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Watching My Wife

Almost all the time that we drive around my wifes tits are bare and I’m playing with them: I drive a Nissan pickup with custom wheels so it sets fairly low, so almost any one that looks can see her 42ds with stiff nipples sticking straight out.

The only time I’ll let her cover them up is if a policeofficer pulls up beside us: most of the time if I see someone looking I have her run her hands up under them and lift them up and show them off !

Several times on trips on the interstate I had her completely undress and I put her clothes in back so she was completely naked , and could’t cover up if she wanted to!

I then pulled up beside some 18 wheelers honked my horn and the times it was at night turned on the dome light; I then drove to stay right next to them and let them watch her play with her smooth shaved pussy until she came.

I have a cb in the truck so I could listen to the drivers telling other drivers about what they were watching. one time I called one driver on the cb and had him follow us into a rest area. And he stood outside watching us fuck.

I was just going to invite him in and let him fuck my wife while I watched as she was so hot by this time she would have fucked a football team including the coach and my just spent cock instantly got a raging hardon when we glanced out and saw his huge cock sticking straight up out of his pants wanting to fuck my wife so much cum was dripping off the head!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE watching my wife cum and get super hot for me to enjoy for weeks later! But a highway patrol pulled in so we left. SIGH! O’well maybe next time.

I also enjoy watching her read VERY EXPLICIT mail and her getting hotter and hotter. I’ve sent some pictures of her tits and dripping cunt to different men that have gotten her very hot for me to enjoy. Some times,if the letters are very good, and have descriptions of the men she uses her toys while picturing the men and calling their names of as her different toys fuck deep into her cunt; or up her upturned ass.

The pictures I send are a kind of a thank you for making my wife soooo hot for me to enjoy, and it also turns me on to think of other men masturbating looking at her tits, cunt, and inviting ass: And for some of you letting me watch you fuck her, making her beg for your hot cum!!! Then filling her womb so full that when you pull out it runs like a gushing spring!

Write her or me or both and let her know what you , and maybe a group of friends would like to do to and/or for her.

If she likes what she reads she replies . Maybe I’ll send you a photo, and If she REALLY likes what she reads??  Who Knows you might get the fuck of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her name is Selena and her ID# is and Selena

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