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Moved into Cuckoldry

About five years ago our marriage was losing its appeal to me and I suspect it was also getting very boring to my wife.  We had two children and a nice home, jobs and money to spare but we had no spark in our lives, no excitement.  I guess we where both a little wild when we where younger before we got married and thought we where done with that part of our lives.  Little did I know what was coming or what was really going on in my sweet little wife’s mind.  She is hot, perfect body, super tight little ass and tits that cost me a fortune!  Everywhere we went men and women stared at her which always got me excited.  She was always coming home and telling me about some guy she met through work hitting on her.  I knew she could have just about any guy she wanted but I didn’t know she wanted so many of them. I first met my wife at a bar, she was very hot dressed in as little as she could legally get away with as where the two women she was with.

The three of them where doing shooters and starting to act very buzzed, that really had myself and the rest of the guys there very hopeful that they would get laid that night.  I watched as she danced with several men, holding them close during the slow dances and teasing them during the fast ones.  Eventually she walked outside with a very tall, muscular black man and I thought to myself: she is about to get fucked in the parking lot and that really turned me on!  Curiosity got the best of me and I wandered outside hoping to get a glimpse of what was going on.  They where just driving out, at least I thought they where driving out, but instead they drove to the darkest spot in the parking lot.  I assumed they would stay there with the lights off and fuck in the car but when the headlights went off the inside lights went on and I could see they had opened the windows and crawled into the back seat.  I figured what the hell and walked over as close as I dared.  She had her top off already and he was sucking on her nipples, his black skin against her creamy white skin and almost purely pink nipples, his broad muscular shoulders and huge hands against her tiny little body made think how vulnerable she was, how unable to stop him from doing anything he wanted to her.  Believe me, she didn’t want to stop him!  I got closer and she saw me watching and smiled.  She whispered something into his ear and they both laughed.

The two of them wasted no time getting undressed and seemed to have no fear of getting in trouble, obviously they wanted to put on a show.  I went right up to the window and stood there, hard as hell wishing I could stroke myself.  I watched as he laid back and she took his huge cock into her mouth, her blond hair sweeping across his dark skin and black pubic hair.  She sucked him like she wanted him to cum, hard and fast but after a few minutes he pulled her up.  She got on top of him, opening her legs and reaching down to pull his penis inside of her.  I really wondered how much of that massive black cock she could take inside of the tiny little body, it seemed like it would stretch her little pink pussy lips too far and that it would go halfway up her body!  She must have been super wet because as soon as she directed it to her pussy he grabbed her hips and pulled her down, making that thing disappear, forcing her to take all of it deep inside.

I watched as her body went up and down, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy glistening with her juice.  The faster they went the more the car bounced and the harder I got.  He clenched his hands on her ass and pulled her tight and filled her pussy with his cum while both of them grunted like animals.  I realized then that I had came in my pants but I didn’t care as this was better than fucking her myself.  She got up and looked out of the window at my crotch.  The wet spot on my pants told her that I had really enjoyed the show!  She smiled and giggled a little making me feel ashamed of myself.  I hadn’t noticed but a small crowd of men and women had gathered, she looked at them and said “I will be with you in a minute honey!”  I felt like telling the crowd that I had never met this woman but I couldn’t say anything, I just walked away while the women laughed and the men looked at me like I was some kind of pussy.  They could all see the wet spot on my pants and I couldn’t wait to get to my car and get out of there.  How she got dressed and caught up to me I will never be able to figure out but before I could get out of the parking lot she was opening the passenger door, of course the crowd saw this and stared yelling about how I should bring my wife there more often.  She just sat there saying nothing until we got a few blocks away.  Sorry if I embarrassed you but I knew that guy wanted me to go home with him and I really didn’t want to.  I drove her home without talking but when she got out of the car she gave me a piece of paper with her number on it with a simple note: Call me tomorrow at noon and we will meet for lunch.

We met for lunch the next day, and the next day and the next.  Weeks past and we fell in love but we never talked about that night we met.  I thought she was embarrassed about it so I never brought it up.  She acted like a perfect lady.  She told me she had decided that she wanted to get married and that she didn’t want to have sex until our wedding night.  A month later she told me she was pregnant from that guy in the parking lot and asked if I would marry her right away.  My friends told me what I a fool I was but we got married very soon after that.  My parents disowned me, my friends stopped hanging around me but I didn’t care.  The baby girl was obviously not mine but she was healthy and I didn’t care.  We moved to another city and had a son which I thought was mine until I found out that I was unable to father children.  I confronted her with this and she broke down and cried.  She told me she got buzzed when I was out of town for a week and had a one night stand.  I forgave her and we moved on.  Later I found out that she been in an affair since almost the first of our marriage with her boss.

I asked her if she was done with other men and she said she was, I believed her and we spent a couple of years playing at being married.  One night I came home early from an out of town trip.  I had tried to call her from the airport but she didn’t answer so I took a taxi home.  The house was dark and I had a feeling something wasn’t right so I went around to the back of the house and looked into our bedroom window.  There she was in bed with the 18 year old son of a neighbor!  I could have stormed into the house and made a scene but I found I was getting excited so I just watched.  She was on top, her favorite position, her breasts where bouncing up and down as she used that young man.  He didn’t last long, I could hear him coming thru the window and I wondered to myself; am I going to be a father again?  She rolled off of him, clearly disappointed in how fast he had finished but I could tell she wasn’t done yet.  She went into the bathroom and got a towel and bowl of hot water and washed his cock off.  She had done that to me many times and I knew what was coming. As soon as she had finished washing him she put his cock into her mouth and started sucking on it until it was hard again.  She mounted him and rode him until she came, louder and harder than I had ever made her cum.  She didn’t let him finish this time, getting off of him and telling him it was time to leave.  He dressed and tried to kiss her goodbye but she just turned her head and walked him to the door.

I waited a few minutes until my erection left me then went in.  She was laying on the bed naked with a glass of wine talking on the phone.  She looked surprised and hung up fast but I knew she had been talking to another man.  I told her that I had watched her and her 18 year old thru the window.  She just looked at me and said that I had a choice, leave and divorce her or get down between her legs and finish what her sweet young stud had started.  I was shocked and just stood there.  She told me that she had tried but she needed more than I could offer.  I told her that I knew my cock is smaller than most men but I had always thought I could satisfy her.  She laughed and admitted that she had picked me for a husband because I was such a naive pussy and she knew she could make me do anything and put up with everything.  Again she told me to eat her pussy.  This time I did, tasting the cum that some other man had left inside of her.  She came harder than I had ever seen her come.

This is how we live our lives now.  She brings men over and fucks them in front of me, sometimes making me wear women’s panties and sucking them off while she watches.  Once she tied me up and let a guy fuck me, it hurt but I willingly submitted to make her happy.  I am no longer bored with the marriage and I believe she is happy.  I look forward to more adventures with her, being the willing cuck I am sure I was born to be.

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