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Blowjob Babe

Her name is Sun Yi, a 23 year old married Asian woman with 2 children.  Let just say she is too smoking hot to be a mom.  She’s about 5  feet, 6 inches tall and has straight black hair that hangs down a few inches below her  shoulders.  She’s got a knack for wearing sexy outfits, in fact, other  Asian women who  know her get jealous of how she dresses.  She always wears those black platform shoes  and short, tight skirts.  To be honest, as a mother of 2, she shouldn’t be dressing like she  does.  She dresses like a little whore.  I’ve thought about fuckin her myself, but haven’t  attempted anything.  I know Sun Yi because my wife is Asian also.  Here’s what I saw  two weeks ago.

Sun Yi and her husband and 2 kids live about a hour south of me in northern Maryland.  I  travel a lot for my work and had a meeting, it just so happens, in her town.  My meeting  ended around 7:00 P.M. and I decided to go to a local TGI Friday’s for a few drinks  before I headed back north toward home in Pennsylvania.  The TGI Friday’s is near a  local shopping mall parking lot.  About 7:30 P.M. I walked out to my car, got in and was  about to start my vehicle when I looked across the parking lot and saw Sun Yi standing  near the side exit/entrance of the mall and she was holding some shopping bags.  She was  on a cell phone talking with someone, so I thought she must have been on the phone  calling her husband for a ride home.  She was wearing tight black slacks and a white  sleeveless top and her signature black platform shoes.  I was just about to get out of my  car and yell to her, when I saw a jet black Toyota Land Cruiser, with two unknown black  men in it, pull up to the curb near Sun Yi.  To my surprise, Sun Yi got in the front seat of  the Land Cruiser, sitting next to the black man driving while the other black guy sat in the  back seat.  I watched as the vehicle pulled away from the curb and then the driver turned  toward the TGI Friday’s parking lot and drove straight toward me.  I ducked down  thinking they’d see me and their vehicle drove  right past me and then parked in the far  corner of the parking lot.  There were no other cars near their vehicle so I had a good  view of their vehicle from mine.  At first not much was happening, it looked like the  driver and Sun Yi were talking.  Then all of a sudden I saw the driver reach across and  slap Sun Yi in the face.  Sun Yi seemed stunned as she covered her face with both her  hands.  The black guy driving then slapped her in the head again and Sun Yi’s hair got all  messed up.  It looked like Sun Yi was crying, but I couldn’t really tell.  After about 5  minutes of more talking, Sun Yi then, to my great surprise, leaned across and gave the  driver a kiss.  She kissed the unknown black  man for about 30 seconds.  Obviously, she  was french-kissing this dude.  It didn’t make any sense to me, given the fact that he had  slapped her in the face and head a few minutes earlier.  Then, it all became clear what  was happening when I saw Sun Yi’s head disappear into the driver’s lap.  Sun Yi, 23 years  old, mother of two young daughters, married, was giving this black dude a blowjob!  I  looked at my clock in my car and it was about 7:45 P.M.  Ten minutes later, Sun Yi’s  head re-appeared and she sat up in her seat.   The black guy in the back seat handed Sun  Yi something and I saw Sun Yi use it to wipe her mouth.  Again, it don’t take a genius to  know he had handed her a tissue and Sun Yi wipped off her mouth after sucking off his  friend.  If that wasn’t enough to shock me, there was more.  Sun Yi then opened her door  and stepped down into the parking lot.  I figured she was done and was going to head  back to the mall.  She really looked hot, especially in her tight white sleevless top.  She  looked like college coed, not a married mother of 2 kids!   Sun Yi then opened the back  seat door and jumped up in, sitting next to the second, unknown black guy.  About a  minute later, Sun Yi again disappeared into the black dude’s lap.  I could not believe what  I was watching, this hot little asian mother of 2 was sucking off a second black guy in  public parking lot!   The black guy sitting in the driver’s seat was watching the whole  thing and I could hear loud rap music coming from the vehicle.  About 10 minutes later  Sun Yi sat up and started wiping her lips off with her hands.  Again, the black dude she  had just sucked off, handed her something and she wiped off her mouth and hands.  There  was really loud rap tunes coming from the vehicle as the three of them talked for about  another 5 minutes and then the driver started his vehicle and drove quickly to the mall  entrance/exit and dropped Sun Yi off on the curb.  The two black guys then drove off.   I  watched Sun Yi use her cell phone again and then she reached into her purse and started  applying a fresh coat of lipstick to her lips.  She stood near the mall exit/entrance for  about 10 minutes and then I saw her husband pull up in his car and she got in and they  drove off.  In a nutshell, I had just seen a hot married asian bitch, give a blowjob to two  unknown black guys in a mall parking lot and her husband apparently had  no fucking  clue what she had just done.

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