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My Wife is a Gang-Bang Whore

My name is Gary and I’ve been married to Sonja for fifteen years now. Sonja is chubby with a nice bubble butt but she’s still sexy with her shoulder length black hair, C-cup tits and hairy pussy. Sex is great as she likes to be fucked in all different positions and will occasionally let me cum in her mouth. But anal sex is still a challenge.

For the past two months, I started to notice that when Sonja was home alone, she would surf the Internet and frequented a website for erotic stories. Since Sonja would often forget to clear his history, I discovered that she enjoyed Group Sex stories where the wife was gang banged by at least four men. That turned me on. Was this a fantasy of Sonja’s? I wondered. Then the thought of a group of men fucking Sonja was a huge turn-on.

A couple of nights later, I fucked Sonja in bed. She had her legs wrapped around me.

“Fuck me Gary!” Sonja screamed out while I pounded her pussy.

“AHHHHHH!” she screamed out while she had an orgasm.

I slowly pumped her pussy then put my mouth to her ear. I nibbled on her ear lobe. “Do you know what I would love to see?” I whispered in her ear while I fucked her. “What?” she moaned out. I hesitated for a few seconds. “I want to see five guys fuck my sexy wife,” I said. “You do?” she moaned back. “Yes. Five guys fucking my slut of a wife,” I whispered in her ear. She moaned for a few minutes while I pumped her pussy. “That would be nice,” she said then her legs shot up in the air and she had another orgasm. I shot my load into her pussy.

For the next week, she didn’t mention what I said and I was afraid to bring it up. Then I mentioned to her that my buddies from work and I were going to have our weekly poker game at our house tomorrow night. She smiled at me. “I’ll be here with six cocks?” she said with a smile. I had a hunch she wanted that gang bang to happen. “Six cocks, baby. And they can be all yours,” I told her. “I hope so,” she said then walked away.

For the rest of the day, I thought about her comment. Then I decided to go for it.

During lunch at work the next day, I talked with Bob, Mike, Wes, Tom and James. We talked about the poker game tonight and how they looked forward it. “Yeah. Especially if Sonja will be there,” Mike joked. “She’ll be there,” I reassured them. They all smiles and I knew they thought Sonja was hot. Then I decided to go for it.

“Sonja did comment that she was looking forward to being with six cocks tonight,” I told them. They all stared at me in disbelief I said that. “If you don’t’ mind me saying this Gary, but Sonja is fucking hot. And I have to admit that I jerk off thinking about her,” Wes told me. All the other guys smiled at his comment.

“Well, if you play your cards right, maybe she’ll let you guys fuck her,” I told them. They all smiled!

I went home after work and told Sonja about my lunch with the guys. “Are you for real?” she asked. “Six hard cocks like what you want. After all, I know you read those types of stories on Literotica,” I told her. She blushed at first then realized I approved. “Okay. I want your buddies to fuck me,” she admitted.

So we discussed our plan to have my buddies gang bang Sonja.

Two hours later, the guys showed up at the house. We immediately sat down at the dining room table and started our poker game. Sonja played host and brought us beers, chips and pretzels. She wore short pants, a tank top that revealed her cleavage and was bare footed. When she would bring beers, she always bent down and let the guys catch a glimpse of her tits.

The guys looked at me and I knew they’re heads weren’t into the game. They wanted to fuck Sonja and the thought of that was turning me on.

I excused myself and went into the kitchen where Sonja waited. “Go put on the other outfit,” I told her then kissed her cheek. She smiled. “Sure baby,” she said then walked out of the kitchen and went into the bedroom.

I walked back to the poker game and the guys stared at me and wondered when the action would start. I winked at them and they knew it wouldn’t be long.

Ten minutes later, Sonja appeared in the dining room and wore a sexy bikini. The guys all stared at her and she could tell by the looks n her eyes – they wanted to fuck her!

She walked up to me and turned around and pointed her bubble butt at me. I smacked her ass. She walked to the doorway that lead to the living room and turned around and looked at us. “Come into the living room,” she said while she rubbed her pussy from the outside of her bikini. Then she walked into the living room. The guys jumped up from their chairs and almost tripped over each other as they made a beeline into the living room.

Bob, Mike, Wes, Tom and James rushed into the living room. “Sit on the couch,” Sonja instructed them. They obeyed. Sonja slowly turned around and gave the guys a view of her sexy body.

“Do you guys like what you see?” she asked.

“Fucking yeah! Yes. Yeah baby. Fucking hot! And I want you,” was heard from the guys.

“Okay, but I want to be your whore tonight,” Sonja added while she stuck a hand down her bikini bottom and rubber her pussy.

“How much?” Wes asked.

“Oh, a hundred dollars each would be fair,” she said while she continued to rub her pussy.

All the guys reached in their wallets and removed one hundred dollars. They laid the cash on the coffee table. Sonja walked over and picked up the cash. She walked over and gave it to me.

Then she walked back over and faced the guys. She untied her bikini top and it fell to the floor. The guys stared in awe at her tits. Then she lowered her bikini bottoms and slipped out of them. And there was my wife, bare ass naked in front of my five friends. What a huge fucking turn-on!

“I want each of your to stand up and strip naked for me,” Sonja ordered.

The guys stood up and removed their shirts. They then removed their pants. Then they removed their underwear and stood there naked in front of Sonja. She walked over and looked at their cocks.

She walked up to each of them and bent down the sucked on all their cocks until they were hard. Bob had a six-inch cock. Mike was seven and one half inches. Wes had an eight-inch cock, Tom had a six-inch cock and James had about five and one half inch cock.

Sonja looked at me and winked. I immediately stripped naked and my six-inch cock sprang up hard.

“Sit down,” Sonja ordered.

While she walked over to the couch, I scooted the coffee table to the other side of the living room.

Sonja got on her knees and sucked on Bob’s cock for a few minutes and licked his balls.

She got up and moved over to Bob and sucked on his cock and licked his balls for a few minutes.

She got up and moved over to Wes and sucked on his cock and licked his balls for a few minutes.

Then she got up and moved over to Tom and sucked on his cock and licked his balls for a few minutes.

While she moved over to James and sucked on his cock and licked his balls.

She stood up and looked at the guys. She did a quick eeny meany miney moe and ended up with her finger pointed at Bob. She walked over to him. “Stand up,” she ordered. Bob stood up. The other guys then stroked their cocks while Sonja sucked on Bob’s cock. Bob moaned. “Your wife is a great cock sucker,” Bob told me while he enjoyed Sonja’s talented mouth. Sonja licked up and down Bob’s shaft. She sucked on the tip of his cock. She licked his balls. She sucked on his cock. Then the head of Bob’s cock swelled up. “I’m going to cum,” he yelled out. Sonja continued to suck his cock. Bob arched his back.

“AHHHHHH!” he screamed out as he dumped his load of hot cum into Sonja’s mouth. She sucked every drop of cum out of his cock.

Sonja got up and walked into the middle of the living room. She got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass. “Hurry up guys. I want a cock in my pussy,” she said while she wiggled her ass again.

Mike walked over with his raging hard-on. He got down and rubbed the tip of his cock against her wet pussy. Mike slid his cock into Sonja’s pussy. “Feels fucking good,” Sonja moaned while Mike slowly started pumping her pussy.

Wes looked at me and sat down on the couch.

James walked over and got on his knees in front of Sonja. He pointed his cock at her face. She opened her mouth and he inserted his cock. James fucked Sonja’s mouth while Mike fucked her pussy. Sonja moaned with a mouth full of cock, as Mike’s big cock was a total joy to her.

“AHHHHHHH!” Sonja screamed out when she had an orgasm and took James cock out of her mouth.

James grabbed Sonja’s head and jabbed his cock back into her mouth. “Suck my cock you fucking whore,” he yelled out.

While Mike was fucking Sonja and she was sucking on James, I knelt down and started sucking on Wes’ cock. Sonja didn’t know I was a cocksucker.

Then Sonja looked over at the couch and saw me sucking on Wes’ cock. Her eyes widened in shock. She removed James cock from her mouth.

“What are you doing, Gary?” she asked while Mike continued to fuck her pussy.

“Sucking cock baby,” I yelled back then licked Wes’ balls.

Then Sonja smiled. “Sweet, baby. And Wes, dump a load of cum in Gary’s mouth for me!” she moaned as she was reaching another orgasm.  Then she screamed out as Mike gave her another orgasm. Then James shoved his cock back in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Bob and Tom watched and stroked their cocks knowing they were next.

James arched his back. “I’m cumming. Swallow my cum you fucking bitch,” he yelled out. Then the tip of his cock swelled up and he shot load after load of cum into Sonja’s mouth. She swallowed every bit of it. He pulled his cock out and sat on the carpet, exhausted. Then James arched his back. “Take this you fucking whore,” he screamed out and filled Sonja’s pussy with his cum.

James pulled his cock out of her pussy and he sat on the carpet, exhausted.

Sonja walked over to me with her hand on her pussy to keep James’ cum inside. She quickly sat on the couch next to Wes. She put her legs in the air and arched her pussy up. “Eat his cum,” she ordered to me.

I moved over and saw James’ cum ooze out of her pussy. I started slurping up his cum as it continued to ooze out. I licked her pussy clean of all his cum.

“Don’t’ forget about me,” Wes cried out and grabbed my head and pulled me to his cock. I continued sucking on it. Then Sonja got off the couch and moved over next to me. She bent down and licked Wes’ balls while I sucked on his cock. She moved up next to Wes moved to his head. She shoved one of her tits to his mouth and he sucked on her nipple while I sucked on his cock.

“I’m ready to blow,” he cried out. Then within seconds, he filed my mouth with his cum. Sonja got off the couch and got on her knees next to me. She grabbed my head and we French kissed and shared Wes’ cum.

Sonja stood up and looked at Tom. “Come baby, it’s your turn to fuck me,” she told him.

Tom walked over to her with a hard-on. She as him down on the couch then she straddled over him and guided his cock into her pussy. She rode his cock and started moaning out loud. “Fuck me,” she screamed out as Tom’s cock went in and out her pussy. James and Mike walked over to the couch and they each sucked on one of Sonja’s tits while she fucked Tom.

I couldn’t resist. I walked over and started sucking on Mike’s cock while he sucked on Sonja’s tits.

“FFUUCCKKK!” Sonja screamed out as she had another orgasm.

Then Mike couldn’t last long. He grabbed my head and filled my mouth with his cum. Sonja smiled at me while she rode Tom’s cock.

“FFUUCCKKKIINNGG BBIITTCCHH!” Tom screamed out while he filled Sonja’s pussy with his cum.

Sonja got off Tom and looked at me. Then she looked at the guys who stroking their cocks to get them hard again. “What should I do with Gary?” she asked them.

Mike immediately yelled out “Fuck the bitches ass!”

Sonja looked at me then smiled in agreement. She sat down on the couch, arched her pussy and asshole up in the air with her legs up in the air. She patted her asshole. “Fuck my ass,” she demanded.

I got on my knees and inserted my cock into her pussy. I pumped her a few minutes for lubrication. I pulled it out and rubbed it against her virgin asshole. I pushed the tip of my cock against her asshole. It slowly slipped in. Sonja moaned. I pushed a little harder. Not to hard to hurt my baby. My cock was now 3 inches into her tight asshole. Sonja closed her eyes and moaned as I slowly pumped her ass.

I picked up my pace and my cock went deeper into Sonja’s ass. She moaned out loud.

“Yes! Fuck my ass, Gary,” she moaned.


“FUCK MY ASSHOLE!” she screamed out while she had an orgasm.

I pumped Sonja’s ass for a few more minutes then I couldn’t take it any longer. “I’m cumming!” I moaned out loud then filled Sonja’s ass with my cum.

I pulled my cock out of her ass. She quickly turned around and licked off the residual cum on the tip of my cock.

The rest of the guys were hard again. I whispered in Sonja’s ear. She nodded and smiled in agreement.

She walked over and lied down in the carpet.

“I want you guys to do a circle jerk and cum on my body,” she requested.

My five buddies all walked over and made a circle around Sonja.

The jerked off their cocks while Sonja played with her pussy.

Sonja moaned while she watched the five cocks being stroked.

Then Bob shot his wad on Sonja’s tits. Mike shot his wad on her pussy. James shot his was on Sonja’s face. Then Tom shot his wad on Sonja’s feet.

I looked at Sonja with her body covered in cum. I got turned on again and my rock was hard.

I climbed on top of Sonja and inserted my cock into her pussy. She wrapped her legs and arms around me and I could feel the cum of my five buddies on my body. I started fucking he pussy. I pumped her for five minutes and then I filled her pussy with my cum.

I got off her and helped her up.

Sonja looked at the guys. “Thank for letting me be your whore,” she said then winked.

I walked her to the bathroom where we took a shower.

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