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Cuckold Fantasy becomes Reality

My wife, Desiree, is a beautiful African-American woman and I am of Italian ancestry.  We both are avid runners and gym rats and take excellent care of ourselves.  We met via an online dating service about two years ago and have been married about a year now.  We have a very active sex life and are very open with each other about our sexual desires and fantasies.  She is aware of my history of bisexual experiences and knows that one of my fantasies involves watching her have sex with a well-endowed lover while I play the cuckold husband.  Discussing our fantasies during sex certainly heightens the experience.  I love to hear about her former lovers’ stamina and how well their huge cocks satisfied her.  I’ve always been a bit self-conscious about the size of my 6-inch dick and sometimes wonder if I fully please her.

Early this past fall, my wife and I attended a conference in Hawaii which presented us with the opportunity to make some of our fantasies come true.

After a wonderful dinner and bottle of wine our first night in Honolulu, we returned to our hotel on Waikiki Beach and headed straight to the laptop.  We typed out an ad and posted it to a popular online classified site.  We also posted a few nude and face pics of ourselves and described that we were looking for a well-endowed bull who was comfortable with a bisexual male.

Within two hours our mailbox was full of responses, many with some very impressive photos.  We replied to as many as we could, but one of the responses stood out from the others:  a very attractive, professional black gentleman, mid-30s, 6’5” tall, very muscular, and ripped.  Additionally, the nude pic he attached revealed an impressive 9-inch long, extra-thick cock with a ruler held beside it.  He also responded that he was quite dominant and enjoyed cuckold scenes with bi husbands…exactly what we were searching for.  We replied with our cell phone number and he telephoned within the hour.  He introduced himself as Dexter and we agreed to meet the following evening in our hotel bar at 6:00 PM.

The next night, Desiree and I arrived in the bar promptly at six and sat facing the door.  Each time someone entered, we both would anxiously glance in that direction.  It wasn’t long before Dexter appeared.  He was even more attractive than his photo.  I waved from the bar and he made his way across the floor and joined us.

“Nice to meet you,” Desiree said as he introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you too,” Dexter replied, pulling her into a tight embrace and kissing her on the cheek.  “Damn, this is nice,” he continued, boldly running both his hands over her firm ass right in front of everyone.

Desiree giggled nervously as she brushed his hands aside and sat back down.  Dexter sat down in my chair beside her as he ordered a drink.

“So, you all think you’re up for this?” he asked jokingly, cutting to the chase.

“We’ve discussed how we feel about it with each other and I think we can handle it,” Desiree responded.

“Well, it will sure be nice to fuck your tight little pussy,” he boldly said to Desiree.  “And it will double the fun to have you watch,” he continued as he turned to face me.  Desiree and I were both turned on by his direct, forceful approach.  We both have a bit of a submissive side and his aggressive nature served to turn us on even more.

“We’re both very much looking forward to it,” I acknowledged.

The bartended delivered Dexter’s Crown and Coke and we continued to make small talk over the next several minutes.  We discussed some of the sites on Oahu and activities in which we may be interested while we were in town.

“What’s say we get this party started?” Dexter remarked as he finished off his drink and grabbed Desiree by the hand.  I quickly paid the tab and walked behind them toward the elevators, wondering if any of the folks in the bar suspected what we had arranged.

Once in our suite, Desiree escorted Dexter into the living room and I disappeared into the kitchen area to mix some drinks.  I watched and listened intently as they sat on the couch.  Dexter couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

I entered the room and set their drinks on the coffee table then sat in the recliner facing them as Dexter began rubbing the back of Desiree’s neck.

“Ooohh, that feels good,” Desiree said, lowering her head to give him better access.  Dexter continued rubbing, then pulled her toward him and began kissing her.  Obviously, he meant business.  His hands quickly found her breasts and he began rubbing them through her thin cotton top.  Desiree was purposely not wearing a bra in anticipation of allowing him easy access.  As Dexter continued fondling her, Desiree reached toward his lap and began massaging the growing bulge in his pants.  Desiree was pleased with what she felt.

“Why don’t we all go to the bedroom and get more comfortable,” Dexter suggested.  “Bring the drinks,” he said as he stood up and led Desiree by the hand.  I did as I was told and followed them to the bedroom.

As we entered the room, I sat their drinks on the nightstand, and returned to the kitchen to get my own.  When I returned they were standing at the foot of the bed passionately kissing while their hands roamed all over each other.

Sensing my presence in the bedroom, Dexter confirmed, “You sure you’re up for this man?  Because I am going to fuck her like she’s never been fucked before.”

“I’m up for it.  I want to watch her have a good time.”

“Oh, I’m going to show her a great time.  Have a seat over there and enjoy the show.”

I watched as Dexter pulled Desiree’s thin sweater over her head revealing her beautiful breasts.  He wasted no time in putting his mouth on them, alternating his attention back and forth.  Desiree’s breasts are very sensitive and I could hear her moan softly.  Dexter continued to suck and kiss her nipples as he expertly unzipped her jeans, not taking his mouth from her breasts.  He tugged her jeans to her knees then gently sat her on the edge of the bed.  Desiree fell backwards as he pulled up her legs to completely remove her pants and expose her now naked body.

Dexter kicked off his sandals and moved onto the bed.  Climbing on top of her, he resumed kissing her deeply.   Desiree’s fingers unbuttoned his shirt exposing his nice chest.  Dexter finished pulling his shirt off himself and tossed it toward me.

As they continued kissing, Desiree reached for his belt and quickly undid it and tugged down his shorts

“Oh my god!” Desiree gasped, when his cock sprang into full view.  Desiree’s hand could not completely wrap around its girth.  She pumped it up and down a few times and kissed the head.  Desiree looked over at me and smiled as she stretched her mouth wide and took in the tip of his huge dick.

As Desiree struggled to take more and more of his dick into her mouth, Dexter reached down and began fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit, making Desiree more eager to get as much of it in her mouth as she could

“You want to get this pussy ready for me to fuck?” he asked, looking in my direction.

“Definitely,” I said.

“Then take your clothes off and get over here and get to work.”

I quickly removed my shorts and shirt and moved to the bed.  My cock was rock hard, but nothing compared to the huge piece of meat that was about to fuck my wife.  Dexter moved Desiree to her back and as I climbed between her legs, he grabbed me by the back of my neck and forced my face into her pussy.  “I’m going to need it nice and wet for my big dick, so do a good job,” he ordered, pushing my face further into her crotch and holding it there while I licked and sucked her pussy.

I licked and licked as hard and as fast as I could, pushing my tongue deeper and deeper into Desiree’s pussy.  Meanwhile, Dexter had moved up the bed and was feeding Desiree his cock.  I couldn’t help but watch as she took more and more of his dick into her mouth, the shaft of it glistening with her saliva.

“That should be good enough,” Dexter said to me as he pulled his dick from Desiree’s mouth, pushing me aside and moving between Desiree’s spread legs.

I had just returned to my chair when Dexter said, “Where do you think you’re going?  Get your ass over here…I want you to see what my black cock is doing for your wife’s pussy.”

I crawled onto the bed and Dexter pinned the side of my head against Desiree’s stomach with his hand, giving me an up-close view of her wet pussy and his huge dick.

Dexter smacked and rubbed his cock across Desiree’s clit a few times, then smacked it across my face, running its entire length across my lips.  I instinctively stuck out my tongue and licked as much of his shaft as I could.  He pulled his dick away from me and began to ease the head into her pussy.  Desiree’s eyes widened as the head disappeared inside her stretched lips.

Dexter contracted his hips and slowly pushed himself forward, easing the monstrous piece of meat inside her.  He used short strokes, allowing her to adjust to his size.  As he withdrew, I could see more and more of his cock shimmering with her pussy juices. It took a few minutes, but he soon had the entire length of his monster cock inside her.  He continued with short strokes, but quickly picked up the pace, completely removing his cock from her pussy, then pushing its full length back inside her.  Desiree was ecstatic, moaning louder and louder as he continued to pump inside her.  It wasn’t long before the first orgasm overcame her.  Desiree pushed him away and squirted all over him.  Dexter immediately stuck his cock back inside her and continued pumping vigorously.  It was only after about 20 more strokes before Desiree came again.  “Oh my god, that feels great,” she panted.  “Fuck me hard.”

Dexter released his grip on my neck and I moved from my vantage point as he pushed Desiree’s knees to her chest and repositioned her to accommodate his big dick.  Once she was adjusted, Dexter again started the hard, vigorous pounding of her wet pussy, pulling out the entire length before completely impaling her on his thick rod.  Again, it was only about 20 hard strokes before Desiree came for a third time, soaking the sheets.

Dexter was relentless with his fucking.  It seemed that each thrust became more and more forceful.

“You like my cock?” he asked as he continued the unyielding pounding.

Desiree did not respond.

“I asked you if you like my cock,” he said louder, forcefully driving his cock all of the way inside her and holding it as deep inside her as he could force it, pulling her by the hips towards him.

“Ohhh my god YES!” Desiree yelled as she came yet again.

Without pulling his cock out, Dexter flipped Desiree over onto her stomach and gently lifted her midsection, pulling her up to her knees and giving him total access to her pussy and ass.

“Get under her and see what your wife has in her pussy,” he barked to me.

I scrambled back to the bed and positioned myself under Desiree in a 69 position with my face just inches from her gaping pussy.  I again watched intently as Dexter’s cock slowly spread Desiree’s pussy lips.  Inch by inch his entire cock slid inside her.  Desiree moaned loudly as he pushed the last couple of inches of his dick inside her and again held it there.  He then reached around with both hands to fondle her tits and pinch her nipples.  I could tell that Desiree was in heaven and I was so glad she was enjoying herself.

Unable to resist the sight in front of me, I raised my head and began tonguing her clit, flicking it with my tongue as Dexter gradually picked up the pace and strength of his strokes from this angle.  Desiree returned the favor and began sucking my rock hard dick.

“Don’t suck his puny white dick!” Dexter ordered.  “I’m giving you all the cock you need right here.”  Desiree immediately obeyed, spitting my dick from her mouth and resting her head on my thighs. It was just as well…my rock hard cock was on the verge of exploding from just watching the sight in front of me.

“You like watching me fuck your wife?’

“Yes,” I answered.  “I love it.”

“You love my cock inside you baby?” he asked Desiree.

“Oh yes!” she answered eagerly.

“Tell your husband how much you love my cock,” he ordered.

Desiree didn’t respond.

“Tell him you love my cock or I swear I’ll quit fucking you right now and go home,” he threatened as he withdrew his cock from her pussy and smacked her ass hard with an open hand.

“God, don’t stop.  I love your cock.  Just don’t stop fucking me!” she begged, pushing her hips backwards in an attempt to get him inside her.

Looking down at me, Dexter ordered, “You heard her; she loves my cock…so put it back in her.”

I grabbed his thick cock and guided the head back to her stretched-open pussy and he immediately plunged its entire length inside her.  As I continued licking Desiree’s clit I couldn’t resist tonguing the shaft of the cock that was giving my wife so much pleasure.  Dexter must have enjoyed it too, because he slowed his thrusts allowing me to lick more and more of his hard dick and balls.  Dexter paused for a moment and pushed Desiree further up the bed, placing his muscular ass right in front of my face.

“Tongue my ass while I fuck your wife and fill her full of cum,” he ordered.

I immediately complied, forcing my tongue as far inside him as I could while resumed pounding my wife’s cunt.

The sensation was too much for him.  He plunged his cock in deep and held it there.  Desiree immediately started cumming and tried to pull herself forward away from his cock, but Dexter held her hips firmly and pushed further into her as he loudly came inside her.  Desiree could feel his cock pulsate, releasing load after load of cum deep inside her pussy.  Their combined juices flowed out of her pussy, around his cock and onto my face.

“Clean that pussy up for me so I can fuck it again,” he ordered as he pulled out his softening cock and moved up the bed.  Cum flowed from her pussy when he removed his massive dick and I opened my mouth widely to catch every drop.

“And you can clean this up for me,” he said to Desiree, turning her over on her back and offering his cock to her waiting mouth.”  Desiree opened widely and eagerly sucked his dick down her throat.

I continued to do as I was told, vigorously tonguing and sucking Desiree’s pussy, savoring the erotic taste of their mixed cum.

It wasn’t long before Dexter was hard again.  He pulled his cock from Desiree’s mouth and again positioned her on her knees with me on my back in a 69 position under her.  Dexter moved behind her, but instead of putting his cock in her pussy, he guided it toward my face.  Instinctively, I knew what he wanted and I opened my mouth wide to take in the bulbous head of his dick.  Sensing my excitement, he pushed Desiree a bit further up the bed giving him a better angle to my mouth.  He tilted my head a bit further back, opening my throat for access.  He started slowly, allowing my mouth to accommodate such a huge dick.  Before long he was pushing almost the entire length of his thick cock in and out of my throat with minimal gagging from me.

“You’re almost as a good a cocksucker as your wife,” he said to me.  “Now put it back in her pussy,” he ordered as he pulled Desiree’s pussy back onto my face.

I grabbed his thick cock, slick with my own saliva, and guided it back into my wife’s well-licked pussy.

His cock’s assault on Desiree’s pussy was unrelenting.  He continued to fuck and fuck and Desiree’s orgasms were now one after another.  I continued to lick the shaft of his cock as it appeared and disappeared from my wife’s pussy.  His pace quickened and I could sense he was ready to cum again.

“Did you like eating my cum from your wife’s pussy?” he asked, looking down mockingly at me as he continued fucking her.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Well, this time you can have it straight from the source.”

With that comment, he pulled his cock from my wife’s pussy and forced it into my open mouth.  I felt cum shoot down my throat as his cock continued to pulsate, providing me with more cum with each successive gush. I couldn’t manage to swallow his entire load and it overflowed from both corners of my mouth onto the sheets.

He held his cock in my mouth as it slowly grew limp.  Desiree was absolutely spent and curled up under the sheets.  Dexter pulled out his dick and wiped it around the corners of my mouth.  “You missed some,” he laughed insultingly, as he then forced his cock back into my mouth for me to swallow the remaining cum.

“You all sure know how to have fun,” he commented.  “Give me a call if you all want to get together again while you’re in town.  I’ve got some fantasies of my own I’d like to live out if you’re up for it.  I’ve got a friend who might like to join in.”

I escorted Dexter to the door and thanked him for a good time and told him we would love to meet up again.  I returned to bed and climbed between Desiree’s legs.  My cock was dying for release.  Needless to say I didn’t last long and quickly shot my own cum deep inside Desiree’s warm pussy.

Keeping my dick inside her, I held her in my arms and told her how much I loved her before drifting off …one fantasy fulfilled…but already planning another encounter with Dexter…and his friend.

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