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Cuckoldling her Husband

My name is Jessica and my husband is Mark. We met Roxanne and Alex though their Yahoo Cuckyboys group and they have been very helpful to us in the lifestyle. I am not a very good writer so bear with me, but I did promise I would tell our story. Mark and I met in shortly after we both graduated from College. We were both working for different companies in the Cleveland area when a mutual friend introduced us. We hit it off immediately and we married almost two years from our first date.

Mark was different than most of the guys I met in College. He was kind, respectful and he always had manners. Mark also did not try and rest with me right away. Most of the jerks in College did, they were either jock types or frat boys. In fact, after we met, Mark and I did not do anything sexually for 3 weeks. I finally gave him a blowjob and two weeks later we went all the way.

I had not been with many guys and compared to the drunken college and high school 2 minute boys Mark was a great lover. Mark is rather small (4 inches hard) but he is a very attentive lover and gives great oral sex. Our sex life was fine for first three years of our marriage and then we both got busy in our careers. We got promotions and our sex life kind of got stale during that time.

During this period I began to find porno magazines, movies and websites on our computer. At first I felt like there was something wrong with me that Mark would have to resort to porno. I wasn’t sure what to do, whether to confront Mark of let it go. The more I thought about it the more curious I got and remained quiet.

My curiosity peaked when I saw the type of porno Mark enjoyed. Some of the DVD’s were interracial men screwing white women, facials, gangbangs and in general men with large cocks screwing women. I could have never imagined Mark watching men with much larger cocks fucking these women. The websites are what really stirred my interests. I checked the history in the browser and Mark was visiting Hot wife and cuckold sites almost daily.

I was shocked at first but then I wondered if Mark thought about me having sex with other men. For some odd reason the thought turned me on. Mark had always been controlling in the relationship in subtle ways such as with money and when making major decisions. I guess deep down I was a little resentful. I made more money then Mark but I never asserted myself because of my upbringing. Watching my mom for all those years deferring to my dad had an impression on me. The whole thing started to perplex me as I began to notice Mark being more submissive in bed. The more I asserted myself in bed the more he seemed to like it. I had never been aggressive sexually but I enjoyed my new sense of power over my husband. One night in bed while we were playing and I startled Mark when I asked him what a hot wife was? He tried to be coy about it and say he did not know but I told him I found the sites on the Internet that he was looking at and it was ok by me.

I think he thought I was trying to trick him at first because he was hesitant. I asked him if he ever thought about me being a Hotwife. He fumbled for words said no, so I kind of sulked and said, “That’s too bad because the thought turned me on”. He blurted out, “are you serious, would you ever do such a thing Jessica?” I told him I did not think I could do it in real life but the fantasy seemed exciting. At that time I did not know where this was going but I did want to spice up our sex life by letting Mark know it was ok to have fantasies. I just wanted to share in them with him.

He asked me how long had I known about his porn and I told him for about a month now. Mark wanted to know if I was disappointed in him. For some reason his sincerity made me feel very close to him at that moment. I bent over and kissed him softly. I told him I was happy that he was looking at porn instead of other women. I just wished he would have told me sooner.

I know this is not the hot sexy story that some of you want to read but this is real life. From that moment on we began communicating again and it hasn’t stopped since. I had never really talked about sex with anyone in my life except for a few girlfriends. Talking about it with my husband was very intimate. That night we watched one of the interracial movies and had wild sex for the longest time.

Slowly over the next six months the hot wife and cuckolding themes became part of our sex play. I must admit I started feeling sexier and with Mark’s encouragement I started dressing sexier. I began to notice other men watching me and flirting with me. I even embellished a few stories about my past in bed with Mark. I really was not very sexually experienced and the biggest guy I ever had was probably around 7 inches. I told Mark he was hung like a horse and it only seemed to excite Mark more hearing about it. I had my doubts though that this would ever move beyond fantasy. It went against the grain of everything I had ever been taught about marriage, but still it was the most exciting six months sexually of our marriage.

One day I had a lunch scheduled with a client from out of town. I had not seen him in over a year. The last time he was in town he tried to flirt with me but I kept the conversation very business like. I found myself that morning dressing very sexy and Mark noticed too. I just told him I was having lunch with a very handsome gentleman. Mark’s eyes just lit up and he began to get excited which only aroused me. That morning the level of emotion went to new heights between him and I. I teased him badly but in the back of my mind I knew I was not going to do anything except flirt. To my surprise Mark encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to with my lunch date. I left the house saying, “You never know what I might do sweetie.”

Needless to say Jim noticed my new appearance and was all over me from the beginning of lunch. This time I did not push him away. It was the strangest feeling to be with another man knowing my husband wanted me to. It was exhilarating sitting there flirting with Jim and I felt so free. Jim began to touch my hand as we chatted and eventually he asked me to go back to his hotel with him. For some reason I picked up my cell phone and called Mark. I informed him that I had this handsome gentleman who wanted to take me back to his hotel room. Mark was flabbergasted and fumbled for words on the other end. I asked Mark if I should go with him. Jim gazed at me with a look of astonishment. Mark tried to tell me I should do whatever I desired but I was not going to let him off the hook that easy. I said, “Tell me yes or no cuckyboy, do you want your wife to go to this man’s hotel room”. Mark quickly said, “Yes please, Mistress”. He had taken to calling me Mistress in our little games that we played. I quickly said, “Very well then,cuckyboy, I will call when I am done” and then hung up the phone.

Jim did not believe me at first that I actually called my husband; to tell the truth I couldn’t believe I had done it, it must have been the martinis. I explained it all to Jim in the cab on the way to the hotel. I was a bit nervous but the two martinis helped. Once we got into the room Jim was all over me. He did not have the longest cock in the world but he had the thickest I had ever seen. I could barely get my mouth around it and when he fucked me the first time I felt like he was going to split me in two. Once I relaxed I had never wanted to be fucked so badly in my life. I started the think about all the fantasizing that Mark and I had done about other men with big cocks fucking me and here I was and Jim felt so good inside me. He fucked me three times that afternoon. I called Mark in between times and he was a mess emotionally but very excited. He was so excited he had leave work early and was waiting at home.

I finally left the hotel around 7 o’clock and when I came through the door Mark was waiting like a puppy dog eager to climb on my lap. When he kissed me I had never felt so much passion from this man before. He was like an animal mauling me, wanting me, his desire was overwhelming. The emotional whirlwind had started that morning and it was reaching a new level this evening. That night I felt so close to Mark and it took fucking another man, strange but true.

I had always been like every other little girl and grew up with the prince charming fantasy but I never found him until I cuckolded Mark. I found my prince by doing the opposite of everything I was taught to do. Mark is all mine today and I love him more then ever. Before the cuckolding I really could not say I had every bit of Mark, but today I have no doubts. As Roxanne has told me many times… when your husband eats another man’s cum from your pussy then he is truly all yours. This lifestyle is not for everyone and there are many fantasy players on the Internet. It was nice to discover some real people in the lifestyle. We did the couples communication exercise and Mark did the sexual inventory. We found both of them very helpful and the level of honesty sharing them was amazing for our relationship. We recommend both of them for any couple thinking about entering the lifestyle. Thanks for letting me share.

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