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Asian Slut Wife

This is about an adventure the wife and I had in as Vegas. Watching her with  other men (especially black) has always been a fantasy of mine. I’ve been trying to get  her to warm up to the idea for a while now. My wife, Liza, is a 4’11″, 100lb, 32D-24-24  Filipina with long black hair. She was really hesitant about doing anything close to home,  so I suggested Vegas. She said she’d think about it. I didn’t pressure her, but I kept  dropping hints from time to time. After a couple of months, I wore her down. Finally she  said she’d do it if she had the final say on going through with it or not. I said “of course”.

I posted an add on The Cuckold and My Cuckold Videos and awaited replies. And boy were  there replies!!! I narrowed it down to a guy on the Cuckold Society and set about to arraigning the  details. We were going to get a room in Vegas. Once we got there we would call the  “lucky guy” and give him our room number. I had talked to the gentlemen prior to us  going to Vegas and had also arraigned a surprise for Liza. I didn’t let Liza in on all the  details. I told her it would add to the excitement of it. She reluctantly agreed. I did tell her  that I had selected the gentlemen myself, had seen his picture, and had spoken to him. I  had also assured her that he was a resident of Vegas (which he was) and if things didn’t  work out, we would come home without anyone the wiser.

Now our sex life was good. We both were satisfied. In fact, she thought that my  6″ was big. I’d always make her cum when I went down on her (which was a prerequisite  to getting anything else) and a few times when we had sex too. However, I cum rather  quickly and she didn’t always have an orgasm when we had sex. I wanted her to  experience multiple orgasms in one sex session. That’s the main reason I wanted to  arrange this meeting, for her pleasure (as well as for my fetish).

We made the four-hour trip from S.D. to Vegas. Checked into our room and did a  little gambling and drinking. I managed to call the lucky guy, Jim, and let him know that  we were in town and I’d call him later. We continued gambling and drinking until about  6pm, and then headed back to the room. I asked Liza if she was sure that she wanted to  go through with this? She said yes (hesitantly) as she finished her fifth drink. She only  weighs 100#, so she was pretty buzzed. I suggested she take a shower and get dressed. She  dug around in the suitcase to get her clothes for the evening. She made me turn my back  so I couldn’t see what she chose. I could tell she was getting excited, but was still a little  apprehensive. When she went into the shower, I called Jim and told him to come over in  about 45 minutes. I fixed myself a drink and waited for Liza to come out of the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later Liza emerged from the bathroom looking like a little slut. She  had red lipstick on, a little bit of makeup, a one-piece backless black dress that tied  behind her neck. It was completely backless all the way to the top of her butt. Actually,  you could see the top of her butt crack. It had a V front opening all the way to her navel.  The skirt of the dress was loose and came midway between her knees and pussy. She was  wearing 5″ spiked sandal shoes. The kind that wrap around the ankles.

She definitely  looked like a little Asian slut!!!! I handed her another drink and had her walk around the  room and do a little fashion show for me. Then there was a knock at the door. Liza was  surprised because I hadn’t told her that I called him. She started getting nervous. I told  her to relax and stand next to the bed. She agreed and gulped down the rest of her drink. I  went to the door, looked through the peephole (it was Jim) I cracked opened the door and  let Jim in. Jim was 6’2″ (Liza’s 4’11″), 220 # (Liza’s 100), very dark and muscular. I led  him through the entranceway, got to where you could see the bed and introduced Liza.

Jim’s mouth dropped open. I had sent Jim pictures, but there’s nothing like seeing the  real thing. Liza looked like a slut, but at the same time innocent. Jim walked over to Liza  and put out his hand to shake hers. Liza shook his hand, then to my surprise, and Jim’s,  immediately drops to her knees and started unbuckling his pants. Oral sex is one thing  that Liza never liked to do. All I can figure is, she felt the longer it took to get started the  harder it would be. So if she started right away with something she didn’t like to do, she  could go through with the rest of it.

Jim kicked off his shoes and took his shirt off, while Liza took off his pants. Then  she pulled down his underwear. Jim’s dick was about 7″ limp (bigger then mine when it’s  hard). Liza’s eyes bugged out. She didn’t stop however. She lifted his dick up and started  licking his balls, rolling them around in her mouth. After licking his balls for a while, she  starts to work on getting his big dick into her little mouth. All the while Jim’s dick  continues to grow. Soon it’s fully erected and had to be close to 10″!!!!! She was sucking,  slurping, and drooling. After about 10 minutes of this, Jim picks Liza up and sets her on  the bed.

With her dress still on, he starts to eat her out. Soon Liza is screaming in orgasm.  I know the neighboring rooms had to have heard her. By this time I’m naked standing  next to the bed. Jim tells me to untie Liza’s dress. Liza stands up, faces Jim as I untie the  dress from the back of her neck. The dress falls to the floor. There Liza is naked except  for her 5″ heels. Jim lays her back on the bed and starts finger fucking her pussy. Getting  it ready for his big dick. First on, then two, then three, finally four fingers. I never  thought she could take so many. She must really be wet. He continues finger fucking her  with four fingers and soon she’s screaming again. She’s exhausted, but still wants more.

Jim starts to slowly insert his dick into her stretched pussy. As he’s inserting his dick,  Liza starts sucking my dick. As each inch of his dick goes in her, she screams a little  louder. He finally gets it all the way in and starts a pounding. Liza is going crazy. She’s  getting fucked like she never did before. I couldn’t take much more and cummed in her  mouth as she swallows it all. She’s never done that before. Jim then has Liza wrap her  legs around his waist and lifts her up. His big hands are holding her ass as he lifts her up  and down on his dick. Up and down. Up and down.

Liza can’t stand it no more and cums  again. Jim sets her back on the bed, turns her over and fucks her doggy style. Liza is  utterly exhausted. Jim then grabs each of Liza’s thighs and tells her to reach back and  grab the back of his neck. He then stands up, and just like before (only with Liza facing  the other way), he lifts her up and down. After awhile he sets her back down on the bed  and puts his dick in her mouth. Liza starts sucking and stroking furiously. Soon Jim cums  in her mouth. There was so much cum it started to drip from the sides of her mouth. Jim  collapses on the bed next to Liza, exhausted.

After a few minutes, we all get cleaned up and start to talk about the rest of the  night. Liza looks at both of us and asks, “What do you mean?” I explain to her that we  are meeting Jim and a couple of his friends at a club later, if that was o.k. with her. A  smile slowly formed on her face and she said, “Yes, that would be great”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued………….

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