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My mother in law and myself had not gotten along from day one; at best we had an uneasy truce.  One day that all changed when as a favor to keep peace in the family I volunteered to covert a stack of her old video tapes onto disk.  That is if I did not bungle it too much; her words not mine.

Anyhow the process itself was fairly automated , though I would go through the files to make some adjustments prior to burning, and perhaps add a title or two. Maybe I would luck out and catch her doing something embarrassing, like being buzzed at a party, little did I realize how much bigger the situation I would catch her in would be.

Midway through an insipidly boring family reunion as I fast forwarded the tape to ensure it would not catch or stop, I saw it; a woman in what looked like a locker room shower. She was naked wearing only a black full head bondage hood. Her body seemed to be covered in baby oil. Surrounding her were several black men, one of which she was sucking off with some difficulty (due to his great size).  She took it out of her bright red lip stick covered lips and gasped for a moment, as spit dribbled down her chin and said “My jaw hurts.” I had to stop the tape and rewind it and listen to it again. That voice, this no euro tape, it was the voice of my mother-in- law. Holy crap this was an amateur interracial porn video my mother-in-law had made when I was in high school and was first going out with her daughter, my future wife.

Thousands of thoughts ran through my head.  Should I stop watching? Return the tape? Destroy it? Blackmail her? Of course I was going to watch the tape. I wound it back to the start and turned it on.

The scene started in my mother-in-law’s former office, it was late evening, the tape seemed to have been shot during the eighties. Tad, her husband was with her, they were waiting nervously. A black man entered the room, followed by a black woman, who I assumed to be his secretary. There seemed to be a long pause, and then off camera I could hear someone prompt her to speak. “Look I will pay you and the company back the money.” She said a bit too stiff, maybe it was nerves.

The black man, Mr. Peters, as he was called later, looked at a sheath of papers his secretary had brought him. “You have cost the company over three hundred thousand through you poor decisions, you have that type of money? I think not. No we will sue you for the money, and possibly even look into a criminal complaint.

Both of them looked shocked, then my mother-in-law, Ann, said the one line you hear in nearly every porn film of this nature. “Is there anything I can do? Please.” The man thought for a second and then had her get up. She looked puzzled but did as she was told, he told her to turn around slowly, as he looked at her figure. It was not too bad, wide hips, a round ass, and nice fat tits.

“What is this about?” she asked.

“The company, at my discretion, could write this off as a loss. But there is a certain amount of risk involved, and there must be compensation on my part.” He said. He signaled his secretary to hand him a card from a folder. “Be there nine AM sharp.” He said.

The next scene had her and Tad getting out of cab near Times Square. Now this was not the Times Square you know now, this is the one in the bad old days of porn shops and martial art stores. They walked down the street to a dilapidated office building. The door man looked them over and directed them to the basement.

The next shot had them entering what looked like a shower area, with white tile walls, and in the center was what looked like an adjustable weight bench.  She whispered something to her husband and he said he did not know. At that moment Mr. Peters entered the room with two other black men and his secretary.

“Ahh, timely, very good. As you well know these are my two associates, and you already know my secretary” He said. “I will be straight to the point. We have talked it over and based on your long service to this company we are willing to help you out, if you help us out.” He said smiling a bit too broadly.

“I am grateful but I don’t understand. What can I do for you all?” she said walking right into it.

The men all unzipped their pants and pulled out three of the biggest, longest, blackest cocks I had ever seen. Her eyes went wide. If this was an amateur film that was some of the best acting I had ever seen.

“You mean? You want me too….” She said stumbling for words.

Her husband chimed in saying no way, to which Mr. Peters said, “Well that is a shame, I guess it is up to the lawyers then. And the police.” He added. Anne looked at her husband and then said, “Okay, but nobody must know.” Tad started to protest, but she told him it was either this or jail. The three men surrounded her, she reached forward and sheepishly grasped one of their cocks, and stroked it. The man on the other side cleared his throat and she grabbed his cock also. Mr. Peters stepped forward and took her two fat tits in his hands giving them each a healthy squeeze.

“You know what the funny thing is?” Mr. Peters said. Ann asked him what. He said, “There was a time I couldn’t get into your neighborhood but now I am going to be inside you.” He laughed, then he kissed her deeply. “I am going to fuck that tight little Jewish pussy until you beg me to never stop.” then he kissed her again, his hands squeezing her ample ass.

“Hmm! Your wife is pretty good.” The secretary said going up to Tad, she undid his belt, then his pants and took his cock into her hand and started to pump it. Ann started to say something but was too busy herself. “Yeah pretty nice for a white guy.” She said pumping it some more.

“I see your husband is enjoying some integration. Let’s see those tits of yours. Now!” he barked. Ann let go of the cocks she was pumping and shyly opened her blouse. I felt a little bit perverted watching my mother-in-law slowly reveal her tits, but not enough to stop.

She finished opening her blouse, one of the men took it off of her and then unsnapped her bra, letting her fat tits tumble free. Without further words the two associated lifted her tits to their mouths and sucked on them hard. They guided her hands back to their cocks to remind her to pleasure them. The secretary dropped to her knees and said “Not bad for a white boy at all.” And as Tad watched his wife being transformed into a love slave for black men the secretary took his cock in between her dark lips. Ann seeing this wanted again to call out but she was too busy. Each of the black men made out with her, feeling those nice fat tits as they did so or squeezing her ample ass. In the background the secretary was having her husband strip, warning him if he did not she would not continue to blow him.

Light pressure on her shoulders had her go down onto her knees until she was face to face with the men’s huge cocks. “Isn’t there something else we can do?” she said knowing it was falling on deaf ears. Mr. Peters, as the boss took the lead and rubbed his cock across her face, slapping her cheeks lightly, then he ran his fat bulbous cock head across her lips, the same lips that gave me such shit for dating her daughter because I was not Jewish enough. He told her to open her mouth as one of his associates held the back of her head. Realizing she had no other option she opened her mouth wide and he rammed that monster dick inside of it. Her eyes went wide with shock. She gagged and coughed a bit but he kept it in her mouth, her lips were stretched skin tight around his shaft as she struggled to take it in.

It was almost a relief to her when he finally took it out of her mouth telling her to lick his cock and balls. She obediently went about her task, then his associated violated her mouth, as he pinched and twisted her nipples hard, making her yelp in pain, but not enough to take the cock out of her mouth.

The camera swung over to Tad, “Come on! Be a good little boy.” the secretary said, handing him a pair of frilly pink lace panties to put on. “You want your dick sucked some more by this mouth you will do so.” He hemmed and hawed but in the end he did what he was told to do. “That’s a good boy.” She said going back to sucking and jerking his cock, as he watched his wife’s black enslavement.

The men had her stand up and pushed her over the weight bench. Her skirt was pulled up and her pantyhose and panties were pulled off. Mr. Peters got between her legs and ate her hairy pussy, as she squirmed, then started to moan. One of his associates told her to say she wanted to be fucked by a big black cock. She wouldn’t. But after some more licking, and a huge orgasm, she said softly, “Please, fuck me with your big black cocks, please.” The men smile, then each of them took a turn at licking her pussy. By the end she was crying and begging to be fucked.

Mr. Peters’ smiled and turned to his secretary. “Fix her up.” He said, she took Ann off stage, the men turned to her husband, “Go upstairs and ask the security guy for the box he is holding for me.  In his pink panties Tad argued he could not go upstairs, Mr. Peters laughed and then delivered a slap to his face so hard I wondered if it was expected. “You do what I tell you to do.” Mr. Peters said in a low voice. Tad thought to argue for a moment but when he saw the hand which slapped him raised to do so again, he left to do what he was told to do,  as the men started to strip naked.

Tad missed Ann coming out a few moments later, totally naked, the secretary had helped her shave her pussy bald, and had put a bondage hood over her head, it had mouth, eye, and nostril holes, and was locked around her neck with a small padlock. “I don’t know why you want me to wear this.” She said. Mr. Peters laughed telling her that it was a sort of tradition, or couldn’t she tell by all the other stains on the mask?” At that moment tad came back with a dolly full of coolers. The men each took an ice cold beer swigging it down, offering none to Ann or Tad. When they finished they tossed the empty cans aside and surrounded Ann. Mr. Peters got on the weight bench and jerked his shaft hard, then he wiggled it like a fishing lure, signaling for Ann to come to him, “Get on top of it, now.”

Ann looked at Tad and said she was sorry, she climbed on top of the bench and I watched her line up her pussy with his cock and slowly lowered her ample ass down, her newly bald cunt lips stretching as tight as her mouth had a few moments ago. Oddly I thought she looked like an obscene mushroom with a black stem.

“Oh fuck! It is filling me up!” she said as she began to bounce up and down on his cock. I could not believe I was watching my mother-in-law impaling herself on a fat black cock. What was I doing at this point as I watched? Jerking my own meat off as slowly as I could, as I watched Mr. Peters suck on her tits hard while she slammed her pussy against his cock.

Tad was getting slowly blown and jerked by the secretary on the side. “It is a shame that your wife’s pussy is going to be so loose afterwards.” She said laughing. “Once she gets that black dick in her she won’t be happy with white anymore.” She said jerking him faster until he popped his load all over her tits making the men laugh.

“Tad I can’t believe you did that.” Ann shrieked across the room even as she bounced up and down on Mr. Peters’ dick. Mr. Peters turned her around so she faced away from him, as one of the other men, wishing to shut her up, came across the room and grabbed her leather hooded head and shoved his cock into her mouth. She made a surprised “Mpphh!” noise as it was shoved none too gently into her mouth.

“You know the problem with you, you talk too much.” The man said as he ruthlessly throat fucked her. The third man came back into the room with a bottle of baby oil. He spilled it over her back and rubbed it in. Then he reached around to her front, lubing her big fat tits. He squeezed them and kneaded them until they were totally covered in that shiny oil. “Oh yeah this is how I like my sluts.” He said, as Mr. Peters had her turn back around without taking his cock out of her, he leaned back on the bench raising her plump ass into the air. The other man went behind her.

“What? You are not going to? Please no!” she said as the camera followed in a close up, the man pulled her butt cheeks apart and then slowly pushed that massive black cock into her pink little asshole. She groaned and begged him no to but he continued to push, his cock bent slightly from the pressure then it slid in with an “Ugh!” on her part.

“Hey what do you think of your wife now?” said the guy ass fucking her. Tad just muttered something as under the secretary’s watch he jerked his meat nice and hard.

After harder pounding than I have ever seen in even the most vile of Euro porn today the two men pulled out of her and jerked their own cum onto her tits as she stood on her knees on the floor in front of them. They made her rub their spunk into her breasts. Then she had to stand up and had to lean over to show her dilated pussy and ass holes.

Then she got onto her knees and sucked all their cocks hard again, I heard her complain about her jaw hurting her. The men laughed and helped her to her feet. They unlaced her bondage mask, opening the pad lock and took it off of her, she thought her torment was over, little did she know it was about to begin.

Mr. Peters went to Tad and gave him another bondage hood to put on his now black fucked wife, Ann protested as he pulled it over her head, but Tad told her he now saw they had no choice. This hood was different as it only had mouth and nostrils, she would be blind, and partial deaf due to the padding. To the side of the room at least twelve more black men entered the room as Tad finished lacing the mask up.  All the men entered the room naked. Tad tried to warn his wife but he was silenced with a hand over his mouth by the secretary who led him to a chair on the side. Once he sat down in the chair she got on top of his cock and slowly rode it as he watched the men encircle his wife.

“What is going on? Tad?” Ann called out to no avail. Two cocks were put in her hands and she started to yank them. Hands groped her tits and played with pussy, rubbing it. She started to moan. “Who is there?” she cried out as she came. Mr. Peters came close to her and told her it did not matter beyond the fact that they were all big and black and she would take care of each and every one of them.

Over the next forty minutes she had every hole stuffed by multiple black cocks. Practically any position you could imagine she was fucked in. A standout moment was when one man held her hips tight and slowly fucked her to the point that she cried and begged for him to ram her hard. She was covered with cum, the mask had dark stains from the loads she took in the face.

Meanwhile, after dumping his load in the horny secretary, the now servile Tad served the men beer in the background and was rewarded by being told to lay down on the floor as the secretary rode his cock again until he came in her, though I could not see the money shot.

Mr. Peters took the bondage hood off of Ann, and she stood in shock as she saw how many men surrounded her. He brought her her glasses, I wondered why, was she going to read something?

Then I realized, as she jerked and pumped each man, all over her tits, face and stomach. Some of the guys stood around jerking themselves off and letting her finish them off. One or two insisted she hold her mouth open and shot their loads off into it, though she clearly did not like it she did as they said, which made the scene even hotter in my opinion.

I watched the cum drip off her face and glasses, she seemed nearly ready to cry, then came part two, Mr. Peters said to her, “Now let us clean you off. You are after all quite a mess.” The guys surrounded her and Mr. Peters pissed in her face, followed by the other men. The urine hit her glasses washing some, but not all the spunk off of her. Even Tad joined the line. When they were done she really was crying, and I don’t think she was acting.

The men left after moving the bench away. Tad helped her up as the secretary turned on the actual shower. Stepping off camera she came back with some soap and started to wash Ann off as Tad watched. The secretary soaped Ann’s fat tits, I hoped it would turn into a lesbian scene but it did not. Tad held her saying it was all over. Ann asked where her clothes were, and off camera we could hear Mr. Peters clear his throat.

In another room, that looked like a dressing room Ann asked for her clothes back. Mr. Peters laughed and said he had some new clothing for her, and he had one more task for her.  The secretary handed her her clothing consisting of a short black plastic looking skirt, a tube top, high heels, so high she could barely walk in them. The secretary teased her hair out, and helped her to apply way too heavy makeup. Mr. Peters told her she now looked like the whore she was and she agreed. Tad, to his humiliation got a pair of way too short and tight denim cutoffs and a pink “I Love (with the heart) New York” tee shirt.

“Now walk down to this address I have a gift for you.” He said handing her a card. “Two things, you are never to mention this evening or return to this building, and if I hear you did go to pick up your gift the deal is off.” Mr. Peters said swatting her fat ass in the tight skirt.

A cameral followed them as they walked down two long avenue blocks getting whistles and odd looks. They turned down a side street and entered a building. The film picked up in what I thought was, or could have been, a dental office. An older black man came out and looked at the card and smiled at her. “Sit in the chair and pull down that top.” He said.

Ann got into the chair as the man went into a draw and pulled out several items, he put them on a tray next to her. He took some white powder and applied it to her nipple, which hardened immediately, she complained her nipple felt numb. “Wait what are you….” She said as he used a needle to pierce her nipple, he then slid the ring into place, a heavy one by the way her nipple sagged, and locked it in place. He cleaned up the blood. Then she pulled her tube top back up.

“Mr. Peters says he will be checking at work to make sure that that is in as a reminder of tonight.” Ann turned to go, but the man cleared his throat, “You still owe me for the ring.” He said unzipping his pants, she sighed and got onto her knees. Did she really blow him? I don’t know, as the camera cut to them in a cab driving home.

The last bit of the tape had her overdubbed saying how sore her pussy was. The tape cut to a game show.  I rewound the tape and started to copy it onto a DVD. Then I threw the towel I had jerked off on into the laundry hamper.  The bigger question was what should I do? Confront Ann? Say nothing? Tad had left her a few years ago for a younger Asian woman he had met in his store. I would have to give it some thought.  The one thing that made me chuckle was that out of all the lame gifts she had ever bought me, this tape was the only one that was worth the while.

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