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I watched as my wife’s stud pulled out of her, his cum trickling out and onto the coffee table. She got up and pulled up her polyester uniform pants, her fat ass leaving two sweaty circles on top of the table. To think a year ago she was a power trader, who would never wear polyester, and did not even know one black person, but now? How did it all happen?

A year ago my wife came home from work early with a cardboard box in her hands, her desk plant on top. She looked pale, without her saying anything I knew what had happened. “I didn’t think they’d let me go. Me of all people. They said the company was too top heavy with management.” She cried a little and I told her to relax. She had a degree, the house was paid for, and there was that severance package, very generous, though due to a non-competition clause she could not work in the industry for a rival company for a year. I told her we would be fine.

After a month she became bored. She tried to find work but she was overqualified for this or that, and the jobs she could have had she could, not due to the non-competition clause.  Finally she decided to go to work in, of all places, a chain coffee house.  She said it would be a nice break from all the pressure of the financial industry. It was nice for awhile until I noticed some changes in her.

Since she no longer had the perk of a gym in the building she worked at she had put on some weight, even more so from the donuts she ate at the place, most of it landing on her butt. Her once tight aerobic sculpted ass was now well rounded and slightly soft, she had even gone up, to my pleasure, a bra size or two.

Then her musical tastes changed, she had liked that light FM sort of music, now rap was working its way onto her music player and the car stereo presets.  I tried to write it off as adjustments, even hanging late with the girls at work, or going out with them after work. And for a while things relaxed, until I got suspicious.

There were still more changes in her, she got those huge door knocker earring and even a tattoo with her name on her arm in a fancy script.  She told me all the women at work had them and I should relax.  But then one night she told me she had worked late because one of her coworkers, Sharon, could not make it in, that was okay, but a few days later she told me a story involving Sharon and an irate customer, and it took place on the day Sharon allegedly was not in. I thought to say something, but did not, maybe she was wrong about the date, then again if she was doing something, I did not want to alert her to her error.

She had kept talking about Jim the manager of the shop. She found ways of working him into her conversations. “Oh! Jim did this.” Or “Jim did that!” What really worried me was when she started talking about his personal life, about how his girlfriend was such a bitch, or that she did not understand him.  My suspicions grew deeper.  I was on the fence as to whether I should confront her or not. Then one day my suspicions were confirmed. My wife had called to say she would have to work late to set up a special promotion. She told me not to wait up. I started to go to bed when I realized we were out of milk for, or all ironies, coffee. Rather than take the car I decided to walk down a few blocks and buy it from the deli. As I came back I saw an SUV in front of our place, it looked like the one Jim had. My wife and him were in there talking, I thought to approach them when, I realized she was at an odd angle to him, then I realized it, she was giving him a hand job in his car. Though I could not see for sure, due to the distance and the height of the vehicle obscuring my line of vision. But what I could be sure of was that kiss he gave her as he grabbed her tit through the yellow uniform blouse she wore. Then she bent forward and I watched his head stare at the ceiling.

I did not know what to do next. Confront them? That could turn ugly, then the whole neighborhood would know what was going on. Hire someone to film them and go through a divorce?  I did not know if I wanted to toss out a good marriage. Then there was my own huge hard-on. Why was I so turned on by this of all things?  To my shame, I knew it was the thought of my wife sucking the cock of another man, and a black man at that, which had aroused me.

I fought off the temptation to take another look and walked around the block going into the house through the back entrance.  I carefully put the milk in the fridge got undressed and went into the bedroom. I got into bed just in time to hear the door open.

I said and did nothing about it for a week or so, but it built up in me.  I had thoughts, thoughts I knew I should not have had, of my wife riding this guy’s cock to orgasm. They became more detailed, I pictured her sucking him off, then his friends, of her being gang banged, and of becoming pregnant with this man’s child. And they aroused me; I tried not to jerk off about it. As if doing so would put some magic spell on the whole affair. But then it was too much for me and I did, and once I started I could not stop. I could not get the images of my wife and her black stud out of my mind. I jerked off three or four times a day, once even at work.

Finally I, and my sore cock could not take it anymore, I confronted her with what I had seen. She told me she had not meant to have the affair, it was just that she was so down about losing her job, Jim and her had worked and grown close together. Then she dropped the bomb on me, she told me they had fucked, several times.

I could not believe my ears; she did not know what to do until she saw my cock start to rise. “I know you are angry, but I also see your cock is getting hard. Does it turn you on to think of me and Jim, together? Me sucking his cock.” She stopped and paused as she reached down and grabbed my cock and said “His black cock. We have always used rubbers.” She said trying to assure me there would be no complications with what was going on. “Unless you want him to stick it into me bareback.” She said as she unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out.

“Oh! My look how hard it is.” She paused for a moment and then said “For such a teeny tiny thing that is.” My cock betrayed me by becoming still harder. She stroked it up and down. “A bit smaller than I am used to, but I can see it appreciates the attention.” She grinned as she stroked it some more.

“Is he bigger than me?” I asked the question all cuckolds ask of their wives. She looked me straight in the eye and said “Much bigger. And thicker. I just love having his big black cock inside of me.” She said without breaking eye contact.

Sensing I was close to climaxing she opened the top of her uniform blouse and undid her bra, she leaned her tit over the top of my cock telling me how much her lover loved to suck on her tits, I came all over the underneath of her breast, she pumped my cock dry as she rubbed my seed all over her breasts.

We went upstairs and had one of the hottest, nastiest fucks of our marriage.

“So…” my wife said a few weeks later. “I have a surprise for you, Jim is coming over to pick me up tonight and after work, we are going on a date, but before we go, he is going to fuck me, right in front of you. And here is the only thing you have say so over, if you want, he could fuck me bareback, actually it is something he wants ,but you know the risks, he could knock me up. So it is up to you.” She said.

A few hours late Jim came over to pick my wife up. She turned to him and told him, “Relax, he is cool about it.” then she kissed him deeply and turned around, and dropped her polyester uniform pants as she got up onto the coffee table all fours. Jim gave me a condescending look as he pulled out his cock, already fully erect and monstrous,  and went behind my wife, like he owned her. “Are you sure about this?” He said his hand in his pocket as if he was going to fish out a rubber, she said yes. He took his hand out of his pocket and then pushed his fat black cock into my wife’s hole. She grunted and I watched her pussy stretch to accept his massive cock. A few months ago she was a corporate trader, with a tight trim body, and now I watched her fat ass ripple as he began to thrust into her.

“Oh fuck yes! You like watching me get fucked! Do you?” I told her yes.

He pulled out and had her take off her pants then he had her lay down on the coffee table, he pushed back into her and fucked her so hard I thought either the neighbors would call the police or the table would break.

“Cum in me! Cum in me!” she pleaded. When he came she screamed how she could feel his load inside of her nipples so hard I thought they would rip through her blouse. Then, after he pulled out she sat there a moment to rest, as his seed dripped out of her onto the table. When she recovered enough to get up her ass left two sweat marks on the plastic sheet that covered the table.  She kissed him so deeply and passionately I felt like I was the intruder, in my own house. She put on her uniform pants telling me she had to work the late shift tonight and that she’d be back Monday morning. I knew I could not argue with her. She gave me a deep kiss then giggled as they left.  I had my cock out before I heard the engine of his truck start up.

I did not hear from her again until Sunday night. There was an email, a short video message. Nervously I clicked it and waited for what seemed like a century as the file loaded up; she was in a store room on her knees standing between two naked black guys. She looked into the camera as she jerked them off into a cup of coffee in front of her on a wooden stool. Then she drank the coffee to the bottom in one gulp and said “Mmmm! Good to the last….” And the message cut off. But I knew what she was going to say.

Late Monday she came home. I barely recognized her. She had gotten her hair all braided up. She stripped out of her cum stained, sweaty uniform and I got my next big shock. Her nipples had been pierced with huge rings, and there was a tattoo on her left breast in the same script as the one with her name on it. It said, “Black loved!”

She told me she had to go striping naked she went to bed leaving me in suspense until the next morning. I made her breakfast in bed. After she wolfed it down she told me of a weekend of fucking in the back of the store, of being shared with other black men, friends of Jim, and even licking the pussy of one of those other men’s white  female lovers.

This erotic torment went on for months. My wife disappearing during weekends and coming back with all these nasty stories to tell. I even watched her get gang banged by a group of studs who took turns with her all night.

One night we were at home, she sat down next to me on the bed and took my cock and started to stroke my cock; “Remember when I would talk nasty to you. And one of the things you’d like to hear is me pleading with my lover to knock me up. Well it has happened.”  I felt my blood turn to water. I could not believe it. We had been trying for years to start a family and this super stud did it. She looked me straight in the eye and told me that she was going to keep it.  “Well you wanted me to be black owned and now I am. How does it feel?” To my shame, at this, the ultimate sign of infidelity my cock rose.

I watched as her belly first began to show, and her tits got bigger. I thought that pregnancy would slower down her libido, if anything it made it stronger than ever.  I watched from the foot of our bed as her lover fucked her, sucking on her fat tits.

In the second three months she often sucked him off while naked and even did his friends, letting them suck on her ever growing milk laden tits, or they’d tit fuck her using her own milk as lube. Then it was pretty much hand jobs only for the last three months.

When she gave birth she told everyone the truth, I was humiliated in my own neighborhood, at work, and even with my family. Her family did not want to speak to her at all.

The funny thing was soon after she got her job back at the company. One day I came home and I found out that she had moved out; she left me a letter saying she wanted to stay with him, it was best for all concerned. Well I can’t blame her. When she got back to work she made no secret of her black lover.

I had to move out of town I could not take the humiliation and living in the house where I had seen my wife cheat on me with the man she would leave me for. Eventually I met another woman, Kelly.  She was even more conservative than my wife had been; and our sex life is great, but every now and then I wonder how it would look if she was being fucked by a black guy…

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