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My Wife stolen by another

Sarah and I had just finished the washing up after Dinner when the doorbell rang.

Feeling rather fat after my meal I threw myself into the nearest armchair and let Sarah do the honours. I smiled at her as she threw me a look of mock outrage, let down by the obvious smile behind it. We had always had a playful relationship.

“Okay sweetheart, but you get the next one,” she leaned over and gave me a kiss, a kiss which all but said an early night may be on the cards

Sarah was 36 years old with cascading auburn/brown hair and little overweight, although this did nothing to dampen her good fact in my opinion it emphasised them. She had still managed to maintain an attractive hourglass figure and even as I watched her in an old pair of blue canvas trousers and a white woollen jumper it was clear she had lost nothing for which I had married her over twenty years ago.

“Oh my god… Jez,” Sarah cried out in genuine surprise as she opened the front door. “What are you doing here? did you know where I lived?…come on in”

I heard the keychain in the front door rattle as it closed and the voices getting louder along the hallway and in walked Sarah followed by a huge burley black man whom I had not seen before.

He was clearly around our age but he was obviously wearing it better than I. Whereas my middle age spread was definitely showing there was not one ounce of superfluous fat on the guy, and with striking features, good teeth and only the merest suggestion of grey flecks to give his age away, I couldn’t help but feel a little self conscious.

“Jez, this is my husband Michael O’Hanlon, Michael this is Jez and old friend of mine.”

“Good to know you…..Mike.” I stood and offered him my hand and I wished I hadn’t. Not only did he dwarf me, adding to my self consciousness, but he also squeezed my hand slightly too hard to have been an accident and I swore I could have noticed a a touch of contempt as he said my name.

“She says old friend, but its really old boyfriend” said Jez, again I noticed the hint of a sneer as he said it and once again I felt on edge, especially as I noticed Sarah blush. We had never really discussed her past much and I was surprised to find that a black man had been part of it, She had never mentioned before an attraction to black men, but she had never really expressed any negative opinion of it either.

As soon as he released my hand, he turned away from me and for the next five or ten minutes it was as if I wasn’t even there.

It transpired that he had spoken to Sarah’s mother which is where he had got our address and was in town for the next couple of days catching up on relatives, this being the first time he had been back since moving away to start a career twenty-five years ago, a career that had obviously flourished judging by the quality cut of his clothes.

After a drink was made and we had been sitting chatting for about twenty more minutes, the talk unavoidable turned to the past and when Jez and Sarah had been an item. It started off innocently enough, talking about how they had met, the mutual friends that they had, and Sarah seemed happier than I had seen her in ages as she reminisced apparently completely oblivious to my presence at all. I was starting to feel jealous.

I had sat on the chair on one side of the room, they had occupied the sofa and they were turned towards each other, Sarah side on to me, but I could see Jez’s face and when Sarah wasn’t looking he was definitely sneering at me now, as if daring me to try and butt in, interrupt or change the subject, but as he could have made mincemeat out of me, I just sat there motionless.

When Jez had gauged the situation completely and realised he was in full control, he turned the talk towards their sex life and how he had deflowered her when she was 17 and how good a fuck she was all through their five year relationship, describing things she had done to him in graphic details and vice versa, things moreover she had never done to me or let me do to her.

For the first time Sarah was looking at me, she was looking shame faced intermittently between me and the floor but she made no effort to stop him talking.

He then told her to look me in the eyes and tell me who was the best fuck she had ever had and why.

My wife turned to me, her eyes glistening slightly with guilty tears and spoke in a voice which sounded sorry but a voice also full of honesty.

“Jez is the best fuck I had ever had, because he was so big.” and finally at last the tear rolled down her cheek

“I still am Sarah, do you wish to see?”

Sarah again looked at me, I was crying now in shame and with jealousy but the look she gave me said everything. Despite our twenty two years of faithful happy marriage, our two grown up children and all that we had known and shared, Jez was undoubtably the love of her life, and she had to do this, she couldn’t disobey him no matter what it might cost.

She turned back to him and nodded silently.

“Stand up Sarah” he ordered her and she did so immediately, “take of your clothes…all of them”

Without question or argument she stood, pulled the jumper over her head and unclasped her bra letting her big beautiful breasts swing free, her small nipples already standing to attention. She reached down and slid her blue canvas trousers down her legs followed by her thong, her hairy pubic mound on full display to both of us, and there she stood completely naked in front of another mans gaze for the first time in many years.

Jez however bent her right over forwards slightly so her face was about a foot or so from mine, and said, “I seem to remember you liking this one a great deal.”

And with that he sucked his index finger and slowly inserted it into my wife’s anus, an area that had been out of bounds for me since I had known her.

Her lips parted with a moan of pleasure as he slowly found his rythym and stroked his finger in and out of her welcoming arse, moaning slightly as he added more. My wife was looking at me the whole time whist she was butt humping his finger.

“Tell Michael how good that is Sarah” ordered Jez

“MMMMM it is so good, I’ve missed you and your fingers. Nobody satisfied me like you did.”

After she reached an orgasm within two minutes he removed his fingers and ordered her to suck them which she did willingly. I gagged. What power must this man possess to get someone to do such a thing.

Jez had also undressed and Sarah was right, the guy was huge and whist he necked what was left of his drink, Sarah held onto it absent mindedly as if she was holding on to a bus strap.

“Right,” said Jez, “we are off to bed”

“I’ll get you some blankets Mike. You can sleep in the spare room” said Sarah, again sorry but none the less excited.

I watched as they walked together hand in hand, naked out of my living room, up my stairs and into my bedroom catching a good few of her now stretched arsehole as she walked, an arsehole already glistening with Jez’s spit

Sarah opened the wardrobe and gave Jez some bedclothes which he all but through at me before slamming the door in my face. And I went weeping into the spare bedroom.

The next two hours were full of the sounds made by two people fucking like crazy, the moans, the banging head boards, the creaking bedsprings. I don’t know how many times he made her cum. I think he made her cum more in two hours than I had in twenty odd years, but then he did have the equipment to do so..almost twice the size of mine and twice as thick.

A one point she was screaming his name telling him to fuck her arse harder, I could even hear them slapping each other around the face and calling each other derogatory names, after one last ear splitting orgasm I was unable to stand it any longer and I went to the room and sat outside the door and peered through the key hole.

Sarah was just dismounting his cock and I could see that her pussy and arsehole were both huge massive chasms and literally dripping with cum. They had not used protection either. My marriage was now in tatters and I knew it.

She lay next to him with her milky white full breasts, now covered in rough finger marks and love bites, draped across his muscular black chest, the contrast of which was enhanced greatly by the glow of the bedside lamp. She also to my shock and horror had a black eye and hand prints on her cheeks and her arse.

“Your still the best fuck I’ve ever had Sarah” said Jez kissing her forehead, “I love you”

“I love you too Jez. I always have.”

This statement more than anything hurt me the most. This was not just animalistic attraction and the physical act of sex. Real emotions were involved..My wife’s emotions, and they were not directed at me.

“What about Mike.” said Jez with mock surprise and even less sincere concern, and Sarah playfully slapped him on the arm smiling.

“No, he is a good man Jez and in a way I do love him. I do not want to cause him any more pain or humiliation than is necessary. And there are the kids to worry about. What are they going to say? But I cannot continue as things were with him…that much is certain. He wouldn’t be able to feel me down there anyway now, and I sure as hell won’t be able to feel him. I didn’t much anyway.”

“You know, I’m leaving tommorow. I would very much like you to come with me, I have good lawyers on my staff, you can be divorced in a few months, then we can get married and do all the things we should have done in the first place.”

If I had been any kind of man I’d have kicked the door in and dragged him out by his hair, but I was kidding myself, if I was going to do this to this physically larger and fitter black guy, I would have done it before he humiliated me by stealing my wife and fucking her.

“That is a big decision Jez, please let me sleep on it” pleaded Sarah

“Who said anything about sleep?” laughed Jez and he pulled her into a long soft sensual kiss which from my viewing place through the keyhole, I could see their tongues intwine.

He once again grabbed a huge black handful of my wife’s white breasts and rolled on top of her, and my last image before I turned back towards the spare bedroom, was Jez positioning his huge thick black cock at my wife’s welcoming pussy opening watching his arse make the first three of his opening thrusts, accompanied by the mewing and cooing of my wife’s pleasure.

They had fucked for another half an hour before all went silent and they fell asleep in each others arms.

The luxury of sleep was denied me as the very real threat of losing my wife was too painful to contemplate and it was with a hasty heart that I approached her on the subject in the kitchen the next morning.

I had heard her and Jez showering together but he had breakfasted and left before I dared to come down.

I found her in the kitchen packing a suitcase, looking if possible both happy and sad. Mixed emotions it seemed.

“So you are going then. Going to get a divorce so you can marry Jez?”

She looked stunned that I knew.

“I was looking and listening through the keyhole last night when he asked you.” I answered to her unspoken question

“That was a bit intrusive wasn’t it?” she asked sounded embarrassed although a little bit of anger also showed in her voice.

“Intrusive?” I interjected for the first time flipping my release valve, ”intrusive is walking into my home, seducing my wife, and shagging in my bed”

“You’re right,” she said not looking up, “you have every reason to be angry, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what you did or sorry for how I feel?” I asked enquiringly

“I’m sorry for how you feel, I cannot be sorry for what I did. I’m in love with him.”

“So you’re leaving me?”

“No, just going away with Jez for a few weeks, we discussed it this morning before you came down. I cannot leave you. I’ve loved you and been faithful to you for the last twenty odd years, you deserve more than this.”

She came over and took both my cheeks in her hands tenderly and kissed my lips softly. She explained that her loyalty and love for me couldn’t just disappear like that overnight. She went on to explain that the closeness we have, the closeness in a way we have always had, was one of platonic companionship, like best friends or like brother and sister, and life without me was unthinkable.

I listened with baited breath whilst the plan she had agreed with Jez was outlined to me. They would go away together for a few weeks and secure a divorce, after which she would marry him. After their marriage they would return here to the house and live as man and wife. My role in the household was to be a second companion for Sarah, but a platonic friend and confidant only. I would permanently sleep in the spare room, but it would be fully understood however, that my relationship as far as anything sexual goes was over completely.

I loved Sarah so much that I agreed to the proposals, I too couldn’t live without her having been such a part of my life for so long.

Sarah and Jez were married six months later, I was asked to be the best man which I agreed to willingly and I also gave the bride away, to much muttering, murmuring and random sniggering from family members on both sides of the church.

This is now how it has been for the last three years, but there has been a welcome change to the rules however. Sarah and Jez walk around the house naked and fuck wherever and whenever they like, regardless of whether I am in the rom or not and I am able to watch freely and pleasure myself at will.

Occasionally I am allowed to join in, but this is limited only to licking Sarahs pussy wet for Jez or to suck him hard for her pleasure, with the cock sucking lessons provided by my ex wife, with whom my relationship had never been better or closer. On special occasions I am also allowed to clean up the cream pie.

Do I wish it never had happened? If truth be known, yes I do. I’d still love to be happily married to Sarah and still be able to sleep next to her and have sex with her but I can see the plus points of our new lives.

She is with the man she wants to be with and the man she loves entirely and who satisfies her so much. I know I just couldn’t compete with that, neither in the level of emotional attachment and love involved nor his physical attributes. They have a really happy marriage with a full and active sex life. Whereas ours had whittled down to once a week, theirs are three times a day most days of the week.

Also my day to day existence with Sarah hasn’t really changed that much, we still talk over breakfast and watch the same programmes together on TV. We still go out for meals and drinks and we are still able to discuss the lives of our kids like responsible parents, which Jez has had the good grace to remain detached from.

No all in all……Things are good.

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