deep inside me and was spreading like  some major earthquake.  Wave after wave of intense pleasure ripped  through my body as I experienced a kind of pleasure that had not been part  of my physical vocabulary.  I lost control as Anthony erupted, filling  my body with his hot semen.  We both cried out as the last semblance of  control vanished, leaving two hot, sweaty bodies connected in a pool of  raw sex.

Anthony collapsed on top of me, his pulsating cock still buried in my  throbbing pussy.  I was spent.  Suddenly I heard the sound of clapping.   I slowly moved my head towards the door to see Sherry and Mark smiling  and laughing as they enjoyed the sight of the two of us, entwined and  connected in our post orgasmic collapse.  If I could have moved, which I  couldn’t, I might have been angry.  Instead, I just smiled as I  experienced a dreamlike state of physical bliss.

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