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Mother & Daughther

The story sounded like it came from a braggart who would tell you whatever he believed you would believe just as long as it made him look like a stud, except that I knew the man telling the story and I believed him.

I was having lunch with an old friend from my army days. Jeff was in from Boston for a sales convention and we had arranged to meet for lunch at the same hotel where he was staying. The conversation covered every subject under the sun and when I got to the point where I asked him how his wife was he gave a loud snort and told me that she was long gone.

“Came home from work early one day and found her in bed with two guys. I kicked her ass out and I haven’t seen her since.”

So then I asked how his love life was and he smiled and said, “Never better. In fact, you might even call it splendid. There seems to be something about an unmarried man of my age that attracts some women and I’ve learned to make the most of it. As a matter of fact, I got to do something a few weeks back that most men can only dream about.”

He saw the interest on my face and said, “I got to make love to a mother and daughter on the same weekend.”

I chuckled, “Oh boy, this one I’ve got to hear.”

It was at a symposium that Jeff’s company was sponsoring and Jeff had been tasked with giving a talk on ISO 9000. He had gotten to the hotel where the symposium was being held a little early so he went into the hotel bar for a quick beer. As soon as his eyes had gotten accustomed to the low light level he noticed a strikingly beautiful woman sitting by herself at a table. Ever the opportunist he walked over to the table and asked her if he could join her. She had smiled and said that he could, but that it might be for only a moment or two as she was waiting for her daughter to join her. They made small talk and he commented on the fact that he rarely saw a woman of her beauty in the bar so early in the day. The woman raised an eyebrow at that and said, “Oh? You spend a lot of time in here early in the day?”

He laughed and explained why he was there and told her that his company regularly used the hotel for such affairs. More small talk and then he had asked her to have dinner with him and she had said that she would have loved to, but that she didn’t think that her husband would approve. Jeff had laughed and said:

“Bring him along. It will be a small price to pay for being able to look at you.”

She said that it wouldn’t be possible because her husband wasn’t traveling with her. More small talk and finally she agreed to meet him for a drink when she and her daughter got back from shopping. About that time the daughter showed up and he had excused himself.

At four he was sitting at a table in the bar when the woman and her daughter came into the bar and joined him. It was Happy Hour and the three of them drank and talked until six and then he had taken both of them to dinner. After a leisurely meal, accompanied by several glasses of wine, they went back to the bar where a small band was setting up and they had more to drink while he took turns dancing with both mother and daughter. About ten the daughter said she wasn’t feeling well and she left to go up to her room. Jeff and the woman danced and drank some more and about midnight the woman had said she’d had enough fun for one night and Jeff had walked her to her room. At the door the woman had turned to him and thanked him for keeping her company that night:

“Sorry I can’t ask you in, but I think that’s some thing my husband wouldn’t approve of.”

Jeff said that he had expected as much and then he had bent and kissed her. She had responded and one thing had led to another and then they were in the woman’s room and were undressing each other.

“God was she beautiful. She had a nice tight body just made for fucking and as an added bonus she had on nylons, garter belt, and high heels, “My absolute favorite turn on.”

She led him to the bed and then things got energetic. They went sixty-nine on each other, fucked three times, and when he left her room at three in the morning he was tired out. He asked if he could see her again the next night, but she said they were leaving in the morning to visit relatives. As the woman’s door closed behind him and he turned to go down the hall the door to the next room opened and a hand shot out, clutched his arm and pulled him into the room. It was the daughter. She was nervous and her hands were shaking as she stood there in her baby-doll pajamas looking every bit as sexy as her mother had.

“I saw you” she said, “I saw you and my mother” and she pointed at the connecting door. “I saw you on your knees licking her pussy” and she glanced nervously at the bed. “My husband won’t do that for me and he won’t let me do it for him either. Will you do it for me?”

He had eaten the daughter’s pussy, and had let her suck his cock and they had fucked twice. She had wanted to go again, but Jeff wanted to be gone before the mother woke up and found him with her daughter.

“God, but they were a pair and I’m never going to forget them. Even if the two of them hadn’t fucked me damn near to death I wouldn’t forget them because they both had names out of the ordinary. The mother’s name was Chloe and the daughter was Anastasia. But I’m not done yet” he said.

He left the hotel and went home to pick up his golf clubs and headed for Hyannis Port. He was playing in a charity golf tournament that weekend and he was going to stay with his cousin and her husband Paul while he was there. He and Paul took off for the golf course and when they got back to the house five hours later he was introduced to Paul’s cousin, who was also going to spend the weekend. It was Chloe and a minute later Anastasia walked in. There was an awkward moment or two before Paul suggested they have cocktails and then things began to lighten up a little.

“It was hard trying to work out the logistics. I couldn’t let my cousin or Paul know what was going on, and I didn’t want Chloe to find out about Anastasia, but in the end it worked out all right. I fucked both of them two times on Saturday and Chloe three times on Sunday. Poor Anastasia only got it twice from me on Sunday, but what the hey, life isn’t fair.”

You are damn sure right about that I thought. I excused myself and went and made a phone call. When I got back to the table I told Jeff he’d been invited over for dinner and I wouldn’t take no for an answer.

We pulled into my drive and parked behind a Chevy pickup and I said, “It looks like my daughter and her husband will be joining us for dinner.”

We went in the front door and I hollered, “Honey, I’m home.”

My daughter came out of the kitchen and when she saw us her face went white. “Jeff” I said, “This is my daughter Anastasia. Now where is my wife? Chloe, where are you? Come and meet our guest.”

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